Rumor Has It...The Disney Store Is Closing ALL of their stores

disney store logoBut I'm here to tell you that the rumor isn't true. 

And I heard it directly from Disney.

From one of Walt Disney's daughters, in fact.

Okay so maybe that last sentence isn't true...but I DID talk to the PR company for The Disney Store and the truth IS that Disney Stores are still growing strong (Disney Store currently has locations in over 220 malls across America). AND you can still purchase all of your favorite Disney-themed items at the Disney Store Online as well.

minnie mouse kids pajamas disney store onlineThe Disney Store sells everything from toys and books to clothing and bedding sets and kids pajamas. There are character-inspired items galore.

YOUR TURN: Is there a Disney Store in your area? Do you shop there? Why or why not?

WIN IT! One winner will receive a pair of kids pajamas from the Disney Store in the size (2-12)/style of his/her choice. To enter, leave a comment on this post prior to Sunday, February 15 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #176 Cherie R. Congratulations!

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260 comments on “Rumor Has It...The Disney Store Is Closing ALL of their stores”

  1. Hi there, I am from Trinidad, and I am looking to purchase about 105-120 bcakpacks and story books for kinder garden kids for a Christmas distribution.We really don't want to give them much toys, but as its a Christmas, if we get a good deal we will want to also consider getting them a small toy. If you can help me out I will be most happy and great full. Thank you in advance,

    Best Regards: Sabitre Ramperasd

  2. so i went to the disney store in the city on friday. then i went to the nintendo store. i worker there told me his friend works there and they are closing the disney store in NYC idk when but sometime in october

  3. We no longer have a Disney Store in our area. It closed in 2008. I heard today that the one that is about 2 hours away from me in Syracuse, NY is closing this month. I hope that is a rumor!!

  4. I work for the Disney Stores. And reading the above comments EVERYONE should understand why 90 stores had to close. Disney Stores became a place in the mall to take the kids to be entertained- or just to get a taste of the parks once in awhile- no one ws shopping or buying anything- just a fun place to visit!! It amazes me that guests that have never even flipped over a price tag believe that the prices are high- go to your local Disney Stores- compare prices and quality to Walmart and Target!!! After you realize the amazing value- you will fall in love with the Disney Store for more reasons then just a great place to let the kids visit!!

  5. There was one at Aventura Mall which is close by to me in Florida. I have shopped there in the past and have made purchases there as well. Not sure if this is one of the stores that is closing though, I haven't been to that section of the mall in the past few months. This past Christmas, I did purchase items from the Disney Store in the Orlando Airport when I had a stop-over there. [I used to purchase a bunch of Disney items from the Disney Store they had in the Charlotte, NC Airport but that store closed a few years ago.]

    Recently, I did read that they (Disney) were closing stores that didn't meet their expectations (in sales) yet, the article did go on to say that there still would be plenty of "brick and mortar" stores to shop at, as well as, always being able to order items "on-line" and, of course, at all of their Disney Parks.

    These PJs are adorable, by the way. Just purrfect for my 5 year old niece. She loves pink! Thank you.

  6. Whew! I'm glad! There are many Disney stores in the LA/OC area and we love shopping there but we don't that often. On the one hand, I like that everything is Disney and Mickey - inspired but I also like a little variety for my son (other characters, etc.)

  7. We love our Disney store at the Prime Outlets and Florida Mall in Orlando, but I also love their online store for their fantastic deals and special.

  8. There is not a Disney store near me that I know of!
    I have checkout thing online.
    I bought a Pooh Adult plus size top thur the mail from them about a year ago!

  9. There is a Disney Store about twenty minutes away, I don't shop there too often because that mall is very crowded but do go on occasion.

  10. There is one Disney store left in my area that I know of. I do shop there occasionally because I love that store. I feel like not too long ago I was a kid myself, once I walk in. I love to buy my kids clothes from the store and an occasional t-shirt for myself!

  11. Fort Wayne, IN has a Disney Store my Grandmother shops at on her way to visit us. We don't shop there since it is out of our way. Tinkerbell themed clothes have been our favorite.

  12. The nearest store is in Garden City, so no problems! I'd love to win to give jammies to a friend with two little boys.

  13. The nearest Disney store is 1 hour away. If I'm going to the mall for something else, we usually shop there. My son would like the WALL-E PJ's in size 10.
    Thanks for the chance!
    Mommykat007 at gmail dot com

  14. Yes, we have a Disney Store (maybe 2) in our town. I have shopped there on occasion and they have some wonderful things!
    I'd love the Wall-E pj's in a size 8.

  15. Ah I don't have a Disney store close to me AT ALL!! I love all the Disney princesses too, I hope my little girl will! I can't decide on the pajamas, size 2 in any sleeping beauty or tinkerbell, so cute!

  16. The nearest DIsney store is 3 hours away. We live in the middle of nowhere so it is a big to do when we get to go shopping. My oldest son would need the biggest size they have. I usually get frustrated because it always seems like it is getting harder and harder to find clothes to fit him. Thank you


  17. We have two Disney stores in our city, and we do shop there occasionally, but I avoid shopping with the kids or we spend way too much!

  18. Unfortunately the closest Disney store is in VA, about 20 miles away. I don't go there often, which is why I love shopping online!

  19. I think there's one at the mall but I don't go to the mall very often...but I love the Disney store when I used to go there before I moved...

  20. Being HUGE Disney fans in this house, we were very very sad when the store in our city closed. We shopped there....A LOT. I hate paying shipping, so I rarely buy anything at the Disney Store Online unless it is too good of a deal to pass up. The closest store to us I believe is a good 2 1/2 hours away. Seeing as we go on a Disney Vacation every year and half, we shop then.

  21. I used to shop at the Disney store but it closed and the closest one is almost 200 miles away. Now I shop online when I need something.

  22. we did have one in our mall but it closed a few years back i had never shopped there because it was kind of high priced :(

  23. We have a Disney store in our mall but I don't get there as often as I would like. We actually visited the Disney store in Chicago when we were there on vacation -- it was huge and very neat!

  24. None in Conway, but we shop online all the time. The quality is so much better than other stores that carry Disney Merchandise it is unreal.
    The sales are out of this world.

  25. The 2 Disney stores near us, here in Ohio, are about 1/2 hr. and 45 min. drive away. But, we do occasionally visit them w/the kids. I love their sales! I also shop online w/them too!

  26. We don't have a Disney store in our area. When we lived in Florida there was a Disney store. We shopped there often beacause our daughter was growing up.

  27. I love the disney store but we cant always afford their merchandise. It was nice when I worked at the disney hotel i got a discount but items were still expensive.

    I would love this for our boys size 6 or 7 pajamas. They love cars, wall e buzz and woody

  28. The one in the closest mall to me closed several years ago. There are 2 malls about 1/2 an hour away either direction. I go there when I can.

  29. I am so happy that the rumors are not true. I have shopped many times at the Disney Store.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  30. My little Holly loves to to go the Disney
    store we have a ball in there and can't come
    out empty handed. Glad they are not closing down.
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  31. I'm in MI and there is a Disney Store in the mall about 30 minutes away. I just love that store, but to tell you the truth, I have only bought a $10 Mickey Mouse plushie (it was tiny!) and a princess dress for Halloween (back when I had one child-now its 4). It's just so expensive, I wish I could shop there, and the kids wish too! Well, at least its a neat store to visit! Probably the closest we will get to Disneyworld for a while-hubby just got laid off!!!

  32. Our local anything is 30 minutes away. So, our disney store is in our mall. Too far away to really shop on a regular basis. However, my daughter would love a new pair of tinkerbell pjs.

  33. There was a Disney Store in our local mall which I shopped at, but alas it was closed down a few months ago. I miss it as I used to get my granddaughters some nice things there.

  34. We are Disney Freaks. We love soo many characters. I myself collect anything with Tinkerbell. The kids love the princesses, Dad loves grumpy (Hmm wonder why, LOL)
    We are avid shoppers and if we can't make it to the mall we shop on line. We haven't gotten catalogs in quite a while or I would be even more broke!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  35. The Disney Store in our city closed last year. I used to shop there and got some great buys at their going out of business sale. So many good stores have gone out of business as we have a high unemployment rate here. I would have to drive over an hour to find another one.

  36. There is no Disney store that I'm aware of in my immediate area (but then again I just moved recently so I'm still familiarizing myself to the area) I have shopped at Disney stores in the past and would if there was one nearby. Great to hear they're not closing!

  37. We do have a Disney Store in the mall here and even have a Disney Outlet Store about half and hour away. I don't often shop there though, because I have been lucky enough to get lots of hand-me=downs for my daughters. But pajamas, for some reason, are not something people tend to pass down.

  38. We have a Disney Store in the mall about 30 minutes away. I don't normally shop there unless something is on clearance, because in my opinion, their prices are too high. I think that with money being tight for so many people right now, we're mostly focused on buying necessities which aren't what Disney Store sells.

  39. I never heard that rumor! I would be devastated if that 14 month old loves just going IN the store! keeps him entertained! :)

  40. Our disney store closed about a year and a half ago and I do miss it I have to go online and shop I love getting my girls their princess jammies and slippers from their

  41. We cannot go to a mall without all the kids wanting to visit the Disney Store. Even my 12 year old wants to check out the Camp Rock Stuff!

  42. Had not heard rumor, Glad is not so.
    We have two Disney store near by.
    We end up going almost every other week,
    My nephew,enjoys going and so do we, LOL
    Alway end up buying a little something for him,

    Thank you for the giveawy.

    Good Luck to ALL

  43. Thank you for this great giveaway! I am so glad the rumors aren't true lol. I checked out their site and absolutely loved the Satin Tinker Bell Nightgown! Thanks again ;)

  44. The nearest one is over 2 hours away. If I lived closer I am sure I would shop there. They have such cute things. Thanks!

    braaisjo at gmail dot com


  46. I live in Orlando. So what do you think the Disney Stores are doing here? This is Mickey-Land and each and every Disney Store is thriving. Even their outrageous prices do not seem to deter the hungry mouse fan.......


  47. We use to have a Disney Store at our local mall but it closed down. I use to shop there pretty regularly. They had some of the cutest little girl clothes. I hate that they closed down. Thank you!!

  48. There are Disney stores in at least one of my local malls. I love shopping there for birthday presents! Every kid loves Disney stuff! Thanks for a great contest!

  49. We have a Disney store pretty close,I shop their sometimes,they used to carry much more intresting stuff!!


  50. There used to be a Disney store in our local mall, and I shoppped there often, but it closed a few years ago. I miss it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  51. They used to have them in every mall around here but they are closing. There is still one in Monmouth Mall which is about 20 minutes away, I love shopping there because my daughter gets thrill about just walking in, even if we don't buy anything.

  52. We are in a small town in northern Arizona. To my knowledge, the closest Disney Store is in the Phoenix area. I have shopped there before we moved up here.

  53. I do have a Disney Store near me and figured every mall had one.
    We always like to browse but haven't purchased something in a long time. I'd love to win some great pajamas for a Cars obsessed boy of mine.

  54. Sadly, we live in a small town that doesn't have it's own Disney Store, but my in-laws have one close to them, so anytime we are there, we try and visit the store! It's such a cute store and for being a "brand" it's not as expensive as I thought it might be! My girls can always find little trinkets (just what they need! :o)), but since it's so rare we get to go, we don't mind! I have ordered their pjs on-line and both my girls loved their jammies. In fact, wore them so much they were finally outgrown! Great giveaway - thanks for offering!

  55. The site wont let me use the store locator feature, it gives the error Can't call method "prepare" on an undefined value at /u/w2gi/lib/ line 1297". As far as I know, there aren't any nearby to me. I have shopped online a few times.

  56. There is one by my parents home that we have shopped at many times, they always have great sales and clearence merchandise! I would love the WALL E pj's for my son!

  57. There is no Disney store near us. We used to have one about an hour away but it closed down. I did shop there a little when I could get there.

  58. Wow you almost gave me a heart attack with that rumor lol. Anyway yes we have Disney stores in our area, and I do shop there but honestly I try to steer clear when I can, because when I go in there I can't help myself I spend so much, there are just way to many cute things saying "buy me".

  59. We have several Disney stores in our area. I do shop there occasionally, they have great sales and the pjs and toys are really popular with our kids.

  60. We do not have a Disney store in my area but I wish we did. When I was a teen there was a Disney store in the area that I lived and it was the best.

  61. That Minney one is so precious! Definitely brings back memories of going to Disney as a child in my little Minnie Mouse dress :)

  62. WE have a Diseny store in one of my malls. I used to shop there a lot, but a lot less than, just limited funs. I'm 63 and have all the DVD's of the Disney classics and many other Disney movies. I am a Disney lover

  63. I live in a really rural area so we don't have one close. I have been in them before though and I could spend hours in them. They have the cutest stuff! Thanks!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  64. I didn't hear those rumors. I really hope it's not closing. They have the cutest things and the best sales. Plus my daughter LOVES Minnie Mouse!

  65. There is a Disney store in our nearest mall. I don't head to the mall very often (the trip is quite a chore with the little ones) but when I do, I will stop in the Disney store if I pass by it. I am typically a bargain hunter so most of their merchandise is more than what I would spend, but I have found some good deals on their sale/clearance racks.

  66. Yes, we have a Disney Store at a mall near me! We shop there ever time we go to the mall! I love it! They always have a sale going on! thanks!

  67. Yes, we have a Disney Store at a mall near me - and I love it! My daughter loves to go in and see all of the characters, and watch the train go around the ceiling. I think their prices are fairly reasonable for being a "tourist" store.

  68. I'm so glad the rumor is false! I checked out their site and I'd love to win the Butterfly Minnie Mouse PJ Pal for my little girl! Thanks for the chance!

  69. The disney store nearest to me is in an area that has recently become plagued with gang activity so we avoid it, but I do miss that store! Thanks!!

  70. I have a disney store but it is 35 miles away, I do quite a bit of shopping online though and if I get into town, I always try to stop there. I love the butterfly minnie mouse pajamas my daughter would be a size 3. Thanks for the cool contest.

  71. I love the Disney store!! BUT unfortunately our closed last year....that store was the only reason I went to the mall! They have the best snow globes on earth and I would go to the store about once every two weeks just to figure out which one I wanted next.....sigh....I have to go quite a distance now to get my "fix"


  73. We have a Disney at Mall of America.
    Which I still haven't been to.
    I plan on checking that out in the near future.

  74. we have a disney store about 20 miles away.
    i like to go there for birthdays/christmas, because we have 3 small children, trying to get into that store is a nightmare! my kids are disney nerds and think that everything they own has to be disney. :)

  75. I work at an outlet mall where they have a Disney Store outlet. I pop in there quite fact, I just was in last weekend for a birthday present for my son. I have also shopped online with Disney, and been quite satisfied. I LOVE Disney World and Downtown Disney, so the Disney Store is my little fix when I miss Florida too much!

  76. I am a Disney Daughter too......well I could be. I LOVE LOVE Disney. They closed the store here in our mall, so I have to trot over to the Mouse's House in Orlando. We are usually there about 3-4 times a year. I told my husband I wanted to get a job at Disney World and he said no way! we would owe them money at the end of the week.

  77. They closed the nearest store to me (60 miles) a while back. I have shopped online tho. I mean, look at my name. It is NOT referring to Mantle!

  78. There's a Disney store at our mall, and I DO shop there when I am shopping without the kids! LOL! They play movies in the back and DS likes to climb over the display of stuffed animals and lie in front of the giant screen. Doesn't really 'get' how it is not his personal movie theatre! Since he has ASD it's tough to convey - so we avoid the store unless I'm shopping for their birthdays or holidays! The rest of the time we shop there online!

  79. We just moved, and I don't think there's a Disney store in our new area, but I'm not sure. I used to look at things in the Disney store where we used to live, but I rarely bought anything there because the prices were higher than I typically pay for my children's clothing or toys.

  80. They've closed both Disney Stores in the malls near us - that's sad too because they always had cute things.

    I love the Waving Tinker Bell PJ Pal PJs.

  81. There used to be a Disney Store at the local mall but it closed. I now visit the one in city where my mother lives whenever we happen to be visiting her.

  82. We have a Disney store about 30 miles away. My kids love to go in there. I would be sooo sad if that store closed. It is a fun atmosphere because my kids love all things disney.

  83. I actually worked at the Disney Store while I was in college (a decade ago Eeeekk!) ~ I am that much of a Disney freak. I had to wear the ugliest sweater vest with khakis LOL. There is a Disney store about 15 miles from my house...I go there sometimes, not as much as I used to...they used to sell a wider variety of products, including cooler clothes for adults.

  84. There's one at the mall nearest our house and I have shopped there in the past for gifts for my daughter but we're having to spend a lot less nowadays, so I'm not really shopping at any name brand stores.

  85. There use to be a Disney store at the mall I live near but they closed it down so I unfortunally don't get to shop there much now, my sons love Disney

  86. We do have a Disney Store in the Mall I go to. We only shop there about twice a year. It is fun going in there. We just don't go to the mall very often.

  87. The Disney store is always alot of fun to go to even just to browse, but also they have great stuff to buy too. thanks!

  88. There is a Disney store a few miles from me,
    but I prefer to shop online...unless my nephews and nieces come to visit :)

    Thanks :)

  89. love Disney store for X-mas shopping and my kids always want to go in the store when we're at the local mall in Joliet,IL.

  90. We don't have a Disney store where i live (well we don't have ANY stores where I live~lol)-but once a month we go to the mall and they have one there and I also shop online!
    Thanks so much!!

  91. Yes, we do have one in Portland Oregon. I haven't shopped there because I do most of my shopping online. But,when I am in the area, I will be sure to check it out!

  92. We have one about 5 miles away at Christiana Mall. I especially love to shop during sales, and always go to get the kids new shirts before our Disney Park or Cruise vacations. I can still get away with matching shirts, but I know its just a matter of time!

  93. There is a Disney store about an hour away from me. I don't personally shop there for my son, since I'm trying to not be to commercial with our toys/clothes. However, I know my nephew loves Cars, so I think he would like a pair of Cars pj's.

  94. We do have a Disney Store about 20 minutes away from us. It's one of those places we always have to stop in at the mall, the kids love it and we always find something fun in there.. whether it's a new shirt or a fun toy. It's just a fun place to shop.

  95. I would love to get the Piston Cup Cars PJ's for my son. I used to love shopping at the Disney store, but now that we moved it is too far away to shop in store

  96. There is not a Disney Store near me, but I do enjoy shopping there when I'm traveling. They always have cute things for kids. I like to buy my nieces and nephews presents from there.

  97. I have two Disney Stores near me in two different malls. I do shop there when they have great t-shirt sales. I also pre-order movies there sometimes.

  98. I am a huge Disney fanatic, so, yes, I shop at the Disney Store. There are two Disney Stores within a half hour of here. I get Disney Rewards dollars from my credit card and those get used up quickly. We love the Disney PJs!

  99. We do not have a Disney Store anywhere near us - I sure wish we did!! I am glad for everyone else that they are not all closing. Thank you for the chance to win.

  100. My kids love to shop at the disney store at our local mall. The stuff is a little expensive though so I rarely buy. My kids could spend hours just looking at the toys (especially the tower of stuffed animals) and movies.

  101. There used to be one in the mall in downtown Indianapolis, and I used to shop there. Unfortunatly it closed about a year ago.

  102. There are no disney stores near, but I check them out if I travel near one. I love disney and I'm so glad they are not going out of business. I want to take my dd to disney world when she is 4 or 5, but right now disney toys and clothes are all we have.

  103. We used to have one and I shopped there often, but it closed over a year ago. Now the nearest one is 45 minutes away, so I do all my Disney shopping online!

  104. we have a disney store near us and my daughter has one in Calif. where she lives. She is always buying my grandkids clothes and other items there, especially their PJ's...would love to win this for them...thanks for the great giveaway

  105. we don't have a disney store near us. We did when I lived in NC. So i can't buy anything there since we don't have one. I used to love going to one and getting all of the cute stuffed animals and clothes. thanks!

  106. We have a few left in our area and we do like to shop ther. We did go more regularly when my daughter was younger and could not get enough of the Princesses. My son is still into Wall-E and Nemo. I also love their sales.

    Their pajamas are a fun way for my 7 year old daughetr to still express her love for the things she feels she might be geting a little "too old" for. (She was wearing a Sleeping Beauty frilly nightgown last night.)

  107. There is a Disney Store in Albuquerque, sixty miles from my home. I do shop there for gifts for my grandson and newly born granddaughter. I love the selection of items for my precious Cameron and Clara. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  108. There is a Disney store at my local mall but I really only shop there when they have a great sale because their prices are pretty steep.

  109. Yes, there is a Disney Store close to my home...I always shopped there when my son was I have nieces and nephews who love Disney! So, I'm back shopping at the Disney store!

  110. Yes, there is a Disney store in our area and I shop there occasionally but I shop more often at the online store because the selection is greater and they have some great deals.

  111. We had 2 Disney stores in our area and one of them was an outlet that closed. Bad location. But I still frequent the Disney store down south in Oak Park Mall. LOVE it! They always have such cute things and I always have to stock up for when we go back to Disney World!

  112. The closest Disney Store to me has closed so I go to the one that is about 50 miles away and shop there! I like all things Mickey Mouse!

  113. There is a Disney store in my area. However I rarely shop there because my son wants everything he sees. He thinks it is the coolest place and doesn't want to leave.

  114. We no longer have a Disney Store in town, but I used to shop there! Shipping costs too much on line, so I rarely buy anything from the site.

  115. Another great giveaway! We have one at one of the malls in the area but their stuff is pretty expensive - I do ebay/craigslist instead if I want character themes...

    autumn398 (at)

  116. There was a disney store close to me, but it went out of business. I loved that store!! So, I shop online, but its just not the same!

  117. My daughter and I visited our Disney Store today. It was quiet, but we were at the mall pretty early for a Sunday.

  118. We had a Disney store in our local mall until about 5 months ago. It was one of the few stores I really enjoyed checking out each time. I still shop it online but it's not as much fun. I'd love to win the jammies for my 4 year old niece!

  119. the closet disney store is about 25 minutes away. we go there maybe 4 times a year. But we are total disney dorks.. i buy alot of disney things on-line. I LOVE DISNEY!! please enter me..

  120. Yes, we have 2 Disny stores in our area. I am nt huge into branding on my kiddos everyday wear. But we do buy pjs from there. We also always buy our Halloween costumes & dress up (play) wear there.

  121. They did close the Disney Store by my house and I have no idea where there is another store. I was so disappointed to see that empty store. I just love their pajamas and my grandson would really love the Ultimate Power Rangers PJ Pal.

  122. There used to be a Disney Store in our mall and I used to shop there. It closed down and now there is nothing close to me.

  123. There is a store about 6 miles from me. Yes I do shop there. Shopping there makes me remember trips to the theme parks. Great gift items. semtaylor(at)yahoo(dot)com

  124. I love to shop at the Disney Store located in Lexington Ky for my grandkids. Bought some PJ's and sippy cups (and of course dolls) for Christmas gifts. Was in Disneyland in September in Ca.

  125. Yes, there is a Disney store in Hicksville, Long Island. I went there today and bought
    "Daisy" clothing and a "Daisy" stuffed animal for my relative whose baby's name is Daisy! I love it!

  126. There is not a Disney store in my town that I am aware of. I think I would shop there if there was- my 5 year old is really starting to love Disney/Disney Channel everything! Thanks for the chance to win jammies - my lil' dude would so love some!

  127. The nearest one to us was 4 hours away in Omaha, but the store is now gone. Breaks my heart! I loved shopping there. Johnny picked out his Kindergarten backpack and lunch box from there. It was Cars. I bought Pea's first swimsuit there...a little bikini that was purple and had a minnie mouse toile design. I'll still shop there, albeit, online...but I loved going into the had that magical Disney feel!

    [email protected]

  128. We do not have a Disney store in my area, but there is one in Boynton Beach, FL., and we always go visit when we're in Palm Beach visiting family. I shop there because it reminds you of how cool it felt to be a kid.

  129. My daughter is only 3 months old but I like to get things bigger so she can grow into them. I love the disney store

  130. The closest Disney store is about 40 miles away so I only get to go about once a year. I love shopping there because there is just something 'magical' about the store and they have a lot of cute things. Thanks for the giveaway!

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  131. We have a Disney Store in our local mall and I sometime shop there. I love the quality and cuteness of their clothes and my kids really love them.
    Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway.

  132. We had a Disney store and lost it when they closed a bunch. The kids miss it. My son loves Wall-e and would love pj's size 10/12. We would shop in a Disney store if there were one within 30 minutes of us for sure. I think there is one an hour away. We can always shop online and we still do.

  133. We don't have a Disney Store in my area. Denver probably does, but that's a couple of hours away. No I haven't shopped at the Disney Store online, because I'd like to have the items tried on before buying. The PJ's we like are the Flower Princess PJ Pag (Item #100345M) in size 7 we think.

  134. We don't have a Disney Store in the mall near mear but when I go visit my parents in Jersey I always go to Paramus Mall and see what's new.

  135. We have a Disney store about 40 minutes away from us at the Carousel mall.I don't shop there because the mall is so huge. I wish they would open one up at the Great Northern mall. I do shop on there online store once in awhile though.

  136. we have several in the LA area and even when my daughters we younger I did not shop there, items seemed to expensive and I'm not that into my daughters being walking billboards for a company's logo or images

  137. There is a Disney store near me. I've been there a few times but I don't think I bought anything. I remember thinking that it was too expensive.

  138. We do have a disney Store, I'd go there more if it was closer. My son is a huge Pixar fan so he loves visiting the store

  139. There is a Disney store at the mall I frequent most, and there are ones in the other malls I go to.
    My sister and I shop there usually for my God-daughter who loves the Disney princesses (Ariel the most). So either the Ariel Pop-art or Flower Princess PJs would be perfect to get for her if I were to win.

  140. Yes, we have ONE Disney store left here in our state -it's about an hour away from me but it IS near my son's college so we do still shop there every month or two...their PJ's are so comfy & no tags - the ONLY pajamas my 3 year old daughter will wear! Plus we just love everything Disney. So this is the perfect contest for us, lol! Thank you!

  141. We have a Disney store in our town and love to shop there. It is always a good place to get a gift for one of the many birthday parties for kids that we go to.

  142. We have a Disney store in my area (Houston). It's a great place to go for gifts and their sales are usually really good!

  143. I have never been in a Disney store. Sadly, there are none near me. I do all my Disney shopping online. I love the items that I have been able to purchase online. With seven grandchildren, there's always an event that I need to shop for.

  144. We do not have a disney store in our area, but there is one in Dallas, tx..which we visit about twice a year because of the distance. I really like their kids dinnerwear.

  145. there is a Disney store in my area, but I would rather shop online as it is all the way on the other side of my town. There is way to much road construction gogin on to brave it.

  146. I am not really sure. There were some in the malls but I haven't been to the mall in a very long time. I always enjoyed going into their stores to look around but I take advantage of their online sales because the prices are so much better! My granddaughter loves the Disney Princesses.

  147. We don't have one in our area, but if we did I'd shop there a lot. I think their clothing is very well made and my kids love the characters.

  148. We were lucky enough to have two in our area at one time. The closed one of them about a year ago but we still have the one. We do shop there when we go to the mall. My children love all the disney characters. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  149. Our Disney Store closed this past fall and I was so disappointed that i would not be able to go in and buy the disney items that I love to get our children so well. Like the pj's, swimwear, and also the tshirts.
    i would love to get a boys pj in size 12. I like buying them bigger so they wear them longer.

  150. Glad to hear disney isn't closing down! I recently saw the cutest Jasmine PJs in a bigger size! would love to get those for my tot!:)

  151. There used to be a disney store in the local mall. It probably was about 10 years ago. I used to shop there all of the time. Now it isn't there anymore and I think the closest disney store is at least 100 miles away.

  152. There one, but I dont go. If I need something, I just order it online through their websight. I just dont like having to walk in a mall to get to the ONE store I need something.. Ordering online is quicker and I dont have to leave my house...

  153. Unfortunately, the Disney Store near us was closed in the first round of closings a couple of years ago. I shopped there a lot. I particularly loved their sales. There is a store at a mall on the way to our daughter's and I frequently stop there to shop.

  154. There are a number of them in my area. There is one just about 4-5 miles from my house.
    When I have my nephew he loves to go in and look at the store. At Christmas it was his favorite store to go into. He is 2 yrs old.

  155. There are 2 Disney Stores within a 15 mile radius from me. I do shop there occasionally to pick up some great bargains on clearance for my niece :)

  156. We do not have a Disney Store in our area in Washington. I really wish we did though! My daughter would be over the moon for a pair of Wall E or Bolt pjs!

  157. I don't really know if there is a Disney store in my area or not, the nearest mall is 15 miles away and unless I need to be there I don't usually make the trip just to "sightsee" but I do know there is one In Boise because my mum in law sends babygirl goody packages with clothes all the time

  158. The Disney Store in our mall closed last year. We haven't taken the kids to Disneyland or Disneyworld yet but hopefully this year...I used to go several times a year when I was little so now that Roo is getting tall enough for all the rides, I am getting excited to take her. Jasper is still at the run-in-the-opposite-direction phase that makes me reluctant to take him anywhere, though!

  159. We do not have one in our area here in UT, but there is one in the mall near my parent's house in California, and I enjoy shopping there when I am visiting. I don't usually buy a lot there, but they will sometimes have good sales. They carry very cute costumes for Halloween that, although a little pricey, are very high quality.

  160. There is a disney store sort of in my area. It about a 45 min drive from my home on the mass pike. because it is a distance away, we don't shop there that often. We go when we need other things at the mall that it is located in. My granddaughter is into the tinkerbell big time. and my grandson loves toy story. he loves woody and buzz.

  161. We used to have a Disney store along time ago, they didnt survive very long, but we LOVED it. I buy from the Disney online stores all the time. I love the Handy Manny and Wall-E pj's.

  162. I just moved to this area and the Disney store must of closed at the mall. I see where it used to be. That's too bad, because they always had such good deals.

  163. glad to hear that- heard them months ago and would like to squash the rumors..
    ours is fairly close- I don't shop alot there because the sizes lack

  164. We have a Disney Store in the mall near us, and I stop in whenever I'm at the mall. I really love going to Disney World, and going to the mall store gets me enthused to plan our next trip.

  165. Aaaawwww...they have Wall-e pajamas!!! I love those.
    About your questions: There's not a Disney store within the distance I'm willing to drive. I probably wouldn't shop there if there was because most of my kiddos stuff comes from second hand shops. If I buy it new, it's on super sale. He just grows out of clothes and toys so quickly I can't justify paying a lot for them.

  166. I hadn't heard the rumors, so the start of your post here really sort of shocked me, LOL! I'm glad it's not true, even if I'm not really a customer.

    I went shopping at a Disney store once, when I was a teenager. I bought a Pooh washcloth and a stuffed Tigger. Tigger is still good as new, even with me passing it on to my three kids. I think fondly of him. :)

    I honestly have no idea if there's a Disney store anywhere near me! If there is, I haven't heard talk of it, or come across it myself.

    All that said - we'd love some fun pajamas from the Disney store! :)

  167. I am sooo glad to hear this. Well we dont have one here in Iowa, but when we lived in AZ....we did, and I think I went weekly! My son is obsessed with CARS, Toy Story & Wall-E

  168. We have a Disney Store in our city, but the city's so big I wouldn't consider it "in my area." We love Disney products (especially Blondie; she's got books, movies, and other fun stuff), but we don't frequent the store because we really aren't in need of anything for the girls. They get their stuff from family members and friends. :) We would love to win the pajamas, however. Thanks!

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