Review: Preggie Pops

I got really sick during the first trimester of my first pregnancy. And I mean *really* sick. Like throwing-up-seven-times-a-day-and-losing-weight sick.

preggie popsWhen I found out I was pregnant with my second child, I had a stash of Preggie Pops ("naturally flavored and specially formulated lollipops for pregnant women" that are designed to ease morning sickness) ready and waiting. Unfortunately, I never had an opportunity to try them out. I started throwing up in July on the plane ride on my way home from BlogHer and basically never stopped until September. True Story.

I didn't think it was possible, but I was even sicker with my second pregnancy than my first. As in I-didn't-leave-my-house-for-over-3-months-and-was-too-sick-to-even-try-morning-sickness-remedies sick.

Since I didn't get an opportunity to try them, I thought I'd let my readers speak for the product. Here are a few of the comments that I received on my original post featuring Preggie Pops in November 2007:

preggie pops lady"I highly recommend the Preggie Pop Drops to pregnant women. I tried both the pops and the drops, but I liked the flavor of the drops better (the lavender- and ginger-flavored pops kind of freaked me out; I’ve got to admit I never tried them). I used them throughout my whole first pregnancy!" - Miss Erica

"I lived off Preggie pops when I was pregnant as I threw up every day until 6 months. Those pops are amazing for soothing the sickness, at least momentarily." - Mom of a munchkin

"Oh yes, preggie drops *saved* me during my first pregnancy. I had them everywhere–in my bathroom, next to my bed, in my car glove compartment, in my drawer at work…" - Anonymous

preggie pops variety box

There you have it. From the mouths of moms.

Preggie Pops are available as either "drops" or "pops." They retail for $3.95-$5.50 per container and are sold online and at a variety of baby boutiques & maternity shops.

Choose between:

  • Herbal (Peppermint, Ginger, Lavendar)
  • Natural Green Apple
  • Sour Fruit (Sour Raspberry, Lemon, Green Apple, Tangerine)
  • Mint (Peppermint, Spearmint), or
  • Variety
  • Organic

WIN IT! One winner will receive a Preggie Pops prize pack that includes 1 Preggie Pops box, 1 Preggie Pop Drops container, and 1 Organic Preggie Pop Drops box. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, May 5 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).


P.S. Are you currently experiencing morning sickness? You may want to read my previous articles:

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*UPDATE* The winner is #17 Israel Y. Congratulations!

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32 comments on “Review: Preggie Pops”

  1. I am currently living off these! They give me the ability to get through my day though the relief doesn't always last past the drop dissolving.

    1. Hang in there, Ashley! The "morning" sickness does eventually subside. How far along are you?

  2. I won't be needing these....but I would still like to win them for a friend! Good concept.

    themeimlookingfor at yahoo dot com

  3. I was sicker with my second one too. Probably the fatigue of taking care of a one and half year old

  4. Good timing...I am miserable with morning sickness right now. I've found that Starlight Mints help somewhat, but I would love to give Preggie Pops a try.

  5. Did you know that you can also get "morning sickness" during menopause? Thrilling, huh? So if you missed it during preganancy you may still get to experiance the "joys" of this disorder later :)

  6. I only got sick twice during my whole pregnancy--yes you can hate me--I wonder will I be so lucky the second time around?

  7. I threw up stomach acid my whole pregnancy the docs said it wasnt morning sickness so wouldnt give me nothing. Well kinda funny only threw up about 4 hours straight after waking up then i was fine. We are trying for #2 now so these would be great to have.

  8. I am 7 weeks pregnant and starting morning sickness. I have been drinking ginger ale in the morning but I would love to try the pops.

  9. With my first pregnancy, I had morning sickness (mostly at night, lol), and I'm hoping the second time around will be a bit better. I've never heard of these pops, I'd bet they'd come in handy.

  10. I'd love to win this for my cousin who's been struggling with morning sickness. Teas have been helping, but these look super convenient to carry in a purse.

  11. I would love to have these for a friend to ward off her morning sickness! The poor thing has a toddler and she's so tired and sick...she feels like she's being a bad mommy not playing with him all the time. Anything I could do to make her feel better would be great! Thanks for the opportunity!

    [email protected]

  12. we are expecting our first in a couple months and this pops are just what we need! I would have to try em to beleive they work of course :)

  13. ok- these stories make me cringe just thinking about what might be coming my way! YIKES! These sound like lifesavers and I've had several friends swear by them. Thanks!

  14. I desperately need to find a solution quickly for my all-day nausea because my thirteen-month old is not getting my best each day!

  15. This would be great for my daughter, pregnant with her second so she doesn't need morning sickness keeping her from chasing my granddaughter around

  16. My girlfriend is 4 weeks pregnant and MISERABLE. I would love to give these to her as she does not like to take prescription medication

  17. I absolutely LOVED Preggie Pops and Drops during the first few months of my pregnancy! I never got really sick when I was pregnant, but I definitely didn't feel good for about 3 months. I would highly recommend these as well! They gave me a very soothing feeling when I felt yucky. I especially liked the peppermint and ginger ones.

  18. I don't need these - but I'll just throw in here that the best remedy for my morning sickness was hot ginger tea. I suffer from morning sickness but not near as bad as some women (including you) and for that I'm grateful!

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