Meal Kits by Revolution Foods

I participated in an Influencer Program on behalf of Mom Central for Revolution Foods. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

This past year, our family officially entered into "the school years." We homeschooled our oldest for Kindergarten, but decided to send her to a university model school for 1st grade. Essentially, she attends school on-campus two days per week and we homeschool the other three days. It's a marvelous set-up.

On the two campus days, I pack a lunch for my daughter. It was brand new territory to me. After a bit of practice, I found that I favored the "little bit of this; little bit of that" approach. Kind of like the Bento boxes you see on Pinterest...but without the hours spent creating octopuses, alphabet letters, and matching side dishes. ;)

On an given day, I throw in: grapes, carrot sticks, whole bananas, clementine cuties, applesauce squeezes, turkey slices, cheese sticks, fruit leathers, greek yogurt, pretzels, a mini fruit salad, peanut butter pouches, or leftovers (her favorite!).


meal-kits-by-RevolutionThanks to Mom Central Consulting, I recently was introduced to the Meal Kits by Revolution Foods. There are currently four different kits available: ham & cheddar, turkey & cheddar, cheese pizza, and peanut butter & jelly.

Sold at Target, Safeway, select Whole Foods Market stores, and a number of other grocery chains, the kits pride themselves on including "no artificial anything!" All meats are humanely raised without antibiotics, nitrates, or nitrites. The cheese is made from milk not treated with the rBST growth hormone. Each kit also includes a 100% fruit snack. Essentially, it's like Lunchables - but much healthier!

Although we'll probably stick to our mix + match lunch approach for the coming school year, I can see how these kits would be fantastic in a pinch (or for a snack/lunch on a road trip!). Kudos to the two mom inventors for re-thinking the meal kit concept!

Interested in trying the Meal Kits? LIKE Revolution Foods on Facebook to stay up-to-date on news/deals and print this coupon to get $1 off a meal kit.

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