Products for People Who Work at Home: Board Dudes

Products for People Who Work at Home: Board Dudes 1

I may be a Tech-Savvy Girl, but I'm also a very visual person...and I like having bulletin boards handy for posting clippings from magazines, party invitations, and pretty pictures that our 3-year-old paints. We have one in our makeshift office space in our master bedroom and one in the laundry room. Right now, the one in our "office" just has two things on "Dream House" sketch (I'm a wanna-be architect) and my Life Goals.

Products for People Who Work at Home: Board Dudes 2Board Dudes sells a HUGE variety of dry erase boards, bulletin boards, and great prices. You can find them at Michaels, Target, Fred Meyer, JoAnn's, and a long list of other merchants.

YOUR TURN: How do you use bulletin boards in your house?

WIN IT! One winner will receive 1 bulletin board and 1 dry erase calendar by Board Dudes. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, January 19th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.). ***NOTE: The Board Dudes products can only be awarded to a Southern Arizona winner.

* I received product samples for review purposes.

*UPDATE* The winner is #17 Donita. Congratulations!

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28 comments on “Products for People Who Work at Home: Board Dudes”

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  2. I could definitely use something like this in my house. With having three kids under the age of 5, I am always disorganized! Thanks for a great giveaway :)

  3. I've been trying to get myself more organized, and this would be PERFECT. I'm so bad with calenders, but since this is also a dry-erase board, I can see myself using it MUCH more often!

  4. I have a white board with the days of the week going down the left (in a landscape orientation) and I write my schedule on it. My schedule is varied, it's never the same one week to the next, and having a large, uncluttered view of the week helps keep me on track. There's also enough room on the right that I can write down things that need to be done (oh yeah, groceries would be nice).

    We have another by the phone, it's a whiteboard on the top and bulletin board on the bottom. The top gets used to leave notes to family, or take a message when someone calls. The bottom has the printout of the emergency numbers, a few business cards and some papers that will be needed when we go to the doctors, etc.

    So if we have this great set-up why am I entering? My sister is woefully short on note taking/paper leaving places. This would go to her.

  5. I don't have a bulletin board but I do have a wall that looks like one :o
    We put up things the kids have made and their chore charts.

  6. I think this would be a great help in getting me organized and staying that way! This is one of my new years resolutions so this sounds great.

  7. I have never had a bulletin board at home, but I loved having one when I worked.
    I think it's high time that our "school room" (as Calvin is now calling our new room) has a cork bulletin board.

  8. I LOVE bulletin boards. I have one in my kitchen with invitations and recent photos. But it's getting pretty old and holey...I need a new one and a bigger one. Would love to grab this prize!

  9. My refrigerator is my current bulletin board. It holds all of the pictures I have been sent in the last few months along with any one-time notices or appointments I need to remember. (Of course, I also have that info in my Quicken and on my Outlook calendar but the fridge is much more in-my-face). I have a magnetic cork board in my office, but it is dreadfully out of date.
    I love your dream home board. I have been planning out my dream backyard in PowerPoint, but the idea of printing it out so I can see it and update it in my mind might help make it come to fruition that much sooner.

  10. I just recently upgraded from a small calendar on the fridge to a larger one on the wall. I use dry-erase markers on it. It's a teacher's one that my Mom had given me years ago. I could definitely use a new one though. But it's perfect for having everything all laid out within everyone's sights! Even my husband can't say he didn't know something was coming's right next to his seat at the kitchen table!! :)

  11. I used to have one. I'd tack up important dates for the month, pictures of the kids and so forth. I might actually use something like that now as a dream board, where I could add/or take away without ruining it.


  12. This would have to go into our kitchen and it would be used for family info. My husband and I are never on the same page when it comes to family stuff. this would help organize all of us.

  13. I actually use Bulletin Boards at our office, we're self employed and we use them to hang stuff for our employees to look at, instead of making holes in the walls!

  14. We have a small wipe erase/bulletin board by the back door. Its not in a convenient space however and it is always full! I need to figure out a new method.

  15. I adore white boards, there's something so satisfying about writing down a to-do list, and then having the board all erased again by the end of the day!

  16. We have a cork/white/calendar board. It is hanging in my kitchen and it is a very handy tool for us to stay organized. I have my husband's work schedule which can be confusing, special events coming up or meetings I need to attend all on the calendar part. Below is a cork board that I use to hang special papers for our daughter's school events and stuff like that.

    I would love to have an extra board to post her paintings and spelling tests on and a dry erase board to write down our weekly goals.

  17. I am a list person so that's how I use bulletin boards. We have a small dry erase board stuck to our freezer where I keep track of all its contents, broken up into categories. Some I list specifics (cuts of beef or pork, pre-made meals, types of fish) and some I just list a count (chicken breasts, loaves of bread). I add to the list whenever I buy or make something that gets added to the freezer, and erase it or update the number when I pull stuff out to use. It makes my weekly meal planning a lot simpler and helps me prevent waste (either throwing out freezer burned food or buying food we don't need).

  18. Man...a bulletin board would be a great addition...why did I never think of that? Well, we have a small little chalkboard in the kitchen that has some little clothespins and string on it so we can hang little cards or pictures, however something bigger would be great for displaying artwork! Right now I just use a bit of double sided tape and the backside of our kitchen cabinets (that show in the dining area). I do have a heap of wine corks that could be made into a cork board. I suppose I should get on that!

  19. We love bulletin boards around here! I have a whiteboard in the living room by the front door that is a great place for reminders, work lists, phone numbers, email addresses and other things that need to be jotted down quickly.

    Sugar has a bulletin board in her bedroom - we use it to pin up pictures, cards, growth notes from the pediatrician and etc...

    I'm not qualified for the giveaway - but still think these are awesome! I feel so much more organized when I have my whiteboard to just glance at and see if I'm forgetting anything!

  20. I know exactly where I would hang this in my house! Our back porch was recently re-walled. It's right next to the kitchen, the hub of our home. We could use one (or more!) of these on that wall.

  21. I have two teenage daughters. One is in college, and one on the way! I would love to win these for my girls to help them stay organized! Thanks!

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