Product Review: EvenFlo Aura Select Travel System

Product Review: EvenFlo Aura Select Travel System 1We registered for this item in the sierra pattern (pictured). This is a stroller with lots of extras - a head pillow for the car seat, an oversized storage basket, four cup holders (two for baby, two for mommy), and a mystery compartment for mom's keys and sunglasses.

* When your little one is small, he can rest comfortably in the infant seat - an easy transition from car to mall, grocery store, or amusement park. At five or six months, your baby can look around the world by sitting upright in the stroller. Thus, more bang for your buck!
* The sierra color combo is chic and androgynous enough that your husband won't mind being the driver. Plus, you can use it for any little brothers or sisters that might come along - regardless of sex. Again, more bang for your buck!
* The one-hand comfort-fold feature allows for relatively easy stowage.

* It is difficult to shade your baby's face and complete body from the sun as the shade is not movable.
* Because this stroller is a travel system, it is rather big, bulky, and cumbersome - not ideal for quick trips or airline flights.
* If you walk quickly, the stroller tends to shake a lot - not exactly a smooth ride.

3 stars - I would not purchase this stroller again. Try selecting a stroller that has a rotating canopy shade so that you can angle it no matter what time of day you are out and about. Also, look for a stroller with a cup holder and room for a small diaper bag. Finally, you will probably need some type of mini compartment for keys, sunglasses, receipts, etc.

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