Say Good-Bye to Your Bulky, Masculine Laptop Bag!

If you attended BlogHer '08 this past July in San Francisco, then there's a good chance that you saw me proudly sporting my Belkin Slim Backpack all weekend long. 

Say Good-Bye to Your Bulky, Masculine Laptop Bag! 1Available in five different color combinations, the Slim Backpack is feminine, sleek, and extremely was the perfect way to keep my laptop safe without sacrificing style! I was able to transport my laptop, phone, and accessories through the airport, on the plane, and from session to session at the conference with ease and grace. No sore shoulders or clumsy maneuvering! 

This backpack is exquisitely designed because it is indeed "slim" (not bulky and bulging like an ordinary backpack), yet it also features pockets for pens, business cards, and other extras. There is even a coordinating pouch for your power supply coordinates. 

Best of all, the padded, mesh shoulder straps provide great support! Because of my experience with the Belkin Slim Backpack, I am now a huge fan of laptop backpacks...especially for moms, who inevitably have their hands full no matter where they are going. The pack is an especially good investment for moms who travel by air several times a year (whether for business or to visit family or both...) because you can carry your laptop safely while still having your hands free for holding your nursing newborn or squirmy toddler. Spending $50 is more than worth that convenience... 

Say Good-Bye to Your Bulky, Masculine Laptop Bag! 2WIN IT! One winner will receive a Belkin Slim Backpack ($49.99) in the color of her choice. To enter, leave a comment on this post prior to Wednesday, October 15 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #46 Lena. Congratulations!

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278 comments on “Say Good-Bye to Your Bulky, Masculine Laptop Bag!”

  1. this would seriously be great to have, i use a regular laptop bag, it hurts soo bad after a while, i rather have this!

  2. Oh...this is really nice. I'd love to have it because I've always used a shoulder bag, and am ready for a change! Love the idea of it being more feminine looking too!

  3. I could use this bag to tote my laptop in and I would still be able to carry my shoulder bag and two year old. I like the straps on this particular bag because they appear to provide extra support.

  4. Gray and lavendar are my two favorite colors, and if my computer screen is doing the picture justice, that's what this laptop bag is. Even if I'm not seeing the colors right, it's a very stylish bag.

  5. What an amazing bag. I love the Dark Gray and Light Blue. This would be so much nicer then carrying my laptop around in my daughter's diaper bag!

  6. Ooh pretty. I have found some nice feminine laptop bags by Casauri, however, the Belkin bag is more affordable, and equally as cute and functional. I like the backpack design.

  7. I love the shape of this thing. I always use an extra kids backpack when I need a a spongebob one, and I never look cool. At all.

  8. wow! looks like this is already popular. Doesn't look like I'll win this, but I may check this out anyway. looks really cool and ...dare I say ... functional!

  9. Okay, I don't have a laptop, yet....but I'm in the process of deciding which I want so I will have one soon...and it would be so wonderful to have some easy way of carrying it around. I take the bus to and from work all the time and I am always lugging around a bunch of bags. i feel so bad when I bump someone with them!

    [email protected]

  10. What a great bag! I'm not a mom yet, but my hands are always soo full anyway. Coming home from work I always have my school(work) bag and bags from whatever errands I've run, so it would be so helpful to just be able to put my laptop on my back! Plus, the bag is just so cute! :) Thanks!

  11. this would be so nice for the airplane, i always take my laptop in a backpack. This would be so much easier to handle. I love the gray color.

  12. What a great bag. Perfect size, really cute, and seems to be light and versatile. Would love to win this, beats my bulky bag that I have now! Thanks.

  13. As a mom of five and an aspiring author this bag would be ideal to tote around on all those appointments, practices, and every where else I have to 'wait'!


  14. I'd love this for my daughter. We're getting her a new laptop for her 13th birthday and this would be a great accesory for her as well! I love the dark gray/green

  15. Welcome Back! This is such a fantastic giveaway prize drawing. I could so use one of these. This could be my Christmas gift! The Black/Light Gray is a classy color combination. Please enter my name in your drawing. Many thanks.....Cindi

  16. I would LOVE to win this! My hubby recently bought himself a laptop backpack, but I hadn't seen any feminine ones. This is fabulous! Thanks for another fantastic giveaway!

  17. I have been looking for a great bag like this. My laptop bag is basically an old book bag of my son's, and the handle is almost completely ripped off of it and the clasp is broken. So, carrying around an expensive piece of equipment in a bag that's falling apart - not so bright. I need a new bag! :)

  18. I could really use a laptop bag like that. Seems like that would be much better than your typical over-the-shoulder making you lopsided to one side. I would love to win this!

  19. I love how this is designed more for a woman's needs than a man's. It's too typical that products are designed for men and not taking women's needs into account.

  20. Oh, man. I'm loving the Dark Grey/Lavender backpack. I would proudly sport this into my local coffee shop when I have my solo nights out to "blog off-site" as I call it. This would also be handy as a student. I have many group projects in my college classes that would require me to bring along the laptop. What an easy way to tote much nicer than a messenger style back that threatens to break your shoulder every time you wear it.

  21. This looks great I don't have a laptop yet but since my desktop just crashed i will soon. It is going to be my big spend for black friday. I would love to have this to carry it in. Thanks for the giveaway.

  22. WoW!!!! Glad to have you back. Can't wait to see those beautiful baby pictures when you cute little bundle of joy enters our world!!!

    What a great giveaway too!!! Please count me in, I could sure use one of these.

  23. That's such a nice compact backpack! It would be perfect while riding my bike! My current backpack gets super saggy and punches me in the back on hills.. it's a bummer.

    I'd look super hip too, that's always a plus too. :)

  24. I like the Jet/Cabernet colors of the Belkin Backpack for laptops, and also found it interesting that there was a grommet for an MP3 player for headphones while you could still keep the player safely hidden in your backpack. A great idea, because we always need to have our hands free for luggage, bus passes, babies, clothes from the dry cleaners, or ANYTHING!

  25. I just had to visit the Belkin site to see what colors these come in, great, classy colors. I especially like the dark gray/green and the black/light gray.

    Thank you.

  26. I use my laptop every day for work and would really love to have a laptop bag like that. I have been wanting to get a nice laptop bag, but I am getting married next year and I'm trying to save my money- they are rather expensive. Purple is my favorite color and will even be my wedding color- so that is a nice touch.

  27. My grandchildren love to cook for MeMaw and PaPaw and would enjoy these so much.
    Thanks for this great contest and prize!

  28. With four children, and always on the go... this bag looks like it would help me jugle all that I have.

    The last thing I need is to lug around a huge bag with my computer..

  29. I don't even have a laptop bag, I have been carrying mine around in a kinda messenger/grocery bag like thing...LOL! So needless to say this would be a wonderful surprise to win and show off so people quit laughing at me! Thank you for the chance, good luck everyone!
    P.S. I also have to add that I absolutely LOVE the picture of you and your daughter with you wearing your red heels, priceless!

  30. I just got my first laptop a few weeks ago. The bag I've been using is so bulky and uncomfortable. I would really like to win this!!

  31. This is the perfect bag for me to take on airplane trips! It will allow me to take my carry-on AND my laptop with less trauma going through security. :)

  32. I love that bag! Purple is my favorite color! I use my laptop every day for work and I work at some one's house. I SO wish I had such a NICE bag for my laptop. I have also done a lot of flying these past couple of years to visit my parents and that is the perfect way to carry a laptop in an airport!!! :)

  33. Slick! I like the Dark Gray/Light Blue color combo, and that the power supply pouch is removable. Plus, how cool is Belkin's Laptop Cooling Lounge? Belkin is an awesome company. Every time I've had to call for tech issues, they've been willing to hang in for the lon-haul with me. (Very old houses in very old neighborhoods can make wireless very difficult!)

  34. Ooh, very nice looking! Too bad the jet/cabernet is sold out, guess I'd go for the dark gray/green instead! Thanks for the contest!

  35. This looks like it would be perfect for me, it looks just the right size and won't flop around like some other bags do. Thanks for the chance to win such a usefull prize

  36. Great bag of course, great website, I need to mommy blog out! What a great idea for an outlet for a mom with 3 kids ranging from 1 year to 15 years old. Hmmmm...

  37. I love the fact that these are styled for women.
    The Lavender and Dark Grey is my favorite combination
    Thank you so much for always offering such wonderful contest.
    I would LOVE to win !!

  38. My poor daughter-in-law sure could use this slim backpack. She has two little girls to look after (ages 2 and 4), owns and operates a pre-school and is one busy Mom. I would LOVE to gift her with this backpack so she wouldn't have to carry her laptop, her diaper bags, her purse, a week's worth of school material and more with just her two hands.

  39. I desperately need a laptop bag, and I love that is so slim. I don't like the huge, bulky bags! Thank you for the great giveaway, I hope I win!

  40. What a great looking bag. We could really use this. I really like the dark gray/light blue combo. Very stylish. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  41. I didn't know they made backpacks for laptops and now I know that I NEED one. I need those hands free - especially with the kids! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  42. I was just saying how I wished I could find a decent looking laptop backpack- thanks for the chance to win!

  43. This bag is very attractive and looks comfortable too. I like the fact that they've added "extra padding and breathable mesh for maximum support and comfort". Some of the color combinations are very interesting; I believe I'd choose the Dark Gray/Light Blue.

  44. What a great bag! I love that even with it's purpose, it has a more streamlined, feminine look to it. It doesn't look like any old guy's laptop bag! It looks stylish and pretty, and just perfect for carrying that important essential around! Thanks for the chance to win!

  45. Now here's an idea whose time has come. Function and style are combined in this great item. What a cool backpack! Thanks for the contest.

  46. i am so in this contest! yeah they have really nice colors the one i liked the most was the garnet and black. sold out bummer. but still very nice.

  47. This is such a great bag! It's so hard to carry around a conventional over-the-shoulder laptop bag on top of a diaper bag and a 19mo! This would be perfect! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  48. It seems like it is impossible to find a functional, comfortable laptop bag. This one looks like it fits the bill, but I hope I don't lose out on too much storage space! I'm willing to take my chances, though. It is cute!

  49. Dark Gray and Lavender - how pretty and feminine! Now I can carry all my stuff without sporting the junior high look of a "regular" backpack!

  50. That bag is amazing! I have never seen one like that before. It looks so comfortable and sleek. I really need one of these for my laptop.

  51. What a fabulous combination of femme and function! In this eminently pragmatic, androgynous world of ours - it's a bit of sass and sunshine. Thanks for the chance.

  52. I absolutely love this laptop bag. I am always looking for new and interesting bags since they receive so much wear and abuse. I change mine very often. Thank you for giving me a chance to win this adorable bag.

  53. wow, that looks like it would fit snug against your back too, bulkier bags do for a little while but eventually all the heavy stuff drag them around!

    sounds and looks GREAT!
    thanks for the chance!

  54. Wonderful. How can you not love something with a color named after wine? Black and cabernet would be my first choice. MKW

  55. We have numerous trips scheduled for the upcoming months. It sure would be nice to not have to worry about the safety of my laptop and have my hands free to help out my guys. Thanks for the recommendation.

  56. I have never taken my laptop anywhere, with my girls about to start ballet, swimming and gymnastics I would love to take my laptop with me. But alas I don't have anything to carry it. Is my story sad enough?
    :) I really do need to look for a laptop bag and this looks perfect!

  57. I sooooo need one of these! Maybe Chris will get me one if I don't win it... hmmm, can we drop hubby hints? I'll tell my hubby the hints to drop to your hubby! :)

  58. Wow, this is a cute and functional looking bag. It even looks comfy. I like that it is nice enough to be taken seriously but not too fancy that you would be afraid to use it for everyday.

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