Products for People Who Work at Home: CushDesk by Belkin

Products for People Who Work at Home: CushDesk by Belkin 1We have a modest home with 3 bedrooms, a great room, a spacious kitchen with an island, and an unbelievable view from our [very small] backyard. Our 3-year-old is in one room. Our 10-month-old is in another room. And we are in the master bedroom...which leaves no room for an office. That's actually A-OK with me. I prefer to work in my "favorite spot" on our brown leather couch in our living room.

Products for People Who Work at Home: CushDesk by Belkin 2The CushDesk ($29.99) provides a safe, sturdy, non-slippery surface for my laptop...and it helps keep the "heat" off my lap (which I've heard isn't that great for you...). Available in two different color combos, it's ideal for entrepreneurs and writers because it allows you to work absolutely anywhere!

YOUR TURN: Where do you work/play on the computer at home?

WIN IT! One winner will receive a CushDesk ($29.99) by Belkin. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, January 19th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

* I received a product sample for review purposes.

*UPDATE* The winner is #79 Renee. Congratulations!

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258 comments on “Products for People Who Work at Home: CushDesk by Belkin”

  1. Our desktop is the computer I use the most. I'd use the laptop more but it's a bit slow for work but for browsing it works fine. I usually use the laptop in the living room.

  2. Thanks for the giveaway...My usual computer use is done sitting at a desk using a desktop iMac with a big screen; my default position is on the floor, on my stomach, using a MacBook.

  3. I use my computer all over the place - - kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom and deck or patio when it's nice out!

  4. I purchased a laptop just a couple of months ago and usually keep it in the home office but at night I move it to either the family room or my bedroom to get some work done.

  5. I would love this! I hate sitting at desks, and I love surfing the internet in my bed! This would make it so much more comfortable!

  6. I'd love to win this for my husband. He's currently using a TV tray that the kids keep knocking over every time he tries to use it.

  7. I love using my laptop on the bed, but my lap feels like it's on fire! I really could this wonderful CushDesk. Thanks

  8. What a great idea!!! I would love one to cool my legs while sitting anywhere inside or outside the house working on my laptop.

  9. I've always wondered how people can stand laptops on their legs when they get so warm. Now I know - they use laptop desks - LOL

  10. I have a really old laptop, so it seems that it is always hot - which it is currently and on my lap and well, it doesn't feel this best. This would help me out so much!

  11. Unfortunately, my laptop sits right on our kitchen/dining room table. It's very convenient for me and all, but it pretty much draws my attention to it far more often than it should. I'd love to have something like this so that I could keep the computer hidden away and then use it sitting in bed after the kids are asleep.

  12. This would be great to have because my legs always get burned by the heat from my laptop. It's a PC(portable and convenient).

  13. Would love to try this. Looks like it would be a nice nonslip cushion for the laptop and love that it has cooling ability

  14. We have something similar to this, but it's quite old, and meant for writing more than laptops so the heat from it has made the laminate on top chip and peel. And my daughter keeps trying to pull it off and eat it. So a new one would be fabulous!

  15. i usually work on my computer in the living room and have my laptop on a kitchen then when we have dinner i have to clear the chair of my laptop and coffee cup this would be so great :)

  16. I've been having heat problems with my laptop, currently use the cardboard box it came in as a lap desk. Cushdesk sure would be a lot better.

  17. uh, when I'm at home, I use the computer in bed! Makes it a little tough to type accurately but it's comfy! And if I need a nap, all I need to do is shut my eyes :-)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. I'd like to get this for my daughter who goes to college. She sits on the couch and uses her laptop so this would be great for her.

  19. I could really use this. My laptop gets hot and when it's on my lap I have to use a blanket so it doesn't make my leg too hot.

  20. I have a desk because I work from home but sometimes at night I use my laptop on my bed-but have no desk for it. This is cool.

  21. I almost always use my laptop sitting on the couch. My desk is so small, I need the couch and ottoman to spread all my "stuff" around me and be able to work.

  22. This would be perfect for me as I am a full time college student and parent of a 4 yr old. I tend to do my homework anywhere I can and would love being able to have my laptop on my lap for extended periods of time. You're right when you say it can get hot! Thanks for having this fun contest!

  23. I have a desktop pc and it is in my living room. It’s my main source of entertainment so it works for now. but tis would be ice to win. Tanks

  24. I use my laptop when I'm sitting in my big red chair in the living room, or reclining on the sofa, or in bed sometimes. I've been using pieces of cardboard under it cos it does get very hot on my legs.

  25. I'm in my living room CONSTANTLY! I have "my spot" on the sofa and I'm surprised the cushion hasn't countoured to my big booty! I've always got the laptop right on top of my legs and it can get uncomfortable, so this would definitely help!

  26. I'd like to sit in my recliner & use my laptop, but it's uncomfortable. this would really help.

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  27. My 17 year old son uses his laptop while laying in his bed. He puts his smelly pillow under it to keep it cool. Probably would be more sanitary for the bed and for his computer to have a product like this to keep it cool.

  28. i work from home on my couch. currently an old mathbook is what my poor macbook rests on. Not comfy at all :(


  29. I have a small laptop stand for when I'm sitting on the couch, but sometimes I like to use my laptop in bed. I was putting it on a pillow in front of me, because it helped balance it well, but I feel like the laptop sitting right on the pillow was causing it to get too hot. The CushDesk looks like the perfect solution.

  30. I admit, I take my laptop to bed with me. You have to check Facebook before you go to sleep right? Well, this would be perfect for me! My legs can get quite warm and I end up having to put it to the side of me and then that messes up my neck and then I get a headache and..... you see what I mean.

  31. I have one of those supposedly adjustable little laptop tables, but it is a really cheaply made one and neither of the 2 adjustments fits me well!
    Most of the time I end up with my laptop on my lap.

  32. I use the computer in the living room a lot, and I would love to have a product like this. It would make my life easier!

  33. I'm usually on the couch too and my laptop is on my lap on a huge hardcover book that actually fits my laptop. The book itself is fortunately rather thin. I don't even know why I haven't thought about getting a lapdesk. I could certainly use one! ;)

  34. My husband has covered my desk with miscellaneous antiquated computer parts and accessories. The Smithsonian Institute has not responded to my attempts to contact them in order to donate these items (I wonder what's taking them so long??). I have nowhere to do my work. I am a vagrant in my own home. It would be so convenient to be able to work anywhere without having to balance my laptop on my knees (like I'm doing right now). Because my husband sure as heck isn't going to clean off my desk anytime soon...

  35. I would love this because I normally work on the computer at my desk but I just had surgery and realize now how much more comfortable it is for me to take a break and work on my laptop while sitting in bed and keeping my feet up but the laptop gets my lap so hot.

  36. When my daughter in law was in the hospital she could have definitely used something like this. She had to hold her laptop at an odd angle to keep it from overheating.

  37. I usually use my computer on my daughters dora the explorer table because theres nothing in the house i can sit my laptop on. Everything in the house is too tall and i cant really afford one at the time having 2 kids and being a single mother working full time and attending school is hard. Sometimes at night i would have to lay it on my leg and use it with the screen tilt down.

  38. I use my laptop on the couch and in bed all the time and the heat gets pretty warm. This would be a great solution for that and make it easier to use for long periods of time

  39. In the evening I tend to sit in bed, watch TV and play on the computer. I am constantly moving the computer around so my leg doesn't get got and allows the computer to stay cool. This would definitely make me more comfortable.

  40. A lot of times my wife and I will use our laptops in bed. So having something like the CushDesk would make it easier.

  41. I definitely need this one, I've been looking for something like this but could never find it.
    It would be better than using the food trays lol...

  42. I am curious whether this just makes your laptop even hotter. We have one of those cooling things to put under ours but it is just not very comfortable. This one looks more comfortable.

  43. I don't have a laptop yet but both geeky mommy and gamer girlie do and they get too hot for laps so when they are out in the family room they are usually using tray tables.

  44. I like to sit in my recliner with my laptop on my lap. I would love to have this to keep the heat off of my legs.

  45. When I'm using the laptop at home, I'm usually trying to sit on the couch but it doesn't work very well, I need one of these great desks!

  46. I like to work by the window so I have a nice view with sunlight. When I have the luxury of wireless access I like to curl up on the couch or bed with my laptop. The CushDesk would really come in handy when I'm sitting on the couch.

  47. I use mine on my living room couch (where the nice TV is located) or in bed and I can tell you from personal experience that the heat on your legs is NOT a good thing. I actually have marks on my legs from the heat of my laptop!

  48. I usually use the laptop at the desk, but I'd love to have the ability to use it comfortably when I'm sitting on the couch.

  49. I usually sit in a chair in our livingroom
    I use to have a desktop cart but my 13 year old son took it over.
    I have been searching for a new laptop desk with no luck
    This product sounds great

    Thank you so much for giving me a chance to be a winner


  50. I'm all over the house (and car) with my laptop, but especially on the bed. It's such a comfy place, but I need a lap desk, because it gets HOT with the laptop on my lap!!

  51. I, like you, love to work from the comfort of my couch. Sometimes this puts me a little too much in the "middle of the action" but I'd have it no other way :) While I love the heat from the laptop in the wintertime when I'm chilly, I know it's not good for me and have actually been thinking about getting a lap desk. This would be perfect.

  52. I have an HP laptop and the thing gets hotter than anything. I currently use a laptop cooler that works fine, but it's made of a type of metal so putting it on my lap is a real pain, literally. This would be great to win. Thanks for the opportunity :)

  53. I do a lot of working, nursing, and surfing on the couch since I have a one month old. It would be nice to keep the computer cool! i cover my lets with a blanket and my mac gets super hot...

  54. I have recently got wireless so can go anywhere I want but typically I am in the living room. That is right between my office and the kitchen giving me easy access if I need to get up for anything

  55. I have purchased about 4 products like this and I haven't liked one yet! By the reviews, this one would be awesome for me!

  56. I tend to be on my laptop late at night when on my bed so the "CushDesk" would work perfect for me. It would definitely help with the heat issue I have when I have it laying on my lap.

  57. I have to use my comp right in my bed...wish I had a small desk to use for it. My notebook tends to get hot as well from me being on it so much doing schoolwork. I need to look into one of these.

  58. I typically place my laptop on a desk during the day. At night while I'm watching TV, however, my laptop is usually on my lap. In fact, I am currently sitting on my recliner and using a very firm pillow as my laptop cushion. Even though it is the middle of winter, my legs are really starting to sweat! So, yes, I would LOVE to try the CushDesk!! Thanks!

  59. I currently am stuck in the office with a desktop computer. I hope to move to a laptop with wireless connections so that I can be in the family room with the family,

  60. The solid molded top provides smooth and sturdy “work space”. The material feels “good to touch” and just as importantly, it is easy to clean. I love this my niece is sick and stays in bed a lot it would be great for her. Thanks

  61. I use the computer next to the table in the living room while I am watching TV. It is next to the printer I cannot quite get hooked up and other "important" items. Thank you

  62. I do all my computing in our living room on the couch. At this point, I sit with my legs crossed in front of me to vent the heat out. :) My husband has a small desk area in the bedroom, and my son has a desk in the living room for his computer (a MUST in order to be sure no oddballs are sending him messages). I use to join my husband in the bedroom, but there is no way to fold my legs up to keep the lap top from heating me up (I almost feel ill from it). Looks like a great product.

  63. As I type this, I am sitting in my comfy chair in the living room as my kids play around me. I would love to have a little table that would keep my lap from overheating (especially when it gets warmer here in AZ!) Thanks for the giveaway!

  64. My son is constantly on his laptop - anywhere and everywhere, inside and outside; he would really put something like this to the test ...

  65. I just got a laptop and this would be of great help. I have absolutely no table space, so this would be a great solution for me.

  66. My Mother recently bought her first laptop and this would be perfect for her. She moves around with her job alot and doesn't always have access to desks. Thanks for the opportunity!

  67. I use my laptop while sitting on the loveseat in our living room. We have an office with a computer but that is strictly for our business. I could really use the CushDesk, my lap gets sooo hot, not too bad in the winter, keeps me warm but summer is another story. Thanks for the chance!

  68. I am usually sitting in the recliner with my laptop on my lap. Sometimes I have to take a break because my lap is burning.

  69. I would love to win this! I work at home and try to change scenery / rooms by moving around with laptop when i get distracted or unfocused. The laptop gets warm in my lap and i can never get it to be flat on my lap always moves around some! cool giveaway!

  70. This is great, because I just heard about how many BTUs laptops give off, which is apparently why you shouldn't actually place them directly on your lap (maybe they need a different name?)

  71. I had a desk, but my husband needed some space of his own, so I gave it to him to use. He has several computers, so the desk really should have been his all along. Now I'm nestled in the corner of the couch, which is nice, but hard to get up from. I miss my desk, but this isn't so bad.

    It would be really cool (literally) to get a laptop desk so I don't have this thing burning my lap up all the time.

  72. My "home office" is set up in our living room, off to the one side. My other place is in my bed w/ my laptop! This desk would be awesome for that. I'd probably take advantage of my laptop more w/ that. My other place is at the dance studio. I spend so much time there, it is nice to get some computer stuff done while waiting. It is a pain though trying to balance the laptop on my legs & not use the mouse.

  73. Hi there! Thank you for the insight. This sure is a great help. You had made an outrageous impact to all the working moms out there. Make more blogs and continue sharing your thoughts and be an inspiration not just to the working moms but also to everyone who has a motivation in succeeding.

  74. We use our laptop on the couch, propped on one of the arms to keep the heat off of us. I usually end up with an aching shoulder from having to be twisted to type. This would be a blessing to win.

  75. Heat from a laptop on one's lap is not good? I mean it's not comfortable but now you've got me interested in googling if there are any other risks involved. Count me in this giveaway, would be a great win. I'm on my laptop all the time. :)

  76. I am basically always on my laptop in bed. I guess that is why my side of the bed is developing a bigger groove in it even though I am smaller than my husband. ;)

  77. Normally I hav to keep the distractions to a minimum and am tethered to my desk, but on those beautiful spring and fall days I take it work out to the back yard. Thank heavens for wireless!

  78. This would be great. Right now I have a weird thing rigged up with a scrap piece of wood. Would be nice to have something specifically made for my lappy so I can do my writing better.

  79. I'm fortunate to have my own office but my daughter got a laptop for Christmas and this would make an awesome gift for her!

  80. This would be a great gift for anyone who uses computers a lot--as many people I know do! It's nice to be able to work anywhere comfortably.

  81. nice! what a wonderful giveaway. well, i either sit on the floor and use the coffee table or i sit on my couch and the comp is in my lap. so this would actually be wonderfully useful! esp with the belly bump that continues to grow!

    thanks for this chance!

  82. My kids got me a laptop for Christmas and I would love to comfortably use it while watching TV. This product looks great!

  83. If I am feeling industrious, I sit at my desk in our home office, but if I am feeling lazy I sit cross-legged on the couch in the living room.

  84. The only place I can work on the computer right now is at our computer desk--all we have is a desktop. I hope to get a laptop soon, and with a CushDesk, I can work ANYWHERE!

    (bbentry [at] aol [dot] com)

  85. If I am doing schoolwork or paying bills, I sit in a lonely corner in the kitchen on my desktop. For fun stuff (like this) I am on my laptop in the living room.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  86. My laptop travels with me whenever I move around the house, but usually we end up working on the floor next to the router due to dodgy internet signals.

  87. I could use this. I sit on the couch or in bed typing away on my laptop. I gave up desktops long ago and love being comfy when I'm doing work.

  88. I am always using my laptop while sitting on the couch or in bed and something like this would be perfect and much more comfortable for me :)

  89. I use my desktop most of the time. Recently purchased a laptop and would like to use it while I watch TV and this sounds like it would be helpful.

  90. In our greatroom/dining room- my dad made us a built in desk where a china hutch would go- since we dont have any of that - it works great!

  91. It simply astounds me how hot laptops can get these days. Having something like this as a buffer between your machine and your private parts slows the melting process :)

  92. Aaron is getting a laptop because he is going back to school next week. I know we'll end up sitting together in front of our computers at night. This would really help out.

  93. Oh this is awesome! I have my laptop on my lap right now and it is so uncomfortable and hot. I really needed to ask Santa for one of these.

  94. Yup!
    I'm on my laptop right now. I do everything from school,movies to games on here! If it heats up too much and you accidently block the vents on the side? Things will work ALOT slower.

  95. we have a computer armoire in our bedroom. We want to buy a laptop but my husband is convinced it's not safe, I'm sure this would help though

  96. This would so be the end of my misery cuz guess what I'm using atm? A file. lol.

    Sometimes I get lazy and place it on my stomach but after reading how the heat isn't good for you I am imagining a bunch of horrible things and won't do so again in the future.

    Totally would love to have this nifty little product <3

  97. I try to do the majority of my work from my desk so that distractions are kept to a minimum. BUT I do like to stretch out on the sofa and watch TV while replying to emails and moderating blogs at night ... and it's kind of nice to spend Sunday afternoon in bed while everyone else is watching football and get some writing done!

  98. I recently moved our computer desk into the family room/living room but, do love to disconnect the laptop and climb into bed or hang out in the recliner! That portable table is pretty darn cool!

  99. I have been looking for one of these ever since my old one of 6 years broke. These portable tables are so comfortable.

  100. Hubby & I both have our PCs in a spare bedroom we call our office, but the laptop travels from room to room & sits on a variety of surfaces!

  101. I had to laugh at this post because often times in the chilly Minnesota eveningd, when the kids are in bed and my husband and I are hanging out on the couch I'll say, "Can you put your laptop on my legs? I'm cold."

    But I bet he would love this prize. He gets overheated very easily. Aren't all men like that though?

  102. I'm really bad for using my laptop in the living room and on my lap. It does get really hot sometimes so I bought another brand of cooling pad, but it was too rigid to be comfortable and the fan was so loud I quit using it.
    The worse thing about using my laptop on my lap is that I have cracked the edges of the case because of the torque placed when sitting on a curved surface. (The only bad thing I can say about a Mac laptop is the plastic case)

  103. Well Im always on the computer usually 4-7 hours a day and I use it in my living area in one corner of the room. Not always quiet there but comfy

  104. We use a folding table with our laptops side-by-side...but sometimes, I like to write from the couch. Then, I use a large textbook underneath my laptop...but the Belkin CushDesk is a much better option.

  105. My husband has one of these that he uses with his laptop. I would love to get one also. Please enter me in the giveaway

  106. My work space is usually at the kitchen table once i get it all cleaned off of craft supplies, meals or miscellaneous papers that have accumulated over the course of a few days.
    If it's just too much work clearing that space i usually opt for a small corner on our entertainment center. Ideally i could use my own desk where everything could be together and in one spot.
    maybe someday.

  107. Great giveaway. I just bought one because my knees are burning and I have been using books and stepstool for this purpose. I just could not wait to find out if I am a winner. If I win, I will give itto my husband. Thank you for the review

  108. I use my laptop on the couch, and my lap does get a bit warm at times. Nice for the cold winter nights, but not so great when it's 90 outside! I'd love to have a cushdesk.

  109. I usually have it on my lap on top of a blanket, I'm guessing that this would be easier. My husband is worried I'm making the baby too hot, so I've been thinking of getting a product like this.

    autumn398 @

  110. If I'm on the computer at home, I am as close as possible to our little 10-month old son. Whether that means I am on the floor in his playroom or on the couch in the living room.

  111. I need to look into this because I use my laptop on the couch ALL THE TIME! We only recently added a coffee table to the family room (kids are 4 and 6 and we figured it was safe now). I desperately need one of these!

    Off to check it out.....

  112. I always use my computer while sitting on my bed watching television. So, yes, this means that my lap gets pretty heated! I would love to have something like this to alleviate the heated lap problem. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  113. I work on my laptop in the livingroom. I think this would be the ideal solution to my problem, chronic hot flashes prevent me from being on the laptop for any length of time, perhaps it was a woman who invented it.

  114. Oh, when my husband starts playing some of his, ummmm, interesting music, I take my laptop and hide in the living room on the comfy couch. I always put a pillow on my lap and my laptop on top of the pillow, but I like the idea of an actual HARD surface to put my laptop on!!

  115. I work at our computer desk, but would love to bring my laptop to the couch, or bed at night. My laptop gets SO HOT.

    This would also be great for traveling too. When we take long road trips it is essential for me to bring my laptop, but it always gets too hot.

  116. I do have an actual home office (now--that wasn't always the case!). But I often take my laptop to the library or do work in bed or on the couch, so this kind of thing would be perfect for me, too.

  117. We have a teeny little two bedroom place. Both kids are in one room, husby and I are in another. Like you, my favorite place to use the computer in on the couch in the living room and when I am doing more serious work I set myself up on the dining room table. Something about sitting at a table rather than on my comfy couch with my legs up helps me focus on work a bit better :)

  118. I have an "office" that I share with my husband. We each have our own desk in there with a desktop. But, both of us usually do our work on our laptops and on the bed watching a movie or our shows.

  119. Oh, this wonderful advice would save me from laptop lap burn- I spend hours a day working online at home, and I have dreamed of such an invention. Thanks for offering this! :-D

  120. I've got a special corner of the couch that Sugar calls "Mommy's Couch" where I sit to work! I had a laptop desk but somehow Hubby took possession of it so... this wold be awesome to win!

  121. Thanks for sharing the product.

    I am in a similar situation. My home office is wherever there's an electrical outlet. It's simply my laptop, so although I have a desk at home I find myself sitting on the couch.

  122. I have a desktop pc and it is in my livingroom. It's my main sorse of entertainment so it works best in the main living space. I hope to get a netbook soon for taking into the kitchen or outside (once the snow melts).

  123. I have my computer desk set up in the dining room which isn't especially aesthetically pleasing, but puts me in the center of everything, so to speak. I'd love to give this laptop desk to my granddaughter at college, who's on her computer all the time in all kinds of places.

  124. At home, I'm using my desktop computer at a desk. In my RV, which we're in 1/4 of the time, I'm using my laptop. This would be a great item to have.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  125. I bought my husband something like this for Christmas and he loves it! Now I'm wishing I had one for myself, too. Even though we've got a designated office space upstairs, we're usually both in the living room with our laptops in the evening-me in a club chair, and him on the couch. During the day, my laptop is on the island in the kitchen, out of the reach of my grabby 2 year old.

  126. I have a loveseat and large ottoman in my open kitchen/dining area. I call it my own little internet lounge! Thanks for the offer!

  127. This would be a great thing for a girlfriend who needs something to keep her computer cool when she is working. We already have them for our computers and love them.

  128. Well, I try to only be on the computer when my babe is asleep....but in the morning, it's at a stool in the kitchen which isn't so comfy :) night it's on one of our chairs in the living room which is a bit to comfy :)...This would be awesome to have though to keep that heat off my lap!!

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