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Questions For YOU 1I'm planning a few extra-cool Themed Weekends for December, January, and beyond - and I'm currently up to my ears in the behind-the-scenes "business" of making them wonderful for you.

PLUS, I have a super fun "reader loyalty" program planned that I will announce shortly. There will be prizes. So DO stop by often and DO leave comments. You might just be surprised what benefits you will receive in return. {Cue mysterious music here...}.

In the meantime, I have three questions for you. 

1. Tuesday Tours column: Do you love it or do you think I should "leave" it in the dust?

2. Blog posting frequency: Do you prefer blogs that feature multiple posts per day, one post per day, every other day, etc? How often do you "check in"?

3. Themed Weekends: What "themes" would you like to see in the future?

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35 comments on “Questions For YOU”

  1. hi,

    1. love it
    2. more than one per day
    3. i am bad at this so leave it to you.

    Your posts are very creative so i'll leave it to you for the theme.

    Keep posting

  2. 1. I love your Tuesday Tours...I check them every week!

    2. I like one post per day...more than that is hard to scroll through, to me.

    3. I like anything. You always do a goo job offering something for everyone. I think anything to help a busy mom is always a safe bet!

    Happy Turkey Day!

  3. 1. I do like the Tuesday Tours. Like many others mentioned already, its not a make or break feature for me, but you do usually mention a SKR shoe giveaway that I haven’t entered yet. (Yes, I love them too, and who doesn’t?)
    2. One post a day is good, I agree anything more can get overwhelming, for both your readers and yourself. I check in at least every other day. Any I too like how you somehow find the time to reply to some of my more thoughtful posts.
    3. Well, since you will be having a new baby in the house, maybe there will be some specific baby topics that you haven’t had a chance to cover or would like to cover more in depth, like cloth diapers for example. (I think you mentioned you might want to try them on baby # 2.) I’d like to also hear about wood/green toys. Oh yah and while you are on “maternity leave” from the blogosphere maybe you can line up your favorite posts to run again…,even though there won’t be a giveaway on some of those posts…I think those of us that haven’t been following you from the beginning might like to read some of the earlier ones or be reminded of some of your other topics.

  4. Tuesday Tours is great! The giveaways and interesting reads are priceless. Thanks for the hard work you put into it.

    Once-a day postings are perfect, and NO ONE will be upset if you skip a day or so. Most of us skip a day or two go easy on yourself!

  5. 1. I like Tuesday Tours so I say keep it. I don't always follow the links but every once in a while I see something that catches my fancy.

    2. I usually read blogs once a day and only during the week so a once-a-day post is fine with me.

    3. So far I've liked all the themed weekends. Because of where I am in my life, I'm particularly interested in pregnancy, newborns and toddlers.

  6. I know you have already decided but I LOVE your Tuesday tours. One post a day if just fine - don't feel like you have to post more than once. Topics I want to see - maybe a bit more exercise since in a few months you are going to have work on it losing those baby pounds! That is one part of pregnancy I HATE!!

  7. Wow, lots of responses. I really like your Tuesday tours! I like one post a day or so. I check my reader daily so I know if there's some thing new so I don't miss it.

  8. I love your Tuesday Tours! I get excited every Tuesday when I get to read it. I understand that it's probably a lot of work for you though. I check in at your blog every day, sometimes more than once so that I can be sure to catch every single post. However many you decide, I'll read them all! Possible themes, hmmm...maybe something involving fun, creative outings or activities to do with your family? Or kid-friendly movies? I also love all the recipes you post, I'd love to see more of those :)

  9. once a day is fine with me or even every second. i get on when i have time and will usually catch up on what i've missed then. :)
    i love the little anecdotes involving you and your family.

  10. 1. Love it!
    2. Once a day since that's about as much as I'm able to check in usually!:)
    3. Something fun for the Mamas!LOL!

  11. I like the Tuesday Tours. I subscribe to your feed so if I don't have time to read more than one post a day it is okay. so post away!

    Themed weekends sound cool. Maybe themes on what to do with a toddler, keeping you as the parent up to date with their ever changing moods.

  12. 1. Tuesday Tours column: I do really enjoy reading it!

    2. Blog posting frequency: Once or maybe twice a day is enough for me - I have so many blogs to keep up with that I tend to shy away from ones that post any more than that.

    3. Themed Weekends: I love that you do these - maybe some things for school-aged kids?

  13. I personally LOVE Tuesday Tours. It's so very helpful!

    I'm a once a day post kinda gal. Anymore than that and I always feel like I'm out of the loop.

    Theme weekends sound fun! There are so many ways you can run with it...

  14. I enjoy the Tuesday Tours. Like others, I don't go to every link - for one, it would keep me on the computer too long, and for another, many of your links are directed more toward moms of younger children (not a critique, just a matter of me being somewhat outside your target audience). I do always enjoy the Good Reads section. You often have links to interesting and insightful commentary.

    I check in once a day or once every other day, so I wouldn't expect more than one post a day.

  15. 1. Love it.
    2. One post at a time is perfect. I have you on my google reader so whenever you update - I check in.
    3. I like your themed weekends but don't have many ideas to help out!

  16. 1. I enjoy browsing over your Tuesday Tours, but usually only visit one or two links, and it's definitely not a "make it or break it" feature for me

    2. I check in daily, or sometimes twice daily, so I always appreciate a new post every day - more than that is probably unecessary

    3. Themed weekends are my favorite feature - I enjoy all different ones - for kids, I love the idea of one on birthday parties, books, maybe "nighttime routines", outdoor fun, holiday kid-friendly hints & tips. For moms - keeping mom's mind active, fashion, anything pregnancy/birth related, fun in the kitchen, etc.

    Keep up the great work!!!

  17. 1: Love Tuesday Tours. I'd be sad if you took it away.

    2: I check at least once a day, so I prefer posts with one or possibly two posts a day. I get excited about it. I stay loyal to my favorites whether they blog daily or not, though.

    3: I'd say one about doing things on a budget. Sometimes I need fresh ideas for my family. Dates, Christmas, grocery shopping, fashion, birthday parties, etc "on a budget" would be one I'd be interested in.

  18. I am regular reader of your blog. Its great to see theming of posts. It makes easy for people like me to keep trace of the posts. I liked the Weekend theme very much.

    Thanks for posting

  19. 1. I enjoy your Tuesday Tours - I don't visit every link but I usually check at least a few of them out.

    2. I check blogs using an iGoogle page I set up so I just click when I notice new headlines, personally I think once a day or once every other day is enough.

    3. I enjoy your themed weekends and like someone else said, sometimes they apply and sometimes they don't but I still think they are interesting. If you are looking for ideas - kitchen gadgets, toys, home decor, books, kid friendly restaurants, any household chore, gourmet food, photography.... anything works!

  20. 1. Sometimes I read it and then sometimes there are too many links and I would be sitting at the computer even longer than I do now!
    2. Blog post 1 time a day is good because I only check in once a day. If there is more than one post, I don't always catch the one that was put up earlier.
    3. I have no idea....I like them as there is always something new. Sometimes it applies to me, sometimes not.

  21. I really enjoy Tuesday Tours.

    Blog posting once or twice a day is good.

    I would like to see a weight loss/fitness, work at home and home office gadget themed weekends. Just some thoughts.


  22. 1. Love Tuesday Tours.
    2. I prefer no more than two posts a day. I generally check blogs every day, but sometimes it's every other day.
    3. Anything kid or mom related. I'd love to see an all natural toy theme.

  23. 1. I like Tuesday Tours a lot
    2. Well, I'm subscribed in a reader so I don't really notice posting frequency. But I would say no more than twice per day
    3. I don't really have any suggestions for you. :)

  24. I enjoy Tuesday Tours, and you often include several links that I'm interested in. But as a previous commenter said, I'd still read your blog without it. (I just noticed that her name is also Becca. Crazy!)

    I do all my blog reading through Google Reader, and I check that more often than I should. So I don't really have a preference for the frequency of posts.

    I enjoy the theme weekends, and especially the giveaways. I think themes that correspond with the seasons would be fun. Outdoor play, natural remedies (for colds, dry skin, etc.), and traveling with kids are topics that come to my mind. You may have already done some or all of these, but hopefully that might be of some help.

  25. 1. I like your Tuesday Tours.
    2. Your blog is on my reader so I don't miss any posts. I think that once a day is great if you can manage it.
    3. I don't follow the themed weekends much. Partly because a lot of your themes are for moms of tots and mine are a little older now.

    One of the reasons that I am loyal to your blog is that you often respond to comments. I wouldn't expect any blogger to have time to respond personally to each and every comment but the personal connection is great every now and then.

  26. I like the Tuesday Tour, but I think it is probably a lot of work for you, I would still read your blog with or without it. Also, I check your blog atleast every other day if not everyday and I love it when there is a new post everytime I check it out, but more then one a day seems like a lot to do. And sorry, I dont have any ideas for you, I love all the themed weekends that you have come up with. So keep it up.

  27. 1. While I do love following the links on the Tuesday Tours, honestly, it sometimes takes me a couple of days to click on the post b/c I know once I do I'm going to be on the computer for a while! ;)

    2. Once per day or every other day is fine. I use a feed reader, so frequency isn't really a huge factor for me.

    3. Sorry, no help here!

  28. I personally like your Tuesday Tours post. One post a day is sometimes more than I can handle with my schedule, so I would definitely feel overwhelmed with more.

  29. 1. One of my favorite things about your blog.
    2. I'm subscribed, and I check my reader frequently, but more than one a day seems like it would be excessive in the long run.
    3. I'm amazed at how many themes you keep on coming up with, but I'm always interested in "green" news/ideas, babywearing, breastfeeding, & natural health. Household organization probably wouldn't hurt, or keeping my "mom gear" in style (like diaper bags, or simple/easy/quick fashion additions, etc.). Photography? Digital Scrapping? Quality/long-lasting toys?

  30. 1. Love it!
    2. I subscribe to your feed, so whenever. I read them all!
    3. Hm. I'm so bad at that. I should have some of my own, I suppose. I like hearing your thoughts on things, hearing about your real life. :-)

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