Product Review: Maya Wrap Adjustable Pouch

Product Review: Maya Wrap Adjustable Pouch 1
I ordered the Maya Wrap Adjustable Pouch (Size: Medium, Color: Black, Price: $49.95) after reading various positive reviews on the web. It arrived in the mail in a brown box with an accompanying instructional DVD.

DVD: The DVD was low-budget and old-fashioned. It appears to have been made in the early 90's...perhaps with a cheap camcorder in someone's home. The woman who demonstrates the use of the sling and pouch sports a short out-of-date haircut and "mom" attire from a previous decade [see illustration]. The instructions are easy enough to follow along with, but the majority of the film showcases the sling. The segment that covered the pouch showcased a different pouch than the one I purchased so I felt a bit "out of the loop".

The pouch itself is made of coarse, inexpensive material reminiscent of those that I encountered in SE Asia. It is not stretchy, soft, or luxurious by any stretch of the imagination. It also has the rather cumbersome trait of quickly picking up any loose hair or lint particles in its immediate vicinity.

APPEARANCE: This pouch is not particularly beautiful or trendy, but it is not ugly either. It falls in the sensible, practical category so it's not outstanding or fun, but it can still be cute (especially with the baby perched inside).

UTILITY: The pouch seems almost too small for my little one. I really have to cram her in there. Still, she seems pretty happy once she's squished inside. She usually gets antsy, however, within the hour - she probably wants to stretch out her crammed-up legs and get a little bit of circulation.

PRICE: The pouch was a bit pricey for what I received. I can understand paying $50 for a sling - if it is made of quality material and has an updated DVD.

OVERALL: 2 stars (1 being extremely ugly, uncomfortable, or expensive and 5 being beautiful beyond measure, altogether agreeable, and justly priced)

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