Photos On Our Walls - {finally}

Remember this photo from our trip to Washington State this past October?

Photos On Our Walls - {finally} 1

That picture is now hanging on an elegant canvas in our living room. See?

You can get a better feel for how it looks in my recent post about the Dance Dance Revolution alternative.

Beautiful, isn't it? We've recently started hanging photos - large and small - throughout our house. All of a sudden, our home is warmer, fresher, friendlier. I don't know why we waited so long to do it. For the longest time, we just had bare white walls...with thousands of photos in little folders on our laptops. But it's much better this way.

Great memories deserve to be on display, don't you think?

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- is a California-based company that specializes in premium canvas prints. Just submit your photo, choose your size and personalization preferences, and wait for it to arrive on your doorstep.

Photos On Our Walls - {finally} 2WIN IT! One winner will receive an 11 x 14 custom canvas from To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Thursday, January 28th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

* I received a product sample for review purposes.

*UPDATE* The winner is #115 Sheila Hickmon. Congratulations!

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142 comments on “Photos On Our Walls - {finally}”

  1. I recently saw a photo canvas in person for the first time at someone's house - it looks fabulous. I would love to win one. Thank you for the giveaway!

  2. When we moved we took everything down off the walls. We still haven't put anything back up again and i've been wanting to.

  3. I have to say, picking a photo would be nearly impossible for me! I am one of those people who hates photos, so I'd really have to struggle to pick one that I like!

  4. I agree hanging photos enhances your home. I have a few elegant family photos made into beautiful canveses. I plan on having more in the future.

  5. My hubbie took a fantastic picture of a Okra flower This summer. I think could be a really great art piece for our home.

  6. Our walls are also lacking in photos and I have some very cute ones just sitting in folders on my computer. I don't think I've even had prints made from any of them.

    And yes, great memories deserve to be showcased.

  7. It would be so hard to choose a photo for it, but I think that a photo of my kids would be perfect! I have never tried a canvas so I'd love to see what it's like!

  8. A custom canvas is just what my living room needs, would be nice to display it and to enjoy looking at it dailt, thanks.

    wombatspurple at yahoo dot com

  9. We DESPERATELY need to hang up some photos in our house...we've been here a year already and we have ONE photo hung on the walls. It looks so bare, I know it will look much warmer & cozier after we put up some personal touches :]

  10. This seems so awesome! I would love to win this and surprise my wonderful wife with a photo made up of our great kids for her to enjoy all the time. Please pick me!

  11. I bought my first home in August 2009. The only family photos I have I inherited from my grandparents. Needless to say no recent photos of anyone are displayed. I think it's time to update!!!!

  12. We've done the same thing with the bare white walls, but my husband recently had a painting made of our home as an Anniversary present, and it's really livened up the room it's in, so I'm in the process of picking and choosing what's going up on our walls too. It's fun!

  13. I have seen these before and I absolutely love the idea of them. I haven't ever seen one in person though. I hope they look great.

  14. I have been planning to put up photos on my dining room wall and my plan was to make a bug photo collage of some of my favorite photos since it would be difficult to choose one.. so this will be perfect for the same.

  15. Getting more pictures on our walls is getting higher on my to-do list! We just had lovely pictures taken by a friend last fall and now it's time to get the pictures on the wall. I too would like to have more memories displayed on our walls.

  16. I think this would be perfect for our new family. I know the perfect family picture.. for our new place!

  17. I have a new grandson & I have some small 5X7s of him in frames but abd 11X14 of him to hang in my hallway that would be quite a wonderful gift !!!!!!

  18. we just bought a new house and i've been busy collecting frames to hang our pictures in. a canvas print would be a great addition!!

  19. I love the look of canvas for photos. I am hoping to get professional photos of us someday. It all just seems so nerve racking. Hoping the children behave, the outfits, the weather... I do know its worth it though. Great pictures really are priceless.

  20. I've been wanting to print photos onto canvas for so long, but I had no idea what company to choose. Thanks for the recommendation.

  21. I love these canvas prints and have wanted one for years since they came out. Nothing like a wonderful pic of your own to make a portrait keepsake.

  22. I would love to get a canvaas of my wedding picture (23 years ago on Valentines Day) or one of my Daddy who died 11 years ago today.

  23. I love hanging photos around our house. Most of our pictures are photos. I like to change them around every few months.

  24. I totally agree, it seemed like it took us forever to realize that blown up family pictures make the best art! Why shop for fancy, expensive stuff when a great shot of my smiling girls is going to always be so much better?

  25. Our walls are pretty bare as well, I need to get all these great pics up. I have so many of our 3 boys together that would look great on canvas.

  26. We need a new family pictures for our walls. The last one we did does not include our youngest child. Thankfully he is only 8 months so he doesn't know it. This would be awesome to win as we have a portrait session coming up shortly.

  27. This is such a great giveaway and invention!
    I would love to put a huge picture of my significant other on my wall. Thanks:)

  28. I love that you can have your favorite photos turned into works of art on canvas, and I like the borders that they offer around the canvas.

  29. this is one of those things that i've always wanted to do and never have the extra money to do it with! I take a million pics of my family and hang up some, but usually just print them myslef- i don't have anything as nice as a photo on canvas! Would be a cool addition to my wall!

  30. These canvases are beautiful! I think people tend to have more and better photos of their kids and family events now that digital photography makes it possible to take more photos. What a shame that many people also keep them stored away (or even lost) on computer harddrives! This is inspiring me to get more of ours up on the walls!

  31. I've waited too long to hang photos, too. My excuse is that we're far too nomadic venturing from rental space to rental space. I have a few framed photos and photo books, but I'd love nothing more than to see a large canvas photo of our family in our room...something wonderful to cherish for decades.

  32. I received a great camera last year and my photography skills are slowly but surely coming along. The only problem is that I haven't gotten around to actually displaying any of the photos I've taken. I love the idea of having one on canvas. It looks great! Thanks.

  33. I have always wanted a canvas on my wall and I have the perfect photo for one!

    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  34. I have so many photos on my computer and this would give me one really good reason to put one on the wall! I love the look of canvas and would be thrilled to have one of our photos done.

  35. I LOVE these. I have a bunch hanging in my retail store to show products and cutie pie kids, but I've often said I need to put them in my own house, too. I just need to do it already!

  36. A canvas photo print of my family to decorate on my house walls would be amazing. We moved in 3 years ago and I have yet to put a photo up in the house yet! Last week I was vacuuming up dust bunnies under the bed and discovered my wedding photo under there. My daughter asked me "Mommy, who is that?!?!??!" I had to laugh-have we aged that much in 6 years? In any event, a family photo on canvas would be a prized posessesion which could serve as the main focal point in our house.

  37. we're trying to hang more pictures, too. Why does it seem so hard? I think it might be a little overwhelming when you have ALL those little folders full of good pictures to choose from!

  38. this is a wonderful idea. we have so many digital photos that we love and no way to display them. thanks for the opportunity.

  39. What a neat idea. I've toyed with the idea of putting a nice family picture of us up, but hadn't thought of canvas. Your picture looks lovely.

  40. I've been so lax in putting pictures up on our walls...and we have so many good ones! I'm in the process of working on it - one wall at a time, and it seems less overwhelming that way. Thanks for sharing that you're still working on that, too.

  41. I love the look of photos printed on canvas. I would like to win this to print up a picture for my husband's new office.

  42. I love winning prints to give as gifts. Both of my friends, who each got a picture from their weddings, loved them so much. If I were to win, I think I'd print out a photo of my friend's dog. She wants me to take so many pictures of her with my new dSLR, so I think that'd be a perfect gift for her.

  43. Huh...I hadn't really thought about hanging family photos on our walls. Now that you mention it, are walls are rather bare! It would be nice to have a photo of our family up!

  44. That's a great family photo! I love covering our walls with memories, and my son enjoys looking at all of them and telling a story to go with each one.

  45. Our best shots are the candid shots when we didn't know the photo was being taken. The staged ones always look phony and kind of aggressive with all the bared teeth. We have several to chose from. Thanks for offering this.

  46. I have always wanted to get a really nice Big picture of the family for our living room wall. If I win this, maybe I could finally make it happen!

  47. We have lots of small pics in collage type frames around the house, but nothing like this! Actually since I really hate knick knacks, the only "decor" items we have are family and friend pics, and then candles...which I can't quite resist.

  48. That is such a lovely picture of you and your family. And it looks so good hanging up on your wall, on that canvas! I bet you catch yourself walking by and staring at it often!


  49. First, I gotta say to everyone...keep taking those pics. Our son was 19 and away at college when we found out he had leukemia...9 months later he passed away from complications due to a bone marrow transplant. The last good photo I have of him is from over a year prior to his diagnosis, his high school senior portrait. I didn't even get one of him when he graduated that spring (he changed out of his gown before we found him in the crowd). Anyway, we'd love to get a canvas print of him...don't know which I'd use, but I'd figure it out
    And, again, please keep taking those photos. You will never get those special moments back again.

  50. I have a pile of pictures that I keep meaning to hang on the walls (and ethnic fabrics, and... the list really goes on), but that's the last thing I get to. Maybe tomorrow I can convince my husband that it's time to make the house a little more our own! This is beautiful. I would LOVE a family photo on my wall. I should probably work on that, too...

  51. I hate to admit it, but our house is the same way - bare walls in most of the rooms! This website/company sounds great. These canvas prints would also make great gifts for the grandparents. Thanks for sharing!

  52. These are really nice. We have a beautiful black & white photo of our newborn son that would look great on canvas! And I know just where to hang it.

  53. I just visited chiccanvas' website. These are beautiful, photo enhancing pieces. I love the "no frame needed" styles and the rich colors. Yours turned out terrific!

    Thank you for this opportunity! :-)

  54. We've been in our new house almost 9 months and still don't have pictures up. Now that the Christmas decorations are down the walls look so plain. I need to get on that. Your picture looks great on your wall!!

  55. I'm a budding photographer and I always find time to edit and print my client's pictures, but never find time for my own. This would be nice to have! I think it would push me to finish one of our nice family photos because our walls are in desperate need!

  56. When you first said canvas, it triggored me to remember this beautiful exhibit of "paintings" I saw in a meeting space a few months ago. We have a beautiful bosque here in space that runs along the river...with many ins and outs. As I entered the room full of "paintings" I saw many photos of our beautiful bosque. I had never seen photos on canvas before. The texture and light it created made it LOOK like a painting on canvas. They were so beautiful. I am sure the pics you have hanging ihn your home are of the same beauriful quality. It creates a richness and depth that regular pics do not.
    Cece-one of The Two Whos

  57. I'm starting to take more pictures now and would love a family photo on the wall. Especially since we don't have one at all.

  58. What a beautiful alternative to traditional prints! I'd love to win this to display a picture that I live of my parents! Thanks!

  59. Oh wow, that's a great photo. Love the windswept look of your hair.

    Anyway, I'd love to get a photo of my husband, son and I from my brother's wedding turned into a canvas. It would make me smile whenever I'd walk by it.

  60. I couldn't agree more... if I put up every picture I wanted, we wouldn't have any wall space left. But how do you choose from so many terrific memories???

  61. I love taking picture but it take me forever to get them printed and even longer on my walls. I have some princess pictures I finally framed but months later they still are waiting to be hung

  62. I finally got one!!! Jonny gave me a dslr for my birthday! I am now a proud owner of a Nikon D5000. I am so excited, the kids and I are heading to san diego for a week and I could care less that it is raining like crazy, I am going to play with my new camera. =)

  63. photos on canvas are very neat! I am sure that looks womderful in your living room. I find that visitors really enjoy looking at real people pictures when they come over to our home. I think they are friendly and inviting.

  64. I have pictures all throughout my house. I adore pictures of my babies being all over the place so I can see their beautiful faces all the time. I have the perfect place on the perfect wall for a large, family canvas photo. What a great opportunity!

  65. When I read your DDR alternative review I noticed the picture on your wall and though it was awesome. How funny now you are reviewing it and giving one away! I would love a photo like this in our home!

  66. We just took a new photo and this would be cool to have up on the wall. We don't have much art except our family photos, which for me is art.

  67. I have always wanted a large family picture on our walls somewhere but have not wanted to pay the price. Would love to win one!

  68. We have family pictures on one little wall. We definitely need more! When we first bought the house we knew we wanted to change the wall colors and we didn't want to hang pictures until after we painted, but deciding on colors and getting the painting done took far longer than it should have!

  69. I'd love to have a really cool, artistic family photo taken a couple of years ago put onto canvas like that. I would love to put it in our bedroom -- thanks for the chance!
    musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

  70. Hi, Stephanie! Thank you so much for the link to my blog and for your very kind and thoughtful comments! I sooo appreciate the welcome. :-)
    The picture of your family is beautiful. We love printing and framing and hanging pictures in our home. I am always making new framed collages and such to hang around our home. We love looking at family memories as we walk up the staircase and down the halls. Outside my little boy's room, I have started making a "cousins" wall. He has eleven cousins, and none of them live very close, so I work at getting nice close-ups of their faces to frame, and we go through and name his cousins together almost daily, and then when we have family get-togethers he seems very familiar and excited to see them, even though he only sees them a few times a year. I also keep pictures of his grandparents by his toy shelves in his room, so that we can talk about them and pray for them.
    I love what the digital age has done for photography, but like you we all end up with thousands of pictures on our computers, and there is nothing like a favorite print (or twenty, or fifty) hanging where you can see it/them all the time. :-)

  71. I've always wanted to have something nice like this for a family photo but never got around to it. I've been thinking about this because I was organizing family pictures during the holidays and ChicCanvas is something worth looking into!

  72. I go through phases of what goes on the's amazing how a photograph can instantly change a room. I always feel bad updating the old photos of the kids, it's probably silly, but it's a memory I don't want to lose. Unfortunately, I just don't have the space to hang every single picture!

  73. Cute pic! We love photos at our house - we have them in frames everywhere. We were given a digital frame for Christmas and I have fun watching pictures scroll by =)

    autumn398 @

  74. i've spent a little time browsing their site and i really like how many custom options they have available. i like how they caution buyers about their pictures when they get wrapped as well as all the neat little touch-ups they can do. i think they need to open a business like that around where i live.

  75. I have always had photos hanging, but we are in definite need of a refresher. I used a free 8x10 offer from at Christmas as a gift for someone else, and when it arrived I wished that I had used it for our home instead.
    Thanks for the chance!

  76. We have lots of photos on our walls (probably too many, but anyway...) I'd love to have a canvas done of the kids one of these days.

    My mother-in-law passed away before Hubby and I met, but in May of that year, 2 months before she passed away, they had family pictures done with Hubby, his two older sisters, their husbands and their kids. One of my sister-in-law's has that picture as a canvas hanging in their living room, it's gorgeous.

  77. We have been married for almost 19 months and it was JUST LAST SUNDAY that we got a framed picture of our wedding day up in our house. It's embarrassing, but true. I definitely need a kick in the pants to get some photos up!!

  78. We have a few pictures in frames around the house but I would love to get some of our beautiful images up on walls too. So many great photos to be shared.

  79. I agree with your first commentor. Finding a family photo that I like well enough to put on canvas would be a challenge. One that might inspire me to get one professionally done.

  80. I love having photos on the wall. We have found that we hardly have any wall space for photos. My uncle is an artist (and so are two of my cousins) so our walls are covered with their prints and canvases. We're starting to take some down so that we have more room to hang family pictures. It feels more like a home with family pictures up. I'd love to get a large canvas of my girls to hang on our new family photo wall.

  81. I love this new trend of large, canvas photos! I think the hard part will be deciding which photo to use! (I wonder though about the resolution needed for a canvas that size?)

    We moved a month ago, and have started hanging pictures again. What a difference; with every picture and beloved piece of art, our home warms up.

  82. I have always wanted a canvas on my wall! It would be awesome to get one of our family before my daughter leaves for college in the fall.

  83. We need to start hanging family pictures on our walls. At our other home, we had them lining the
    stairs that led to the second floor. I do really like pictures with canvas backings.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  84. I would love to win this and add a beautiful snapshot of my little boy to our bare walls. We moved into our first house 10 months ago, but you wouldn't know it to look at it. This is the kind of personal touch we need!

  85. Wow, so cool! We are moving next week and I would love to have a new family photo to put up in our new house (of course I would probably wait until the new little man is born, but still...) Thanks!

  86. What a great idea. I wish I had more time throughout the day to look up and find companies like this one. But I live through you and your handy web surfing skills. This would be a great gift for my grandma! We just had some family photos done and I know my Grandma would love a copy of that in canvas hanging in her house. Thank you for the awesome give away!!

  87. I have ALWAYS wanted to have a wall of photos in all shapes and sizes of black or maybe red frames. I think that will be on my list of thing to GET DONE this year. You're right, it makes the home so much warmer and brighter.

  88. Yea - I am the first one to leave a comment on your blog today. That hardley ever happens. The only problem with winning this is that I would have to find a family picture where we all look good - that is the hard part!!

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