Quick and Easy Meal Planning for Moms

Quick and Easy Meal Planning for Moms 1I just stumbled upon Menus 4 Moms, a website that offers, "FREE weekly menu plans with 5 nights of dinner menus including recipes and grocery list." Many companies offer similar services...but at a cost...so I was happy to find this one.

I just got my first week's worth of meals in my inbox. My menu for this week included Kielbasa Skillet Stew, Swedish Meatballs, Chicken Taco Bake, Baked Salmon, and Pea Soup. Plus, side dish ideas are all included. I tried the first recipe last night (baked salmon) and it was one of the easiest meals that I've ever prepared (and delicious too!).

My favorite thing about Menus 4 Moms, however, is the printable shopping list feature. Each week, you can print out a shopping list that has all of the ingredients needed for that week. All of them are categorized by "area" in the grocery store (produce, meats, etc.), which made my trip WAY more efficient (I'm always forgetting items and having to retrace my steps - not a great plan with an antsy toddler in tow). Plus, it was easy for me to add or cross off items in the appropriate categories (I decided, for example, to skip the Swedish meatballs - I'm not a big fan of fried foods).

The only downside that I see on the website is that the service is "ad supported," meaning that the website and menus have ads throughout. But I can live with that (and, if you don't want to, you can upgrade to an ad-free version).

Also: the website needs an update to a more aesthetic and professional design, but that's superficial, really.

All this to say, the moms behind Menus 4 Moms have created a useful tool for busy moms who need fast recipes for a family of four (you can always modify the recipes to feed more or less people). I plan on making Menus 4 Moms a regular part of my week.

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3 comments on “Quick and Easy Meal Planning for Moms”

  1. I recently found menus4moms myself. I love it and the recipes are easy. It is basicly a no brainer. The grocery list makes going to the grocery store alot easier.

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