Products to Promote Your Business: Post-Up Stand & Ghirardelli

Products to Promote Your Business: Post-Up Stand & Ghirardelli 1Sometimes you have to spend a little money to make a little money...whether your blogging or starting an Etsy shop or launching a coonsulting biz.

For example, if you plan to exhibit or speak on a local or national level, it would behoove you to purchase a few promotional pieces that you can use again and again.

One item worth investing in is a classy and professional table throw. You can check out mine above. It's from Post-Up Stand, an Ohio-based company that "provides banner stand displays and mobile presentation solutions to trade shows, retail stores, restaurants, hotel lobbies and any advertising displays users." Their focus is on "high quality, low prices."

The picture above doesn't do the runner justice. It is absolutely beautiful and utterly eye-catching - printed professionally and elegantly with modern colors. The accompanying throw is equally sturdy, stain-resistant, and made to last. I love that the throw is blank, which makes it truly multifunctional. You can purchase separate runners for multiple businesses...or even use it as a tablecloth if you're in a pinch. Best of all, it's an investment that will last you for years. As you use it again-and-again, you'll realize that it will pay for itself in no time.

Products to Promote Your Business: Post-Up Stand & Ghirardelli 2What's that on the table, you ask. Well, I have a promotional flyer on the left that tells a little more about my site and I have a sign-up sheet for my e-newsletter on the right (speaking of my e-newsletter...the one that I haven't sent out in months...cough...that's a topic for another post, but you should still sign up in that little box along my right sidebar...good surprises coming...K?). And then there are two chocolate towers on either side. I passed out those yummy Chocolate Business Card Gift Boxes to people who stopped by my booth...and they were a huge hit! Sold by Ghirardelli, you can choose either a gold or silver box. Each box comes with one square of milk chocolate and one square of dark chocolate. Tim designed the corresponding insert and - voila! - WAY better than a traditional business card!


Products to Promote Your Business: Post-Up Stand & Ghirardelli 3Post-Up Stand also sells super cool Removable Custom Wall Decor posters at great prices! Submit any photo and they'll send you a great piece of art in just days...but bear in mind that this isn't your average-joe poster. It sticks right to the wall and you can move it around as you redecorate and reorganize. It's great for entrepreneurs, but it's also great for parents. What better way to dress-up your child or teen's room?

WIN IT! There will be two winners. Each winner will receive a 24" x 36" custom wall decor poster by Post-Up Stand. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Sunday, January 17th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

* I received product samples for review purposes.

*UPDATE* The winners are #23 Susan and #45 Michelle. Congratulations!

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57 comments on “Products to Promote Your Business: Post-Up Stand & Ghirardelli”

  1. How cool is that! I'd love to get one of my twins giggling together. The more days that go by the more identical they look.

  2. Oh my goodness, I would totally stop by our table for Sold by Ghirardelli business card -nothing like chocolate to have me stop and see what your all about :)

  3. We have some of those patterned stick-move-stick squares in my son's room and they're a cool idea. To have a personalized one would be better, but hard to choose the perfect pic.

  4. I have to say, your new table throw does look very professional. Good Purchase! As for the poster....if I was to win, I would be confused as to what i would get printed. I think this would be awesome for a pic of my kids but I also have a family member who wants a copy of a photo I have hanging but she is always redecorating but I also would love one made up for when we tailgate at all the Packers games. Geez...I sure would love to figure this out so pick me!

  5. Your table looks fab! And I'm sure the chocolates are a great enticement for people. The wall posters sound interesting. I love that they can stick, but still be moved.

  6. That's really amazing! I was just looking for wall art that could be moved around for my son's room! Great find, thank you!

  7. This would be perfect for my craft shows! I make baby and toddler items and I could use some professional custom signage!
    And the chocolate bar business cards are way cool!

    voodookitten@ tx dot rr dot com

  8. I would love to put a picture of me and my lover on in a nice poster. This is a great giveaway:)
    mhsteendream at yahoo dot com

  9. I know exactly what I'd have printed on the Post-Up Stand Custom Wall Decor Poster. We have a beautiful photo of our five children playing in the woods during a nature walk. I have always wanted to have it mounted on the wall.

    I think the Ghirardelli Chocolate Business Cards are brilliant and will be ordering some for my business presentations.

  10. I think it would be cool to print out a photo or collage of my friend's favorite cosplay pictures. I don't go to her room very often, but I always remember the walls being so bare (compared to my own poster/wall scroll covered room).

  11. OMG - those chocolate business cards have to be the coolest thing I have ever seen! I imagine they were indeed a huge hit!

    And, really like the custom posters. I need one of those!

  12. I know the perfect pic! I have a picture of my two youngest siblings walking down a long lane together that would look amazing on my mother's family room wall!

  13. I would love to give a poster or two to my parents and grandparents. They rarely see their grandchildren. They would move it from room to room as they walk around the house ;)

  14. I love the idea of a removable wall sticker vs your traditional poster that has to be framed or stuck up with something. What a great idea, especially the fact that you can print your own photos.

  15. Oh, yes! Those posters would be perfect for my store walls. We have a variety of our own products and we are always using photos to show customers how they are used (and how cool they are :) really are worth a thousand words.

  16. Chocolate business cards sound way better than some of the freebies I've gotten and are way more memorable than a pen or a notepad for sure

  17. Great job! Love the chocolate business card idea! Why not give them an extra sweet something to remember you by!? The removable poster is a great idea. The options are limitless! If I were close, I would stop by your booth any day!

  18. I love the table runner idea - with my focus this year of beefing up my business locally a booth at a business expo would be an awesome idea. Hmmm... now you've got me thinking!

    Love the posters too - I would definitely do something for my kids room if we won that!

  19. i've been involved with conventions, and expos over the years- and i agree that the table throw and banner are good eyecatchers- great investments! Haven't seen the chocolate business cards- very cool idea. Everyone loves something to take home like that- i'm sure your card was very memorable because of what it was attached to!

  20. Very cool! I would love to do a family photo in a poster. Could be really cool above the fireplace in the family room!

  21. Your booth is looking pretty nice! I like your table cover. Our family has several booths each year. I have booths at Bridal Fairs for my wedding flower business and then I help my husband at his booths for his insurance business. We also have often been in charge of the Republican booth for our county.
    I would love to win!

  22. Those posters are so cool!!! I never would have expected them to be so affordable. My mind is going crazy with ideas. :)

  23. You know, I've never done an expo before. I've never considered it, really. All my business is done online, with shopping carts, or promoting affiliates. But, I'm beginning to see that I might still be able to make something like this work for my type of business, too.


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