Robeez Tredz: Leather Sandals for Toddlers

Robeez Tredz: Leather Sandals for Toddlers 1When I think of "Robeez," I think of high-quality, soft, buttery leather baby booties. Robeez is really the "original" baby bootie maker in my opinion. There are tons of copycat companies (quite a few of which do an excellent job), but Robeez is an innovator and I admire that. 

Robeez Tredz: Leather Sandals for Toddlers 2This spring, Robeez launched a brand new line specifically for toddlers - Robeez Tredz ("Indoor comfort combines with outdoor protection"). The Tredz are available in 20 different styles, are lightweight and flexible, and are constructed of breathable leather (all shoes should be leather, don't you think?). They're also approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Robeez Tredz: Leather Sandals for Toddlers 3My daughter has a pair and I've been very pleased. They're stylish and soft and the bright colors make me smile. My only critique is related to the sizing. We ordered size 16-20 months. My daughter is 20 months old and they're still a bit too big. Perhaps she has small feet, but still...

Sizing aside, these shoes are an excellent option for busy toddlers (12-24 months) - especially during the summer months when the "non-slip," "water-resistant," and "breathable" qualities will come in handy.

Robeez Tredz: Leather Sandals for Toddlers 4WIN IT! One winner will receive a pair of Robeez Tredz sandals in his/her style/size choice. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post prior to Friday, May 23 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). The winner will be announced and contacted on Saturday, May 24. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #6 Belinda. Congratulations!

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223 comments on “Robeez Tredz: Leather Sandals for Toddlers”

  1. My brother and sister-in-law are always struggling to afford new shoes for my nephew, so this would be a nice gift.

  2. These shoes are so cute. I would love to win these for our baby on the way. Thanks so much for offering such a great sweepstakes!!

  3. I love a product that is designed for more than one purpose, here we have function and fashion! What a combination - thanks for the chance.

  4. I have been trying to get a pair of these for a long time now and I have not been successful yet. Would definately love a pair of these for my nephew.

  5. We love Robeez around here - the tredz would come in really handy for our two new walkers this summer.

  6. My littlest is just learning to walk - as soon as she stops walking on her knees, that is. We've been using the Robeez leather shoes and I'd love to give Tredz a try - particularly the flower sandals.

  7. I would love to win a pair of the Circles T-Strap for my daughter. We have been searching for the right summer shoes and these are perfect!

  8. These are so cute! I like them better than the regular Robeez. These would be great for my daughter. She just turned 1 a couple of weeks ago and is walking pretty well now.

  9. My youngest granddaughter would look awfully cute in these - her mom has a chocolate/pink theme for her room and most of her clothing, so I would have a lot to choose from!

  10. My "almost" 16 month old granddaughter is just walking (or should I say...starting to run)! I'd love to win a new pair of sandals for her busy little feet!

  11. hey metro mom... you're always giving away the good stuff! kudos! and i'm still trying to win a pair of the fuschia one for my daughter. she just took her fist steps so she'll be needing sandals this summer!

  12. Lots of cute styles (especially for the girls...not that we have any of those around here ;) ) With 2 boys always wanting to go outside, easy on/off shoes are a must!

  13. My daughter has out-grown her Robeez now that she is walking (and try to run) everywhere. The Tredz sandals sound like a great new choice for us this summer!

  14. I have been hearing a lot about these lately and would love to gift these to my new goddaughter. I am especially enamored by the Robeez Tredz Flower Sandal - white pair. Too cute!!!

  15. Robeez are the only shoes I can get to say on my little guy. Now we could keep shoes on outside! Thanks!

  16. I have bought robeez for my neices (I did not know of them when my daughter was younger) I would love to win the Robeez Tredz Flower Sandal - white for my neice/goddaughter that has a bday comin up soon

  17. Oh, I would love a pair of these for my son. He's just started walking and the sandals I found at payless are really heavy and clunky for him. It seems he's always tripping. :( I hope they have wide though as he's got cute little fat feet!

  18. Not long ago, we had a baby girl. There is a 5 year age difference between her and her next oldest sister. It's been amazing this time around seeing all of the wonderful things that have been developed for babies and children that were not around (or at least not prevelant) 5 years ago! I have heard and read so much about Robeez - including this new line. I am so pleased with everything I have learned about this company. Thank you for the chance to win!

  19. My daughter turned 7 yesterday and I hadnt heard of these shoes for her. Wish I had tho...they look so cute and look like they would last. I would love to try these out for my son for sure!
    bvbabybv at

  20. My son doesn't have any shoes yet, these would be great especially since he is almost walking

  21. I have a pair of Robeez for my kid already and they are super. Would like to have his next size up

  22. The little boys shoes on the Robeez website are ridiculously cute! I love how well designed their shoes are for little feet.

  23. I really need these for my youngest - especially now that we are spending more time outside. I love the traditional Robeez and was so excited when I heard about the new line. I would definitely get the Fuschia flower sandals- perfect for summer!

  24. I really likRobeez T-Strap - and I have the Robeez T-Strap - metallic pink shoes in my view if we win. They're adorable and what better than someone shiny for little one. Love your contests and I'm going to add you to my side bar! Thanks.

  25. I have been lusting after these shoes for my granddaughter. Her middle name is Dove and they have a pair with a little bird on each shoe!

  26. My daughter got a pair of Robeez for her first birthday, and we were very impressed with the quality. I really like the look of their tredz sandals and would be thrilled to win a pair for her. Thanks!

  27. I'm really interested in the brown sandals for my 1-year-old son (whose birthday is today!). Very cute!

  28. I love Robeez and can't wait until my baby boy arrives so I can deck him out! There's no rule that says only girls can have the market on great shoes, right? :-)

  29. I havent tried robeez yet but would love too since heard so many great things about them

  30. I wish they would have came out with these when my daughter was little. She's 2 1/2 now and they don't come in her size and she no longer fits into Robeez! It's so hard to find good quality shoes that allow her feet to flex so she's not waddling like a penguin. I'm looking forward to buying these for my son though.

  31. I am so sad that my daughter's toes are pushing the ends of her cute brown and pink Robeez. I'd love to get a pair that would fit her busy running feet now!

  32. I love the flower sandals. They would go so well with all my daughter's spring dresses. Thank you!

  33. My sister is 30 weeks and on bed rest. things are a little scary for her Would love to win these for her and make her smile

  34. These are the cutest shoes! I love them, just wish I could afford them for my little growth spurts!

  35. I never have tried these for my son, but I think I will have to for summer. He is such an active little guy and his feet sweat like crazy in regular tennis shoes. One time his feet were bright red when I took his shoes off after a few hours at the park. They are expensive though, so I'm going to have to try to figure out which pair would be best. Those sandals are adorable. Did I understand right that they are waterproof?

  36. I love Robeez, but have always quit using them when my kids started walking. (Always to switch to a shoe with a hard bottom) So GLAD they finally are making one! Thanks!


  37. I have had my eye on the Robeez Tredz Flower Sandal in fuchsia for a while. I want them for my granddaughter!

  38. Robeez Tredz Classic Sandal in brown is my favorite. Very cute and looks comfortable. My son would look so adorable in them.

  39. I (((heart))) Robeez! I had no idea they were making them in toddler sizes now. They would be perfect for our little one who hates shoes ;)

  40. My son had the most adorable dino Robeez, and my daughter would look stunning in a metallic pink pair!

  41. My littlest daughter would look great sporting a pair of these leather sandles...count me in PLEASE!!!

  42. My toddler goes through shoes so fast, thanks for the opportunity.


  43. I loved Robeez for my son when he was an infant. Now he is a walking, talking toddler, and I want a sandal that is comfortable and durable. Hope I win a pair of Robeez!

  44. I absolutely love Robeez!!! If I win I would get the Robeez Tredz flower sandal in white. Thank you so much for this giveaway!
    Good luck to all!

  45. My favorite are the Robeez Tredz Classic Sandal in brown. We have the regular Robeez Tredz and LOVE them! Thanks.

  46. I'd love to have the Tredz Sandals in either the brown or navy for Gabriel.He is just starting to hold on and walk around everything.He has worn the dragons and teddybears...they are the most wonderful soft shoes.Love Robeez!

  47. Adorable shoes! I have never seen them before. Have a new grandbaby due in Nov and my daughter could use these!

  48. I recently bought Sarina her first pair of Robeez Tredz. They do run huge! I had to return the first one and get a smaller size, and it's still big. But I love the shoes!

  49. Oh My! I hadn't seen their sandals, yet. Too adorable. Your daughter looks so cute in hers.
    She is really growing up. I know how that goes.
    Please enter me in your drawing. Much appreciated,

  50. Oh, I've always been a big fan of Robeez shoes. They actually stay on my baby's feet and they have so many cute styles! I've seen these new Tredz around town quite a bit and want to try them out!

  51. I am a robeez lover. That said, they last so long that I only have 3 pairs and plan to continue re-using them. Another pair to throw into the mix would be awesome.

  52. These are such great shoes. My niece has Robeez and loves them but needs a more solid sole for playing outside. Perfect shoe.

  53. My kids live in Robeez, they are so comfortable and easy for the m to walk in. I am very happy they now have a line of sandals.

  54. These would be perfect for my little one who is due at the end of summer. Thanks for the contest!

  55. These look so comfy. I bet they would make a great addition to my daughter's summer wardrobe!

  56. My granddaughter would look adorable in these. It's so hard to find good sandals that don't hurt her feet and will stand up to the wear and tear our little tomboy puts them through.

  57. I like Soft Star Shoes, but, damn, they're expensive. If Robeez actually makes a nice outdoor shoe for walkers, at a reasonable price, that would make me happy. I'd love to give them a shot!

  58. What cute and fun looking shoes. Love that they come in so many different styles and colors. But I really like the classic white.
    Robeez Sandal - white

  59. The robeez shoes are all really cute. Our female shoe obsessions transfer nicely to helping little ones with their own shoe needs! I really like the classic sandal in navy. Seems the most versatile and good for a boy or girl.

  60. I love the Robeez sandals pink flower fuschia..for my niece who only wears pink at the moment
    3beez at bellsouth dot net

  61. I would love to have a pair of these sandals for my youngest son this summer! They are great shoes!

  62. I love robeez and my daughter always gets compliments when she wears hers. I am looking to get her another pair though! =)

  63. I love Robeez because they're not only adorable, they're practical. They let the little feet grow happy.

  64. Just found out about these shoes while searching online for a present for my coworker who is about to have a baby. The reviews on these shoes are very positive.

  65. I love robeez (they are great for when they just start to walk), we have the mermaid, flowers and white bows but we have not tried the tredz, if I won I think I would pick the Robeez Tredz Flower Sandal - white

  66. I have heard great things about Robeez but have never tried them. I like the flower sandals, they look so comfy.

  67. wow thay are so sweet i realy love the little white and brown and pink one's you have here on your site and i would love to try and win a pair for my litle one thanks

  68. Those Classic White ones are perfect for any, park, walking, etc. I love how open they are too, especially during the hot summer months. No one likes sweaty feet...LOL!

  69. Sweet Sandals!! I can just picture my sweet baby girl during her first outing at the Jersey shore, walking the boardwalk for the first time in these awesome Robeez! The thought is so precious it makes me smile!

  70. These sandles are so adorable. I would choose the Robeez Sandal - sand. Thanks for this giveaway.

  71. My son had a really cute pair with lizards on them that he loved. My daughter is just about ready to start walking, I think for her the sandal style is way cuter and will go better with Sunday dresses. So cute!

  72. Oh how I need these shoes. My daughter goes through shoes so fast they way she wears them out by dragging her feet. adascandlelight at yahoo dot com

  73. I can't speak to the Tredz, but the regular Robeez seem to be sized correctly for my son. Anyway, he'd love a pair of Tredz sandles for the summer!

  74. Wow, I did not expect them to be so cute. I like a couple of the girls sandal styles, the colors are very cute for the summer!

  75. I keep wanting to try these, but haven't wanted to shell out the dough:) Hope it is our lucky day! My little guy could use some leather sandals.

  76. I just saw these at a store (the one that sells bumGenius btw - still thinking that way?) and thought they were super cute. I still need to get my big girl some summer shoes. It'd be great to win these since they're not in our budget for kiddo footwear. She's got small feet too and fit into 6-12 month booties forever, well, almost till 18mo.

  77. I love the Daisy t-strap brown ones! They are too cute. I have never heard of Robeez before so it is cool to learn about something new. I was looking around their site and the sandals for younger toddlers are way cuter than the preschooler age shoes.

  78. I love the Robeez collection and especially the Butterfly Bubblegum pink. What wonderful kids shoes.

  79. I've been hearing alot about Robeez these days. The shoes and sandals look really great and sound like they are comfortable. I like the fact they are leather, lightweight and breathable. They seem a bit pricey, but seem worth it. Either one of my kids would love to try them out.

  80. The sandals are so cute and look comfortable! My toddler still needs sandals for the summer! They look like they are very durable to!

  81. The Robeez Tredz in brown would be SO cute on my little boy! How adorable.

    I haven't yet purchased a pair of Robeez. I keep reading about how great they are though, which makes me think maybe I hsould! So far, my son doesn't wear shoes. At least VERY rarely. But with all the "cruising" as of late, I imagine he'll need them soon!


  82. I know the right shoes are important for growing feet, but man are they expensive! I love the Robeez Blondie had, but they're the wrong season for Cheeks; I'd love to win her a cute pair of sandals for our hot summers (especially those cute Tredz Flower Sandals). Thanks!

  83. These look like great shoes. They are also very cute. My little guy could use a pair for the summer.
    Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!

  84. I'd love to try these out for my daughter. The thought of buttery leather on her feet as she starts walking instead of the typical stiff shoes out there is very appealing, (especially the sandals where the shoe is in contact with the skin). The Tredz Daisy, T-strap in brown is too cute.

  85. I didn't have robeez for my first born and I didn't really get why everyone around me had them, but when my second came along I got them as a present, and let me tell you, she lived in them! But, I have never really thought of them beyond those "baby booties". i'll have to check them out next time we are shoe shopping!

  86. I love Robeez so much! My first son had really wide feet (he still does) and the Robeez fit him so well! They're super comfy and oh so cute! I wonder if our next baby will have wide feet?!

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