Poll: Children's Vaccinations

Will you/Do you have your child(ren) vaccinated?

A. Of course! Vaccines have almost eradicated so many deadly and dangerous diseases - I want to ensure that my child is protected.
B. I'm on-the-fence. Still trying to decide if vaccines protect or harm...
C. No way! Vaccines aren't all they're cracked up to be.

Vote - and give us the "why" behind your stance.

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4 comments on “Poll: Children's Vaccinations”

  1. B. I'm still on the fence. The main thing pushing me to think that vaccines may not be worth it is Autism. The more I read, the more I'm beginning to believe that they are primarily caused by some of these vaccines. I will say that I am aware that not all vaccines are the same. I will have to do more detailed research.

  2. A. without a doubt.

    Those parents who choose not to and follow the choice by proclaiming diseases aren't rife like years before need to wake up. Of course they aren't, because every body else is vaccinated! There is no one to carry the diseases.
    On the autism idea, my middle brother is Asperger's, myself and youngest brother are fine (hehe apparently). All brought up the same way, unlucky maybe for him? Another theory regarding aspergers is that is can be due to a lack of nutrition in the womb.

  3. I would have to vote for "A" also. It seems to me like the very real risk of life-threatening childhood illnesses making a comeback (as they actually have in some communities with low vaccination rates) far outweighs the unproven possibility of a link between vaccinations & autism.

  4. A. Of course!

    For one thing, children cannot go to public school without them. Even though I have a son who straddles the autism spectrum and who, I am certain, has Asperger's Syndrome, I don't support the claim that immunizations are to blame.

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