Product Review: Costco Kirkland Signature Premium Baby Wipes

Product Review: Costco Kirkland Signature Premium Baby Wipes 1If you have a Costco warehouse nearby, you can buy these wipes at a discounted price - 8 88-ct. packages for $17.77. Check it out on the Costco webpage.

These wipes are soft and fresh-smelling - and they definitely compete with the name-brand Baby wipes (Pampers, Huggies, etc.).

Overall: 4 1/2 stars

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One comment on “Product Review: Costco Kirkland Signature Premium Baby Wipes”

  1. We used these wipes for four years on our child. He can now talk very well and express how he feels. He would cry every time we would wipe him with these wipes. Thought it was just him. Now, we take him into the bathroom and he grabs the wipes, throws them into the wall and screams, "Don't Want it." So, I tried one on myself. Guess what, burned like a son of a you know what. I was horrified. If you're having problems with children screaming when wiped. Try one on yourself to make sure they don't burn. We now use lanolin wipes. more comforatble.

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