Sail Away to a Good Night's Sleep Contest - WIN A CRUISE!

Sail Away to a Good Night's Sleep Contest - WIN A CRUISE! 1I am delighted to announce – drum roll, please – that I have teamed up with Protect-A-Bed to bring you the biggest contest yet!

Picture this: you and one other person on an all-expenses-paid three-night, four-day cruise to the balmy and beautiful Caribbean! Yep, airfare is included – from your hometown to Miami – the whole bit! 

Great food, live entertainment, a movie theater, dancing, special interest classes, golden sands and glowing sunshine  - the cruise experience awaits you.

Sail Away to a Good Night's Sleep Contest - WIN A CRUISE! 2If you’re sitting there, reading, and thinking, “Protect-A-Who?” – then, I have an introduction to make. Protect-A-Bed, meet you. You, meet Protect-A-Bed, “inventors of the very first ultra thin mattress protector, available in all bed sizes including cribs for babies.”

Quick question – do you:

  • Co-sleep with your baby
  • Have one or more little ones sleeping in a crib or toddler bed
  • EC your baby/toddler
  • Have a toddler or older child who is potty training or occasionally wets the bed
  • Suffer from allergies or have children that do
  • Let your pet(s) sleep with you
  • Experience incontinence
  • Sleep on a mattress

You don’t have to answer out loud (No worries! Even if you do, I won’t hear you!), but if you said, “yes” to any of those scenarios, you will love Protect-A-Bed mattress covers! They protect your mattress from poop, pee, vomit, apple juice, just about anything – and, by doing so, bring you incredible peace of mind and a better night’s sleep. I know this from experience. You can read my reviews here and here.

Back to the cruise, here’s how to enter:

STEP 1: (you can do just A, B, or C):

A.  Purchase a Protect-A-Bed mattress cover from Be sure to use discount code MM01 for 10% off your purchase and to copy/save your order number(s). You will receive 1 entry for every cover that you purchase. You can purchase as many covers as you want/need.

B.  Bloggers: Write a unique post about this contest (and link to the Protect-A-Bed website and this post) or write about your experience using Protect-A-Bed products (and link to the Protect-A-Bed website and this post). 

C.  You may enter the Contest online without making any purchase or writing any blog post by skipping straight to Step 2 below and completing the Contest entry form at


Fill out the “Sail Away to a Good Night’s Sleep” entry form by clicking on “Contests” at the top of page. Have your order number and/or blog post link ready. You will also need to pick your “referring” blogger – meaning who you heard about the contest from.

All entries must be received between June 1st, 2008 and September 1st, 2008.

The Grand Prize winner will receive an all-expenses-paid trip for two to a three-night, four-day cruise to the Caribbean (including airfare) OR the winner may opt to receive a $1,000 cash prize. See Official Contest Rules here. [NOTE: You will be responsible for obtaining a passport prior to the trip].

Additionally, there will be a weekly winner every week of the promotion and a monthly winner every month of the promotion. The weekly winners (to be drawn on 6/2, 6/9, 6/16, 6/23, 6/30, 7/7, 7/14, 7/21, 7/28, 8/4, 8/11, 8/18, and 8/25) will each receive two Protect-A-Bed pillow protectors. The monthly winners (to be drawn on June 30, July 30, and August 30) will each receive a $200 gift card to Outback Steakhouse. All weekly and monthly winners will also be put “back in the hat” for the grand prize drawing.

Thanks everyone and BEST WISHES…as you set sail to a better night’s sleep (and hopefully to the Caribbean this fall!).

P.S. If you have questions, feel free to e-mail me directly at [email protected] OR leave a comment here and I'll respond "publicly." 


  • WEEKLY WINNER 6/2: #115 Stephanie V.
  • WEEKLY WINNER 6/9: #238 Pat K.
  • WEEKLY WINNER 6/16: #75 Pauline M.
  • WEEKLY WINNER 6/23: #626 Lee G.
  • WEEKLY WINNER 6/30: #430 Shakeia R.
  • MONTHLY WINNER 6/30: #662 Michelle S.
  • WEEKLY WINNER 7/7: #787 Vahoi R.
  • WEEKLY WINNER 7/14: #447 Susan W.
  • WEEKLY WINNER 7/21: #159 Debbie M.
  • WEEKLY WINNER 7/28: #918 Rozetta H.
  • MONTHLY WINNER 7/30: #931 Rebecca S.
  • WEEKLY WINNER 8/4: #21 Rebecca D.
  • WEEKLY WINNER 8/11: #825 Sharon A.
  • WEEKLY WINNER 8/18: #10 Andrea S
  • WEEKLY WINNER 8/25:#1327 Kristin F.
  • MONTHLY WINNER 8/30:#946 Lindsay V.
  • GRAND PRIZE WINNER: #1274 Jessie C.

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281 comments on “Sail Away to a Good Night's Sleep Contest - WIN A CRUISE!”

  1. I need to get away I have cancer and have really been sick you can go to caring bridges and read all about me and that is why i need to win a get away for me and my husband to be. Have To have open as I still have treatments and not sure when I would be free to go . but a get away would be so wonderful and not have to pay for any thing at all.

  2. I have never won anything in my life. I am a 44 year old mother with 2 childen. I have been married for 22 yrs now. Got 1 granddaughter that is 5 months old an the love of my life. Worked all my life just to get buy these days. Never really did anything for myself always for my family. They come first. I would love to just get away for for a week an relax where it is warm. Would love to go away on a cruise.

  3. I always learn about the greatest products as a result of reading and visiting your Blog! The Protect-A-Bed products are so wonderful and really if you make the investment of nice bedding and you have children or someone with medical issues, you want to protect your investment! Thank you for always bringing to our attention this type of fine product!

  4. WOW I have never ever won anything in my life and i sure could use a trip : ) i know my chances are slim to none cause i have awful luck but im keeping my fingers crossed

  5. I have not been on a vacation since my DH and I eloped to Cancun over 15 years ago! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  6. These mattress pads could have saved our mattresses in the co-sleeping and toddler days! Because I don't enjoy the thought of dust mites, I'm still interested!
    Great contest!! Chrissy

  7. Mattress protection and a trip to boot?
    Pinch me, I MUST be dreaming!
    With 3 under 6 yr. old...I could use both..
    Sign me UP!

  8. wow, this is a very impressive contest! So, I think we are supposed to leave a relevant, how I would use a mattress topper- it would bring great peace of mind because I have a child who occasionally-once-in-a-blue-moon has an accident, since I don't know when that will be, I have to always have something under the sheet. And, I have one with allergies- again, this would be great peace of mind.

  9. I could have used one of these for my daughter. She is an adult now, but when she was a toddler the only thing she would drink was water and LOTS of it. Being a heavy sleeper, even after she was potty trained she would have an accident every now and then. Allergies are our biggest incentive for mattress protection, does anyone know how well protect a bed works for allergies? No more bed wetters in my house --- good allergenice mattress covers are hard to find or afford. Would love to hear more.


  10. It's funny, just today I was wishing for something like this as I was changing my crib sheets for what seems like the hundredth time this week. My 2 year old is like Niagra Falls, and can soggify a diaper completely out within an hour. I don't understand. You can imagine that the nightime usually leaves me a lovely leaky diaper mess to clean up. And I have a feeling that when I potty train this one (have started), the night training is going to be loooooong. :)

  11. I have one little boy in full swing of potty training, enough said?! Plus, I am expecting another little boy and I always wonder as I get in bed at night... I really hope my water doesn't break during the night and ruin the mattress. This product would be a great relief for that worry.

  12. I heard about this awesome giveaway from 5 Minutes for Mom. What a generous and wonderful giveaway!

    I blogged about the giveaway here:

    and here:

    We have a 21 month old, whom we had placed in our home at the end of May. We are hoping to adopt him in early 2009, so this would definitely come in handy for us!!!

  13. Wonderful giveaway and great product! I wish it was around when my guys (now teens) were little 'cause they had bedwetting issues until they were much older! Now I have friends with 4 little girls under age 5 and this would be wonderful for them!!!

  14. I wish I had known about these sooner. My son co-slept with me for four years and, at 5, is just now getting into his own bed. I can't tell you how useful they would have been earlier!! But I may still consider purchasing one for his new double mattress because you never know...

  15. What a marvelous and generous giveaway! A cruise is an AMAZING prize!!!
    Should I have the marvelous honor of winning the cruise I would surprise my hard working Army man with a kiddo free vacation!
    I have an infant and a toddler... the protect-a-beds sound so cool! I've never heard of them before, but will be looking into them further!

  16. I definitely would consider buying this product. Mattresses are just too expensive to risk major damage from children. Even though my children do not cosleep, they do come and cuddle in the bed most mornings. I have a cheap plastic cover on my son's bed, but it "crunches." Heehee.

  17. I wish I'd known about these years ago. Of course, I'm sure I'll need them for my twin one year olds soon too. Thanks for the chance, my husband and I need a vacation so bad!!

  18. I had 8 kids and still have 7 in the house. Even my oldest still home at 17 can jump on my bed with her juice! Why? Don't they learn NOT to jump on beds?
    I have all ages all the way down to Ella and Jera. THE TWINS! Yes, the twins! They are 2.9 years old and are being potty trained. Jera is doing quite well but let me focus on ELLA. All because of Ella and her unfound love for the white throne (in our case pink throne... and I thought all girls loved pink /;) I will be buying PROTECT-A-BED!@!

    I finally thought I was in the clear with my kids getting older but that very last kid in the notch will do it every time. Plus, the investment is still worth it all since I am sure Ella will be like her oldest sister and jump on the bed when she gets to the age of 17!

  19. Wow ~ This Protect-a-bed looks like a really great new item. I can think of lots of friends, daughter's friends etc who might really love receiving this as a gift, so I have earmarked this for sure for upcoming showers & gifts and to pass along to others! Keep up the good work!

  20. I'll bet the Protect-a-bed could really extend the life of a crib mattress! With 8 children, it seems like we always need a new one! Seems like I always need a vacation as well.

  21. Hello! Im Corey the babysitter!!!!!!! Yup that little cartoon says it all for me EXCEPT im a MOMMY of four anddddddddddddddd a BABYSITTER that has been married for eleven years together 13 and never a honeymoon with the hubby. We have been DYING for a cruise..but the tax money always has to go for new refridgerators, washer and dryers, medical bills...etc. We always say hey well go on vacation this year together with the tax money or a bonus...something ALWAYS comes up. Ill take the CRUISE hehehehehehe!!!

  22. If only I had one of those through my last 12 years of pregnancy and motherhood. I'm right behind you with baby #3 - 9 weeks along. You look like you are 12 years old compared to me, though. My kid is likely to get away with a lot more than its 10 and 12 year old siblings ever did. LOL

  23. After 22 years of raising children, my baby graduates from high school in May '09.
    It's time to do something for MOM!!

  24. As a mother of a soon to be potty training baby, this product sounds great! I just might have to get one...

  25. Yeah cash is always great now days with the economy like it is. Everyone working so hard at watching every penny. But that is also a good reason for the vaction to get away from all that. It would be a hard decision. Enter me thanks

  26. Sounds like a great product for parents. As a parent educator I am always looking for information to share. Thanks

  27. What a wonderful idea to keep matresses clean.
    I would like the $$ prize since I have been out of work. Thanks for the chance.

  28. We just had to cancel a family cruise because of my mom having to take care of my grandparents. This prize would be great!

  29. I am extremely glad I found out about this contest...not so much for the money or the cruise, but for the product. All of us (myself, hubby, and our daughter) have severe dust mite allergies and sleeping is terrible. The mattress covers I have tried in the past have done a sub-par job in helping us wake up refreshed and without stuffy noses. I did not realize there was a better product out there. Thank you!

  30. I'm planning a camping trip at the moment- trying to combine camping and new york city... we'll see. Anyway, we love to travel and would defintely take the cruise! Thanks for the chance-

  31. You and your giveaways amaze me! I've been on one cruise. I slept like a baby :-) I need to try that again...

  32. I've had bed protectors since I was 13 or so, not for bedwetting but for the great allergy reducing qualities. So when I was pregnant with my first the fear of my water breaking in bed was not on my mind and another great plus was when my son started co-sleeping I never once worried about a blowout. I'm a huge fan of them!

  33. Oh, yes...this protect a mattress would be sooooo helpful. It can't save me from past baby massage oil spills or other baby "messes", but now we're into nail polish & such. Oh, yes...this cover would indeed be helpful. A vacation or cash would be nice as well. :o) Thanks for hosting!

  34. I would take the cruise even though we could always use the cash. :) My husband and I were students when we got married and never went on a honeymoon. We just thought we would get to it later. Well, 3 kids in a little over 4 years of course of, there hasn't been an alone time. This would be a good time though, the baby is one and there isn't another one on the way. What a nice giveaway! Do you ever wish you could just score this prize for yourself?

  35. As much as I need a vacation, I need the $1,000 more. I am trying to go school after taking a couple of years off and my family just doesn't have enough money right now to send me to MCC. So I would love to win the grand prize and pick the option of cash instead!

  36. Thanks for this great trip offer!
    We had to cancel our cruise this week that we had been planning for a year to celebrate my 40th B-day because we are having a baby on Saturday! So we would SO love to win this prize:)

  37. My son and daughter-in-law are going to be celebrating their first wedding anniversary and I would love to win the OUtback Steakhouse Gift Cert. for them!

  38. It all sounds good to me-the Cruise, cash and Outback gc!! WOW! It would be a dream :)My Mom's been wanting to go on a Cruise.

  39. Oh, man! I could use one of these mattress covers, I've co-slept with all 6 of my kids (so I DO need a vacation!) and #6 is still with us, plus #4 hops in occasionally. Just bought a new wool covered mattress, so I'd really love to protect it!!

  40. I'd Love to cruise away to some sweet dreams. I also appreciate the thoughtfulness of the the mattress cover giveaways; who couldn't truly use a mattress cover? An everyday kind of treat!

  41. My husband and I own a couple of the mattress covers, as we co-sleep with our son on occasion. Love how they fit and protect our mattress!

    Going on a cruise would be a dream come true for my husband and I. We have not taken a vacation in almost 6 years and with baby #2 on the way- it'd be Heaven!

  42. This sounds like the brand of cover my mom got for our oldest (almost 3) its so nice, doent even feel like a matress cover at all....How I would love a vacation!

  43. My 3 year old sleeps with me and my husband and this would be great now that we are trying to potty train.

  44. I have a question! Is the trip specifically for the fall season or can the winner choose when to take the trip?

  45. We definitely need a protect a bed mattress cover. We cosleep and our little one spits up and occasionally goes through his diaper. We just had to change the sheets today. We didn't do anything spectacular this summer so winning a cruise would be great. If possible we'd save it for next summer for our honeymoon. Then again... the cash sounds pretty tempting as we are trying to move.

  46. Great Giveaway. I can use the money so I would take the cash option. I am launching a graphics business so I can use the cash to start it up!

  47. I am a work-at-home mom-of-five and I can't even begin to tell you how much I need a vacation! Awesome giveaway! :)

  48. A Cruise,oh yes puh-lease' I'ved packed my bags and ready to leave......ssssshhhhhhhh-if I win I will take you too!

  49. Sunday, July 13, 2008

    Breath Easier
    Category: Life

    I found a great product! Protect -A -Bed will help you breath easier while you sleep! If you or a family member has allergies or you have a pet who likes to snuggle with you at night it's a MUST HAVE! Even if those don't apply to you, EVERYONE has dust mites! PROTECT your family! You will sleep better knowing you can breath easier. Don't take MY word for it! Invest in your family's health and find out for yourself. The web site is: Check it out!

  50. Where to start? I've one left to potty train, Protect-a-Beb covers would be great. Then there's steak! I mean a date night, Wow! And the best for last ....Cruise or Cash!! I want to say "Thanks So Much" just for putting this together. I'm very appreciative.

  51. Well, we had another accident-filled night last night. Ben would really prefer no diapers, but....
    getting this last one potty trained - it would be SO lovely to have a Cal King Protect-a-Bed!

  52. Thank you for this contest! I've heard really good things about this company and it's products and I could sure use this and the trip, and the Outback dinner! Keeping my fingers crossed! : )

  53. Wow! I think the mattress cover is great! I need to get one for us AND for DD when she moves to her big girl bed!

  54. I need the mattress cover an the trip,lol,my little dog likes to jump in the bed with us in the middle of the night,a cruise sounds so nice,like a dream come true,please count me in,thanks

  55. These mattress covers would make great gifts and I need to order one for my son. Will be fantasizing about this cruise daily. Thanks.

  56. Adding one of these covers to our Christmas Wish list! What a fantastic contest. My husband and I have been able to take a vacation since our son was born 2 years ago. This would be such a treat to win!

  57. I wouldn't be able to leave my kids that long *sheepish grin* but I'd love to win for my parents! They've never gone on a cruise and really can't afford it right now saving for retirement and all...thanks for a chance. And yes, I still cosleep and my youngest will be 5 in October. ;)

  58. My wife deserves to be taken on a nice vaca or even a nice dinner - she does so much and is truly amazing. Thanks for the chance!!!

  59. I was ecstatic when I saw a link to this contest. First off, I am a firm believer in protecting your beds. I had a horrible experience with my baby girl breaking out into rashes because our in-laws crib mattress was filthy and covered in I-don't-know-what! We had to stay there for a few months until our financial situation improved, but almost the entire time I had no idea what was causing the rashes. Finally I decided to get her a new mattress and the rashes went away. I now cover all our mattresses because I've got a crazy phobia of "the rash" coming back. I believe in products like this and the fact that you are giving away a cruise would be so incredible for me and my husband. We are working so hard to get on our feet and it has taken a toll on us physically, mentally, and everything in between. A free cruise sounds like the answer to me!

  60. Thanks for entering me in your contest. A cruise would be delightful, but money or a night out to dinner is always welcome!

    Great site. Your daughter is a doll baby.

  61. I would love to win a bed protector, cash, or outback steaks! Keeping a mattress clean will make it last longer and helps keep the fur level down from the pets. And cash is always helpful with the house repairs. Or a night out for steak is a tasty treat!

  62. well i am a huge fan of mattress covers they are great and 1000 well that would be soo cool just to let you know 5 minutes for mom is where i heard about you and glad i have seen your site

  63. Wow! If I won, it would be the best thing that ever happened to my marriage. We never got to go on a honeymoon (that's what happens when you have kids before getting married). I have never been to an Outback Steakhouse, so that would be an awesome prize to win too. All of your prizes are beyond awesome. I know you said not to say it but thank you for such an awesome giveaway!

  64. What a great offer. Hve 2 grandkids with bedwetting issues. The matress covers would be great. And who couldn't use $1000. I sure could!

  65. Minutes For Mom. How unique. I love it. And I would love that 1000.00 too. And I would also love to get one of these mattress cover/protectors. Actually, I would like to get two of them. They sound great. Maybe that 1000.00 would help.

  66. What a fabulous contest and great prizes! I've blogged about it :-)

    I have no personal experience with the protect-a-bed to share; however, I'm thinking of ordering one for my younger sister who recently had a baby.

  67. I sleep with my two cats. My male cat has a tendency to barf in the middle of the night. Yulk, it's guite gross to roll over on it, whether it's a hairball or food.

  68. I just posted on my blog. OMG I think this is a super exciting opportunity. Our anniversary is coming up in September and would LOVE to spend it on a cruise. We have never been on a crusie or to the Carribean. This would be amazing. :) Thank you so much for the opportunity Metropolitan Mama and Protect-A-Bed!!!!!

  69. with a young boy and a infant these bed protectors sound like the way to go!! I would love the Outback gift card and the trip!! I don't get to do much of either with two boys.. (vacations or eating out) Thanks for offering this sweepstakes..

  70. Honestly, you no idea how often I have to wash my sons mattress and bedding! I'm always finding little unidentifiable "markings" and "leftovers" - that I myself don't even want to touch sometimes! He is two years old, and were in the process of Night potty training! And Urgh - as if thats not enough, right?? And drooling...forget about it...He's a water hose - strait down to the mattress! After seeing this contest it has certainly made me more curious about the Protect-A-Bed mattress covers!

    [email protected]

  71. This is a really wonderful sweepstakes. The products are great & the info is even better. I'll take the outback for my B-DAY coming up.

  72. I filled out the form, but I just wanted to leave a comment cause after a summer of rotating through 8 classes of 4 year old...I need vacation!!
    I have used a Protect a Bed product and they are good

  73. What a fabulous contest! Thank you for hosting such a generous giveaway. I am about to start potty training my 2 year old daughter and imagine these might really protect our mattress!! I joked in my post that I wonder if they make car seat protectors after my daughter was vomitting for 9 hours on our recent car trip home!!

    Oh, and 5 Minutes for Mom sent me!

  74. I have allergies and have been looking all over for some solutions. Then it dawned on me that I use a feather/down pillow and that I needed a new pillow and/or pillow protector. Maybe this brand will be a good choice.

  75. Boy, when I think that I could win a vacation, I'm about ready to cry. My husband and I not only need a vacation, we need a honeymoon. Ours, well, ours wasn't what I was expecting. I would love to be able to finally go on a real one! So yes, please enter me!!

  76. I would love to win the cruise or even the gift card to Outback Steakhouse for my hard working sister and husband who has 2 kids. They both work hard and they have little time for themselves. It would be a great treat for them. Thanks!

    (Oh and 5 Minutes for Mom sent me, great site.)

  77. I've never been on a cruise and are now in a position where we can't afford it. :( We should have gone BC (before children) when we had 2 incomes! I'd love a vacation...especially to the Carribean!

  78. I just found out about your site from 5 Minutes for Mom - and I love it! I added it to my list of regular reads, I love the stories here. Thanks for this contest, I sure hope to win it!!!!! : )

  79. I here via 5 minutes for mom.

    The bed you are reviews would have been (or could still be) perfect for us! My 18 mo. is STILL sleeping with us! And, I'm still nursing.

    With that all being said, you can see how I would totally benefit from a cruise! LOL I promise to wean her if I win! ;)

  80. Hello. I also came over from 5 minutes for Mom. I saw their review on this product.

    My husband and I would greatly enjoy a cruise. We've never been on one. Plus, Outback is his favorite restaurant.

  81. Thanks to 5 minutes for mom I found this site and giveaway. They have a great site and after looking around so do you.
    The covers sound like something everyone could use.

  82. Ok with three kids two of them twins we have had our share of pee and throw-up disasters on the bed. I just got new mattresses for the kids and I am so paranoid that they are going to get ruined. I need some of these covers. They soundso much better than what I have found. I will lay in my bed dreaming about a cruise for my birthday coming up on Sept 4th.

  83. I would love to win any of these prizes! I have been wanting to get pillow protectors for quite awhile, but we've been living on a student budget and as you can imagine, we haven't had much extra money for that kind of splurge. As it goes, my hubby just finished med school and we have a ton of student loans, so $1,000 to help pay that down, or a cruise to celebrate his graduation, or even just a gift card for dinner out would be oh so fabulous! Thanks for the great opportunity!!

  84. Oh, the protect-a-bed sounds great. My daughter doesn't have many accidents anymore, but they still happen occasionally.

    And a cruise! Wow. What a generous giveaway.

  85. We could use the protect-a-bed mattress cover since our 6 yr old son still has accidents...especially when it storms. I am going to check that out. Thanks for the info on it.

  86. Protect-A-Bed®‘s unique Miracle Membrane® - I am really fascinated by this. I have never heard of the products before this. My family has allergies, and we even receive an allergy mail newsletter. Hmmm . . .The product looks good. I would love to try the pillow case. (of course I would enjoy a trip to the carribean - will they have the protect a bed covers on the ship! *giggles* I know - naughty me!)

    Thanks for sponsoring the contest.


  87. I am definitely looking into the product because Ben is getting to the age where he really doesn't want to wear a diaper at night, but he could end up wetting and my mattress pad just won't do the trick with that type of volume. :) If it ends up that this will protect the mattress from a large amount of fluid, I'll be investing in it because we love co-sleeping and I'd really rather pay to wash a mattress pad once a week or so than to have him still in diapers overnight. Thanks for letting us know about it!

  88. I would so love this prize. I would go on the trip. Our kids need a vacation away from us as much as we need one away from them. Besides they always get cool prizes them selves when we get home.

  89. Awesome contest!
    We have a protect-a-bed cover on our bed and it has saved us a couple of times from leaky diapers.

  90. The protectabed would be great for my husband's allergies. The Outback Steakhouse gift card would be nice.

    But the cruise? For ONLY two? As close to heaven as I can get on earth. Perfect for when my husband comes back from Iraq. Just perfect.

  91. We could really use a vacation - we could also use covers for our mattresses since our kids are not only potty training, but visit us in bed with their snacks. Any prize would be great!

  92. I love the ultra-thin mattress protector on my king-size bed. There is such a difference between it and the thick quilted type of mattress pad which bunches up.

  93. This is definitely something I am going to go and order...with a 2 year old getting ready for the potty and a 1 year old right behind her....these will be great. Thanks for the info!

  94. I reviewed the Protect-a-bed once, and absolutely love them! I'm about to switch my toddler to a real bed. I probably need to get another of them soon anyway.

  95. Hi Stephanie, 5minutesformom sent me to your site. Thanks for this great contest! I have this would be nice to use. I would use the green to buy one and help our family getaway somewhere closer. Thank you!

  96. I think this is an amazingly generous gift! Thank you for teaming up and pulling this together for us!

    I did Co-sleep with your baby and this woudl have been wonderful.
    I definitely have a toddler or older child who is potty training or occasionally wets the bed
    My family definitely suffers from allergies your pet(s) sleep with you
    Yep, we sleep on a mattress!

    Yes, we fit the bill! I will definitely check it all out and be hoping I win the trip, but honestly the weekly drawings are amazing too!

  97. Need this trip bad!!! I am under the weather for the entire summer, possible surgery. ugh So we are having a staycation instead of vacation.
    Awesome prizes!!

  98. What a great trip - so generous. Sounds like a good mattress protector - I never can tell what differentiates a good one from a so-so one and now I have a good recommendation!

  99. This is a nice prize, and when I went to the website (I thought the name sounded familiar) I realized that I bought one of these two years ago when I got my son's new mattress! I got the basic full sized protect a bed because you just never know when your kid (even though he's 15 now) is gonna get sick... The furniture store where I bought his mattress recommended them, and they actually had them in stock. At first I looked at the price, thought the guarantee was too good to be true, but he has had that mattress pad on his bed with no problems whatsoever and his mattress looks the same as the day that I bought it. When I get a new mattress in a couple years, I know I want one for my bed too. (but for allergies, I am sneezing over cat dander and dust mites!) again, super contest, but also a great product highly recommended...

  100. My hubby and I can use the vacation after doing 2 adoptions in a short period of time. We have not been away from the kids in 1 1/2 years since we got them. I am ready!!!

  101. I have allergies, especially dust mites, and have to launder the sheets and blankets every week. It's a real problem.

  102. I blogged ya! Of course I could use a cruise and come to think of it-- I could use bed protectors too! I have two young boys-- need I say more!?

  103. Baby loves to cruise! Count me in!

    Matress covers are great. The protect and add years to the mattress.

  104. I could definitely use a mattress cover considering that I am allergic to dust! However, I don't know that I would use it for bed sharing, though I did do this with both of my babies. After reading the info on the babesafe website, I would be more concerned about bed sharing than I used to be. It's an interesting theory anyway. I did use one of the babesafe mattress covers on the crib for my youngest (didn't know about it for my older one). For babies out of SIDS range, the Protect-A-Bed covers sound fantastic!

  105. Great idea! I could really use a cruise ...

    Mattress covers are one of those things you wish for 'after-the-fact'. It would be great to have one for preventative purposes!

  106. I would love to win a cruise, wasn't able to go on a vacation for the last couple of years. The protect a mattress sounds like something I would be very much interested in having. Thank you.

  107. Talk about two birds! My husband and I had a 'work' cruise which was nice but full of business meetings a few years ago. Plus, I was pregnant and the rocky boat didn't add anything to my morning sickness! Also, we need a mattress cover for the baby that was in my belly then, so I am happy to find this post, would love to be entered in this contest, and am on my way to shopping for a new mattress cover. Thank you!

  108. Matress covers are a life saver! And Protect.a.Bed look like they are really excellent too as they are allergen reducing. Great contest Steph!

  109. Fun times to be able to host a contest! And a cruise or dinner, at that! How do you rate?! I'm new to your sight via Scribbit. I'll have to do some perusing...I love contests (winning is icing on the cake), but it's other moms' voices who give me long-term satisfaction!!

  110. I'm allergic to dust, so their Elite line of mattress covers is something I will definitely be looking into. Outback is delicious, and I always love getting to go out to eat with my husband (doesn't happen very often). Cruises are the best vacations ever, and with the current gas prices, a free vacation (including airfare!) is just that much sweeter.

  111. Ha, I said yes to a few of them. I will definitely be looking into this product. As for the grand prize, my poor husband has never even been to the ocean and our 10th anniversary is this year. This would be so perfect.

  112. My husband and I plan on getting pregnant soon. I finally graduated with my bachelor's degree and things are steadily moving along. On that note, protect-a-bed cover will be a good purchase or baby shower gift for my family. I am all in favor of co-sleeping with an infant. I'm also all in favor of going on a cruise before getting pregnant and starting a family.

  113. Ran into this site while looking for something to use for my elderly mother. I am her caregiver.
    Like mcdonalds, "you could use a break today"' applies! Take me!

  114. Talk about a needed break from the hustle-and-bustle reality of my life... This would be a dream come true, if only for a few days..:).

  115. I could really use some pillow covers! Thanks for this awesome giveaway! I am a big believe in mattess pads I will have to check these out! I would so love to win as we are celebrating 10 year's of marital happiness in August and three nights is all I could possibly manange away from DS.

  116. We have never been on a cruise before. This would be so great - we would celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary.

  117. Hi Stephanie...just to be clear...we enter once and then do we enter again if we blog about the contest? I don't want to disqualify myself for entering on the form twice! Thanks!


  118. Once we figure out what size bed we will ultimately end up with I will be purchasing a Protect-A-Bed cover, you never know with boys.
    I have not been on a cruise and keep hearing how much fun they are. I do know that Outback is very yummy though. The pillow covers would be a good test drive. Are they washable? So many great items... so many chances...too exciting!!

  119. Hi there everyone! Thanks so much for your interest in the contest! To clarify, the first way to enter is by filling out the entry form (without a blog URL or order #). Then, if you choose to order a mattress cover and/or blog about the contest, then re-submit the form for each "action step" you take to ensure that you receive additional entries.

    NOTE: You're welcome to post a comment here, but please be aware that posting a comment won't enter you in the contest! You have to fill out the entry form, k? :)

    Good luck!

  120. This contest suites me perfectly, cause I'd take any one of the prizes! They're all great! Thanks for the offer!

  121. what a great product. would be great to protect my bed when little people decide to crawl in with me during the night and have accidents, or to protect the crib mattress as many foster babies sleep on it and each has a way of "leaking' LOL.

  122. You have such fun contests, and this one tops them all! I would love to have any of these prizes: My pillows need replacing, and covers for them would keep the new pillows nice longer; My husband would love to have free steaks (OK, I would, too); And who wouldn't love to be pampered on a cruise? Thanks for using separate entry forms for your giveaway so I don't have to spread my real name and my email address all across the web any time I leave a comment or enter a giveaway!

  123. Protect-a-bed would be great for my newly potty trained son. And a cruise would be great for mom and dad! Thanks!

  124. This would be a great time saver - seems like we are constantly cleaning messes off the mattresses between kids, pets, and babies we babysit for. Great giveaway - I would love to win any of the prizes! Thanks so much!

  125. I already use protect a bed mattress covers. We use them on every bed in our home. Between kids with allergies and a cat who loves to cuddle...we'd be lost without ours.
    Thanks so much for this great giveaway. All the prizes are great...but I'm really hoping for outback...I love the blooming onions. lol
    Thanks again for this awesome giveaway.

  126. WANTED:

  127. Hi! I came over from 5 Min for Mom! I just wanted to say what a GREAT giveaway!

    I think I will be getting a Protect-A-Bed mattress cover!!! Mr. "S" and I both suffer from allergies!!! Great product info! =) Thanks!

  128. Mmmmmmm, girl. How exciting! I have to get one of those covers. We just bought a new mattress after 9 years! The old one got the brunt of the "baby-years" messes, but I plan on keeping this one just as long! Thanks for posting...Im in!

  129. Came here via 5 Minutes For Mom. My children suffer from eczema, so the mattress covers would be GREAT for them...and since we have three little ones, my hubby and I never get the cruise would be WONDERFUl. So, I will be working on my entry this week. Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway.

  130. Hi Stephanie! Thanks for stopping by. I love your site. Super informative and tons of fun stuff going on! Another great site to add to my daily reading ; )

  131. Hi!

    I don't know if I entered correctly. I chose option C. The problem is I don't have a website or an order number or a blogpost and the only referring site I have is MetropolitanMama.

  132. Call me selfish, but I WANT IT ALL!!! Blondie's almost totally potty trained now (she just kind of did it herself in the last couple weeks) but it would be nice to have the protect a bed covers for when she's in undies in bed just in case. I love Outback and desperately need a date with the hubs and NO kids (today was a bit disastrous and I could use a break). And I would LO-OVE a cruise!!! I think I just peed a little with excitement. Maybe I need a bed cover, too.

  133. Okay, I'm a bit confused by the entry form... you can enter once without having an order number or blog post, right? So would I then enter again if I did write a blog post about it?

  134. I also have never heard of these ingenious mattress covers. Great idea for my kids, myself for very fun medical issues, (lol) and even relatives. Thanks for the info. Oh and by the way, I love Outback steakhouse and I am in dire need of a get-away with my husband, it's been... hmmm... way too long to count! :)

  135. Wow!!! How fun!!! I am definitely going to participate!!! Wow...did I say that already? Haha! I'm going to start working on it...right now...hehe! : )

  136. I don't think I've ever seen a giveaway like this before. I thought it was a big deal to win a vacuum cleaner! Granted, I've never won anything big but can't blame a girl for trying. My husband and I are planning on going on a cruise next year (would be my first!)to celebrate our 15th anniversary. How great would it be if it was FREE?!? :) We also protect our beds - it is a wonderful thing.

  137. Ha, you were right, this is big! I saw your camping theme and when you said big I was thinking a new tent!! But this is bigger than big!! You've offically gotten my hopes up! (Once I enter...)

  138. Wow! How generous! I definitely need a vacation!! I will have to check into these for when we start potty training. I am sure there will be a few accidents in our. Thanks!

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