Product Review: Arbonne About Face Lash Colour

Product Review: Arbonne About Face Lash Colour 1After I posted about Blinc Kiss Me Mascara in January, Rachel (a blogger, Arbonne consultant, and mommy of two boys) e-mailed me and asked if I wanted to try Arbonne About Face Lash Colour to compare the two. I agreed to give it a trial run.

The About Face Lash Color [mascara] is a combination of a colorless primer agent that conditions and preps lashes, and a mascara that offers water-resistant lash coloring. According to the website, "the formula won’t irritate lids and offers extended wear … that’s easy to remove. Each product includes a precision wand that defines, lengthens and separates lashes … for a truly glamorous look that lasts."
Product Review: Arbonne About Face Lash Colour 2
The tube itself is very classy, a light and earthy green. The mascara comes on very naturally and doesn't "clump." In fact, I found myself applying it twice to get my desired volume. I liked the softness of the brush and the paint. It seemed to roll on seamlessly. The mascara didn't flake or clump. It did, however, leave black circles under my eyes after half-day or all-day wear. That's truly the only downside [disclaimer: I must touch my eyes more than the average gal because other moms I know don't seem to have the same issue with this or other mascaras]. As far as "clean-up" goes, the mascara came off very easily with my Revlon Eye Makeup Eraser Pen (which I bought on recommendation from Tammy at A Mom in Red High Heels).

I'm curious...what is your favorite mascara? If you've tried Arbonne About Face Lash Colour, give your review!

Even if mascara isn't your thing, you can check out the other Arbonne products on Rachel's website. Oh, and you'll probably want to also check out Rachel's blog - Fitness for Mommies (right now she's giving away Denise Austin's Fit & Firm Pregnancy DVD and so far there are only 9 entries! 9, people! You have an awesome chance! Leave a comment before Feb. 12!).

WIN IT! One mama will win a 0.38 oz tube of Arbonne About Face Lash Colour. To enter, simply leave a comment and your e-mail address on this post prior to Wednesday, February 13, at midnight. The winner will be announced and contacted on Thursday, February 14. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

* UPDATE * The winner is #74 Connie. Congratulations!

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185 comments on “Product Review: Arbonne About Face Lash Colour”

  1. I am an Arbonne Consultant and if anybody needs help with this I am available. I have been using this product and have seen results in only a short month...
    My eye lashes are stronger and not falling off when I wear my mascara or remove my mascara.
    Email me at [email protected]

  2. I use Maybelline. I hate it. :)
    Ok, well maybe "hate" is too strong, but I really just don't like makeup in general. I wear it because I have to (i.e. when I'm meeting a new client, when I'm at work, etc.), not because I want to. It doesn't help that I'm too cheap to pay for the expensive makeups.

  3. is there any woman alive who actually does leave her house without mascara. Not me, especially not without quality mascara like this

  4. I had to go check what I'm using...But it's Maybelline New York Intense XXL Volume + Length, works okay, still experience some clumping. I really don't use mascara that often because of clumping and flaking, which really irritates my eyes >.< I'd love to try something that gets such great reviews! Thanks for the chance to win =D

  5. I would love to try this out. I have a really hard time finding mascaras that don't make my eyelids feel like they weigh a ton.

  6. I don't use any anymore, but I'd like to start again. The last time I used mascara was when I was pregnant with my now 5 year old.

  7. I bought some IsaDora at my local drugstore and it was more expensive than Almay. I thought hey I will try it (it was on sale!) Anyhow it is horrible! It runs, clumps and I hate it!

  8. I don't personally use mascara, and I don't know what brand my girlfriend uses, but I'm sure she'd love to try this out if I win it for her!

  9. I'm currently using Revlon Luxurious Lengths mascara, but would love to try the Arbonne. I always seem to have problems with clumping, so I keep switching!

  10. I don't have a favorite mascara...I love to try any brand, especially the ones in different colors such as sapphire, violet, etc. Thank you for the contest!

  11. I don't have a favorite yet. I have tried everything and haven't found one i like enough to buy twice. Maybe this is the stuff!

  12. I tend to stick with Cover Girl Lash Blast, but would consider another if it did as good a job. :-) Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. I would love to try a mascara that doesn't flake and is waterproof, I've never heard of the product before, but I love to try new things, so bring it on, this is awesome

  14. I haven't been able to find a mascara that doesn't come flaking off onto my face (I must touch my face more than others, too). I have heard wonderful things about the entire Arbonne line. I would love to try their mascara. Thanks for the entry.

  15. I use Max Factor because it's the only brand I can find that has auburn mascara. Mostly I like it, but sometimes it irritates my eyes. I'd love to try this product.

  16. This mascara never runs or leaves black circles under my eyes and I wear it everyday. It does not irritate the eyes. I highly recommend it to everyone!!!
    Joanne B

  17. This sounds interesting -- I would love to try it! I have tried tons of mascaras, cheap and expensive, and I keep coming back to Maybelline's Full and Soft.

  18. I don't wear mascara often, as most seem to irritate my eyes. When I do wear it, I use Maybelline waterproof. I would love to try this one to see if it doesn't bother my eyes as much. Thanks.

  19. I'd love to try Arbonne. I've heard of it but just haven't had the chance and also I like the way they spell colour with a U (like me).

  20. Oh man, do I ever need a new Mascera!! Please, oh please sign me up! I did not know about how wonderful the Arbonne Mascera is so thanks for the tips!!

  21. I'm a huge fan of Arbonne's Intelligence Face care system, but have never used any of their makeup. I would love to try it out!

  22. I don't think I've used the same type of mascara twice in a row since college. I've been on a quest to find one that doesn't clump or smear, but isn't waterproof. I'm always up for trying another.

  23. Oh I would love to try it! I use Cliniques long pretty lashes. Only one I have found that does not clump or make the eyelashes 'spidery'

  24. Hi, I am not familiare with this brand name. I am using "Lancome's"
    High Definicils Mascara" currently. I have hardly any eye lashes and what is do are light brown. Please enter me in your mascara drawing. Thanks,Cindi

  25. Awesome!I get to try someone elses mascara. I love Mary Kay Mascara and would like to try someone elses. Maybe I'll win. Have a great week everyone!

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