"Roll Up" Your Sleeves and Make a Personalized Treat

"Roll Up" Your Sleeves and Make a Personalized Treat 1I am always trying to think up clever ways to promote my blog. Business cards are boring (MOO MiniCards, however, are not). Mugs are overused. T-shirts have to be done in just the right way and made with just the right material or no one will wear them. 

I do, however, like the idea of edible promotional items - chocolates, candies, fruit baskets, etc. Food is something that everybody can appreciate and customized food will definitely help you stand out. As the common saying goes, "the way to get people to read your blog is through their stomachs" (or something like that). 

"Roll Up" Your Sleeves and Make a Personalized Treat 2I recently had the opportunity to test out the My Fruit Roll-Ups design process. Essentially you pick a picture, add a message, and then click "order." When I first began creating my design, I was a bit disappointed to find that I didn't have the option of uploading my own picture/logo (wouldn't that be fun?). I ended up choosing a laptop as my "image" and adding my blog URL as the "message." Although I haven't received the roll-ups yet, I liked the way that they turned out "on screen" (what do you think?) and I think they will be a cute way to get the word out about my site to other mommies.

In closing, I have "three wishes" to share with the My Fruit Roll-Up Powers-That-Be:

  1. I would appreciate just a little more space for my "message." I could barely fit my URL in.
  2. I'd love to upload my own logo/design/image. 
  3. Anything you can do to make fruit roll-ups healthier would be fantastic. Pump in more fruit and take out all the sugar and "bad stuff." 

My Fruit Roll-Ups can also be used for a variety of special occasions - 1st birthday party favors, creative thank yous for teachers, and more. Each box contains 30 customized roll-ups and costs $29.99 (shipping charges vary).  

NOTE: This review was part of a blog blast sponsored by The Parent Bloggers Network. 

WIN IT! One winner will receive a carton of My Fruit Roll-Ups. To enter, simply check out the My Fruit Roll-Ups website and leave a comment saying what design you would choose on this post prior to Wednesday, June 11 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #4 MizFit. Congratulations!

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215 comments on “"Roll Up" Your Sleeves and Make a Personalized Treat”

  1. I would do the frogs with the message Welcome to Pre-K! Wouldn't this be a great treat to give to my pre-kindergarten students on the first day of school in August? We are the frog class, and they would love these! There are only 12 in my class and I think that this would be a very reasonable surprise!

  2. There are so many designs I like on the My Fruit Roll-Ups website. I really like the Birthday 5, the Birthday 3, the Football 2, the Football 1, the Basketball 1, the Birthday 4, and the St. Patricks Day designs. I would love to personalize any of those. This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win. Thanks.

  3. I would put a picture of my Valedictorian daughter with Congratulations on the roll up and would use them as favors at her graduation party.

  4. I would probably pick the balloons, but what a great giveaway for a GROWN-UP birthday (or anniversary) party as well. It's such a clever idea.

  5. The only picture that I liked was the one with the Balloons. Since I was just testing the site I wrote Hi. What a great idea for a gift.

  6. I'd do the hippo and some sort of welcome message for a new baby so my friend can give them out instead of cigars!

  7. I'd pick the shamrock, because it's great to be lucky and I think I'm very lucky with my husband and son!

  8. I would choose the school designs "sun with crayons", and use them for our homeschool co-op! Lots of fun thanks for the chance!

  9. My family is very big into off-road racing. I would use the dirt bike rider and put my two sons' names on it. Thank you for the great contest!

  10. I would choose the birthday design. We have a several birthday parties coming up!ty 4 the great sweet contest!:)

  11. SO many designs!!! I'd keep it simple and use the heart. My daughter is starting a new school in the Fall and I'd pack this in her lunch box and make it from her whole family.

  12. I would have to pick the kitty cat for my 10 year old. We love our cats so much and she would get such a kick out of getting to make her own fruit rollups.
    Also I agree with your comment about uploading your own image or design...at times there might be something special you want these for (school event, church function) and getting to use what you want or need is important!

  13. Mine would most defintly be having my childs party invitation done on the and a hardcopy too of course, and have different ones at the party with neat little saying ...My son LOVES these things and lives by them,
    Please enter me

  14. Fire breathing dragon, both 'cuz we like castles and medievil stuff, and we have dragon breath. It's true.

  15. I would choose the 3 part roll ups with a shamrock and the words “Keep Smiling!” and “Luck is on it’s way!”

  16. i would use the frog for my son and the giraffe for my daughter as that is their favorite animals

  17. I would pick the polar bear-- my neices just went to the zoo and they fell in love with the polar bears and penquins!

  18. Those are neat. I would give them as birthday party favors, so I would pick a picture related to the party theme. For my son, I could get a football or baseball and write a message about his birthday or party.

  19. i'd love to get birthday #3 images for my daughter's 1st b-day. we don't have party favors yet. these would be great!

  20. yeah, these should last a day with my 10 year old fruit roll up monster, since he's all little league this time of year, let's say baseball would be the choice!

  21. I would make these for my son's birthday - using the "Look Who's 2" graphic! What a great treat! Thank you for this opportunity!! :)

  22. It sure was fun to browse through all the options. I'd pick the guitar and have them print "You Rock". My kids would love that as they are into Guitar Hero on our Wii. :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  23. What a neat idea! I think the "congrats" ones would be great for colleagues at work (promotion, retirement parties, etc.) Thanks!

  24. If I win, we would use these as snacks when we go out on the boat so I would pick the fish! It's so cute.

  25. I was looking for a birth design and didn't find one so would design a baby annoucement so my son could hand out these instead of those bubble gum cigars when his first child is born in sept.
    I'm always looking for gadgets and items that are unique and make life easier. Would make a great gift for my grandson due in sept.
    Thank you....

  26. I am so loving cats but cant have one where i live so why not eat one or two. lol. kidding of course. I go with the Black cat.

  27. Dino!!!! My son would love it, haha. By the way, this has been my favorite snack since I can remember!!!! Strawberry! YUM!

  28. What a great idea to use these as party favors. We already give fruit snacks, why not personalize them? I would choose the "8 is Great" design and the soccer ball and have the text say "Thanks from Jacob". His guests would love it!

  29. Fruit roll-ups are a staple at my house, to make it special, I would pick the kicked soccer ball with "Go Blue Killer Whales"

  30. I would choose the Football helmet. My daughter is on the HS dance team and this would be great for the football season.

  31. I'd use the "party time" and hand them out to neighbors as a reminder of our annual ice cream party. :)

  32. Ok, fun! So I've seen fruit roll-ups all over the blogesphere, but haven't ever been interested. For some reason, today they sound so tasty! I LOVED them as a kid, esp the long one that unrolled to being 5? feet or some crazy amount. They did a fantastic job on their website, it was fun to customize. I'd choose the baseball design, and then write 'Go Mariners' on the other squares, and bring them to a game for snacks. They'd be a big hit, I'm sure!

  33. I'd choose the baby design for my sister's baby shower coming up..

    By the way stephanie, I have tried to reply to your emails and they keep bouncing back. I just wanted to tell you no biggie about the book :)

  34. I have used the Fruit Roll-Ups site before to order treats for my kids at the end of the school year. If I did it again, I would likely select one of their Valentine designs and order them to give as valentines to the kids they go to school with.

  35. I thought it would be great for the start of fall soccer season but the ball dosen't quite look a soccer ball. Maybe I would put a message on like the team name, but I agree with you that I would want more space.
    Even to just put one message across the whole roll-up.

  36. I'd want the graduation design. I have three kids graduating this year from elementary,middle school and high school!

  37. I would choose the graduation design, my oldest son is soon graduating from elementary school!!

  38. I would definitely pick the Kaboom Fireworks design and give them to the kids to celebrate the holiday!

  39. I would pick the ballons for a birthday roll up as a treat for every attendee at my child's birthday party.

  40. The kiddos will each get one a box of these in their stocking - if it wiil fit- this year. Yes, I know it's only June! There are so many options. I like th e sports themes for my four guys.

  41. I would use a birthday cake image and use the roll-ups as party favors for my daughter's birthday. Thanks for the contest!

  42. I would get the birthday design for my daughter's birthday. Also, that was a great idea you had about teachers' gifts.

  43. I would get the birthday cake that has the words happy birthday on it for my son's upcoming birthday.

  44. I would love to provide these with the tiara/crown design for my little ones birthday party. What a great idea. It helps that my kids adore these.

  45. My nephew will be turning six years old in a month or so. I would love to give him these done with a birthday design for his daycare friends. Please enter me in your drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

  46. I would like to design my own fruit roll up,
    Using their helpful design machine,
    And share them with my pup!

  47. I would like the Pirate flag..we have a whole bunch of Johnny Depp fans around here that would enjoy that.

  48. I would choose the Baseball and the Baseball Glove as my design.
    Thank you so much for offering this wonderful giveaway.
    I would LOVE to win !!

  49. KABOOM! 4TH of July party this year would be really unique with just a little something extra special for my annual Best Nation In the World birthday party.

  50. I would probably choose one of the babies to promote my company. But I know my 8 year old son would love to design his own. It's a great website that kids would love. Great for parties. Also great for sport teams. What a great site! Thanks Stephanie!

  51. The name of my daughter's swim team. Dolphins, how great it would be if we won and she could take the fruit rollups to a swim meet and share them with her teammates. Watermelon is her favorite flavor.

    Thanks in advance.

  52. I'd use the football logo and add my team's name. They would make great treats at football parties.

  53. I love personalized treats! We even had personalized M&Ms for our wedding favors. I would pick the butterfly design and use them for a party all my college friends and I have every summer. Thanks! :)

  54. Thanks so much for this great giveaway. I would choose the baseball design for my son and his baseball teamates. Thanks so much.

  55. I would choose the "kaboom" fireworks design. 4th of July is a huge event in my town with fireworks on the lake and lots of parties! I always pass out goodies to the kids..so this would be perfect! Thanks!

  56. I'd go for the horseshoe with Good Luck in it. If I win, I'll be giving them out to the kids in our neighborhood for some sort of back to school party treat. Thanks for all the great giveaways!

  57. I would pick the balloons because it's my daughters birthday soon.

    Thank you for the great giveaway!



  58. I was thinking birthday invitation. When I went on the site I, too, was disappointed that I couldn't fit more words. I think I'd put the basic info (like her first name, the date, and the place) on the fruit roll up with the 3rd Birthday picture on it. Then I'd include a small card with the details for the party on it too. That kind of invitation would make the kids really remember my kid's birthday!

  59. Thanks for explaining these. I have heard about them but didn't quite understand. Very cool. My kids would be so excited to see their names on them. I would love the Ladybug design with my daughter's name for her birthday.

  60. I would love to make some for my son's first birthday in July. With his name and some balloons. They would be great party favors. Thanks for the giveaway!

  61. I love the Shamrock with the luck because I am Irish and the New Years would be great to start the new year with the baby. ;-) Thanks.


  63. I would choose the 3 part roll ups with a shamrock and the words "Keep Smiling!" and "Luck is on it's way!" to keep my spirits up!!

  64. I would pick the black cat...It's a very cool site, my child would probably like the site better than the actual product.

  65. Im linking this tomorrow as well....you KNOW I ADORE THE ENTIRE CONCEPT and hath spent my childs college fund on roll ups (is that bad? Id previously spent it on the Jones Soda personalized bottles---seen em?---and had earned back the money :))


  66. What a cool idea! They had alot of good images and made me think of many different uses (themed birthday parties, thank yous, sport team snacks...). If it were for my blog, I think I'd do the purse. So girlie :). But I like your idea of being able to upload your own image/logo. Neat!

  67. I would choose one of the birthday designs, my daughter's birthday is in 3 weeks. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  68. I would pick the heart crown as the picture and put my girls names with princess before it in the other two blocks, one for each of them

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