Say It With Sillycone

sillycone number and letter traysHere's a fun way to:

  • Teach your child the ABCS or 123s
  • Celebrate a birthday
  • Teach basic math skills to your 2nd grader
  • Prepare talk-worthy appetizers for your friend's 30th birthday bash
  • Say "I Love You" to your husband on your anniversary

How about this? Make letter and/or number-shaped brownies. Or Jello. Or pancakes. Or ice cubes.

If you prefer, you can create non-edible letters and numbers. Think: soap, crayons, candles, etc.

sillycone letters pancakesYou name it. You can do it...with oven-safe silicone trays by Sillycone Inc.

The high-gloss, FDA-approved silicone trays are oven-safe to 550F and can be frozen to -50F. They're non-stick, dishwasher-safe, and ultra-flexible.

The possibilities are endless. Trays are currently available in four categories: Letter, Number, Symbols, and Greek.

Each tray retails for $14.99 and can be purchased online.

Want to buy some? Sillycone Inc. is graciously offering FREE shipping on all orders on their website through 5/31/2009.

YOUR TURN: What would YOU do with these silicone trays?

sillycone inc logoWIN IT! One winner will receive a set of Sillycone Trays including Numbers, Letters, and Symbols (valued at approximately $225). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, May 11 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #132 Joan Olson. Congratulations!

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202 comments on “Say It With Sillycone”

  1. This is such a neat idea...aside from edibles like jello shots and personal cookies for birthday guests you can make candles during the holidays that can sit on your dinner table or your mantle. They even have the recipe on the Sillycone website. My brain is going into overdrive thinking of all the ways I could use these.

  2. Boy what we could do with these.....the ideas are endless!
    Not only could I make all kind of foods...but it would help the kids learn too!

  3. first of all i love this type of bake ware its the most genious thing ever. I would use them as a fun way to teach my children the basic of abc and thier numbers, and do thier snack in it to save time. thank you so much for this chance. have a godly blessed day.

  4. I would love to freeze Koolade numbers and letters for glasses of Koolade for parties or snacks. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  5. I would make my daughter a birthday cake and use the trays words and numbers to wish my daughter a happy birthday :)

  6. How cool! I think I'd more than likely make some rice krispy treats to spell out her name and let her use all kinds of sprinkles to make it her own. Thanks for this chance! Way cool trays!

  7. Talk about endless possibilities! These could be used for meals, snacks, even crafts. A full set would give us something to do for a long time. We'd have to make something yummy with everyones name first. :)

    Thank you!

  8. I wonder if I could make plaster-of-paris casts with these? They'd be perfect for inexpensively making names & words for decorating. I could spell out my niece's name in her nursery & paint to match, and make my nephew's name with him as a fun craft project. I also love the idea of soap--a set of little soaps that said ENJOY would be perfect for my guest bath.

  9. I foresee edible cake decorations: spelling out my son's name in brownie mix would make his day!

  10. I was kinda waltzing by, saw these, and almost stumbled over myself -- Numbers, Letters AND Symbols! (and Greek are available too??) Awesome! I've used these trays, and can vouch for their near-indestructability AND general flexibility -- I molded some silicon caulking letters for the mailbox (with glitter and silver paint and stuff) that STILL have people leaving me notes IN the mailbox asking "WHERE can I get some letters like THESE!!!???!" (with silicon caulking, a little bit of vaseline as "mold release" is strongly recommended, by the way).

  11. OMG! How awesome are these! I LOVE SILICONE!!
    I can think of about 10 ways to use them right now!!
    I hope I am lucky!! :)

  12. Impressing my family is my passion! Please help me to create new fun desserts for everyday and special occasions! You are the best! Thanks!

  13. I'd make little brownie bites in the letters spelling out my baby's name to put on his cake for his first birthday! Then I'd help him eat 'em! hee hee

  14. Those are soooo cool!! I'll definitely be buying some! What a wonderful & inventive idea. Those have so many uses! =) Thanks for sharing such a great product.

  15. Those silicone molds are amazing! I was so skeptical but then I bought one with valentine mold shapes earlier this year and they were amazing! Everything just pops out so easily. I love them. These are adorable molds that you are giving away.

  16. I think I'd bake cookies or brownies in people's names and wrap them with clear wrap to give to the ones I love

  17. I would use these trays to teach my little one numbers and letters in a fun way!

    themeimlookingfor at yahoo dot com

  18. I have never seen this type of thing before but it is great! My husband and son love pancakes and I could leave silly comments to them! Romantic ones to hubby! Double yummy!

  19. I would love to win these as not only do I have a little boy who would loved shaped foods I also teach two and three year olds and would love another FUN way of helping to teach letter recognition!

  20. These are absolutly crazy! I never knew such things existed, but would love to have a set... There are so many things that I would use them for, like baking eadible sentances, making cool candlewords, and jello shot math problems (for those adult get togethers :p). Thanks for the opportunity to win some!

  21. Now this looks like a really fun way to teach letters and numbers plus the fun of teaching math through baking! Great idea!

  22. I have a three year old that would love these! We make theme pancakes on special occasions, but this would really expand our horizons!

    I have a silicone baking pan and just love it. The cake seems to be more moist than in metal cookware. Clean-up is a snap. The flexibility is shocking at first, then kinda fun :)

    Thank you for a great giveaway!

  23. These are so cute and would be great to use with Ian- he's really at that stage where he just loves to help out in the kitchen and also learning his numbers and letters.

  24. These would be exceptionally great to use for candy making and spelling out cute little things on top cakes, pancakes, casseroles, jellos or even when gift wrappin that special package using letters for the persons name, I'm luvin it. wombatspurple at yahoo dot com

  25. I would like to try most of the edible ideas suggested and I would start with "Happy Father's Day" brownies.

  26. What a wonderful idea, plus such a great educational tool! Thanks so much for the giveaway! I have always loved baking and imparting my love of baking would really be helped with these sillycone trays!

  27. These are neat. They would be perfect for Fathers Day. My son always loves to help out when I bake. He would get a kick out of these!

  28. My son loves baking cookies with alphabet cookie cutters. He learned to spell everyone in our family's names that way. I like the silicone shapes so we can try making letters out of different materials like clay or jello. The numbers will also come in very handy when he starts learning math.

  29. I saw something on FoodTV that was made out of silicon trays - amazing how it can stand the heat and you can shape into almost anything!

  30. This set would be great for when my nieces come to visit! I would be the coolest aunt ever! And we could have fun making jello words!

  31. my favorite thing as a kid was when my mom cut out jello to spell words! this would be great to have!

  32. This would be great for the kids to make things for their friends, spelling out their names in ice, chocolate, etc.

  33. I would actually give these to my daughter as she is a teacher and she would make things all the time and she also works with my nephew so these would be ideal

  34. my grandkids would think these are so fussing over whos pancakes is

  35. These are cool! I've never seen anything like this. I would use these to make people feel special be it with their name on a pancake, as in your post, or just making little cupcake treats to teach my little one and her friends letters and numbers. LOVE these.

  36. What fun these would be for any get-together or pot-lucks. Could so easily turn food items into function appropriate and/or personal delights!

  37. my wife would love these to use in her state fair cake entry baking. might win something this year

  38. Ohh, wow, I could do so much with these! Write out love letters to my husband with formed truffles, teach my daughter her ABC's and 123's with banana bread batter. So fun!!

  39. For big family holiday meals, I would make herbed butter and place in the molds, chill, and place on individual bread plates. What a cool touch for meals.

  40. I'm known for my silly ice cubes, and I was running out of ideas, this would be awesome. I've done objects and shapes, but never letters and numbers, this would really let me branch out.

  41. I'm trying to figure out what's on top of those pancakes? Is it butter? That would be fun, making initial butter pats for everyone.

    These would be fun for making little desserts for baby and bridal showers! And ice cubes for the punch. Hm, hm. I'm also picturing crayons made from letters and numbers...

  42. I'm envisioning using them as ice trays as a way to make drinks look like alphabet soup. Just imagine a crowd of deep red cranberry-juice letters floating in your Sprite.

    These are really exciting.

  43. Oh what fun! Birthday parties, holidays...I can just imagine the possibilities. Plus, I work in a school and these would come in handy for so many different projects. :)

  44. This would be such and fun and educational way to get my kids into cooking. Plus I could make such great treat for them!

  45. How fun! I'd let my kids use these to make shaped cakes and brownies. Or even rice krispie treats.

  46. I would make little cakes from the letters and have a scavenger hunt to find the letters of my birthday boy's name for little prizes.

  47. Sounds like a great and tasty way to learn! How fun! When I taught Latin to middle schoolers, my kids loved the idea that ancient Latin teachers used to teach little children the abcs--they would bake bread in the shapes of the letters...I never did that for my students, but I would have fun doing that for my children!

  48. This would be so wonderful. I am looking forward to teaching my child and these trays would be a great help!

  49. Oh, I like these already! I would use the trays to mold chocolate and use the letters/ numbers to decorate cupcakes for preschool parties.

  50. I especially like the idea of making soap out of letters. This would be so much fun for a young child learning their alphabet!

  51. What fun! I would love to make little muffins with my daughter and we could spell her name or even be adventurous and make some soap with her friend's initials for party favors!
    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  52. This is one of the coolest items I have seen in a while. I am assuming this is lead and toxin free. The possibilities for this products use are endless.

  53. I'd love to make pancakes that spell out words like "Good luck on your test" for my kids. Or they LOVE jello jigglers, so I could do "Happy Birthday" etc. Oh there's lots of fun ideas to do with them!

  54. What an interesting idea! I would use them for name jello when my grandchildren visit. My only problem would be deciding which daughter could steal them from me to use for her family!

  55. What a fun way to cook with your kiddos & learn some ABC's & Numbers (& greek?) at the same time. My mind is spinning with all the fun ways these could be put to use... I think I'll keep these in the back of my mind as a good birthday gift idea for my 4-year old (I like useful, NON-TOY items! ;)

  56. I would like to try making jello in them and ice cubes. I'm not sure I'd want to eat whatever I made after the kids got done playing with them!!

  57. What couldn't I do with these! Decorate nearly all my treats! (AND have it legible! lol)
    rss subscriber ;-)

  58. This is really cute. I was thinking about some neat things that you can do with it. I would probably try to make some kind of cake product and decorate cupcakes with my son's name. That would be very fun. Neat idea for kids.

  59. I would love these to help my son learn his letters and numbers while also making some sweet snacks to eat.

  60. I would love to use these with my nephew. I can think of so many ways to use them. Thanks for the chance.

  61. what a great idea, don't know what I would do with them but I'm sure I'll come up with something

  62. Oh these would be great for getting my son to actually eat food! I think making some frozen fruit treats in them would be fun

  63. It is a brilliant idea to teach children letters and numbers using cookies .... and not any cookies! Home-made ones! Awesome! Would like to win it!

  64. I would do SO much! Ice cubes for each person with their initials, jello for my neices and nephews to learn letters and numbers. Hope I win.

  65. With all of the holidays ahead this is perfect to make something special to celebrate!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  66. I love making different types of cakes for birthdays and other holidays. This wouldbe so cool to celebrate anything, even regular old breakfast.

  67. This would be another way to keep my grandchildren entertained when I watch them. Please count me in. Thanks!!

  68. we volunteer to do a program at the local elementary school and these would sure be great for working with the kids

  69. What a great item to freeze lemonade in and then put into a child's punch at a birthday party.

    burns1519 at hotmail dot com

  70. Oh what a fun way to get the kids to try foods. I'd do jellos or cakes. It'll teach them too:) Fantastic idea!

  71. I'm thinking Jell-O or Rice Krispie Treat letters! Or colorful ice cubes! Or even crayons!

    Thanks for the chance,
    musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

  72. These would be better than flashcards for letters and numbers and I couldn't scold for playing with the food.

  73. I can only imagine how much fun my son would have with these if we made jell-o jigglers in them! Fun, tasty and educational!

  74. I think this is a brillian idea for teaching young children. I know my grandson would love it! It would be easy to teach him ABC's.

  75. kids love to bake so I would use them all the time for brownies, cupcakes, maybe some colored ice cubes. Oh yeah, and they would be quite handy for my hubby's big 4-0. But mostly, I would SPREAD the word around. I have A LOT of friends with kids!!!

  76. Everyone has such great ideas! I would like to use them with my grandchildren who like to "cook". My granddaughter would probably pick the brownie idea; my grandson would probably pick the pancakes idea. I am sure we could have great fun with these.

  77. My niece has perhaps the greatest daycare provider ever. They do all sorts of fun crafts. I'd give these to my niece to present to the provider on a special day. LOTS of kids could enjoy them that way.

  78. This is a great idea for kids, my daughter is always telling me to cut her food in shapes, so imagine how suprised she would be when I brought her her very own name spelled out in food. I think she would have a blast with this!

  79. I'm not exactly talented when it comes to decorating my boys' birthday cakes, so this would be so cool because I could put their name and their age on their cakes and have it look cool, without too much of a struggle!

  80. I love the new silicone shapes coming out these days. I have a set of x's & o's as well as fish (likely a different brand - mine came for a $1 / tray from the grocery store...)

    We often make popsicles in them (mix juice with a bit of condensed milk) and we even made fudge once!

  81. These sure beat the "old fashioned" way of dripping out pancake batter in an attempt to form a letter, most of which became garbled anyway! Finger jello letter could also be fun....

  82. What a great idea! My daughters would love these for everything from Jello to cake. Thanks for offering!

  83. I think freezing them with fruit juice then popping them in a pitcher of juice would keep the juice cold without watering it down!

  84. the ideas are endless, jello, flan, brownies, ice cream (I like that idea to spell my daughter's name in ice cream to top of an ice cream cake), ice, cake, you could even make crayons, though if I did that I wouldn't want to use it for food after that

  85. My daughter has oatmeal for breakfast every morning. In order to cool it down quickly without making it too runny I freeze milk in ice cube trays and then pop one in her bowl of hot oatmeal. She's recognizing most letters now, and this would be a fun way to reinforce what she's learning.

  86. These would be so fun and useful to have! I can see baking with them, or freezing with them, or using them as mold in other ways, like for jello or candy. I have some other silicone pans and love them.

    Thank you for having the giveaway!

  87. I would make cupcakes that spell out "Clifford" for my daughter's Clifford the Big Red Dog party in June.

  88. Crayons!!! I remember making so many different things with my mom as a kid. I hope I can be just as fun! :-)

  89. I love these! We have the numbers and letters but not the symbols. Would love to add to the collection (because you can never have enough!)

  90. Our two year old is really starting to get into naming letters and numbers and this would be a fun change to put our jello into. The possibilities are endless. I have used other silicone baking products and know how well they work. Cool idea to do the letters, numbers.

  91. Okay, I might be crazy and thinking that I am capable of a lot more than I really am, but how cute would it be to do brownies for a little one's first birthday party? You could do his/her name, the birthday, the numbers "1" a few times...I am thinking I need to bookmark these, it would be adorable for our party this fall!

  92. We will celebrate our FIRST Father's Day this year--and I can't wait to surprise my hubby with a wonderful breakfast in bed--wouldnt these be great to have! I would love to add some fun to the morning!

  93. I would love a set of these! Anytime I can find a creative way to teach my girls their letters and numbers is something I'm interested in!!! I would have them bake their own names! Yummy!

  94. this could be a lot of fun - a whole lot easier than simply trying to make the letters/numbers/shapes out of cookie dough and then baking it... that doesn't usually work out too well unless the letter is BIG!

  95. I saw these online and fell in love! My daughter is just learning her numbers and ABC's and I think I would have just as much fun using this as a tool to make meals, snacks and playtime more fun.

  96. LOVE it! Except - GASP! do they really cost more than 200 smack-a-roonies? I'd love to make all sorts of creative things for homeschooling...and eating... They'd be perfect for getting my little guy involved in kitchen. I'm picturing tastey cookies (I could eat my whole first and last name!) with a fun little lesson on letters. Yum yum.

  97. Oooh these are fun! I'd use them for a birthday treat for the little guy.

  98. I don't have this brand, but the ones I have made really cute ice for my daughter's birthday. Jello, not so much. Tried that for the birthday and it failed with flying colors (excuse the pun). There were bits of jello everywhere, almost none of them resembling letters. Maybe I did it wrong?

  99. We have the alphabet set and I've made jello and ice in them. I'd love to have numbers and symbols. #2 would be great for Jasper's birthday in July!

  100. Are those DAD letters in the picture made from BUTTER?! Even if not, I'm personally loving that idea... Dad loves pancakes and waffles, and that would make a fun little festive Father's Day breakfast! I've also been dying to make homemade crayons from crayon scraps. And Jell-O would certainly be fun, too!

  101. Oh my gosh! These are the cutest things! We are working on counting and abc's and how fun would it be to give my son letter and number shapes during the day with each meal and snack. They would be fun for play-doh too. I am sure they are easy to pop out!

  102. I love the idea of these! I am 28, but still try to find the fun in everything, try to hold on to the child inside and these sillycone products would definitely help with that.

  103. Wow, these would be wonderful!! I could use these for a lot of things we could make cupcakes, jello letters and boy, the kids would love these.

  104. These are awesome! The possibilities are limitless! I would love to have an alphabet birthday party for my daughter and have all things made out of letters of the alphabet! How fun!

  105. Oh wow! I was just wishing such a product existed!! My tot would LOVE these!! She is really into letters and numbers now and would love cake and cookies and posicles made of these shapes!! Extra yummy!!

  106. I would like to use Sillycone for learning the ABC's and 123's. These would also be great for playdates!

  107. I love the idea of sillycone trays!! I made heart-shaped pancakes for my 2 little boys last week and they loved them much more than I thought they would! They asked for more this weekend -imagine what I could do with these trays!

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