Radian RXT Car Seat by Diono [giveaway]

Radian RXT Car Seat by Diono [giveaway] 1I'm still in a state of disbelief that we now have THREE car seats in the back seat of our truck. Three little girls to love.

Our 5-year-old is in a cushy high-back leather Monterey Booster from Diono (previously Sunshine Kids). We took off the back a few months ago, but then decided to put it back on again. Never can be too safe.

Our 3-year-old is in this gorgeous plum-colored Radian RXT Car Seat, which features outstanding safety features and vibrant, attractive colors. The 5-point harness seat works as a rear-facing seat (5-45 pounds), a forward-facing seat (20-80 pounds), and then later converts to a booster (up to 120 pounds) - which adds up to a real money-saver! Our preschooler can almost buckle herself in and also likes the fact that she has a cup holder of her own. As for me, I appreciate that the seat features a narrower profile than many on the market...a definite plus when you're trying to squeeze three car seats in a tight space.

The seat also folds up into a backpack, making it super convenient for frequent travelers.

Take a peek at this good looking seat:

Radian RXT Car Seat by Diono [giveaway] 2 Radian RXT Car Seat by Diono [giveaway] 3 Radian RXT Car Seat by Diono [giveaway] 4

You can buy it on Amazon and get free shipping!

What features do you look for when you shop for a car seat?

WIN IT! One winner will receive a Diono Radian RXT Car Seat ($285)! To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Friday, May 18 at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!” or “Love it” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Thanks to Diono for providing two car seats – one for review and one for this giveaway. 

*UPDATE* The winner is #46 Alison. Congratulations!

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223 comments on “Radian RXT Car Seat by Diono [giveaway]”

  1. This car seat is attractive for so many reasons. Is there any concern over the folding feature during a crash? How does it lock/unlock? This is my only concern...that it isn't all one piece.

  2. Diono makes such an amazing car seat! We have 3 kids (soon to be 4!) all in car seats still and Diono is the only way we can make them fit. So far we only have 2..hoping to get at least 1 more!

  3. I love this car seat. I have one for my 3 year old and need another for my 18 month old so that we can fit my 2 month old's pumpkin seat in between! It is a space-saver for sure!

  4. I have heard so many positive things about Diono and love the fact they are perfect for smaller cars. I would love to win one for my 2 year old so it would be easier to place a booster, convertible, and baby carseat in a Cobalt.

  5. Wow that car seat looks really nice...It looks like it is easy to carry & I have a stomach hernia & a bad back I really need this car seat

  6. I love the safety ratings on this car seat and the weight limits. I have a very big 2 yr old, who has almost reach the wieght limit on his convertible car seat, but being only 2 I am not ready to put him in a high back booster. This would be a much safer option, and I think he would still fit comfort ably. He is 27 months, 38 pounds and 39 inches. Big boy!

  7. This is an amazing seat! I love how slim it is and I could really use this in my new small car. We have three children and would love to get these car seats!

  8. A lot of my friends and family members are taking the plunge into parenthood. Everyone has their own techniques and ideas of how parenting should be handled and how to rear their children; however, one consistancy I see arising from every expecting parent is not only the desire, but the NEED for this car seat. with its high rating safety features, modern cosmetic look, comfortability, and the fact that it is installed with ease, has everyone I know hoping they'll walk into their babyshower to see this seat filled with diapers! :)

  9. i am really in the need of a new carseat, but I like this one for my friend Toni, and would love to win it for her and her little sweetie Lila.... I love how sleek and chic it is, and the colors are lovely.

  10. Safety ratings are #1 when choosing a carseat. Love that it lasts so long weight wise. Like that it's more compact than most top rated seats.

  11. I truly appreciate most of all the safety features of this car seat. You're right, you can never be too safe! But I also appreciate that it is still stylish and comfy and I'd be proud to put my child in this seat!

  12. What a great looking car seat! It looks comfy for the kiddo, too! :-) I like that it can be machine washed and dried, as we all know, babies are very messy, and it's hard to clean things that you can't throw in the washer.

  13. Have to say it- we take price into account. But beyond that, ease of install and daily use, comfort, and user reviews (I love reading reviews).

  14. I really like how it folds up into a backpack of sorts. That would really come in handy for travelling by plane too!

  15. I'd like to have this for my next baby because we didn't use an infant car seat long with our last before getting something like this.

  16. this would be nice to have in my other car so i wouldn't have to take our only carseat in and out from car to car

  17. I'm just going to say thank goodness for the Diono Radian! Playing musical carseats can sure create extra hassles for expecting parents. We are currently expecting our forth and having the Radian as an option eliminates what can be a very puzzling delimma. We happen to be in need of one more Radian so I will be fully equipped to have all four children safely in tow. Thank you Metropolitan Mama for presenting such a fantastic give away.

  18. i would love to win this for my 4 year old daughter. her carseat is about to expire. and these are really good car seats. thanks for the chance.

  19. The Diono radian looks awesome, and I love the bright colors! This would be great for my sister who has 2 babes.

  20. We are getting a Nissan Leaf tomorrow and will be needing to get 1 base and 2 additional car seats for it. We currently have an Odyssey that we fit our 3 kids in. After reading how the Diono's are the best for safety and also being super slim, it would be so awesome to win one. Especially since the Leaf is small in the back seat. We will definitely need something slim. Thanks for the chance to win!

  21. We love our radian xtsl. It is a wonderful seat for our tall 2 year old who is still rear facing!! Driving in the car got so much easier when we moved her into this seat and I'm so grateful for it!!

  22. This car seat would be perfect for our family! I really love the bright colors :-)
    Thank you so much for the chance to win

  23. This is one of the car seats I want for my son. He's 50lbs and 6 years old. I love the idea of having them harnessed to a later age. My son is mildly autistic and will get out of his regular belted booster so I'm hoping to get a new car seat soon. I just have to save up first. Thanks for the review.

  24. You know what is amazing about this car seat, my four year old son could use it now- even though he is 55lbs!! Then when his new little sibling arrives in January they can use it, even if they are as small as 5lbs! Talk about a very versatile carseat!!

  25. WOW! I'm amazed how this one seat will fit so many different sizes and weights! That's important so that we are not having to purchase new seats every 20 pounds or so!

    Love Love the plum color! And also that it straps on as a backpack, that just shows how versatile and handy it is.

    Great review!

  26. I love the purple one it looks so safe and comfortable
    Looks like my grand baby would be well padded
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

    LOVE !!! that it converts all the way up to a booster !!
    Very nice looking as well !!!!
    The #1 FEATURE I look for when car seat shopping is obviously safety.
    Nothing more important than that !

  28. My child's safety is of course the number 1 factor when I look for a car seat. But I also look for one that is easy to install and can be transported from one vehicle to another easily.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  29. We needed 4 carseats so we had to upgrade to a minivan but with carpool next year we need to fit in even more carseats- a narrow radian would be a pleasure

  30. I am so excited about this seat, I only wish I had known about it before bying a infant carrier for my daughter. Why buy more seats then you have to!
    I also love the slimmer profile and have heard its easier for small children to climb in and out of.

  31. Safety ratings of course, but I always look for a 5-point harness system, and high rear-facing weight.

  32. This looks so great for travel. I love that it folds up. It would be easier for the airport.
    Right now we have a chicco and a britax in our backseat and we just had to buy a new car to fit all of the kids! This one looks like it would fit right between our other seats!

  33. I love all the safety features in this seat, and it just looks safe. My car seat looks so flimsy compared to this. Would love to have a new seat since my youngest is about to be turned to face forward. Thank you!

  34. When we started looking at car seats for our baby registry we looked at these main things (in order): safety, comfort, price and style. We wanted, of course, for our babe to be safe but we also wanted it to be comfortable for them to sit in. We're also not crazy rich so we ended up picking a car seat that was in the middle of the price range with good safety ratings and had a cute pattern on it. It was a good compromise. Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. I LOVE this carseat. I have the Sunshine Kids Radian XTSL for my daughter and it's probably one of the best baby related purchases we've made. I'm expecting #2 in a few weeks and will be getting another (if I can't win one first :). The fact that it's the only carseat you ever technically need is pretty awesome and makes it a killer deal. My favorite feature is the steel frame and high rear facing weight limit. I plan to rear face as long as possible and this was the carseat that made that possible for us. I recommend this seat to everyone!

  36. I have a friend who is expecting and has one child. I think this would make a great gift--looks sturdy and has a sleek, modern design with fun colors.

  37. I drive a civic coupe and the backseat is tiny, i love that this seat is compact and would be able to fit in my car once little one outgrows the carrier seat currently in use

  38. I love the Diono for just that reason, the width! We will need a second before too long, since I'm pregnant with #2 :)

  39. With #3 on the way, winning this car seat will making driving in the car sooo much easier and less of a tight squeeze. If only we could afford to buy one for each girl!

  40. I've been wanting one of these seat's for what feels like *forever*! Such an all around awesome seat!!!

  41. We've been looking at these car seats as we wait for our third child. We're hoping to squeeze all the kids in the back of my Honda Accord!

  42. When we bought our convertible car seat, it was based on a combo of safety and price. Last fall, we moved our 4 yo into a high-back booster so her little sister could move out of the carrier and into her old seat. It's still a good seat, but since it's not in the middle of our backseat anymore (and my husband has a civic!) It's such a tight squeeze. Plus, I would love something with more longevity into a high-back booster. Thanks for the chance! blondredhead at mac dot com

  43. My first baby, Serenity, is only 2 weeks and 3 days old, so I have just recently entered the carseat hunting game. We ended up with a nice affordable convertible one, thanks to a great-grandmother, and I'm happy with it even though it's no Diono. I wanted one that had lots of safety features, a good reputation, inserts for growing bodies, and a good length of use. Yesterday, I bought a second convertible carseat. We only have one vehicle - a '98 GMC Jimmy - and it turns out they're not designed to carry ANY kind of carseat; we had to put it in the center of the back seat, and jury rig additional support by hooking the LATCH system straps to the steel frame where it bolts into the floor of the SUV because when we only used the seat belt, all you had to do was tap the top of the carseat and it would instantly flip forward face first into the back of the Jimmy's bench seat. NOT GOOD!!! Anyway, because of how very very attached the carseat is to our car, there is no way NO WAY I'm taking it out until it switches to forward facing - so I needed a light weight carseat that would fit in my hall closet, that I can use when I go places with friends or family while my husband has our car (and carseat) at work. I found a cheap one at Walmart that should work fine. Ideally, though, I'll win this Diono, and be able to use my nice one as the back up seat, and get rid of the cheapo one *wink*

  44. My son is quickly outgrowing his carseat (a graco snugride 35) and I love the idea of a seat that will last him through his booster stage. I also like how this seat can be folded up for transport and has such wonderful safety ratings.

  45. I look for something that can convert, currently my 23 month old is still rear facing and my almost 7 year old is in a high back.

    Autumn398@ yahoo.com

  46. This car seat looks amazing! I have a Britax that has been well loved and we have an attachment thing to convert it to a stroller for easy transporting in an airport, but I think the backpack idea is pure genius. I'm wondering if your girls prefer it over a Britax as far as comfort goes because my daughter looks as though she is starting to outgrow her carseat, but I still want to keep her in one for quite some time. The cupholder would also be helpful for her since our cupholders in the minivan are in the door and she can't reach them.

  47. It looks super comfy. It's hard to believe it's not bulkier than most seats because of the padding! My son would love the bright red.

  48. I look for safety, especially when they have padding on both sides where the head will be. I also like one that doesn't show much dirt, because they can get dirty easily. :)

  49. I just had my third baby a few months ago and as my kids get older, so do their car seats. We've been handing them down to the next kid each time, but I'm thinking it's time for a new one. This looks perfect! Plus we travel a lot so this is a great option!

  50. The first thing we look for when buying a car seat are safety features, then we look at if baby will be comfortable.

  51. Thank you so much for this post and giveaway! I would love to win this.
    My wonderful little girl is almost 6 months and we will soon be converting to a convertible seat for her. I just started researching convertible seats and think the RadianRXT is awesome. We travel lots and the ease of it folding and being able to be worn on the back is awesome! Would love to get one...will start saving and hope to win instead! :)

  52. I have wanted one of these car seats since they were the Sunshine Kids brand. I LOVE the high rear facing weight limit on these. My son was almost 35 pounds on his first birthday and a high weight limit seat like this would have helped us to keep him rear facing for much longer than we were able to. I would love to win this because we are expecting another little one soon and chances are good that he/she will be as big as our first.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  53. I think this is the most awesome car seat I have ever seen! And very portable. I have never seen one that can be carried like a back pack. This would be an awesome win!

  54. Safety and comfort are my biggest concerns when looking at car seats. Diono seats look very cushioned and comfortable, plus I love the safety features such as the steel alloy frame, reinforced sidewalls & adjustable head support.

  55. I look for one that works both front and rear facing and has padding, especially around the head.

  56. I LOVE LOVE this carseat! My son is almost growing out of his current one and this would be so perfect! Everything about it! The safety standards, the size, weight capacity and the cool colors!

  57. This seat looks awesome. I love that it fits the child for such a long period of time, so no real need to ever get another seat. My daughter doesnt' fit right in her MyRide 65 seat anymore (weight and height is fine but the seat is totally not made for older preschoolers). This looks like a seat that would fit great in either of our cars along with my sons seat!

  58. safety rating and comfort are at the top of my list. I love that this carseat grows with my child.


  59. I look for a seat that fits my baby, car, and has the best safety features. I want a seat that can grow with my child so I am not always buying a bigger size. I love that this car seat can grow with my baby. Thanks for the chance to win.

  60. I have a newborn (4 days old and 26 minutes! yes, I can count that close right now) who will outgrow her carseat soon enough and would definitely find this useful. Thanks for the opportunity :)

  61. This would be perfect for my little one who is ready for a seat like this. Always look at safety first and having a 5 point harness makes me more comfortable with a booster seat. Love love

  62. We looked at safety ratings, cost, and size. Those ones were high on our list, but we couldn't swing the money right now. I love that the are rear and forward facing too. Kenna is 15 months old and we're keeping her rear facing until at least 2 and we'll see from there.

  63. Well for starters, I was just rear-ended today so I would love to get this to replace the carseat i have right now. There doesn't appear to be any damage which means that the guys insurance won't cover it. I also love that this one transforms into a booster seat and is portable which would be great for when the grandparents need to drive him.

  64. My husband is convinced we couldn't fit 3 car seats across our backseat. I happen to know otherwise... We're getting ready to move our just-about-one-year-old son out of his infant seat into a convertible car seat, since we want to keep him rear facing a little longer.
    I can't believe it's recommend to keep babies rear facing until two now! My son is big, and I don't see him fitting rear facing that long. My daughter, on the other hand, was tiny and we probably should have kept her rear facing longer than we did.

  65. Our daughter is nine months old and overdue to switch from her infant seat to a convertible. I look for quality and safety features as well as cost...but still have not bought one.

  66. I read a lot of great reviews about Diono, especially Radian RXT. The slim design that fit 3 accross seat would be perfect for our growing family, thank you.

  67. We are a family of 5 on 1 income. My youngest child Cody would greatly benefit from this seat. He has low muscle tone, and is autistic. He is 5 yrs old, and is the right age, weight and height for the booster he has now. But it is very dangerous, and I am terrified to take him in the car. A couple of weeks ago, I found out just how dangerous his booster really is, when we stopped short. The belt did not tighten, and my son fell out of his booster, and hit the floor of the car, the belt tightened, at his neck. He was thankfully unharmed, but it scared us very badly. He would benefit from this seat, because he desperatly NEEDS the 5 point harness, and a seat that is fully tetthered in the car. He could have been killed, and my little man means everything to me. If I had the money I would do it in a heartbeat for him, but I don't. Thank you for considering us for this generous and amazing offer.


  68. Having twins to fit in the car already in booster seats, and having added a baby to the mix, we've recently realized how important it is to be able to have car seats that can sit 3 abreast. And while both my husband and I have tried to have large enough cars to accommodate 3 seats, between the sitter and grandparents, we realize that the seats can make a huge difference too. While booster seats aren't particularly wide, there does need to be enough room for the kids to get their own hands in there to be able to buckle the belt while not smashing their siblings hand at the same time. This seat is a terrific improvement being highly rated for safety while being so compact and versatile. One day, maybe we'll be fortunate enough to get one. One an amazing seat. Thanks for the write up on it!

  69. I've never heard of this brand of carseat, but with our third little one on the way, I'll have to do some research. We have a minivan, so they wont all be in the same row of seats (thank goodness!). Thanks for the review!

  70. These are amazing convertible car seats! They are everything I could ask for from safety, long usage, versatility, small footprint but spacious, comfy, to super cute to boot! The safety features are what first drew me to it and everything else just made it so much better, I'd love to win one! Thank you for the chance!

  71. I look for high rear facing limits, as I prefer to keep my kids rear facing as long as possible. We have one of these seats and mostly like, although I find the tightening mechanism to be a pain. But, I'm planning on buying three of these for my parent's house, so we don't have to fly with carseats again. I love that these have high rear facing limits and then high forward facing limits before converting to a booster. I shouldn't have to buy another seat for my parent's house!

  72. I would look for size of the seat, safety ratings and ease of use. I would absolutely love one of these! (but really can't afford one!)

  73. Are you serious? You can fit three full size car seats across???? Whoa...we should've kept our Honda Fit!!! :-)

  74. This would be a great car seat for kids. because of the safety features. and it's so compact I love it.

  75. this is great me and my husband are having our therd child and are having problems fiting three car seats in the back of my pt crewser we were thinking we were going to have to put our oldest tyson in a plain booster seat w no back but this looks narow enough to fit whitch makes me feel better:)

  76. Oooh, I love the color! We have three kids also right now, a 5 1/2 year old, an almost 4 year old, and a 16 month old... Oh, and I'm currently 25 weeks pregnant with identical twin girls. :-) Our 5 year old and 16 month old are set on carseats for now, but my 4 year old is outgrowing the one she is in, so this would be perfect! (And yes, we also have to buy two new seats for the new babies!) My husband would absolutely love the fact that it is so narrow. After all, we will have five car seats in the car come summer time!

  77. I cannot believe that 3 car seats fit in a row! That is definitely a great feature. I think kids should be in car seats as long as possible because they are safer in them, so having 3 fit is a huge deal. Number one priority in a car seat is safety, then I also make sure the kids will be comfortable. They complain less if they are. The cup holder is a nice plus because the kids can grab their own sippy cups so you aren't distracted.

  78. I would like one with lots of room, great safety features, and a long expiration date. My state now requires boosters until age 8 or a certain height/weight, so I would want to make sure it could be used the whole time!

  79. this seat would some in handy since we are expecting our fourth in a couple of months. i love that it can be used from rear facing all the way to a booster.

  80. The car seat is awesome, I love how slim it is so that we can fit multiple children comfortably. I was just looking at car seats for my beautiful 3 month old baby boy, he is about to officially be two big for the infant carrier and I want to buy something that will make it the rest of his car seat days.

  81. Wow! What an amazing giveaway! With our foster care certification possibly coming soon, we are looking to collect all types of supplies including a SAFE care seat for baby and/or toddlers. THIS would be perfect!

  82. Is there any one better? I think this carseat is the BEST choice. My little one has nearly outgrown the baby bucket seat and we will have to make the big purchase soon--or win one :)

  83. I've never seen one before that can be carried like a backpack! That is really neat. I love the colors - bright and cheerful. I especially love the purple - that's my favorite color. The fact that 3 can fit in the backseat is amazing.

  84. I love everything about Diono. 3 across is amazing. My son is in dire need of a big boy car seat. His infant one is much too small nowadays, but I have no funds to purchase a new one. Would greatly appreciate to win this. Thank you for the opportunity.

  85. I would love to win this car seat! We have a 7 month old now are are due with baby #2 in October. Compact car seats are a MUST! Thanks for sharing about this!

  86. I dnt think people realize how difficult it is to travel with a. Car seat, especially since it. Eas u are also toting along a baby! This is so innovative for a car seat to be able to easily carry And install it. The slim design also helps when getting in a plane or amtrack.
    Thanks for doing this giveaway :)

  87. Wow, these look amazing! Super excited tht it can be carried like a backpack, and I love th solid colors.

  88. Wow, they look really comfortable and like really great quality! Kind of hard to find these days. I also love that it changes as your little one grows... so convenient and no need to buy more than one per kid!

  89. What a beautiful seat. I cannot believe all three seats fit in a backseat. I currently have 2 kids in boosters, and one in a 5 point harnest. And the it is unbelievbly tight, i am constantly worried about one of the kids sticking their fingers inbetween the seats and getting smashed.

  90. I've been looking for a carseat with these exact features! Lucy has outgrown her carseat but is still too little to go into a booster so I need something that is narrow (3 carseats for us as well!) and something that can convert into a booster later. Do you have it locked in with the LATCH system or with a seat belt?

    PS...We also put the highback back on William's booster because he was more comfortable that way. Otherwise the bottom kept sliding out on him, especially when he feel asleep. I have to admit, I'm a little skeptical of ALL booster seats after having watched the video below a few years ago. I wish cars would start building in a flip-down booster option or adjustable seatbelts into their designs instead of having to buy a separate product that isn't attached to the car at all.


  91. I have been wanting a diono for some time, and i would love this! I love that it seems easy to use, and i love the 40lb RF limit!

  92. I'm amazed at the backseat with 3 easily fitting seats! We have 2 and it seems tight already. When shopping for a seat, we look for a good safety rating and something with comfortable padding.

  93. I can't believe how much room there seems to be, even with three seats in the back. This would be the perfect seat for our Chevy Aveo, we currently have a Graco My Ride 65, but I'm the only one that can comfortably sit in the passenger seat, because of the bulk of the carseat, and how far forward my seat has to be. Also, my 2yr old is close to reaching the 40lbs limit for staying in a harness on his current seat, and I don't think he is anywhere near ready enough to use the seat with only a safety belt.

  94. I'm trying to figure out which car seat to put on my registry...its so overwhelming as there are thousands to choose from!! This would sure make it simpler! :)

  95. This seat looks functional and attractive. I have a Britax for my first and it looks safe, but my baby hates getting in and out of it and I don't think it's very comfortable. It's definitely not as attractive as this one either! Three across must be so fun.

  96. I would love to win this seat for my baby. We are quickly finding out that 3 across will not work in our car without one of these. I love that it can be a rear-facing, forward facing and a booster in one. This would be an awesome belated Mother's Day gift! Thanks for offering such an awesome giveaway!

  97. I look for safety features and an ability to keep the carseat clean! We had a carseat once whose material was so hard to clean that in only a few months it was stained and nasty looking - even though I cleaned it often! But of course, the most important thing are the safety features.

    I too am keeping the back on my daughter's booster seat. It just seems safer and more secure and more comfortable too!

  98. I really like how slim this carseat is. I'm
    Amazed that this brand is not as much publicized as the larger brands with their

  99. This would be insanely convenient for flying! Most of my family lives in AZ, while we are Montanan's! The thought of hauling my daughters current behemoth seat is one of the largest stresses of making a trip. Thanks for introducing me to this company!

  100. Happy Mother's Day! What a great giveaway - thank you! We look for safety and ease of use...we have three young kiddos and are constantly re-accommodating the seats. I need to be able to securely fasten without my husbands strength.

  101. I would love this for my growing girl and Diono is the way to go! I love that it goes from being a rear-facing to forward-facing car seat. Most importantly, Diono has great safety features - the alloy frame, reinforced sidewalls, and head support, puts parents at ease. I also love the fact that the car seat has expandable sides and a longer seat bottom for support and comfort! Thank you for the giveaway!

  102. We have the Monterey seat by Sunshine Kids, too! Love it! I didn't even know that they changed their name. I'm so glad I found out because we will be ordering a second seat for our little guy soon - that is if we don't WIN this one! Wow - what a gorgeous, safe and convenient seat the Radian RXT is! Thank you for filling me in on some important tips!

  103. I am a big fan of carseat safety. I have taken a lot of rude comments from my husbands family who just doesn't understand. They are still alive and they didn't have carseats so they think I go over the top and I am crazy when it comes to carseats. My now 8 year old rode in a 5 point harness until he was in 1st grade. I have a baby who is getting ready to outgrow an infant seat and would love to try a radian as it has always been on my 'wish list'. Thanks for the giveaway!

  104. We chose our Britax based on safety ratings and reports from friends that their kids were happy and comfy in theirs. We were lucky to get it on sale after it was a floor model. We brought our little guy home from the hospital in it and it seemed HUGE! It has been a great seat for us. He is still rear-facing at 3 years old, and he doesn't mind. With my job change for the next school year, we will need another seat so that we have one in both cars. The Radian is already high on my list. Thanks for the review!

  105. Our little man is only two weeks old, but I've already been looking at car seats and I just love the Radian! Big Brother is a car seat that we love, but it is so bulky! I'd love to switch them both over to Radian's eventually so that we have room for another person in the back. So this giveaway is right up my alley! (:

  106. This car seat looks comfortable than most adult recliners.love to have one in my chevy Tahoe

  107. I am so excited about this giveaway because I am in dire need of a car seat. The DIONO has to many great features. I love that you can fold it and harness it to your back like a backpack because we are planning on taking trips on planes and how else can you get the child from point a to point be once you land at your destination unless you take a car seat with you? I mean unless you have someone waiting to pick you up who already has a car seat installed. I just had a thought about car rental companies and if they provide car seats... I never looked into that before.

    In any case, the DIONO's seem so spacesaving as far as the backseat goes, I have a Hyundai Elantra and if I have passengers and the car seat back there it seems like a tight squeeze, but the DIONO looks like it would solve that problem being on the narrower side and all. I saw somewhere it has a 10 year expiration date...wow that would be something. My baby is on the small side so it would appear this car seat would still be good even if she outgrows it.

    FB: Toni Marie Caravello
    reannenny at aol.com
    Twitter: Tonic67
    Google: toni caravello or reannenny

  108. I'm kind of a carseat nut and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Sunshine Kids/Diono! We have 2 of their seats already, and I'm praying we can buy a third for our youngest! The most important thing to me when thinking carseats is definitely safety and I believe Diono has that covered!

  109. I have NEVER heard of these- and I did TONS of research before buying carseats!
    I love our Britax system (I'll be able to put two carriers on ONE stroller- but we don't have a seat for post-baby carrier. What a great idea- would love to win one of these for my little guy! Almost 20 pounds and 3.5 months old.

  110. We also have 3 girls and 3 carseats. Our current ones are too wide so it would be awesome to win one!

  111. It is great to see how slim this car seat is. I was starting to worry that we would have to buy an SUV bigger than our GMC Yukon, to comfortably fit 3 convertible car seats in the next few months.

  112. I've been curious about the radian seats. I've heard rave reviews about them lately. Currently, we've got 2 Recaro seats and a Chicco infant seat which we love, but once our new baby outgrows the infant seat we'll be doing some car seat switcharoos that will leave us in need of another seat for one of the older kiddos. Might have to look into a Radian.

  113. We have two Radian 80 seats for out current tow, and we love them for the size, safety, and longevity of use. They are quite heavy thought which makes air travel tricky. We will def. be getting one of these newer models for the next addition to the family! Thanks for the chance to win one :)

  114. I wish I'd known about this when my daughter was graduating from her infant seat. We ended up getting a seat was recommended to us that is huge. Heavy, bulky and difficult to travel with.

  115. Our soon-to-be 4 year old is just about at the max weight for his front facing harness - but I'm not sure he'll do well with a seat belt (his seat is also a belt-positioning booster to 100 lbs). I've been on the lookout for a seat with a higher harness weight limit, but the ones that go to 80 or 85 lbs are way beyond our budget. Would love to win this seat so he can stay harnessed longer. Thanks for the review and the giveaway!

  116. I am dying to get a radian for my middle one, since we will be going to 3-across when our next babe is due in June. My middle guy has a really wide seat, and I don't think we can sqeeze 3 in with that seat. I love the radian's colors, safety, and size. We'd love to win one.

  117. Three kids carseats across the back of our Subaru Outback was a tough fit, only made possible by the purchase of two radians and a narrow infant/toddler seat...which my now 2-year-old is quickly outgrowing. I would so love to win this. Glad they've worked out well for you. Going from 2 to 3 really felt big when it came to the car arrangements. :) Cheers!

  118. This looks like a wonderful seat. I like that it can be rear and forward facing, turns into a booster and what toddler wouldn't love the cup holder. Great carseat!!

  119. Wow, how have I never heard of this brand? I am pregnant with our #4 due in August and this Diono RXT car seat would be wonderful! I can't believe it works for all of the stages of your sweet kiddos.

  120. I am so pleased I found this car seat, we have two boys under three and I was desperately looking for the safest seat on the market. I purchased these after reading numerous reviews and also wanted to say they are fabulous space savers!

  121. I love this carseat, after 5 kids hand me down carseats are the worst. This one looks comfortable and wonderful! And we will have to add yet another carseat soon and a bigger car so hopefully winning will cut those cost LOL that is if I win. Love the carseat and the colors!

  122. I am looking for a slim carseat for my son since we will be adding another one to the back seat soon!!!

  123. When I purchased my son's current car seat (Graco MyRide65) I wanted something that would hold him for awhile, especially rear facing and something that wasn't super expensive. Unfortunately, the MyRide65 is quite large, but he's our only child so it doesn't really matter as far as seat space goes. We've flown with it (in a zippered carry bag with wheels) but always gate check it before boarding.

  124. We started out thinking that if we have our kids close together, by the time one is ready for the next car seat up, the younger sibling will be ready to move into the old one. It's sort of worked out, but car seats only last a few years. I wonder if we should have just gone with this kind of three-in-one design for each child.

  125. I really like how narrow it is! I only have to seat two little ones in the back, but it would be nice to get a little more room our of my compact car! This is such a smart design over the bulkier car seats that are so common.

  126. This looks like such a nice car seat. When i look for a car seat i look for safety first and then style and this seems to have both.

  127. I didn't know they made carseats that would carry kids all the way through! Wow!!! And...can I say I looooove the purple color you're sweetie is in!!!

  128. I love that the Radian is so versatile. It becomes a booster and a backpack! That's awesome design

  129. we also now have three littles in the back seat!! what a good looking seat, we are needing another convertible and the more narrow frame on this would be great for getting all three across...

  130. That looks like a great carseat. I love that it converts all the way up to a booster. Our 10 month old will soon be out of her infant carseat (which was also used by her sister, so we got our money's worth), so we will be in the market for a new one!

  131. I've been looking into new carseats but haven't read about this one yet. Look great, love the travel feature of the backpack. Just struggled through the airport with ours.

  132. Looks super safe and comfortable. I always feel bad for the kids sitting in hard cars eats. But that doesn't appear to be the case here. I have two little boys who might fight over this!

  133. What a great car seat. We have three car seats now, but with our fourth child on the way, we have the need for a compact car seat like this one.

  134. We have a 'Sunshine Kids' Radian XSLT (?) & a Britax Marathon in the backseat- I'd really like to upgrade our biggest boy to maybe the monterey & give our toddler the Radian- but I'm also looking at the new Radian- What I'm having trouble w/ is that the space between the crotch buckle & back is beginning to be too narrow for our almost 6yo. Is the Monterey spacier there?
    inalak at msn dot com

  135. We welcomed a little girl into our lives in December 2011. Her big bro sits in a britax roundabout. We heard great things about the radian and would love that for our second carseat. Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  136. Wow! 3carseats in one row! While i can do that in the middle row of my suburban, i would really love to do so in the very back row! I love tje odea of a narrower seat!

  137. We are in the market for a new car seat for our 5 month old son. Because we did not know till after birth we never bought a new car seat . I still carry my son around in a pink with flower car seat and people who we talk to are confused and the talk always end with the gay conversation.:( This car seat seems a great fit for our lifestyle (fulltime rv family in the USA and world travelers )

    Would like to know where we could try this car seat out in our pickup truck.

  138. We have an older Sunshine Kids Radian that we've loved - we chose it both for it's outstanding safety & ability to use the 5-point harness for much older children, and because it's narrower profile is all that allowed us to fit 3 car seats in the back of our Subaru Outback! We've been super happy with it, and would love to try out this new version for our new addition.

  139. We just welcomed our second daughter in March and this looks like it would be the perfect carseat for her. We are still adjusting to having two carseats in the back and only time will tell if we ever need three back there!

  140. I've never tried this brand, but they look amazing. We are in need of a new carseat so this would be perfect!

  141. Wow, I've never seen this seat before. I've heard of the Sunshine Kids seats though....and love that they make a slimmer design. What a nice looking seat! So functional too!! This would be perfect for my sister.

  142. I've heard so many good things about this car seat. I have started doing seat research online. Our daughter is 5 months old, and her infant seat is getting tough to carry around. I would love to have this seat. Not only does it have great safety ratings, but it will actually fit in the back of my tiny car. We really want to keep the seat rear-facing as long as possible. The only hang-ups I've had are the price, but what a fantastic opportunity to win one! Thank you for offering such a great giveaway!

  143. We've already decide to buy one of those! (course we'd much rather win one!) We're frequent fliers and it's one of the few that is airline approved - and we love that we can fold it into a backpack for the airport - security, etc. There's nothing else like it on the market and we want one!

  144. I was just thinking about a booster the other day... It will be time to get one before i know it. Sigh. They grow so fast! I heard a mom tell me once that she was able to get all three of her kids carseats in the back of a Honda Civic thanks to the Sunshine Kids seats. That's pretty awesome... especially since we have a Prius.

  145. We own this car seat. We bought it a few months ago because of the high rear facing limit and all of the other wonderful safety features. Lily is almost 3 1/2 ,30.5 lbs and still backwards. She will continue to be rear facing for much much longer. These are great seats.

  146. I love radians! We have two under their pervious name Sunshine Kids. These seats are great! I'd love to try a new one and check out all the new features.

  147. I've never seen a carseat that folds into a backpack! That would be extremely convenient when traveling, I strongly dislike lugging both girls' carseats along with me on plane trips.

    And I've fit three carseats into my Corolla before. I'm not sure how it would go on a long car trip to Grandma's house, but we all survived errands all nice & squished!

  148. I'm interested... there's no way we could have fit 4 in either of our cars! But I wondered if we could even fit three... mainly because we have Recaro car seats and they are LARGE. But my father in law, who does accident investigations, requires us to have them. He says they are the absolute safest on the market. I'll have to ask him about this because we're going to have to get some convertible ones... our kids outgrow their infant carriers way before they can be forward facing! ;)

  149. We have 5 kids in carseats/booster in our minivan and the only way we could fit 3 across the back seat was to use 2 Radians. I love how narrow the seats are and how high the rf and ff limits are to keep my kids safe longer. It's so important for me to make sure they are as safe as possible in the car.

  150. This seat looks so amazing. I love how it truly is the last seat you'll ever need with its 10 year expiration date. Thanks for the giveaway!

  151. How does it work for in-car naps? We just moved our 3yo to a new carseat a couple months ago, but it's so uncomfortable. No more naps for her during long car rides. So disappointing! Would love to try something different. Glad this seat is working out so well for you.

  152. Definitely we look for safety features however it is nice to have a seat that can fit in our car and any other car we may travel in which our current seat has a hard time doing. It is also a money saver to have a seat that can go from through many ages. Thanks for sharing about this seat. It sounds great!

  153. That plum color is super cute! We have a Suburban with 3 carseats and 2 booster seats, necessary now that the law in CA is booster seats until age 8! We cannot wait to upgrade to a full-size passenger van!! I've heard about this narrow brand of carseats... interested in trying them out!

  154. We are in the market for a new carseat for our 4.5 year old and this looks perfect!! I will go check them out. Thanks!

  155. Safety ratings is definitely first, but the footprint is starting to be more important! We have 2 right now, but already talk about what we will do if there are 3. We are not planning on buying a bigger vehicle, so fitting 3 carseat in a row will be important!

  156. I would love one of these! Now that we have three cars eats in the back of our truck, we switched our three year old over to a booster so they would all fit. I'd much rather him stay in a more secure seat for awhile longer.

  157. What a great seat and I love that plum color. We are needing to upgrade to a new seat for the youngest and a smaller base would be wonderful. Have you ever had to sit between two carseats! It's a very tight squeeze. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  158. We have one for our daughter and love it! We got it on super sale when Sunshine Kids was switching to Diono, which was a big blessing. I want a sturdy seat, with good reviews and safety ratings. After that, I look at price and what would fit in our car. It's hard to find car seats that allow for higher weights rear-facing AND fit nicely. I'd love one of these for Baby #2!

  159. That seat is amazing! We have a number of trips planned with our toddler that will require us to take a carseat on an airplane and let me tell you, we love our Britax, but it is nowhere near convenient to travel with! It's also cumbersome to move back and forth between my car and my husband's when we need to. I love that the Radian is both convenient to move around with and safe once in place. I also love the high rear-facing limit as we plan on rear-facing our daughter as long as we can.

  160. I have to thank you for this post and giveaway! We are hoping to get pregnant at the end of the year and since we now have a 3 and 4 year old (thanks to our recent adoption) we too will (hopefully) have 3 car seats as well! :) This car seat look amazing and we would love to win one. Love the review!!!!

  161. A car seat that can be worn as a backpack for travel? Who knew? I think that's pretty great. Looks like a nice seat - our baby is still in the infant carrier, but after that, will need a new "big boy" seat for him. It was such a tight squeeze for us with three car seats in the back that we decided it was time for a van. Much easier to get the kiddos in and out now. Is the car seat cover washable? That's a big thing I always look for when car seat shopping after safety features.

  162. As a driver of a Honda Accord, I love the idea of a more compact car seat...but how does this one rank for safety features?

  163. I remember feeling super overwhelmed the first time we went carseat shopping; the only things I thought of were safety and weight range. I didn't even think of the booster seat possibility or the travel factor. Since I fly back home every year at least once or twice, I'm thinking the backpack feature will come in super handy!!

  164. Thank you! I look for safety features, size of seat, and weight limits. I also look at the straps and how easy it is to install. We are in need of a good seat! Thanks!

  165. Wow, this carseat looks so great! I have never heard of the brand before. When looking for a carseat we like for it to be a convertible carseat and also one that has good safety ratings. Now that we are adding more to the car though, the narrowness will become important too!

  166. wow, this is an amazing seat! I love the sleek design and I know it would fit perfectly in my little car. We have two in car seats and it's hard getting two that fits nicely with extra room for my oldest.

  167. I think safety ratings are our first concern, after that, it is usually about cost. I agree, having a more narrow carseat is a huge plus when trying to fit more than one in a row. We have a small SUV and can only get two in the back seat and one very slim adult can squeeze in the middle. My mother in law and I call it our diet control. We know we need to worry if we can't squeeze between the two car seats!

  168. I am in love with the Diono seats, our next carseat will definitely be one of these bad boys. I love all of the safety features, especially the high rear-facing limits! The benefit of fitting 3 in a row will hopefully come in handy for us one of these days too! :)

  169. I am also in disbelief that they all fit back there. My husband insists that 3 would by no means fit in his Jeep, but who knows. We only have 2, so that works for us! This would be great for our newest addition who is a little older than yours at 2 months. :)

    1. I love the look of this car seat. My question is how much room does it have when your child gets older? My daughter is currently 40 pounds and fitting into her carseat is a real pain. But this one looks like it might be roomy and comfy and maybe not take up our whole back seat like the convertible carseat that she currently has. Would be nice to have one that works better.

      1. These really are amazing, & we'll never use anything else. It fits our currently 20-lb 1.5 yo & our 40-lb 4.5yo equally well & it's obvious it will continue to fit for many years of growing, and the kids actually love them - unlike their previous seats. It's much roomier for our 4yo than his previous carseat while taking up less room at the same time due to the steel alloy frame, which requires much less bulk than other convertible or regular car seats. They also sit lower on the vehicle seat - again, the steel frame reduces bulk.

        Fitting 3 across - the outside width at its widest point is 17 inches. (See http://us.diono.com/en/car-seats/radian-rxt ) Use that measurement times 3 (17 x 3 = 51"), then measure the usable area of your vehicle's seat (between the armrests) to see if you can fit 3 across in your vehicle.

        I think it's awesome & important this carseat is also FAA approved for airline use and NCAP tested, which is higher than U.S. requirements!

      2. My 40# 3 yr old fits wonderfully and loves his special car seat. Cannot beat the safety features of Diono.

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