Poll: Is it Cheaper to Purchase Baby Stuff Online or In-Store?

Poll: Is it Cheaper to Purchase Baby Stuff Online or In-Store? 1Today I went baby shower shopping for a good friend of mine.

My original plan was to buy her gift online for the sake of convenience on both of our parts - I wouldn't have to venture out to Target or Babies-R-Us and she wouldn't have to worry about lugging her gift from the shower house to her house.

So, I added my items in my online shopping cart and went to check-out. I was shocked to see that the shipping & handling was HALF of the price of the item I had put in my basket. Yikes!

Needless to say, I emptied my shopping basket and went to Babies-R-Us in-person this morning instead.

My question to readers is this: Is it cheaper to shop for baby items online or in-store? If you shop online, do you have any tips to help a frugal mom?

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3 comments on “Poll: Is it Cheaper to Purchase Baby Stuff Online or In-Store?”

  1. Thanks for your comments...

    What online baby boutiques and shops offer free shipping (or shipping at a flat rate)?

  2. I like to shop at online places where the shipping is free or a flat rate. But sometimes I will shop online simply because I can find cooler stuff that I couldn't find in stores near where I live. If it's something I can pick up myself I usually do.

    Oh, and Thanks for you comment on "Confessions of an Extended Breastfeeder".

  3. I think it depends on how much you buy. I like places that have one shipping price for any amount purchased. That way, you feel like you are getting a good deal. But sometimes, convenience trumps cost (like in the dead of winter when your car is buried under 15 inches of snow!).

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