Product Review: Eddie Bauer High Chair

Product Review: Eddie Bauer High Chair 1Sometime around five or six months, it is likely that your baby will begin eating solids and thus will need a special place to begin the fun and messy journey of learning to eat mushy, smushy, delightful food - namely, a high chair.

The Eddie Bauer High Chair (pictured left) is a beautiful option.

PROS: The dark wood is lovely and the high chair has an old-fashioned, yet modern, irony that is really quite nice. It is unisex and thus very economical. Plus, the plastic cream-colored tray is both washable and attractive. Additionally, the mat is mashine-washable and there is a little "bench" where baby can rest her feet. Finally, it is not overly colorful or babyish so it actually looks very nice in the kitchen - even in the midst of an adult dinner party.

CONS: This high chair is heavy - much heavier than it looks! Plus, it cannot be folded and stowed very easily. Thus, it probably is not the best option for people who live in small apartments and/or who move often. This seat is also rather expensive - between $99 and $125, depending on where you look.

OVERALL: 3.75 Stars - I would buy it again, but I recommend that the manufacturer lighten it up a bit and make it more affordable.

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