Outdoor Activity: Water Play

Outdoor Activity: Water Play 1If you just have to get out of the house and you want to brave the scorching summer heat, one of the best ways to stay cool is by getting wet.

Here are some fun water activities to enjoy with your infant, toddler, preschooler, or school age child(ren): 

1. Buy a mini plastic pool. Fill it up. Get in your swimsuits and slide right in. 

2. If you have grass, turn on the sprinklers and let your kids run around while you watch run through the sprinklers with your kids. [Need inspiration? Check out Nicole rockin' the Slip-n-Slide with her boys].

3. Fill up buckets of water and let your baby splash or have "water wars" with your older kids. 

4. Call your local public pool and ask if they have a "family swim" hour. Most likely, the cost of admission will be super cheap and it's a nice way to enjoy an afternoon together.

5. If you have a beach, lake, or other "natural" swim area nearby, pack up and head there for a picnic and an hour or two of fun.

Outdoor Activity: Water Play 2In all of these instances, it's important to protect your little one (and yourself) from the sun...and, of course, if your baby/toddler is in diapers, you'll want to avoid Soggy Diaper Syndrome. 

To help with both of the above dilemmas, I'm happy to be giving away a Huggies Little Swimmers "Summer Essentials Kit" that includes:

  • a pack of Huggies Little Swimmers diapers
  • two different bottles of Huggies Little Swimmers SPF 50 sunscreen
  • a box of Huggies Little Swimmers UV Sensor detectors
  • a blow-up beach ball
  • a bucket and shovel

So, by all means, get out there and have some fun in the water...preferably before 10 a.m. or after 4:00 p.m.

Huggies Little Swimmers can be purchased at quite a few stores across the U.S. (but before you head out to your nearest retailer, print out a coupon...). 

Outdoor Activity: Water Play 3WIN IT! One winner will receive a Huggies Little Swimmers "Summer Essentials Kit." To enter, leave a comment on this post prior to Sunday, June 22 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address. 

*UPDATE* The winner is #205 Angela. Congratulations!

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316 comments on “Outdoor Activity: Water Play”

  1. I would like to win these for my God-child. I just bought him a pool floatie for his birthday and he loves water. He will probably spend a lot of time in the pool this year.

  2. We took our 2 year old daughter camping with us for the first time this weekend and she loved going in the pool! We can use everything!

  3. My nephew will need these when he visits my house since we have a pool. Huggies Little Swimmers are a great invention!

  4. ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
    It’s important to protect your little one (and yourself) from the sun.

    ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

  5. I had to laugh when I saw the soggy bottom. We forgot to buy some Swimmers before we headed to grandma's to play in her pool and my son had the BIGGEST rear until me sis let me use one of her extras. lol I don't think we'll forget to keep the handy again.

  6. With so many family members with kids coming over to use our pool, it would be great to have these swim diapers on hand.

  7. I buy these every summer. My son is currently wearing hand me downs from my daughter last summer.. SO hes running around with Disney princess's on his tush!!! lol They are the greatest ever for beach time :)

  8. Yay, Swim diapers. We've got a pool, so these are always welcome. And for visits to the family beach house...

  9. These little swimmers are EXACTLY what we need this summer. My son is only a couple months old but in a few more months we're beach bound! Seeing that its NC, it's hot all the time...so the beach is pretty much a year round activity!

  10. These are the vital almost complete necessities for parents/granparents since we have a pool; and athe grandtwins come to visit. Thanks SW

  11. The little swimmers are great. They would be perfect for my little swimmer. Thanks for the contest!

  12. We are just starting to gear up for trips to the beach with my 18 mo old and these would be very helpful.

  13. Winning this will give me an excuse to buy a kiddie pool for my little one!



    Nothing says summer like getting wet and wild! Last summer I felt "trapped" inside with my son taking 3 naps a day--- now we are down to 1 and ready to PLAY- PLAY- PLAY!!!
    Thank you for the chance to win this great summmer-time gift!! :)

  15. We go to the pool in our area often, as well as to the North Carolina beaches. And when we travel, we always swim in the pool at the hotel.

  16. I've been trying to go to the pool with my baby, but it's been difficult. i can't wait to get her in the water.

  17. I have developmentally delayed granddaughter who loves the water and supplies get costly for her Mom & Dad I would love to win these for them.

  18. great for having around when my nephew comes to visit, sometimes I want to take him to the pool, but have nothing to put him in!

  19. Once again, you have put together a wonderful pack of prizes...we love these products and your site!

  20. Love the little swimmers diapers. We just went to the lake last week and my 8 mth old daughter was so cute in her little suit and hat.

  21. This is a great prize. There was nothing available like this when my kids were babies, the first time I used any of this stuff was when my 4 year old granddaughter was tinsy. Now she has a baby brother to use them, and I would love to win these for him!

  22. Hurry up and send it before we make the annual trip out to Grandpaw's lake this summer!!! I promise I will use all of it!!! My little swimmer can't go swimmin' without more Little Swimmers. I like contests with stuff we can really use.

  23. We love L'il Swimmers here. My daughter is already working her way through the first package of the summer.

  24. With all the babies being born around us, I'm sure I'll find someone to use them. Please enter me, thank you

  25. I love Little Swimmers. They are so much better than just a diaper. Can't tell you how many blowouts we had before we gave these a try.

  26. I think that little swimmers are great during the summer for the little ones. These sweeps are great im glad that you guys put them on.

  27. I really want a slip n slide but I highly doubt it would be okay for me to use it since I'm pregnant.

  28. i didn't know they made sublock too. i can always use more sunblock and the sensor things would be handy too

  29. We go swimming at my aunt's pool every summer so this prize would come in handy. Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. We could sure this around our house. Can't wait until our weather actually gets warm enough for the sprinkler.

  31. we just got ourselves a new kiddie pool and invited over neighbors for some water fun. Kids had a blast and for 2 blissful hours did not argue.

  32. Huggies Little Swimmers sure beats a child wearing a diaper in the water, or going without anything. Huggies products are great.

  33. Boy, do I need to win this! My brother and sis-in-law are bringing my new little niece to visit us here in Florida - it will be her first time coming and we plan to play on the beach a lot, so we could sure put all these things to good use.

  34. Fantastic giveaway as all this is a summer esential. Would use for my grandchildren when they visit from another state.

  35. Great prize. A wonderful thing to have in the summer time. It enables little ones to partake in the fun.

  36. The Swimmer diapers are a must-have, and we also have found ourselves going through a lot of sunblock already at this point, and it's not even officially summer yet!

  37. Little Swimmers are a must have around our house. I've used them with my two oldest daughters, and now it's the baby's turn! All of my girls love the water, and being outside. We always do the sunscreen before we even go outside. Keeping them safe is # 1! The UV detectors will be great, especially here in TX. Thanks for the great contest! Happy Summer to All.

  38. My 2 year old and I are at the pool nearly everyday. We use these - we love these - would love to have more of these!

  39. I would absolutely love to win!!!! Swimmie (as I call them) diapers are a MUST HAVE for my 18 month old son!!! Great grandma and grandpa have a built in pool, so we always need these!! Great contest!!

  40. Oh, this would be awesome! I just bought my little man a sit-in float with a canopy top and the local pool just opened! Thanks for the chance!

  41. I would love to give these to my best friend for her little one! They're taking yet another trip to the beach next month!


  43. This is a great prize pack for any mom. Sine I have no young children, I would be happy to donate it to the Community Survival Center so that a child whose family is in need can enjoy some summertime fun!

  44. With the threat of crypto where I live, these are now a requirement and these swimmers are definately a must!

  45. Our pool has not yet been used this year. The weather has been crappy. We have a new granddaughter and this will be her first year in the pool!

  46. I really could use this right now, we are at the pool at least 3x a week! With these 100 degree temps it's hard to keep the kids entertained in the house all day. Thanks!

    kenzkween at hotmail dot com

  47. I'd love to have any of these items for my redheaded, fair-skinned baby this summer! Thanks for the chance to win them! :)

  48. What an excellent prize!! These are great, I actually need to pick some up so my little guy can go swimming with his brother and sister!! Thanks :)

  49. This would be so great for the grandbabies. You know those little swimmers are so cute and alot better than diapers.

  50. These do work really well. Fortunately we're past the diaper stage but I'd love to win them for my sister. :)

    We cool off in our pool or head over to Lake Ontario - 5 minutes away.

  51. Just what my granddaughter needs! Her dad just bought her the cutest little blow-up pool with palm tree & slide. She loves it!

  52. My granddaughter just turned 10 months old and these would be great for her swim lessons that start next month.

  53. My daughter could so use this. She is 7 months old and just getting into the pool...could really use these items!

  54. We could have used the Little Swimmers the other day. We had 3 toddlers in the wading pool with soggy diaper syndrome.

  55. Yesterday was the first time my little one has been in the baby pool... thank goodness for swim diapers... the water must've really relaxed him.

  56. This is my little nephew's first summer he is old enough to go out and play in the pool. He's going to be soooo excited!

  57. We are almost out of little swimmers here already! Just about out of sunscreen too, my poor little guy, has my fair skin. Would love to win this kit! Thanks

  58. I don't know what mommas did before these things came out. I need to stock up before our little girl's first swimming lesson in August!

  59. Oh, man - from this pool owner, and aunt of a 2 year old who loves to come "swim" (float around in a baby-friendly device) I'm blessing the day Huggies came out with Lil Swimmers!

  60. We love Little Swimmers! So much better than using a regular diaper while in the pool. They get so disgusting as soon as they hit the water!!

  61. This is a great idea. I remember this was the only thing I would always forget when it was time to go to the lake

  62. I have three two year olds and one of the ways we cool off is we wash our two big labs outside together. The dogs don't get very clean, but the toddlers have a blast!

  63. Our neighbors just put in a pool (and invited us to come swim whenever) and we are heading to the beach this summer with my husband's family. I stay at home with my two young kids and water play is a great way to distract us from the heat! Thank you!!

  64. I have a grandbuddy that will be 1 in July...We have started taking him with us to the beach and swimming..this would be so useful and help on the cost of things...

  65. Great and useful giveaway. These little swimmers are so great! Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  66. Can you take a 2 year old anywhere without these this summer? Seems like there's always an opportunity for cooling off in the pool or the sprinkler.

  67. I have a 2-year-old and one due next month. We are setting to make our first trip to the beach soon and could most definitely use these diapers. Thank you for the contest.

  68. WE are taking our little one on her first trip to the beach in the coming weeks. She lives her bath time so I cant wait to get her in the pool. We could certainly use this prize! These diapers are necessary, but expensive! Thanks for the giveaway.

  69. I have a precious little blue-eyed redhead who just turned 2. I have never been very outdoorsy, but she LOVES to play outside! I can't resist those hopeful eyes and her little "peas" (please) so we spend as much time outside as her fair skin (slathered up with sunscreen) will allow. We have a baby pool for her at our house, but she is anxiously awaiting our first visit of the summer to my parents' (a state away) to swim in their pool. Little Swimmers worked great last year and she had a lot of fun. I can tell we're going to be using a lot more of them this year, though. Thanks for sharing the coupon!

  70. We just went to the lake on Saturday, the toddler had a great time. He definitely likes the lake a lot better than the pool. Then we did the sprinkler thing on Sunday. He is fascinated by flying water for some reason.

  71. Can never have enough swim diapers. We recently rented an apartment to be closer to my husband's job and it has a pool. We are spending a whole lot of time out there.

  72. I took my daughter swimming the this morning, but I'd forgotten to buy more swim diapers, so she had to swim in her regular diaper. Of course the diaper bloated up with as much pool water as it could absorb. By the time we got out of the pool, she could barely walk - bad mommy!

  73. I have 4 grandchildren, two of which are still in diapers. While my daughter is into the washable diapers I think we can use the swim diapers when they come to visit me and my pool! I'd love to win these for her.

  74. Oh, this giveaway is perfect for summer time fun!! Those Swimmers can really $add$ up if you visit the pool, lake, etc. a few times a week. Thanks again!

  75. I love taking my daughter to the lake and protecting her from the sun is very important to me and the little swimmers are awesome to THANKS :)

  76. These are the only kind of swim diapers that we use (and trust)! I would love to win a package of them for my 2-year-old to use this summer. :)

  77. Definitely summer essentials! Infact, we're heading out for our frist mommy and me swim class today! I'm so excited! Since I knew I was pregnant with a summer baby, I could hardly wait til he was old enough to splash in the water with me. Now that hes a year old, I know he'll get a kick out of the extra-large 'bath tub'!

  78. They didn't have these with my first one, now with baby #2 we can go to the pool and she won't weigh an extra 10 lbs!

  79. I can't wait to take my son in the pool for the first time. I am sure he will scream but you have to start somewhere!

  80. I just ran out of Little Swimmers! I would love to win this, as I'm sure we'll be going through package after package of these this summer! Thanks for the opportunity!

  81. My kids love the water. We go through so much sunscreen each summer trying to protect their young skin.

  82. This is the first year that my son has liked going to the pool. He is three and before he would just scream like it was the worst thing you could do to him! I'm so glad that he's over that fear. Now, he's fearless and wants to go to the deep end! Is there a middle ground?!? lol. It would be great to win this package because he's almost out of diapers and we would only need the Little Swimmers for this year! :D I hope get it!

  83. Would love to win this for a co-worker who has the 2 cutest little babies I've ever seen (well, except for mine) who LOVE the water.

  84. My daughter and family will be visiting us shortly and this prize is just what is needed for the 9 month old.

  85. I live at the beach, and my grandchild will be visiting regularly. This is a perfect starter kit!

  86. We spend a lot of time in the pool during the summer and my youngest could use these once she decides to actually get in.

  87. Could really use these this summer. I took my little one into the nieghbor's pool in a regular disposable and he came out with an extra 15lbs of water hanging from the waist!!

  88. You know... I bought a thing of these on sale for like sixty seven cents this last winter and now I can't find them! LOL. Oh well. I'd love to win though! Free is better than sixty seven cents!

  89. We just started bringing our son to the beach (which is so fab since it's less than 10 minutes from where we live) so we'll have to pick some of these up! : )

  90. Hopefully, I won't be needing swim diapers much longer. I am slowly trying to potty train my youngest son. Keep your fingers crossed.

  91. I NEED these. We recently set up a kiddie pool, and my toddler is having issues with potty training. lol. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  92. For quite awhile I looked longingly at the connect to the hose thingy that sprays water in the Target $1 bins. I never did get it b/c I was afraid it would function as something that only cost one dollar. Now I'm sad I didn't get it, I mean really it was only $1! I'm such a cheapskate! Now that I know my daughter loves swimming so much I'm thinking of ways to get into a real pool not just our tiny plastic one. We have about 4 swim diapers left so I'll be looking up that coupon and hoping to win!

  93. How great! I'd love to try those for my little one. He's only been in a "pool" once (it was actually a hot tub set to a luke-warm temp!) and absolutely loved it. We put him in a real diaper...and it looked as ridiculous as that picture shows!

  94. We go to public pool and since both my kids are under 4 they get in free. So it's just $2 for me to get in. Can't get any cheaper than that!

  95. We've enjoyed many days already at the pool! Plan to enjoy many more, and would love to win some swimming diapers for my two year old!

  96. We've already taken advantage of the hose and our small splash pool this summer. Unfortunately my daughter came away from the experience with a couple of spider bites. We'll still play outside, but we'll definitely be more careful.

  97. We love Little Swimmers! We took them on vacation with us and we will be using them all summer long in the pool. Great contest! chrisandamyward at comcast dot net

  98. Splish, splash, we want to take a bath
    all on a hot summer's day!
    Let us play outside, on the slip n' slide,
    we'll be dry in our swim diapers all day!

  99. We just used our last swim diaper today. I actually have to go out tomorrow and pick up some more. We have been going in her little pool every chance we get and don't plan on stopping. She enjoys is so much! These would definitely come in handy! :) thanks

  100. Since my son is I belive finally old enough to enjoy some time in the kiddie pool this would be a great essential to his Summer fun! Gabriel loves the water and I'm sure we'd have soo much fun using these products at our summer playdates!

  101. I love these things. I hate it when the regular diaper gets all squishy and mushy and makes the child weigh another ten pounds. Definatly a must have for the pool or when they get wet.

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