Penelope Trunk on Parenting

Penelope Trunk on Parenting 1I just read Penelope Trunk's latest column on Yahoo Finance, entitled "For Some, Work-Life Balance is Child's Play." Although I don't always agree with Trunk's premises, her honest and straightforward approach is refreshing and though-provoking. I appreciate her willingness to be controversial for the sake of conversation.

Trunk's article had so many quotable pieces that it's hard to summarize here, but her basic proposition in the article is that kids do better in homes where both parents do not work full time outside of the home. I agree.

She also talks about the difficulty of the "job" of taking care of kids: "At this point, it's clear that families are better off when one person takes care of the household full time. Statistics support this conclusion, and it's also intuitive. The problem is that not many people want to stay at home full time. We already did that in a widespread way in the 1950s, and the cliché of the housewife who takes Valium to cope exists for a reason: Staying at home with kids every day for 20 years isn't a first choice for most people..."

Read the article and post your thoughts here. Do you agree/disagree? What would be your ideal work arrangement?

P.S. For more great reading by Trunk, check out her blog.

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3 comments on “Penelope Trunk on Parenting”

  1. Sounds interesting. I will definitely check out the article when I have the chance!

    Thanks for your comment on "Thankful Thursday"

  2. That was a great article, Stephanie. While I have recently had to go back to work due to my husband's health, I love that someone is making a case to stay at home, even part time. Read my post on Penelope's parenting article.

  3. As a woman who's been a mom for 8 years, the majority of them as a full time SAHM, there have been days I've questioned our decision for me to stay home. IT IS DIFFICULT and often thankless work. I've given up a lot for my kids, as far as education and career are concerned, although you might argue that there's always time for those things once they get older. As a family, we've given up a lot simply because we can't afford them - no vacations, small house, not many extras (lessons, activities, etc). But the one thing I can give my kids is time. I can be available for them whenever they need me. I have no boss to whom I have to answer (well, that's not entirely true, but at least I don't have to clock in). I wouldn't trade being a SAHM for any other career.

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