Scrub Your Way to Sparkling Shower Doors

Scrub Your Way to Sparkling Shower Doors 1I just finished talking about eco-friendly and less chemical-y products so it seems strange to switch gears and write about SC Johnson's new Action Scrubber Scrubbing Bubbles product, but...

  1. It's easy.
  2. It works.
  3. It's disposable.
  4. It's affordable.
  5. It's convenient.

So it has a few good things going for it. My husband scrubbed down the shower door this afternoon (for just a few minutes, mind you) with it and our door is now sparkling. The abrasive scrubbing pad effectively removed soap scum without injuring the glass or the shower walls (his words, not mine...). 

Scrub Your Way to Sparkling Shower Doors 2I still haven't quite figured out the "green" products versus "regular" products debate yet, but I do know that I am much more willing to clean toilets and showers with harsh chemicals (compared to, say, our floors or our dining room table...). 

P.S. Is my husband the best or what? He tries all of these cleaning products and then puts the words right in my mouth.

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12 comments on “Scrub Your Way to Sparkling Shower Doors”

  1. I hate the smell, but I am all for using harsh cleaners in the bathroom. I hate cleaning the bathroom because the kinds of germs in there gross me out. So bring it on. Although because I use harsh chemicals in the bathroom I feel like I have to sit on a washcloth if I take a bath. I know, it's probably weird. But it's me.

  2. I have wondered if these things worked. It seems like I buy all these cleaners and they never work like I imagine they will...of course, I guess I am waiting for that little maid to pop out and do it for me!

  3. Glad to hear this works. I tried out the Scrubbing Bubbles shower cleaner (the one that sprays) and it didn't work very well. So I was hesitant about this product!

  4. I'd love to try this. Up until now I've been using toilet bowl cleaner on my shower doors. I know it sounds strange, but the gel sticks to the upright areas without just rolling off, so it has time to really bleach deep. And when we moved in it looked like the shower had never been REALLY cleaned, so it was a great way to disinfect, but now I'm ready to move on to something else.

  5. I found this at Sam's Club a couple of weeks ago and LOVE it. I'm rather pregnant at the moment so cleaning isn't high on my list of things to expend energy on but the shower has to get cleaned. I've used it twice and it smells great and does a great job. Before this, I thought about trying that auto spray cleaner thingy but I was afraid one of us would forget to close the curtain or something lol.

  6. I am in love with thier automatic shower cleaner. We use it everyday and the shower after 4 months looks sparkling clean. It's about $5 a month and well worth it! I am not sure we would even use the action scrubber.

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