Review: Wave Rider 12 by Mizuno

wave rider 12 mizuno womensI don't spend top dollar on very many apparel items.

Shoes are an exception.

Especially running shoes.

I need running shoes with ample support, plenty of cushioning, and lightweight breathability since I wear them several times a week. The Wave Riders by Mizuno fit that description. The pillowy bottom absorbs shock and the mesh molds around my foot gracefully. Best of all, their snazzy style is commendable. The silver/virtual red stands out...and they're equally well-suited for 5Ks or jaunts around the neighborhood.

WIN IT! One winner will receive a pair of Wave Riders by Mizuno. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, June 1 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #191 Jacqueline in Atlanta. Congratulations!

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273 comments on “Review: Wave Rider 12 by Mizuno”

  1. Hey. I rec'd the Mizuno Wave Runners today.
    Wow, what a cool looking pair of shoes.
    Can't wait until tomorrow morning's walk to try these babies out!
    Thanks again for having the giveaway!

  2. I agree. Shoes are the one thing that I spend a bit more money on. You don't want sore feet while your trying to work out or even just everyday shoes. The condition of your feet affect a lot of your body.

  3. I have designs on those shoes! My plans are to run, run, run this summer and show up at the school next year to volunteer as a super-fit mama.

  4. Your term "pillowy bottom" describing the sole of the shoe makes me think you actually have pillows attached to the bottom of the shoes. I think that would slow you down.

  5. Those look like awesome running shoes. I just started running again, and could really use them.

  6. This would make a great gift for my gf. She likes to run and these also look fashionable. Thank you for the giveaway.

  7. those are some really cool looking shoes i have a pair of reeboks about 5 years but i still love them :)

  8. My son told me he was embarassed to be seen with me. It is time to lose the extra 50 lbs that I am carrying around.

  9. My running shoes are practically in pieces. These are so cute, I'd love them as a replacement!

  10. These look like they would be great support for me. I am recovering from spinal surgery and need help with getting back to walking regularly. Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. I just recently started running. My goal is to run the Race Against Breast Cancer 5K. My boyfriend laughs at me when I tell him that having clean, pretty running shoes motivates me and these would definitely do the trick!

  12. Those shoes look so comfortable! They would look great on me while running and playing tennis this summer!

  13. I always try to buy the most comfortable shoes. You can buy cheap shirts and pants, but always buy good shoes.

  14. These are nice looking shoes that would be perfect for me. I'm new at power walking for exercise and I could wear these and do it in style.

  15. I LOVE this brand of shoes! I bought a pair over 2 years ago (to start running after I had my first daughter) and since then, they have become my regular walking shoes and are sooo worn out! I would love to get another pair!

  16. I am training for the Boston Marathon ... also, I need new shoes and the pink Mizuno shoe looks so good ... I am sitting here "manifesting" a pair just like that on my feet as I do the run. Super giveaway, thank you.

  17. I live a half mile from a 72 mile bike/walking path. My shoes just can't hold up to the intensity of being out there as often as I would like to be. Unfortunately, I have a hard time putting out the money on a good quality pair of shoes. These look great.

  18. I'd love to win a pair of Wave Riders, they seem to be quality made and any feet would be happy to have them adorn them.


  19. I just got started in running, I am at a 12 minute mile, I guess not to bad for someone with back problems!

  20. My shoes are dirty and falling apart. I never buy running shoes too often, I usually go for something not so practical so I'd love to win these, they look comfortable and cute!

  21. I haven't bought myself a new pair of shoes in... forever. My 2-year-old, however, has a million pairs of shoes for every occasion, how does that happen? These look really comfortable and stylish! Thanks!

  22. I have weird feet. I'm not a runner, I walk for my heart health and my weight, but it seems that I can't find a shoe that does't allow the bottom of my weirdly shaped toes from getting blisters.

    I would love a chance to try something new. Thanks!

  23. I am so guilty of not replacing my shoes often enough and I know my feet are paying the price for it. These look cute and sound great.

  24. I am a fitness walker and I need a good pair of sport shoes that absorb shock. These look like they are comfortable and I like the description.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  25. I'm always looking for comfortable shoes (since I try to walk everywhere instead of driving) and these certainly look durable and comfortable! Thanks for the chance to win them, size 8 please!

  26. I am in need to lose weight and I just started walking but no good shoes. I would love to win these to help in my weight loss journey

  27. i have started to run again and i cant seem to find shoes that fit right, i dont know why. i think i am getting non running shoes and just athletic ones, great informative info! thanks!!

  28. I blew out my knee about 3 years ago and have FINALLY gotten it to the point where I can do physical activity again. Yes, it took a whole 3 years!

    I am looking into jogging and running as a way to get back in shape since heavy lifting and most parts of the gym are off limits, but i really really need a good pair of shoes!


  29. Admittedly I am more of a walker than a runner, but it is always important to have a good quality pair of shoes for either activity.

  30. I am constantly buying new shoes for my teen skater sons, so I NEVER get around to buying myself a pair. I would LOVE to win these!!

    [email protected]

  32. I've heard about Mizuno footwear, but haven't tried them yet. These look like the perfect choice for me, the way you described them...that pillowy bottom...sounds great :)
    When you have an awesome pair of running shoes you are much more motivated to do your exercise routine regularly!

  33. I could really use a new pair of running shoes. I never seem to spend the extra money buying myself "good" running shoes!

  34. I could use a new pair of shoes specially since i'm about to have baby #2 and plan on starting my walking/jogging routine again.

  35. These are *really* nice shoes! We have a trip planned and it's coming up fast. We'll be doing a lot more walking than usual and my poor feet would definitely benefit from good shoes. :-)

    I agree that when it comes to shoes, the best really do make a difference. When shoes are not supportive enough, it can cause all kinds of ailments, starting with spine problems.

  36. These Wave Riders by Mizuno sound like the perfect shoes to wear for jogging and I really can use a new pair. I have been trying to kick things up a notch with my running routine and so far so good, I have gone from running only 3 days a week to now running 4-5 days. I am still only at 4 miles each run, and working my way up to 5 and 6, that's my goal to reach by the end of the summer! Thanks so much for the chance to enter.

  37. I have found that running is the easiest way for me to lose weight, however you must have good footwear so save your knees.

  38. These are great looking shoes and I'd love to have a pair of really good shoes for the exercise program I've just begun.

  39. Lightweight, cushioning support and snazzy... that pretty much sums up what I'm looking for in a (size 7.5) running shoe! :)

  40. I'm coming back after a layoff and am on a limited budget, I once owned a pair of Mizuno's and like them a lot. Sure would like another pair.

  41. these look so comfy my sneaks make my feet feel hot and after awhile I can't wait to take them off

  42. I walk constantly and aspire to run marathons, someday. These great, supportive shoes would be a blessing. Thanks for the chance, and God bless you.

  43. Shoes are something I've never splurged on for myself. I want to start walking to help me lose weight and I was going to opt for a cheap pair of dollar store shoes, but now I have a chance to get a pair that would benefit me better. Thanks for this giveaway.

  44. I have recently lost approximately 35 pounds after getting up and getting off the couch!! My shoes are wearing thin and a new pair like this would be super!! and also continue to encourage me with daily exercise.

  45. It's past time for me to get some new athletic shoes and these look great. Maybe they'd provide some motivation for me to get out there more often! Thanks for the giveaway.

  46. I would like to try a different brand of running shoes (addicted to Asics) so I think it would good to try these out. And they're pretty too! I'm tired of running in boring not so pretty shoes hahaha!

  47. Oh, I'd love to win a pair of running shoes!

    I have a pair of Nike Shox that I adore. I'm not a runner, so I can't say for sure if they would be good for that, but I do take long walks and do lots of cardio wearing them. A new pair that offered the same all-important-comfort would be fantastic!

  48. I have no running shoes. I'd love to start running with my husband, and this would be a great excuse! Then I'd be back in shape again too, which I really need to do.

  49. I'm recovering from surgery to repair an Achilles tendon tear. What a pain! I really need a good pair of shoes to protect my foot when I can put another shoe on!

  50. I desperately need new running shoes. I walk almost every day and I have not had new shoes in forever. The other day I stepped on a rock and said, "ouch!" That's when I noticed they had worn clear through in a couple of places. I said, "time to go shopping", but still have not. I hate shopping for tennis shoes. Clothes, yes. Fun shoes, yes. Tennis and walking shoes, no.

    Thanks for having the giveaway!

  51. You are so right! I am willing to pay more for good, supportive running shoes too. I love the look of the mizunos too, I wasn't familiar with them before reading your review - thanks!~

  52. I've wanted to take up running for some time and these would really help motivate me and make it much easier. Every time I try my feet hurt so badly, I know its the cheap shoes I have.

  53. I'm a runner and you are right, the "right" shoe makes a big difference. thanks for the nice giveaway!

  54. I'm in desperate need of some new running shoes as I'm starting Couch-to-5K when I get over this flu-like illness! Those look comfy!

  55. I really like the look of these shoes. I also love how lightweight they are supposed to be-- they seem like training shoes with the weight of racing shoes. Nice!

  56. I really want to get into running but with my hip pain I am hesitant. These might be great shoes to try to decrease the effects of running/walking on my hims.

  57. I was told a long time ago by my podiatrist to buy good shoes. And so I do. I have not tried these. They have what I am looking for: both style and they look like they would provide a lot of support and comfort. I would really like to try them. Thank you.

  58. Hi, my boyfriend is a runner and maybe if I had some proper shoes I could join him with his hobby. It would be good if we could spend more time together as I am leaving to work in another city soon and we will have to do the long distance thing. I think running together would be good for us.

  59. New running shoes would be great! I bought my last pair at Ross and...they are ok...not great...they get the job done. But I certainly would like to have functioning knees when I am 70.

  60. Oh my goodness could I use some new tennis shoes :) Seems like there's always more important things to buy than new shoes for Mom!! These really look and sound comfortable.... I've never owned a pair of Mizunos.... Thanks for doing this giveaway!!

  61. I could use some new shoes to get my postpartum rear end back in to shape! Thanks for the giveaway! Mizuno's are the best brand, too!

  62. Those are spiffy looking shoes, and a brand that I would trust. I don't do a lot of running, but I'm on the 1,000 steps a day routine, so I take at least two walks a day and my current shoes are starting to show some wear. Thanks for the chance!

  63. Oh I so need these babies, my current pair have been on their last legs for a while long in fact, I don't think you can call it "legs" anymore...

  64. I've recently injured my knee and am just now getting over it. I've always wanted to start running and the weather is perfect to do that. I've just never had much luck finding the right pair of shoes. Maybe I'll have to try these.

  65. I have never tried Mizuno running shoes. I do need a new pair for the summer. Those look like pretty good shoes for running.

  66. I am training to run a 10 mile race at the end of August and I could definitely use some new shoes. This would just be awesome! Thanks for the chance!

  67. I, like you, conserve my spending for a GREAT pair of running, or cross-traing shoes. It's not a luxury, it's your feet, health and well-being!
    whammyammy AT yahoo DOT com

  68. I would love some real running shoes as my current tennis shoes are more playground shoes and not so good for exercising anymore. Thanks, Maureen

  69. My girlfriend is in some serious need of new shoes, especially running shoes. Now that it's summer we need to go outside and walk/jog.

  70. My running shoes are old and the soles worn down so badly that I get shin splints every time I try to run, which means I don't run very often. I would love a new pair (can't afford them right now) so I can get back into shape!

  71. Those are really nice shoes. I am re-starting my running after having foot surgery. A new pair of shoes would help so much.

  72. I am pregnant and I really think I am going to need some super-comfortable shoes before too long! These are awesome!

  73. My running shoes don't fit quite right and are (I believe) eight-ish years old. I could probably stand a new pair, whether I win or not.

  74. I need a new pair of shoes. Mine are old and really need to be replaced. I love the colors on these!

  75. That's some funky looking shock absorption! Seriously, I am desperately in need of new running shoes. Mine aren't falling apart yet but they have been through many miles.

    I'm enjoying all your fitness related posts this week!

  76. So the fabulous (sarcasm) shoes I wore to run a 10K ended up smashing my bog toe so much that I ended up losing my toe nail! I had to paint the skin all summer so no one would notice! I need a good pair of running shoes now!

  77. I am really trying to get back into working out. Now that the weather is getting nice and warm I want to start walking/jogging/running in the park. These shoes would be a great assest to my workouts and help me to exercise more!

  78. My last pair of running shoes quite literally just fell apart - these would be a great replacement

  79. Running shoes is an awesome giveaway for moms. I mean i know that I am constantly running after my little girl, surprisingly my son isnt the one who makes me chase him.

  80. What a great giveaway! I am a personal trainer, and very active everyday but as a new Mommy have slacked on buying myself some new shoes and they are so important !! Thanks for this opportunity!

  81. Due to DVT I am unable to do a few of thing exercises I did prior but I can still get out there and walk and even chase after little kids (which I do a lot). These would be the extra comfort I need especially with bone spurs and the like.

  82. Awesome shoes!! That's the one thing I don't skrimp on either. Good running shoes are a must. Especially since I have darn bunions!! Argh. I'm only 28!!!

  83. I have needed new sneakers for so long! I have really started to start walking/jogging...but my sneaks are DEAD. Since I have recently lost my job (and LOVE Mizunos), this would be an incredible giveaway to win.

  84. My current tennis shoes are green (from mowing the lawn) and seperating from the sole. They are sad! :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  85. Your recent posts couldn't have come at a better time for me, as I'm a beginning runner!

    Honestly, it sounds vain, but when I have cute shoes/clothes for running, it seriously makes me want to go out and do it. I'd love to win these!

  86. The last few years I have bought running shoes that have not provided the support for my feet as advertised.
    I am not going to be running any races, but I do walk around the neighborhood daily.

  87. I simply don't own a pair of sneakers, and i really need them, i intend on getting a treadmill to add to my workout routine and honestly i don't want to get on it bare feet lol.
    So those would be awesome, i would definitely love to win them :)

  88. It's so true that you need ample support. I worked out yesterday in terrible sneakers and i really felt it in my heels.

  89. These would be awesome! My husband is currently training for a full marathon and has been trying to get me to take up running too. This would be a great start since I don't own any appropriate shoes! Thanks for the chance!!

  90. I have never been one to pay a lot for shoes until last year when I had to buy some expensive walking shoes at the request of my podiatrist. Makes all the difference in the world I came to discover.

  91. I'm hard on running shoes and need great support for my plantars fascia so these look great and I'm due for a new pair.


  92. I think you're right about good shoes being worth the price. But I've never bought a good pair of tennis shoes, thinking, 'If I don't end up working out like I plan, then I'll have wasted the money'. BUT, maybe,if I had the money invested already, it would be a good motivator to be faithful with excercising!

  93. I do a walk, the a run, then walk, then run routine. I need some good shoes. Mine are falling apart.

  94. i could use a new pair of running shoes...i've been trying to get in better shape post baby and new shoes might be just the thing to inspire me!

  95. My wife plans to get back into running (she qualified for our city's marathon at one point!!) this summer, after giving birth to our son 18 months ago. These shoes would help her immensely, they seem perfect for running in the park. Thanks!

  96. I love love love running shoes! The cushioning can't be beat. I need a new pair badly and you have motivated me to get ride of my post-baby bod! What a good way to start!

  97. I would love to win. The kids always get new shoes for everyday and sports and as a mom we always get our stuff put off. Big fan of Mizuno.

  98. I do spend money on good shoes - my back, hips and knees really appreciate the investment. My tennis shoes are getting worn out so a new pair would be awesome, these sound super-comfy!

  99. Sorry you men out there...
    It should be noted that the Mizuno Wave Rider 12 is a woman's shoe and comes in sizes 6-12 Regular and Narrow (2A) Widths.

    My fave is the Silver/Gunmetal-Virtual Red, size 11 if I'm lucky enough to win.

  100. After visiting the site, I've decided the 'dynamotion fit' and 'ortholite' are my two favorite features. I also love both color options! Decisions, decisions, decisions, I'll promise I'll figure it out by the time I win! ;)

  101. I am looking for a show with great shock absorption. I think these would work well for me!

    Thank you.

  102. I run 3 miles 3-4 times a week and my shoes (New Balance) although pretty comfy, are getting old. I'd love to win these and keep on running!

  103. I started running back in November (currently on hiatus due to injury). The right shoes really make a difference. Running shoes, especially if you're actually using them for running, is one thing you cannot skimp on.

  104. i used mizuno wave riders as my half-marathon trainers back in 2006, before i was pregnant. still have the same pair since i kinda quit running about the time i learned i was pregnant....let's just say i'm a bit overdue for a new pair. once i got fit for mizuno waves at a local running specialty store, i instantly departed from my decade-long loyalty to another brand. i'll always choose mizuno because of their generous toe box, and cushion technology that lasts for endurance training. it may cost a little more up front, but they last longer which makes them a more economical choice. my top choice!

  105. I agree about NOT stinting on buying quality when it comes to shoes - especially runners. My workout clothes may be in tatters but if my feet are happy so am I.

  106. I'm more of an aerobics person, but I think should probably do a little more cross-training, which includes running. These shoes would be great!

  107. I also will not scrimp on shoes. Good footwear is essential to painfree life! And great for posture too, especially during workouts. I've never tried this brand of shoe but it sounds good!

  108. I hear good things about the Mizuno--my husband trains in these. I have been a Brooks girl since my high school and college cross country days. They sustained me well during marathon-training, so I am pretty loyal to Brooks, but would definitely give another brand a try!

  109. I have recently started working out again and really need some sneaks; these look wonderful! Thank you!

  110. I am also a walker and it is better to have 2 pairs pf walking shoes instead of one, plus my other one pair looks tired!!!!!


  111. wooo hoo! some exercise equipment!! right up my alley -- my wedding is in 12 days (had i mentioned that before?) so i've been hitting up the gym HARD core - in my 5 year old nikes....they work, but i'm sure don't look as great as these wave riders! =)

    autumn398 (at)

  112. I love a good walk around the neighborhood! I can never get a shoe that I really like! Maybe if I win these shoes would be the answer!

  113. I'm just a recreational outdoor person but it is important to have a good pair of shoes regardless of how fast (or slow in my case) you may go. My hubby loves this brand and only runs with them so I would love to give them a try too.

  114. I'm the walker but my daughter is the runner. Every day. She goe4s through running shoes every 4-5 months.I am not6 familiar with this brand but they look like they would hold up well.

  115. These running shoes look great! My present pair is in sad need of replacing. It like that the pillowy bottom absorbs shock and the silver/red colors.

    Thanks for the chance to win a new pair!!

  116. I could really use a new pair of running shoes. My current pair is not that old and due to not being allowed to run right now due to injuries they do not have a lot of miles on them, BUT I wear them almost all weekend long for support. I really need a new pair of shoes so I can trade them out (one for walking around and normal chores and one for working out).

  117. My heart condition needs to be improved, and my current shoes are ... shot. This would be a huge boon to my health! Thanks for the contest.

  118. After a long illness, I have just gotten back into working out and could really use a new pair of sneaks. I love the support on these. thanks.

  119. I would love new running shoes to get me motovated...and these are so snazzy! looking. Thanks for the chance.

  120. my daughter will love these! (I can't run, but my kids do... Made their younger days REAL interesting for me... lol)

  121. I'm a New Balance girl but would love to give these a try.

    I am so impressed that you are running again. I'm 4 weeks postpardum and can't wait to get going again. I keep thinking I'm ready and then I do a power walk to the park and realize I might need to give my body a little more recovery time. Until then, crunches and push-ups will have to do.

  122. These look as if they would be perfect for me. I really like their looks, and from your review, I think they would give both the comfort and the support I need.

  123. I'm with you! I will skimp on my clothing or even buy used clothing, except when it comes to running shoes (and underwear)!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  124. i am expecting my 4th baby in 6 weeks. as soon as i am able, i plan on taking up running for health reasons, weight loss and as an outlet (i will need one with 4 kids :P) the shoes i have currently are about to "talk" to me.

  125. Jeff and I have very recently decided to take a stab at another 5k. The one we're doing is nearly a year away but it's never too early to get started with the training right? Especially when we have to work around these hot desert temps.

    My running shoes are over a year old. I'm so awful. I'd much rather spend my clothing dollah on cute summer dresses and wedge sandals. Spending $ on running shoes is almost as fun as spending it on toilet paper and Pledge dusting spray if you ask me. You can understand, then, why I'd be oh so pleased to snag a pair of fancy shoes in your giveaway...:)

  126. I need a new pair. My current ones are at least 9 years old and I hate them. I will have to keep an eye for this brand to see how they fit.

  127. I agree with you that spending money on shoes is important. I have a neuroma in my foot and found that much of my pain can be alleviated by spending a bit more on proper fitting shoes.

  128. I love the look of these shoes. I have been trying to get out on the trails more these days and these would be great for that.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  129. I've been training for a half marathon and I can feel that the fluff has left my old shoes. Thanks for sharing!

  130. I have very flat feet and lower back problems, which can make exercising a real challenge for me. Like you I need something that's both lightweight and supportive.

  131. I am embarassed to admit that I don't even know how old my "running" shoes are. But they are not that comfortable, so I wouldn't be sad to say bye-bye!

  132. Just like everyone else, this Grammy could use a new pair of quality shoes for her 'barking puppies'!! Happy Dad's Day Gentlemen....

  133. I'm a gym gal and I have a pair of shoes that feel like they are slipping when I walk on the treadmill. Great on the elliptical but my feet aren't really moving.

  134. i have mizuno running shoes right now (not sure if they are waverunner but i think so) and am in desperate need of a new pair! i've had a lot of success with mine and would to get another similar pair. thanks!

  135. I'm dying for a new pair of running shoes. I own an old pair that I bought a long time ago...long before I knew anything about running. I just grabbed the cheapest shoes I could find and thought I would be fine. Well, I'm training for a half marathon right now and these shoes are so old and NOT made for running very far. My husband says that I can make it through the race without buying a brand new pair. In his mind, if they're not falling apart, they will work. Please help a girl out!

  136. would love to start exercising again but need a good pair of shoes to do it in
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  137. I am definitely in need of new running shoes and would love the opportunity to try these. Thanks for the giveaway!

  138. I just started a walking routine with the hopes of turning it into a running routine. I will definitely need a nice pair of running shoes. Thanks!

  139. I am starting to run again in an attempt to build up my fitness and strengthen my heart. I am looking for new running shoes and these look to be perfect - especially because I love the little pink touches!

  140. I totally need running shoes. mine are almost flat on the bottom. I've even been wanting to try Mizunos. How exciting. Please please please...I neeeeeeeeeeeed them. no really, I really do. I mean it. I was supposed to go shoe shopping today...but soooo hard to get away from/with the kiddos. did I mention I need them. Plus, I'll use them daily as I try to get these last 15 lbs off! ugh!!!

  141. I would love to have a new pair of running shoes. My bootcamp instructor says that your shoes are only good for a few hundred miles and I'd have to say that my shoes are just about spent. The "pillowy" feel sounds very appealing to me!

  142. I don't run but I heard that running shoes are great for walking too. The support is better and the shock absorption too. Any shoe that relieves stress on the joints is a winner with me!

  143. I'm diabetic so it is very important what shoes I wear. These would be absolutely fantastic for support and comfort. It also says it relieves stress on ankles and knees which I really need at my age. They are also gorgeous and don't look like the ugly diabetic shoes my doctor prescribes! I really would love to have a pair of your awesome shoes!

  144. Shoes are so important when you're running or walking. I have more problems with my feet when I get a poor shoe. These sound great.

  145. my best friend and i have been walking for the last month and we quickly realized that shoes do matter! we have tried several brands but not found the "right shoe" yet! would love to try these out! together we walked off 27 pounds last month :)
    thanks so much!!

  146. These are beautiful shoes -- they look perfect for getting in shape :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  147. Oooooo, sparkly shoes. Maybe if I had pretty sparkly shoes I'd be motivated to actually work out regularly, Lol!

  148. I'm trying to loose weight. I have been walking with my dog. These shoes sond like heaven! And you right they are stylin'.

  149. I ran for many years -- so many I can't count them. And I wore Mizunos all those years. I still wear them as I exercise now on the elliptical -- they are the best. Oh, I want to win this one!

  150. these are so pretty. i have trouble with my feet hurting and i like the support and comfort of a running shoe.

  151. I've always enjoyed running, but have never trained for a marathon (5K or half... definitely not a full one in the horizon!). The running shoes I currently have are 5 years old and I absolutely hate them!! I'm 8 months pregnant right now, so they've been retired for good now. I had decided that once the baby is born I am going out and buying new shoes so I can get my body back and enjoy runs around the neighborhood again. Getting a jump start with these shoes would be perfect!!

  152. I are very important. What you look like is not all that, but how you feel standing/running/walking all day is prime. Love the shoes.

  153. I am pregnant with baby #2 and these would be great for trying to get rid of all that baby weight! Our community has a nice lake to walk around, so I'm invisioning a jog around the lake with my two beauties! Thanks so much!

  154. I would love to win these - I need new running shoes again because mine are starting to have an angled bottom. I tend to wear down the bottoms of my shoes unevenly and then if I wear the same pair too often I get excruciating pain in my hip.

  155. While walking and jogging lightly I am picky with the shoes I wear as comfort is the priority. I have never tried this brand and it would be an opportunity to try them out.

  156. I'm trying to lose weight, so these sneaks would really be an asset to my fitness regimen. Thanks for the chance to win.

  157. I have been running for decades and quality shoes like these are a must for injury prevention!

  158. I am about to start a new workout program and I need a good pair of running shoes. I don't know if I've ever even owned a good pair and would love to try these out!

  159. These shoes sound amazing and I love the way they look! I have problems with my knees and would love some good running shoes! Thanks for the giveaway!

  160. Ohhhh, I need need need new running shoes!! I am usually an Adidas girl, but I'll gladly try out a new pair of free kicks!

  161. i was so ready to become a runner. I was in the right frame of mind to start. Then I broke my leg and now I am the proud owner of a plate & 4 screws and a big pin! I'm ready to start up walking , at least. I always love good advice for supportive shoes! I'd love to win, but at least I know some good shoes! Thanks!

  162. I love Mizuno Wave Riders. For the last 3 years each time I go to the running store I buy 2 pair! Except this last time...this new mama's on a budget. They are still a great value, though, imo. And I'd love to win a pair.

  163. I haven't had new shoes in 3 years... and am in desperate need of them. But, unfortunately, they are at the bottom of the financial priority list. Perhaps someday... :-)

  164. I have a hard time finding tennis shoes I can wear. My feet get so hot they burn themselves, which of course makes me very uncomfortable. Even if I don't win the contest (I never do!) I might check these out anyway!

  165. My running shoes are old & worn out - my hubby has been out of work since Jan. so can't justify buying a new pair just now! What a great pair of shoes!

  166. I started exercising a lot more using my wii...but have now started a new active game and feel like I need a pair of comfy supportive sneakers to wear while doing it...these sound really nice....the pair I have now actually hurt my feet most of the time when I wear them.

  167. I need these so bad! Erin from Ifyougiveamomamoment referred me to your site after reading my post about my horrible shoes. (pictures included) I want to be a runner so bad and I'm thinking that if I had just the right shoe I could attempt it. I just may have to invest in some of these if I don't have the opportunity of winning them.

  168. The last two pairs of shoes I bought have rubbed in odd places, making it hard to exercise for long periods (ie get a decent workout regularly). But then, I've never gone out to buy the really good kind.

  169. Workout shoes are not something I skimp on. After knee issues and then purchasing a great pair of shoes, I hardly have knee issues any more. It's amazing what a good pair of shoes can do for you.

    I have never heard of that company but the shoes look awesome. Love the fun colors.

  170. i heart new running shoes!!! good shoes definitely make a difference in comfort and performance when running... especially if they're being used several times a week. the last thing you want to worry about when going out for a run is uncomfortable shoes or sore feet.

  171. My sister and I are planning on running in our first 5k together and have just started training. We are going to participate in a Run for the Cure 5k in honor of our lovely Mom who died from Breast Cancer at age 49.

    The shoes are awesome!

  172. I would love to have a pair like these. I do a step aerobics class three times a week and would love to start running as well.

  173. WOW! Just this weekend I went jogging and came home with the biggest blisters on my feet.

    Apparently an 18 month break after a baby is too long. Who knew?

    Great timing for me - I need new shoes!

  174. After having baby number 4 I decided to get back to running. Problem: my current running shoes are exactly 10 years old. I could really use a new pair!

  175. Okay, I'm very afraid to admit this, but - The last time I purchased running shoes was my sophomore year in college.

    That was twelve years ago.

    They have purple on them. My husband makes fun of them. I could really use a new pair!

  176. I am pregnant with my first child and would love to be able to use these to exercise with baby (a nice stroller walk around the block). These shoes look very stylish!

  177. I am training for a 10 mile run in November and would love these! I have never heard of the brand and have such a hard time finding shoes that fit! Do they sell them in stores or only online?

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