Review: Graco Touch Free Diaper Pail

Since I recently wrote posts about unnecessary baby products and all of the crazy commercialism associated with the baby industry, I should start by saying that this item is a luxury/"nicety" (not a necessity).

You certainly don't *need* a diaper disposal system. A trash can next to the changing area will do just fine.

graco-touch-free-diaper-pailThat said, if you are going to buy one anyway, then I feel it is my duty to tell you NOT to buy a Diaper Genie. Graco's Touch Free Diaper Pail is sooooo much better.

The pail is truly "touch free." Just wave the diaper over the sensor and the top will "magically" open. Then, drop the diaper in to the compartment and the diaper falls to an airtight space beneath. Finally, the lid closes all by itself, thus sealing out odors.

The pail has a sleek, contemporary design that will likely compliment almost any room's decor...and it's "compact" too so you can slide it (and hide it) in a corner with ease.

Best of all, this pail uses regular trash bags so there's no need to purchase expensive "refills."

graco blog buttonThe Graco Touch Free Diaper Pail retails for between $50-$75 (depending on where you buy it) and requires four DD batteries (batteries not included). The pail does come with one charcoal filter, however, that needs to be replaced every 30 days or so.

I can't speak to the durability of the open/close motor or the longevity of the batteries because we've only had the pail for a few weeks (no problems so far!), but I would recommend that Graco make the pail bigger to accommodate more diapers when they come out with their 2.0 version.

Overall, I really like this high-tech pail. It's attractive, easy-to-use, and ultra-cool.

WIN IT! One winner will receive a Touch Free Diaper Pail by Graco. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, April 28 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #80 Elena. Congratulations!

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129 comments on “Review: Graco Touch Free Diaper Pail”

  1. I love my Graco touch free diaper pail. however they are not making them anymore. I found this out when I tried to order a replacement filter cover. (we threw it out by mistake). I am very disappointed. Graco said that it was not very popular and other companies are making comparable diaper pails. There goes a good thing :(

  2. I would love to win this! I never imagined i'd have 3 kids 3 and under all at once. We go through so many diapers!

  3. what a great addition to any nursery! I love Graco products, and have often wished for this luxury. It does sound nice!

  4. My youngest is having her first baby in July of this year. My other sister and I have used many Graco products with our children and love the brand. This would be a great gift to my sister so she will know why my sister and I are favorable of Graco.

  5. Would love to win this for my great-nephew and his wife who are expecting their first (boy) the first of June. A hands-free diaper pail sounds great and sanitary. Thanks for the opportunity!

  6. THis would be perfect for my best friend who is due to have her baby any day. When my kids were babies I just used a trash bag and I did not like they way their room would smell. this would be great for her to have


  7. my daughter is a slob and doesnt always get the diapers into the trash...maybe an actual cool gadget will get her to put it in where it belongs...thanx

  8. That is a great product, but it seems kind of expensive for someone like me on a fixed budget. Replacing the filter might get kinda costly :/

  9. This would be awesome for my daughter's room. We use a regular trash can and empty it out daily but it still smells funky.

  10. A Touch free pail, that has to be the Best and I like that the charcoal filter will last about 30 days, seems convenient. thank you. wombatspurple[at]

  11. I would love to win this!!! I hate our current diaper pail! I've hesitated to get a new one, thinking we'll just tough it out until my daughter is potty trained - but this would be great to have. Thanks for the great giveaway!

    [email protected]

  12. To be honest, I have always seen different brands of diaper pails, but I have never owned one personally. Now that I have my three week old, I definitely would love the chance. Thanks for a great giveaway :)

  13. This would come in handy. We currently have one that takes special bags that we can't find! Plus it is really poorly designed. This one seems very cool.

  14. I have a touch-free garbage can in my kitchen. It works pretty well. I didn't even know they made one for diapers!I like that it uses regular garbage bags, one less thing to buy!

  15. Wow! Wish these were around when my daughter was little! I used the diaper genie (original) and then the II later on in my daycare. I like both of them, but this goes WAY beyond! It would be the perfect gift for my niece, who is about to have her first child this year.

  16. This would make a great gift for my best friends baby shower. In October when she has the baby, she will have TWO babies in diapers, and I think this will really come in handy.

  17. This would be perfect for my new grandchild. They live in a 400 square foot house and any odor fills the whole house.

  18. I would love to win one of these for my friend's HUSBAND. Yes, her husband.

    My friend is due with her first baby in August and I know her hubby is not going to change diapers. I am hoping with a neat gadget like this she can at least say "honey, throw this away" and hopefully he wont complain as much.

    Its worth a try right?


  19. I just have a pail right now. Someone told me not to spend on the Diaper Genie b/c you have to push the soiled diaper in...yuck. This is so much better. The less mess touching the better.

  20. I will be honest - I would love to win this for my cats. I bought a cheap diaper pail and it only opens an inch when I step on the lever. I haven't graduated to raising a baby yet!

  21. Cool! I agree that diaper pails are a must! I have a Diaper Dekor Plus...but unfortunately they've changed the refills recently and it doesn't work as well to keep in the stink anymore =(

  22. i really have no interest in this for my self. but i just had to comment. Who knew something like this would come out! i am constantly amazed by the number of "things" people come up with or invent. what creative minds

  23. This would be such a good thing to have! My husband will be out of the country for deployment when my baby is due, so even something like this would be so great to have, for help! Keeping my house smelling good for visitors would be a nice plus too!

  24. I have heard nothing but bad things about diaper genies. The way this one automatically opens is amazing and definately good for less spread of germs.

  25. I will be a First time mom to a baby girl do April 29, 2009(anyday). I have been researching diaper pails and have taken into cosideration the practical use. I am searching for a diaper pail that utilizes kitchen trash bags and eliminates odor in the nursery. So far this diaper pail seems to catch my senses.

  26. I had a Diaper Genie for my first born and I was NOT impressed with it at all. I ended up giving it away and now that our family is anticipating a new arrival, I'd love to give the Graco a try.

  27. I have never used a diaper genie or anything like it but I have always wanted to try one. I don't think I could ever actually rationalize spending money on one, unless it was cheap second hand in good condition and clean. So I never got one sounds cool though. If we have a third baby I still really want to try cloth diapers but who knows.

  28. i do not like the diaper genie so we were going to just use the garbage can but this might be what we need

  29. What a great product idea! I don't know how many times I've thrown a diaper away and wished the garbage would open automatically for me. Baby in one hand, poopy diaper in the other, this sounds like a mother's solution!!

  30. Oh man, we really need this diaper pail. I had the best diaper pail for years but the lid finally broke, we shopped around and finally bought a new can. An $80 garbage can and it doesn't seal in the smells at all, the hotter the weather the worse the smell that comes from the the baby's room. It is truly AWFUL!

  31. Oh please enter me! What a great giveaway. I have a photo of me when I was a baby in a Graco swing, so they have been around a LONG time! LOL! (Although in my 30s people still think I'm in high school. It gets kind of annoying sometimes, but most of the time I like it!) But Graco was a favorite of mine since I was a couple months old!

  32. I would love this for my best friend Lesley! She is due with her first in July and this would be the best gift, I havent even seen it in the stores! We dislike our Genie so much, it would be awesome to find this for her!

  33. I have never had a diaper pail, mostly because of the mixed reviews of smells, ease of use, and expense. I would love to give this pail a try though. Right now I just use grocery bags or disposable diaper bags and we take the trash out quite often.

  34. We had a Diaper Genie with my older son and although I liked it okay - the thing was a total pain with needing special refills and removing the long "snake" for disposal was always a feat. With my 5 month old daughter, we are currently only using a garbage can next to the changing table but I do miss the odor-free days of our Diaper Genie. I would LOVE to win the Graco Touch Free Diaper Pail and I like the feature of it being touch-free. It would save me numerous trips to the trash each day dumping dirty diapers! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  35. I've never had a diaper pail- sounds like a neat concept and better to replace the charcoal then maybe the refills- not sure as I've never had one!

  36. This sounds like a great diaper pail. My daughter could really use this, especially now that her second child is on the way.

  37. I’m really excited to hear about this product. I’ve heard so many complaints about the Diaper Genie and I like how the Graco Diaper Pail does not require special trash bags. Sounds like a handy thing to have around the house!

  38. Would SO love a new diaper bin, especially hands free. The one we have now is a nightmare to operate and is not trapping odor well at all

  39. All these products sound really awesome. We are expecting in 5 months, wow it would help with germs. thanks for the giveaway.

  40. This looks like a great product and I would love to try it! Everyone is always raving about the Diaper Genie, but I haven't been overly impressed with it.

  41. This seems much easier than juggling a dirty diaper in one hand and trying to open a lid with the other

  42. I had the diaper genie when my son was in diapers. This seems so much better...I would love to win it for my niece who's expecting her first child!

  43. I have never understood the whole diaper genie process, I think they still smell - I never wanted poopy diapers in the nursery, but maybe this product would work better?

    autumn398 (at)

  44. How practical is this product, after changing the baby you don't have to worry about washing your hands or having germy hands when picking up baby.
    When having this in baby's room there will be no odor or germs. cin1bar2(at)hotmail(dot)com

  45. I have the Genie and it's not magic! But I would actually suck it up and give this to my best friend you is now expecting her first. She's going to need all the help she can get. Thanks.

  46. This is so much better than the genie I used with my first baby. I have to admit that although it did mask the smell having to lift the lid and squish the icky diaper down did feel unsanitary. Good improvement!

  47. My sister is about to have her first child, and I'm thinking she'll be needing this and doesn't even know it yet!

  48. This looks like a very nice pail. I used a diaper genie myself, but I wish I had seen this one. My sister is pregnant right now though and I know she would love this!

  49. It would be very nice, especially keeping the odors sealed inside. A bigger model, to hold more diapers/nappies would be ideal though.

  50. That looks really nice. We bought a pail for cloth diapers but it doesn't really work for disposables (not air tight). My girl is 4 months old and I have yet to use the cloth diapers, she's too small.
    I could really use this pail.

  51. i could use this upstairs for our diapers or be generous to my sister. I love getting her things for her first baby and diaper pails are awesome! Thanks for the chance. =)

    mommainflipflops AT

  52. We use cloth diapers during the day, but find that disposables are better for nighttime. With that said, since my 2 year old still isn't potty trained, I am still using his diaper genie in his room for pull ups. Yuck! I hate the Diaper Genie with a passion. It's gross and smells worse than any cloth diaper bag ever has. I'd love to try out the Graco Diaper Pail. It sounds great!

  53. This is awesome! We haven't decided exactly how we are going to handle diapers in terms of a diaper pail system, and this is the first time I've heard of this system; it sounds great!

  54. Right now we just have a very basic, cheap diaper pail - pretty much a trash can with a good seal. I'd love to give this a try, and I especially like that you don't have to buy special trash bags! Thanks!

  55. I have never heard of this pail before but it is unique how it opens when you wave the diaper over the lid sensor! I always just used an open trash can and had the stink in the room! Yuck! Good thing that the batteries last so long, never thought about charcoal! Very nice!

  56. I've heard so many of my friends warn me about the genie! They tell me it's expensive and a royal pain in the butt! =) I love that this one isn't messy and that it uses normal trash bags...that is just sooo much more practical.

  57. I'm at the stage of buying gifts for the kids of my friends (thank goodness they're all so much older than I!)...and this would make an excellent gift!

  58. I got one Genie as gift, but after couple of refills, I found that is much expensive..Diapers it self were enough drain on pocket. sorry, my two cents. But having said this, I would love to gift this to my sis in law, who is going to have a baby, and she is all about Genie.thanks

  59. Ah smelly diapers... so far we've just used a regular trash can and take the diapers out a couple of times a day. This would be neat to have!

  60. We went with a regular garbage pail for diapers, and I love not needing to buy expensive refills or using any more plastic than we need to. I'd love to try this, though - our garbage can is retaining odors and now that we have two in diapers, it's getting a bit stinky all around there.

    We mamas can all use a little luxury now and then (even if it is for diaper disposal!)

  61. I couldn't agree more with your recommendation NOT to buy the diaper genie. We registered for it with baby #1 not knowing any better and I hate it. It stinks no matter how tightly the diaper is sealed and the refills are expensive. I've tried sticking tons of air fresheners in the bottom and cleaning the pail frequently but nothing works.

    In the winter I throw my diapers in the trash can in the garage because they freeze and won't smell. But with the warmer weather I can't do that anymore.

    I've heard good things about the Diaper Champ but have not tested it myself.

    I'd love to win this and give it a try!

  62. Right now we are using a small regular trash can and lets just say that it is not working out so hot for us!

  63. Yeah, we had a Genie. I thought it was a MUST-have, going into parenting. I was proven wrong. It was annoying to empty and refill. Expensive to buy refill sacks for. And overall not super easy to use or even marvelous at keeping away smells. Over time, I gradually just started throwing my diapers away in the kitchen trash. It gets emptied daily, anyway. Of course, even better is using cloth diapers, but I fell off that wagon with my 3rd baby, unfortunatley!

    This one looks really great. Love that it uses regular bags, and has an automatic sensor. Love those sorts of things!! I'm all about gadgets. ;)

  64. I must say that I have been very disappointed with the Diaper Dekor...very! We have to keep it in a separate room, close that room's door at all times and can only enter with a cloth held over our faces! We even flush the poos, so that thing is definitely not worth buying! This Graco diaper pail sounds dreamy, if it is possible for something like it to be so termed!

  65. Looks like a great product. I love our diaper champ, but as the commenter above mentioned, it gets pretty stinky. The charcoal in this Graco is a great idea.

  66. We currently use a diaper champ which I like because it uses reguarl trash bags but after 2 kids it is stinky - even after a through cleaning, washing, vinger and airring outside. I love the fact that this one has a charcole to get rid of stink.

  67. No way! That sounds like an *awesome* diaper pail! I think my product designer hubby would absolutely love the quality design and easy to use hands-free features. ...And especially since hes the one that usually deals with the diapers once they're in the pail!

  68. Sealing out the odors, touch free, sleek and compact..what more does a pail need?!
    I've enjoyed reading your recent post on necessary baby registry items and have been able to revamp my own registry from your recommendations. Thank you!

  69. I've been wondering about this diaper pail! I have the Diaper Champ from my daughter and it's not my favorite and I've been trying to decide what route to go with this next baby coming this year... This one looks fabulous!

  70. How cool! I would love to win this for my sister-in-law. She just had a baby on Good Friday, a little boy. This was a blessing from God as she is 45 and years ago gave away all of her baby related items. They are facing some tough times financally (who isn't, huh?) and I know we couldn't afford to purchase one for her. However, if I were to win, it would go straight to her. :) Thank you for the great giveaway!

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