Products to Promote Your Business: DPS Banners

Products to Promote Your Business: DPS Banners 1When I was filming the promotional video for my ebook several months ago, I had to do a few takes (okay, a lot of takes...).

As a result of those practice sessions, our 3-year-old took to saying, "" out of the blue...which is pretty much the cutest thing ever.

In fact, I joked to Tim that she should just stand out in front of my trade show booth and say it...and we'd be the talk of the show!

Since that isn't exactly a realistic way to attract attention, we opted for a retractable banner from DPS Banners. Take a look - It's the tall, impressive-looking sign to your left. Catches your eye, doesn't it?

The banner that I reviewed retails for $299 (but is on-sale right now for $229). It is 35" x 82.5" and it retracts into that tiny stand for easy storage and portability. It's the perfect tool for an entrepreneur or work-from-home parent because it won't take up much space in your home/garage.

There are a variety of banners available from DPS Banners with prices ranging from $160 to over $1000 - depending on the size and features. Entrepreneurs may be tempted to scoff at the price, but if you consider that the stand can be used again-and-again for years to come, it's a worthy investment. It can be used at trade shows, conventions, conferences, speaking engagements, or as a prop for photo shoots. The banners are equally ideal for small businesses, bloggers, schools, and non-profit organizations.


Because I like dressing up and because I *know* you want to see "real life" pictures of a person standing next to the banner, here you go...

Exhibit A. My Favorite Plum-Colored Business Suit, paired with boots by Sofft (It's the Tyla longer sold). When I walked out from the closet, my 3-year-old said, "I like that."

Products to Promote Your Business: DPS Banners 2

Exhibit B: A new Little Black Dress that I bought at Target last week for $29.99 for a wedding that I was attending.

Products to Promote Your Business: DPS Banners 3

Exhibit C. Same Dress. Same Shoes. Sand-Colored Coat from Old Navy. I've had it forever and I like it, but I *never* wear it because it gets wrinkly so fast...and I'm not one to iron.

Products to Promote Your Business: DPS Banners 4

Okay. Enough of that.

Here's what I'm *REALLY* wearing today. Blue Jeans. Boots. A Black Sweater. And...the best accessory of all - my blue-eyed baby!

Products to Promote Your Business: DPS Banners 5

Products to Promote Your Business: DPS Banners 6WIN IT! One winner will receive a discount code for 70% OFF a deluxe retractable roll-up banner stand (currently on sale for $229) by DPS Banners! To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, January 18th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

* I received a product sample for review purposes.

*UPDATE* The winner is #17 Chris. Congratulations!

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26 comments on “Products to Promote Your Business: DPS Banners”

  1. At first I wasn't going to enter this contest, because I don't have any sort of business to advertise. But, I realized today that our church could use something like this (we rent space at a university on Sundays) and I will definitely check out the website! Thanks Stephanie!

  2. I'm a jeans fan, too. Babywearing is THE best. I'm about to do an expo for my chiropractic practice, and I was thinking about purchasing a standard banner...but now, I think I may have to consider the stand-up's so incredibly fabulous.

    Taking the blog to a trade that's a killer awesome idea!

    Great job, Stephanie!

  3. Don't babies make the best accessories? I like to wear mine, too, so I can smell his sweet little baby-head...mmmmm. There are a bazillion things I would do with that banner - it's a great deal without the 70% off!

  4. You (& your sweet girls) look great in front of your fabulous banner! This would be a great tool for my husband (the entrepreneur in our family), in the business he's hoping to start soon.

  5. I could really use one of these for my business! Thank you. Oh, and my wife (who reads your blog) tells me to tell you that she never irons either!

  6. DPS made you a mighty fine looking banner! :c) That would be perfect at my Farmer's Markets or Local Vendor Day at my local Whole Foods when I showcase my soaps. I love the idea that it retracts so it doesn't get beat up, neat product!! *fingers crossed*

  7. Wow. Now I want a banner to stand in front of. It makes much more of a statement than just a T-shirt.

    I love how your preschooler has become your spokesperson-in-training and your stylist! ;)

  8. I feel like this might be banner karma! I just launched a new DC Metro mom's event called "Momz Share" and we were talking about how we need one of these but can't afford one. Our event is March 13th. This would be perfect!

    On a side note - you look adorable standing next to it. (Especially with the kiddos!)

  9. Those banners are great! We used one for a camp I worked at for a long time. They really make trade shows/fairs and booths much more professional. On a different note, you look fabulous! Love your little black dress, but like the others...your jeans and sweater are just great. You look amazing!

  10. I love the retractable sign - that is an awesome idea and would be perfect for my Crazy Dog logo. Yet another thing I'm bookmarking for promotional ideas this year...


    (Oh & I have to agree with everyone - the dressy outfits are great, but what you are really wearing... now that is right up my alley!)

  11. What a great way to promote your blog! Very professional looking. I've never seen something like that and I would love to have it. BTW, I bought your e-book last night! So excited to start reading it today!!

  12. Talk about an attention grabber at a trade show! That is fantastic! I love the tall vertical sign as opposed to the little banners that most hang at the booth. Wow! I am totally impressed! This is on my 'must have' list!

  13. My husband has been thinking about doing some art trade shows or craft fairs, so this could be a very cool tool for him. You look great in all your guises, by the way!

  14. I'm utterly impressed by your set-up! I so wish I'd visited that day just so I could have seen your booth in living color. Since I didn't though, I'll have to base my judgment off of the pictures...which speak volumes by the way! Great job!

  15. I love what you're really wearing today! You have such an easy, casual style. Suits you well. And the beautiful girls in the shot only help!


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