Pack Your Bags, with Allen Ave.

Pack Your Bags, with Allen Ave. 1In some ways, packing for a trip and planning out the details can be almost as fun as the trip itself. I love the anticipation of the task, thinking about what you will need when you arrive, imagining wearing that sundress on the beach or your new swimsuit as you lounge at the pool or how adorable your little one will look in his sunglasses and overalls as you wonder through the city. 

Pack Your Bags, with Allen Ave. 2If you're a traveler at heart, you'll love the modern, retro-inspired bags in the Cevan Metro Premium Diaper Bags collection by Allen Avenue. The designs are stylish and urban - especially perfect for a trip to the Big Apple, the Windy City, or the West Coast. Each bag comes with a matching changing pad and features two roomy compartments and an assortment of pockets (both large and small). Although this bag is too large for "every day use," it would be a nice option for a plane "carry-on" or a weekend trip. These bags are made of manmade materials, but they do seem sturdy and functional and, of course, they're very fashionable and "city chic."

Pack Your Bags, with Allen Ave. 3WIN IT! One winner will receive the Cityscape bag (valued at $79.95). To enter, leave a comment on this post prior to Saturday, July 12 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #47 Misty. Congratulations!

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370 comments on “Pack Your Bags, with Allen Ave.”

  1. where can I buy the aviation bag with the plane on it?!?! I have looked everywhere and cannot find a cite to actually purchase it.

  2. I love the bag with the airplanes on it.These
    seem like nice quality bags.Since I travel alot.
    My bags are always getting messed up.Thanks for
    the opportunity.

  3. What an attractive bag! With several boys it is hard to find a diaper bag that is not frilly or too feminine. This bag looks great and would carry not on the baby's items but all the extras for the older boys. Thanks for the opportunity to receive this!

  4. I love bags! With three kids under 4, I can never seem to find the perfect one. I really like this one!! It would be great for weekend trips to Nana and Papas! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  5. Never thought I would see the day where I would even consider a biplane on one of my purses but I really love the look of that design.

  6. i am glad you posted this site! i saw someone who had the gears print and i was wondering where they got it and didnt get a chance to ask! The cityscape is really nice


  7. i want this bag for a diaper bag also because my husband could carrie it and its not to girly like
    thanks for the chance

  8. I love these bags. I would love to my baby's supplies with me and snacks for the toddlers in this bag.

  9. This bag looks really nice! I've been looking for a larger bag for those time when you just have to pack everything, and this looks perfect :) Great giveaway, thanks for the chance!

  10. I really like the selection of diaper bags! It is so hard finding a diaper bag that my husband won't be embarrassed to use. The vintage biplane in brown or the stars and gears might just be perfect!

  11. i love this bag, this would be great to replace my falling apart tote bag that i have to lug everywhere.

  12. I am pregnant with my second child so one of these bags would probably be used as an everyday bag. So very trendy and cool!

  13. Pockets, pockets, and more pockets and customizable storage space -- a dream come true! Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. Looking at the bag, I think it looks versatile enough to be used as any type of carry-on, not just a diaper bag. Cute!

  15. with airline restrictions this looks divine and an answer to a prayer!!! Designer savy and so functional with the packer/user in mind. Thanks Sw


  17. This is the kind of bag I would use everyday. When you live in a big city without a car, you find yourself out of the house ALL day long. I can leave the house with the kids at 8:30am and not be back until after dinner. I need a bag that can hold EVERYTHING. and it wouldn't hurt if it was good looking too.

  18. VERY cute bags! My current travel bag is an old, plain, black tote with no shoulder strap. I would love to win something fun like this to replace it.

    Thank you for hosting yet another great giveaway!

  19. Oh what a lovely bag...This would look perfect draped over my shoulders :)

    Do count me in. I've been in search of a unique bag that calls my name and this one did just that!!!

  20. The Cityscape bag would be a perfect addition to my household. We have 14 month old twins which means double to carry..This bag has a lot of storage space. I would love to win it!

  21. Great diaper bag, but very chic and practical it looks like it can double for a purse. Thanks for the contest

  22. Nice bag,I looked at the site,the black one is great for the Dads, I like the white and gold /plane,my favorite. count me in to win

  23. It is so awesome that more companies are coming up with fashionable and creative ways to tote around all the stuff that seems to almost magnetically attach itself to a mom whenever she tries to go anywhere. This is a terrific example.

  24. One of these stylish and practical bags would be perfect for my granddaughter. With two little ones she needs a great bag for overnights.

  25. I love the Cityscape bag. The design of it is so cool. I occasionally take short trips and having a bag like this for a short trip would definitely come in handy and would beat having to tug heavy luggage around. This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win. Thanks.

  26. This would make an awesome shower gift...especially since it doesn't look "babyish" so it can grow with your child(ren). Sweet.

  27. What a great bag! As our kids have gotten older, traveling has become much easier and a lot more fun!

  28. I'm reading the above posts and you must want to pull your hair out - does anybody read the rules?!

    I'm not trying to be a snob...just think it's funny...

  29. This is a super cute bag that I would like to win because I have two babes and one on the way and have never had an "offical" diaper bag. Although I live neither in a city or on the west coast, I do live in Amish ville and would like to pretend I live in a cool city - I'm sure this bag would do the trick!

  30. I've had a kid in diapers for the last 12 years and my diaper bag is also my purse. The bag I have right now is black, plasticy looking with a busted zipper...

  31. What a cute idea for Mommy who often wishes she really were "in a different place" during a diaper change!

  32. This looks like a great bag. I particularly like the one with the bi-plane on it. No one would guess that it is a diaper bag and it would make a good over night case.

  33. The Cityscape bag is fabulous! Perfect for a weekend away, with or without the kids. Amen!

    I have a 5-year-old, so you'd think that we'd be out of the diaper bag years. Except that now there are all sorts of toys, coloring and writing notepads, crayons and markers to tote everywhere.

    My point is, it never hurts to have a stylish bag to tote whatever you might need - clothes for a weekend getaway or toys for a day trip to Grandma's house. Either way, with this bag, you'll still look cool!

  34. Really cute bags! So much better than the bags with all the characters like Pooh or Looney Tunes. I love them!

  35. I need a good sturdy bag that can hold up with all the abuse it takes and all the junk that I stuff into it!

  36. My grandson, Andrew, loves airplanes. He can hear them outside before anyone can see them. We took him to the local airport a couple of weeks ago and he was so excited (he is 2). He would love to look at this purse, it is very fashionable and fun.

  37. These look like great bags, and versitile, which is one reason why I hate using a "diaper bag". The bunnies may be great for the kids, but I really prefer something a little more sophiticated. My favorite is the Stars & Gears!

  38. Hi, first let me say that I'm so glad that I surfed across your site. I'm a new mom and its a wonderfully informative site.

    I love this bag, it combines the practicality of a diaper bag with urban chic and a world conscience (man-made materials). Currently, my diaper bag does its job but helps to proclaim to the world, "This new mamma needs a mom makeover!".

    My husband contracts to the military - Customs - and I have accompanied him on TDYs and likely will accompany him on a job transfer soon as well to Penscecola. We need to decide soon or the decision will be made for him - likely to Yuma, Arizona. Now me, I won't mind whereever if we go - I love being a gypsy and a bag like this to accompany me would scream, "This mamma is a seasoned traveler!" and would incite me to finally make some other changes as well - like going to a stylist and taking my hair out of its perrenial ponytail!

    This is the perfect time, now that my mind is starting to get above the first time mamma mush mode.

    This bag illustrates to the world that a mamma can be chic and well traveled!

  39. These are the coolest bags by Allen Ave. and ultra hip and chic! Us busy Mommies deserve to look hip and stylish and I am so glad their are designers out there who see the need to create items that are functional (Diaper Bag) but are disguised as cutting edge urban sleek so we still feel good about ourselves! As always, you offer the most fantastic giveaways! Thank you for this one!

  40. My wife has won 7 trips over the last three years. The airlines are really rough on our bags. I would love to give this bag to my wife.

  41. I love these bags. They don't even look like a diaper bag. Dads would definitely carry this around without hesitation.

  42. What? Pack my stuff in a bag that doesn't have cartoon characters, stains, or the smell of my grandfather's cigars still hanging onto the fabric? I don't believe it ;)

  43. What's that great bag doing calling itself a diaper bag?! I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't read so in black and white. Wow, those are sure nice bags! I'm also blogging this great giveaway tomorrow.

    ~ A Bookworm's Diary

  44. What a great bag! Perfect for traveling with 3 kids under the age of 5. I would love to have this with me on our next trip! Thanks!

  45. My husband and I travel a LOT being I am from the USA and he is from Sweden. We go to Europe a lot to visit his family besides going around the US visiting mine. I would absolutely love this bag. It would get a lot of use. :)

  46. Wow...that so does not look like a diaper bag!!! : ) I would totally use that as a husband calls me the bag lady because I seem to always buy a new purse/bag! : ) Women and their bags...and shoes...and clothes...and...

  47. These bags are so cool! I would love to win this, because my "baby" -- a chihuahua/maltese mix named Rocky -- travels with my husband and I wherever we go, and I've found that diaper bags make great doggie travel bags!! I think Rocky would really like this neat bag for his stuff.

  48. I love that these bags can be used way after your baby outgrows diapers. They are perfect for a girl or a boy.

  49. These are so much cuter than the typical gingham or teddy bears. I love the Stars and Gears design.

  50. Tres chic pour la bebe! (I think I messed up my French) I'd love to take this bag onboard for our trip to San Antonio coming up!

  51. It's difficult to travel let alone if you have kids along too. What better way than with this stylish and practical bag to carry all the essentials.

  52. Something my DH won't be embarrassed to carry is always nice! Love the padded strap as well. Thanks!

  53. I design purses, and I really like the duotone design of the graphic. Seems very practical with regards to the wide shoulder strap.

  54. These bags are great looking - stylish, simple, and cool. I'd love one for my toddler and baby on the way!

    And I love the Cityscape bag - reminds me of great trips to NYC.

  55. This looks like it could be a nice carry-on bag to pack activities to keep the little ones busy on the plane.

  56. What a great looking bag. And it doesn't necessarily have to be used as a diaper bag. It could be used for many different uses.

  57. The graphics on these bags are awesome! I know my SO would appreciate a more "manly" diaper bag to carry about.

  58. This bag is downright adorable! Granted, I might have to hide it from my teen daughter, but I would certainly get good use out of it!

  59. The customizable storage space is such a fabulous idea! Thanks for bringing these bags to our attention. I'll definitely need a new diaper bag for our next baby, so I'm keeping my eyes open for the perfect one.

  60. I think the airplane bag is way to cute. My husband is in the aviation field and this would be perfect. :)

  61. I love the Cevan Metro-CityScape Sky Blue bag. Now, I have a new great-great grandgirl coming in a few weeks and mom probley needs this bag more than me..but I dont know. She may just have to fight me over it. Granny BB is gonna be baby setting a lot and you never know baby and me just may need our very own bag, right? I just love these bags!

  62. Very nice bag! I prefer the blue one, but both are nice. Would come in handy as my daughter just had her baby today! :)

  63. Wow, I didn't realize it was also a baby-bag until I started reading the description. I bet I could even get my husband to use this every once in a while!

  64. Are you sure they are even a diaper bag? Because they do not look like a diaper bag. They are wonderful and look great for any person.

  65. These are really unique and would work so well to travel anywhere. We love to travel and try to go as often as possible. Thanks so much!

  66. What a great bag! I would love to have a cool bag to travel with instead of a beat up old green one! Thanks :)

  67. This bag is so cute, it's a cute alternative to the oh-so orginial black diaper bag. I'm expecting my first boy in October and this a cool bag, that I would definitely carry.

  68. What a great bag - I could certainly use all the pockets and room during my travels. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  69. What an adorable bag. The Cityscape bag is my favorite! I could really use this. I love that it's a big bag and roomy. Seems like I never have enough room in my bag. lol
    Thanks for this giveaway and please enter me.

  70. Such a cool bag. It would be the perfect diaper bag that my husband wouldn't be embarrassed to carry around and later it could graduate to a bag for something else. thanks.

  71. This is also nice for nights like when we go to friends' houses and put the girls to sleep while we're there; room for stuffed animal, jammies, and a sippy cup as well as the baby gear. Obviously it'd be great for visits back home to California, too. Thanks!

  72. This is a really cute bag and I would love to have it for daily use with my son. I am tired of carrying the babyish looking froggy bag around now that he is almost 3 years old!

  73. I love it. You can hardly even tell that it is a diaper bag. I am glad that this is the newest trend. No more cheap plastic bags that do not even last the entire time for your baby

  74. As a mother and a city girl, I would love to win this. Very chic and very useful. Love it.

  75. I have a lovely diaper bag, it's big, roomy, floral number; it's served me well. Problem is it only velcros shut and it's way too big and boxy to use on a planned transatlantic flight at the end of the year. These diaper bags look ever so convenient for air travel:)

  76. oh wow, the cityscape bag looks great. I love the screening on these and the shape of the bag, perfect for everything (school, work, diaper bag, etc).

  77. this bag would be so great for my next vacation ! Alot better than my " platic (travel) bag " lol:)

  78. Very cute bag, I've been looking for a cute traveling bag for our beach trips. It's also vey similar to my laptop bag. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  79. We do lots of weekend trips to visit our families & this would be a perfect way for my boys to travel in style! Both are very cute, fun designs.

  80. I would like to win this bag for my sister, she is going to have her second baby in about two mounts, this will be almost seven years since Mark was borne

  81. What a fun bag. As we are unpacking and finding homes for all our stuff, I sort of realize how lacking we are on bags and luggage! Another thing to add to the list...!

  82. I think these bags are great I have flown internationally with one under 2 twice and to Hawaii with 3 under 3 once its stressful but worth it

  83. I am glad to hear the bag is roomy. It would be excellent for last-minute chihuahua stuffing.

    In the chaos of trying to get all three kids dressed and out of the house, someone will ask, "What about Grizzly Bear?"

    Now to find a pet-friendly hotel.

  84. I like all the pockets in the Cityscape bag and the wide cushy shoulder strap and the fact that its insulated. Do you think if I shlepped around with it in my town of population 2300, people would actually believe I'd been to the big city?

  85. i like the fact that it is patent, this way you can just run a wash cloth over it to clean it. really easy!

  86. I adore these bags because they are so chic, which is something that most diaper bags are not! I would love to give this as a gift to my pregnant girlfriend, she would adore it as she's quite the traveler! Thanks for a great contest.

  87. Ive got 4 grandchildren under the age of 3 so I need a extra large diaper bag,this would be perfect for me,thanks

  88. I have had my eye on this bag since I saw it on a blog last week! They were giving away the bag in the first photo, my favorite is the one you are giving away! I really would love to own one of these jewels!! Thanks!!

    kenzkween at hotmail dot com

  89. These look really neat, My cousin is expecting and this would be a great gift for her!



  90. I love the airplane one! We will be traveling overseas hopefully soon (come on travel call) to meet our new daughter!

  91. I think my favorite one is the blue one with the city scape - so fun! oooh, and I just noticed that's the one you're giving away! I've seen these being given away before, but it had always been the gears or the plane, which I don't like quite as much. Thanks so much!

  92. This bag looks really cute! I love the cityscape design. Even my husband and 13 year old son wouldn't be ashamed of carrying this bag, I don't think! Even the cool blue color is perfect!

    tfisher83 AT myexcel DOT com

  93. very cute and we live right near the big apple so it screams our name. We are hoping to travel with the kids in the fall to AZ to visit the family. This will come in handy

  94. I have not attempted a plane ride by myself with my two girls but as a family we have flown lots of time. Traveling with kids just takes extra planning and planty of entertainment. Love the bag. The blue is such a cool blue

  95. Wow, those bags are adorable! I like the black and orange one a lot. I've been dying for a "cool" diaper bag. They are surprisingly hard to come by! At least, ones that are cool AND functional.

  96. City Scape looks perfect for you Steph and your upcoming trip! These bags look very nice for overnighters which is all we do.
    I love all the designs including the giveaway one but my favorite is the black gears and wheels.

  97. I really like these bags because they don't look like the average diaper bag! I have an upcoming trip that involves my kiddos, so this would be just the right thing! I love the cityscape one the best, with the white bi-plane as a second choice.

  98. Our family has done a lot of traveling over the past few years since my husband was working overseas. I LOVE to travel, even with kids. :) One of these bags would be perfect for us!

  99. These are really cute bags. I've wanted a cute diaper bag. I have a nice practical one but it's just that practical, nice and red but in the end just a practical diaper bag. With an upcoming international trip I'm thinking something like this would be a good idea. It looks big enough to get in a couple changes of clothes, enough snacks and some diversions for the plane ride.

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