Reflections on Preschool from a Mom of 4

Our youngest child will be heading to Kindergarten this fall.

As you know if you have been reading my writing for any length of time, I believe in hefty doses of nature, play, and reading in the early years. I'm generally a huge fan of boredom, tech-free space, the outdoors, nurturing relationships, and creative play for preschoolers. Come to think of it, all of the above are an excellent recipe for an intentional life for adults also.

It might strike you as odd, then, that we enrolled our youngest son in preschool this semester. Indeed, he is the first of our children to attend preschool of any kind. We've always done our own thing at home - Kumon workbooks, alphabet wall posters, artistic flash cards, catchy songs, and thematic picture book reading.

This semester, however, we enrolled him in half-day preschool at a wonderful Reggio Emilia, Christian preschool to help prepare him for the rigorous Kindergarten he will attend in the fall.

When we had the admissions interview at the preschool, the director asked me to describe our son. The very first word that popped in my head was, "delightful." He is kind, gentle, tender-hearted, and obedient. An old soul. A tiny gentleman. Resolute in his convictions. Subdued and observant. A perfectionist like one of his sisters before him.

He can write his first name in capitals, write the alphabet in uppercase (A-Z), write numbers up to 20+, name basic colors & shapes, identify his right and left hands, and pinpoint beginning sounds for most (all?) of the letters. Thanks to preschool, he can also show you basic sign language letters.

Overall, half-day preschool has been a good experience and I am thankful that he has this opportunity to learn and grow before Kindergarten.

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