Registry Items for Baby #2

Registry Items for Baby #2 1I'm not pregnant with #2, but I've been thinking about what items I will need when the second baby comes along. Fortunately, we purchased many of the "big ticket" items (crib, car seat, bassinet, boppy, changing pad, etc.) in gender neutral colors so we can use them again.

Here are some items that are on my "wants & needs" list for baby #2:

If the baby is either gender:
* diapers and diaper disposal bags
* wipes
* lanisinoh breast cream
* lansinoh ultra-soft disposable breast pads
* nursing tank top and/or nursing pj's
* Baby Bjorn
* cordless hand vacuum

If baby is a boy, I will also need:
* clothes
* receiving blankets
* crib bedding set
* boppy cover
* changing pad covers

Some other items I might like to try:
* nursing shawl/cover
* co-sleeper
* Miracle Blanket

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