Predict Baby's Gender Using Chinese Fortune Calendar

Predict Baby's Gender Using Chinese Fortune Calendar 1My neighbor Allison just showed me this Chinese Infant Gender Statistic Chart yesterday. Supposedly, you take your age at the time you conceived and the month that your baby was/will be born...and it tells you your baby's gender.

She said that she used this chart for a high school science project and interviewed tons of women - and it was never wrong. Even though the chart did prove to be right in my case, I remain a skeptic.

Is it accurate for you?

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13 comments on “Predict Baby's Gender Using Chinese Fortune Calendar”

  1. Nope! Had our ultrasound last week and it was definitely a boy, the predictor said girl...
    I wouldn't rely on this method if you're going shopping right after!

  2. It was wrong when I tried to figure it out the "Chinese" way with the lunar month and chinese age thing...but I'm not sure I did that right. However, it was right when I did it with my real age and the real month. I've also heard that if the month you are due plus the age when you concieved add up to an even month it will be a girl and if odd then a boy. This was true for both me and my daughter. But I also remain skeptical. As with any test, theory, or symptom that is said to predict this...there is always a 50/50 chance.

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