Responses from ME

Responses from ME 1Thanks to everyone who has answered my questions thus far. Feel free to chime in if you haven't had a chance to post your thoughts just yet.

1. It appears that Tuesday Tours is a "keeper"...and I'm so glad. Although it does take a notable amount of time and research to pull off every week, I love putting it together. It's a wonderful way to highlight cool happenings and good writers around the blogosphere. I only asked because comments tend to be "weak" for that column, but perhaps it's because everyone is so busy checking out all of the fun links... 

2. The resounding message was that one post a day is just about perfect. I think I'll stick with that.

3. Themed Weekends will, of course, live on. I appreciate all of your creative ideas. I now have my TWs "scheduled" through mid-March. Giveaways galore are coming your way...

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7 comments on “Responses from ME”

  1. I'm on board with all the decisions too. I didn't vote either, but I do really enjoy reading your blog and like how you keep it up.

  2. Sounds great! Sorry I didn't get a chance to "vote." However, I really like Tuesday Tours and 'once a day' is just perfect... and you can definitely think of great themed weekends faster than I can think of suggestions! If something pops into my head at 3am (my most common litebulb moment)... I'll let you know.

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