Seagate...Preventing Sob Stories

What would you do if you lost:

  • All of your photos and videos?
  • Your blog posts?
  • Your essays/projects for school or work?
  • That book you’ve been slowly working away on?

I know exactly what I would do. I would sit down on the floor with a box of Kleenex and sob. Really.

I’m not a materialistic person so if you spill ketchup on my new white sweater, I’ll be mildly out-of-sorts for a moment…but then I’ll probably smile and go about my day, not another thought about it.

seagate logoBut when it comes to my creative output – my photos, my words, those timeless and irreplaceable moments of brilliance - I’m much more sensitive. Which is why I take precautions.

Seagate recently gave me an opportunity to test out their hard drives and I can’t wait to tell you all about them.

seagate desk driveIf you’re looking for the behemoth of hard drives to back up a large quantity of data (perhaps from several different family members’ computers…), you’ll want to check out the FreeAgent Desk Drive. Available to hold between 500GB and 1.5TB, the Desk Drives range from $89.99-$179.99.

The FreeAgent Go, on the other hand, is the ultimate portable storage solution. It’s sleek, stylish, and almost silent. 

seagate go drives

You’ll love that you can toss it in your purse so that you can back up and/or share your multimedia on-the-go. Its super-thin and there are ten colors to choose from. You can choose between 250GB, 320GB, and 500GB options ($99.99-$149.99).

Both drive options are simple-to-use (they come with pre-loaded software to make the whole process super easy) and include a 5-year limited warranty.

The price tags may seem a little hefty at first glance, but…really…is there a price tag on your work? Your perfectly crafted blog posts? Your daughter's 1st birthday party? Your son's championship baseball game? I think not.

Want to win a little pocketful of peace?

Here’s how to enter: Leave a comment that answers one or both of the following questions: (1) Do you currently back up your data? (2) Have you ever lost photos/documents/work on your computer? Share your “sob story.”

First prize: 1TB FreeAgent Desk Drive ($149.99) AND 1 320GB FreeAgent Go ($129.99)

Second prize: 1 500GB FreeAgent Go Drive ($149.99)

Winners will be drawn randomly. Two winners will be selected. The entry deadline is Sunday, March 8, 2009. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.). * Winners must provide U.S. mailing addresses.

*UPDATE* The first prize winner is #491 lace and the second prize winner is #162 Darcy. Congratulations!

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666 comments on “Seagate...Preventing Sob Stories”

  1. Back ups are essential for me because I am a musician, and with music almost completely digitized nowadays, my life's work - all 113 of my recordings - exists as data on my computer. This makes me very nervous, so I have all my recordings and project files backed up on two different hard drives, in case one fails, which is inevitably going to happen at some point.

    Anytime I record something that I really like, or capture a melody that pops into my head, I am depending on my hard drive to not break. One time, I had finished recording a song and it sounded exactly the way I wanted it to. I was thinking to myself, I don't know how I did this. And then my hard drive failed and I lost everything. Luckily, my double backup system saved my work.

    My laptop hard drive also failed at a very inopportune time: right before my final papers were due (I'm a student at Carnegie Mellon University). This was especially maddening not only because I had lost my work, but because it happened right before it was due and after I had already spent a month working on it.

    Anyways, I am paranoid about hard drive failure now, so I'm always trying to get my important stuff on as many backups as I can.

  2. Oh yah, the thing crashed and I lost them all...and the thing wouldnt even turn on after it crapped. So it was impossible to save any files...(left the main park out)

  3. I do not currently back up my HD because my old one went out on me (not a Seagate). I have been looking lately but winning one would be better ;p
    SOB STORY: I once had me and wifes wedding photos stored on a 250 gig Tosh*tbag external. I told her it was safer to put them on there and and we had large original files of the photos...Lesson learned!! ALWAYS BACK UP!!!

    Luv Ya MM

  4. I currently back up movies and songs. When Napster was popular, I lost over 1000 songs and it took 30 minutes to download each song!

  5. thankfully I have never lost anything, and yes I do back up with discs. Would love to win external harad drive.

  6. I will be needing one of these, seagate is a quality brand I would really be glad if you sent me this, thanks for the chance to enter into this contest. is the best!

  7. My son stole mine! I need one so I can back things up again. I suppose backing up his college work is important, but sigh, I miss my external hard drive!

  8. I've lost data when upgrading computers, now I backup certain files, I had to toss a 1.7 gig HD with my old computer years ago, :( and now I could have backed it all up onto my 2gig flash stick, wish they had them before I tossed the old PC.

  9. I do try to have a back-up copy of all of my pictures burned to a disc. I also keep SOME other "important stuff" backed up on a jumpdrive.

    I did just lose a bunch of stuff though, just last week, when the hard-drive that I was using as a server to our 3 computers, DIED! That was a bummer!

    I'd love something better than what I use, thanks!

  10. Right now I try to burn CDs of my photos ('try' being the key word), and then give them to my mom for safekeeping. I would LOVE to have an external hard drive.

    Thank you for the chance! And congratulations on Baby Girl Number Two! I have two girls, and it's so fun!

    serenakate at gmail dot com

  11. I've had my laptop for a little over a year so I'm still fairly new to the world of computers. I have so much more to learn about them and until a few months ago I had no ideal you could lose all of your pics and files. I guess I've been lucky so far. I've been checking out external hard drives ,I just don't have a clue on what to get. So this would be a great help. Thank you.

  12. I've had the unfortunate luck to have lost the hard drive on my laptop. At the time I did not have anything backed up and there was quite a bit of valuable information I lost . With that said I learned the power & benefits of backing up whats important to you. I've been doing backups on cdrom ever since that happen. I've love, love to win such a nice hard drive.

  13. I do not currently back up my data since I don't currently have anything to back it up on. And that does concern me especially since my brother's hard drive recently died and I know he lost a lot of data. I don't want the same thing to happen to me. This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win. Thanks.

  14. I do not currently back up my data, but I know I should. I have lost everything twice - so you'd think I would have learned my lesson! The most heartbreaking is the loss of the photos. Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

  15. Yes, I do back up my important stuff. And yes I have lost some minor documents, but nothing huge. I did learn my leason through this minor incident. My current backup is to DVD, but it would be great having an external drive.

  16. 1) I back up my data on floppies because my CD drive went kaput.
    2) Yes, unfortunately I've lost photos that can never be replaced.

  17. I tried several means to back up my data on my old computer and kept getting an error message. I finally broke down and bought a new one and promised myself to be much more vigilant.

  18. I don't back up my material because of a defect in my computer which replicates things every time you externally save it. (I know that sounds strange...but it's true.) Yes, I've lost "priceless" material approximately twice in six or seven years.

  19. Don't laugh! But, after a very hard lesson learned in the way of losing precious data on my previous hd, I now take every wild precaution possible. So, what do I do? I back up all my data via my external hard drive, via CDs and via another computer. Wild, eh? But, it works! : )))

    Thanks so much for this fabulous give~away! : )))


  20. Yes, I backup my data, but not regularly. We lost my youngest child's 2-yr birthday pictures and I was so upset. I remember thinking she was so cute and I couldn't wait to see the pictures. Then the hard-drive went bad and we couldn't recover them. There were other pictures too from around the same date. I guess we won't miss these too much since we don't even remember what they were. But those birthday pictures I deeply regret.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  21. I really don't back up anything...I have copies of a few things on CD. I've been fortunate,in that I have never really lost anything of value through a crash of my computer.

  22. I hope I am not jinxing myself..but I haven't lost more than a word document. I do not back up my computer and I know I should :( I would love to win something like this! Thanks:)

  23. I definitely don't backup enough. I just got a new 1TB drive though, so hopefully I will more in the future. Though every picture I own is uploaded online in 2 places, stored on my desktop, laptop, and external HD. I don't want to lose my pics.

  24. I don't back up regularly enough. When I was in grad school I was paranoid about losing work so I'd email it to myself as well as backing it up in another folder and saving to CDROM. I recently saved all my son's baby pics to CDs as well, but there's still a LOT on my computer that I'd hate to lose. I once lost an entire case of floppy disks (yes, this was back in the old days) full of important documents and years of school work -- I forgot them at Kinkos and when I returned a little bit later they were gone. That was horrible.

  25. I've been trying to back up my data since I lost all of it in the past, loads of priceless pictures were lost. :(

  26. I have most of my photo's backed up at home. But at work (I'm the church secretary) we weren't in the habit of backing up and the computer's hard drive crashed. It wasn't any fun, because we couldn't recover any of the data. I did have some stuff backed up at home, but we have had to start most things from scratch. Having an external hard drive would be great.

  27. I do back my photos up, but not as often an I should. This reminds me though, that I should probably get on that soon, LOL!

  28. My daughter has one of these and it saved her life during exams one year when she spilled coffee into her laptop. She says I desperately need one too, now that Ive gotten into digital photos. She is probably right

  29. I use an online backup solution for my work pc, but this'd be really helpful to add onto the home network for photos, music, etc.

  30. Nowadays, tech needs to be updated. My external drive is bordering on obsolescence. I am seriously behind the times. A whole system wide upgrade is needed.

  31. I have a fairly new computer and I need to back up everything. I would be devastated if I lost my files and photos. I truly need this.

    Thank you!

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  32. I don't backup any of my data. I used to, but have just gotten lax about it over the years and now don't have the infrastructure in place to do so.

  33. I have never lost anything, but it is probably only a matter of time, since we don't back anything up. I know we should, but we just need to work the purchase into our budget. But winning this would solve that problem!!

  34. Up to this point I have been fortunate never to have had a hard drive crash.Due to financial reasons I have not been able to buy a backup device such as Seagates.However I do have a fear of losing my pictures and songs.That is why I sure would love to win this Seagate prize.

  35. I have my SO handle everything in reguards to picture and video backup. I back up my browswer favorites to an online service. I save my documents in Google documents.

  36. I do backup and its a good thing as my computer just crashed last week! But I would love to back up the backup!

  37. I do not currently back up my data, but I know I should. I have tons of pics and music on my computer that I would hate to lose.

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  38. I don't currently back up my data. I recently lost my sons baby pictures and cannot find them on my computer anywhere. I am so sad =(

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  39. I've lost so much stuff over the years, you'd think I'd have a decent backup plan. But no. The most I attempt is to email stuff to myself. That way at least there's an offsite copy. I'm a writer too and have lost many full and partial manuscripts due to computer crashes. Those who think "it can't happen to me" are usually in for a rude awakening!!

  40. Hi - thanks for this giveaway. I backup my computer on a 4 gig flash drive. However, I'm starting my own small business and will need to back-up clients' data and have something I can carry with me.

  41. I can't believe as yet I don't have an established backup protocol, this would indeed help. Even with crashes in the past, I still find myself saying, "it won't happen to me". This would so help get me on the right track with backing up.

  42. I try to back up to a cd or dvd. is so time consuming and then I can never find what I need when I need it! I have lost important photos in the past due to hard drive I could really use a hard drive to back up on.

  43. I have not backed up my data. I tried an external drive a few years ago and found it hard to use. I acutally just lost my data a few days ago to a virus. I am a new Masters student. Although I am glad I dont have a lot work yet, it could have been worse. We lost our movies, music and taxes. Very sad.
    [email protected]

  44. I back up my work computer files (primarily my QB dataset and my docs folder) about twice a week onto a USB drive.

    My wife lost her whole website. It's a long story, but she got caught up in the shenanigans at Intercage and didn't have an offsite backup.

  45. I try to back up my files once a month, but it is hard because o fthe answer to the second question. Yes, my computer has crashed a couple of times, most recently, just last month. So I really need a back-up.

  46. I back up my computer every couple of months but with a new baby that's not nearly enough. I would die if I lost her pictures.
    I've never lost anything but my geeky husband has lost a lot of stuff but the funny part is that it was his back up drive that went bad.

  47. I lost some completely irreplaceable photographs once, and have been VERY faithful about backing up ever since. What a horrible feeling that was.

  48. Nothing like learning the hard way. I lost quite a bit of genealogy data that was not backed up. Now, I do back up my data. This system is really amazing from what I have read. How wonderful that you can back up and just put it in your purse and take it with you!

  49. Yes I do currently back up my data because about three years ago I lost most my data when my hard drive crashed - I am still trying to rebuild my photos! Lesson learned the hard way.

  50. Well, I've only backed up my data once while I've been at school, and that took a ton of my friend's disk space, and I was worried about needing my hard drive wiped. But no, I do not consistently back up my data. And yes, my family has had a year and a half of digital photos lost due to disk corruption. My dad has backed up regularly ever since. I apparently haven't learned my lesson yet.

  51. No - I no longer back up my work on my computer. I've been using computers for years and years and know I should have back ups but I never seem to have the time! I don't even have an address book anymore and its crossed my mind more than once that if my computer crashes I can't even send out Christmas cards!

  52. You only have to lose your pics and important stuff once (yes I have been there)to realize a reliable back up system is so important, and boy is it time to update mine! Plus who doesn't want "portable pictures"? This would be awesome!

  53. I back up my photos, but not as frequently has I probably should.

    Luckily, I haven't lost anything permanently yet... my husband has been able to recover the important things off my hard drive whenever there's been any sort of glitch.

  54. I don't know what happened with a vista auto update but it crashed my computer and I thought all my pictures were lost because I didn't have a back-up, unless you want to count ones that I had emailed :O. Luckily my hubby was able to get free tech help from a guy at work to get all my stuff off the hard drive before I did a factory reset. It was a rough 5 days of worrying and trying to figure out how to rescue the photos. I still don't have a reliable back-up system.

  55. I currently back-up SOME files to a friends computer. the program runs overnight, but crashes A LOT!!! It's NOT great! :)

    YESSSSS, I've lost both my work and home PC data in the past. NOT great either!

  56. Yes I lost my Mother and Dad's 50th wedding anniversary pictures. I felt so bad that I didn't tell them, until they kept waiting for copies. I finally let them know months down the line, because I kept going thru computer looking for them and knowing they weren't there because my computer had crashed and everything was gone. Their party was so perfect except not having pictures to share with everyone. I could sure use this prize. Please enter me.

  57. I learned my lesson the hard way -- I lost a ton of files, including photos, mp3s, and work-related documents, when my computer malfunctioned last year. Now I back-up religiously, and I set up my anti-virus program to perform regular back-ups of my most important files. The only downside is that my external hard drive isn't quite large enough to fit all of my files, especially my huge music collection, so I'd love the chance to win a Seagate. Thanks for the giveaway!

  58. Unfortunately I don't back up my data either, but after reading your blog and also the I need to. I have so many pictures and also recipes on my computer if I were to lose them?? OH My...not good. Thanks for the chance to win one of these cool gadgets!

  59. I occasionally back-up my data but not enough. I use a combination of methods. Key files are backed up using an online service while files of lesser importance whenever I get the time (aka not often) files are backed up using dvd's. Unfortunately as disk drives have gotten larger this has become more of a chore.

  60. I do back up but not often enough. I learned to back up when we had to back up with floppies. That's when I lost a lot. Recently my laptop hd failed after 13 months. I was a little lax because the drive was so new. I would love to win this drive.

  61. i don't back up my data, but i know i should! My first laptop got lemonade spilled on it, there were no important pictures on it, but if there had been i would have been devastated!

  62. No I dont currently back up my data unfortunately.Yes I've lost photos on my computer after switching to a new computer last year and it wasnt a pretty picture. Wheres that cry icon? skyxsky27(at)

  63. I take sooo many pictures but havent backed any of them up. I just dont have enough room. I am currently just relying on my CF card. :(

  64. My computer just recently crashed and I was devistated. I lost almost every single digital photo of my children. I did cry and then figured I really need to start backing my stuff up. If I won this would be amazing,I'm crossing my fingers.

  65. I used to never back up my data, and then read an eye opening article from TUAW (thanks guys!) that our hard drives will (not if, WILL) eventually break down.. and imagining all my compositions and artwork and writing just poofing away... well, now I have a wonderful backup system - not very portable, but it does a great job.

    Always back up, my friends!

  66. 1) I was backing up my data, then my hard drive failed and I am now using my backup drive as my primary drive until I can afford a new back-up drive. (2) I currently have two seperate hard drives in my possession that crashed simultaneously. One was the primary drive for my last computer, and one was the back-up drive for that same computer. The primary drive crashed one morning, and we tried to switch out the drives and the back-up drive when down too. I think they were hit by some kind of trojan or virus, but don't have several hundred dollars to find out. I'm holding onto them until I have enough saved to get them checked out and maybe recover my photos and such from them.

  67. I don't have anything backed up so I can't download as many games as I'd like to. These drives will really help me.

  68. I currently back up my photos on flash drives and my emails online. Thank goodness I do not have a sob story and with the help of this great prize hope never to have. Thanks for the contest.

  69. I've lost data that I thought I had backed up! Apparently, I don't know how to do it right. (One time, I had to retype most of the contents of a small file cabinet!)

  70. In general I don't have my things backed up. I do have our wedding pictures saved in two places, but so many other things I would be devastated if they were lost!

  71. Well there are all sorts of free data recovery software. Will give those a try. If it's a hard drive problem, I've heard about this software (which I'm not a spokesperson of, so will not mention the name) which does wonder, will give that a try. Maybe google "data recovery"!

  72. The only time I've ever lost any significant amount of data was from a hard drive that started showing "signs of impending disaster" a couple of days before it actually "just fell over dead". And I had a secondary drive available that could handle "ghosting" (with some significant redundancy re error checking) the entire drive over to it, so we dodged a bullet there.

    Thanks for the opportunity here -- you get some nice goodies!

  73. I haven't backed up my data even though I know I should. My hard drive crashed a few months ago and I lost a lot of photos that I didn't have saved anywhere else.

  74. My husband periodically backs up SOME data files (school stuff, email, documentation, pictures, etc) to DVD (which apparently is fairly HUGE compared to most other removeable media types)... but that "periodically" bothers me... When was the last time?? I don't really know.

  75. I don't back up my data even though I have lost data before. I try to put my most precious photos on a CD, but I've had some of my old CD's go bad and they are no longer readable. :(

  76. (1) Do you currently back up your data?
    Yes. My 250G drive is getting close to full.

    (2) Have you ever lost photos/documents/work on your computer?
    Yes, that is why I back up my hard drive now.

    Share your “sob story.”
    My Kitchen was right above my home office down stairs. While out of town the ice-maker line burst. It ran for seven days. (over 4000 gals. of water) It rained down on my PC. It was six months before we could move back in to our home. So turn off your water if you leave home, and back up your files.

  77. I never backed up anything...until one night, my computer went black...and I promised myself if it ever came on, I would back up constantly.

  78. I don't backup my stuff. I have never lost anything. I guess I just think it will never happen to me. I would be devastated if I lost some of my precious photos.

  79. I do not currently have a backup system and am continually worried that I will loose all that is precious and important to me. I have hundreds of pictures of my children, pets, and family. To loose these would be devastating. I love looking at these and remembering the good times we had. I also have legal papers that could not be replaced if lost. But most important are my pictures of all those that I love.

  80. (1) Do you currently back up your data?

    I have some data backed up onto CDs, but not nearly all of it.

    (2) Have you ever lost photos/documents/work on your computer? Share your “sob story.”

    I've lost a few files over the year, even had some back-up CDs go bad. I wrote a short story a few years ago, and I guess I should have printed it, because I can't find it anywhere. I've looked on floppies (yep, it was that many years ago) and everywhere I can think of. It was a very short story, but it's still frustrating that it no longer exists.

  81. I got home from visiting family for Christmas two years ago and my hard drive was toast! I was so upset - it was awful....all of my pictures and files were gone. We had some that have been replaced by family members with digital copies, but some of our wedding pictures are lost forever :( You would think that I would start backing up my data, but I have not been able to purchase an extra hard drive....waiting for my tax return. Thank you for this opportunity! I've heard great things about the Seagate brand.

  82. I do have a backup system but it's old so winning a new one would be such a blessing. I'm expecting my first baby in a few weeks and will be taking lots of pics. I would be devastated to lose them.

  83. I had a back up hard drive go bad on me out of the blue. Wouldn't you know it we didn't back up the latest batches of our kids photos. We tried recovery software and every tweak I could find online but was unable to retrieve the pictures. I was so sad to lose them :(

  84. i had two incidents where i lost everything you would think by now i would learn to back up thanks for the giveaway

  85. I backup some files to USB thumb drives when I remember too. I have lost some files I should have copied when a hard drive went bad.

  86. I don't currently back up my data and I know that I should. I have lost data, including photos, because one of my kids picked up a virus online and I had to have the memory wiped clean on computer.

  87. I would cry and be very upset and not want to go near my computer. It would probably be a while till I could. The reason is is I need other people to do most stuff on my computer and I hate to depend on them. I also have some things on there from my deceased daughter and to lose that would devastate me. I have my husband have a copy of that.

  88. I do not back up my data as of today, but reading about this product really makes me realize the value of the items on my computer...priceless. I need to back them up so I do not have a sob story to [email protected]

  89. I dont back up my data but i should after i lost all my videos and photos from a virus i got. I was so upset but i knew i could not get them all back.

  90. Yes, I back up my stuff now!!! I lost a program that I had spent WEEKS on for an assignment. It was my final grade and a virus ate it. I had less than 24 hours to duplicate all that hard work.

  91. I back up my documents on thumb drives at the moment. I just purchased a Dell Inspiron Mini 8.9in and it only has an 8gig hard drive so having an external would be fantastic!

  92. Ooh, I just had to enter this for a chance to win basically some peace of mind! I have amassed a number of photos and letters (personal and professional), but they are pretty much saved in my e-mail inbox. I have lost many graphic design projects even mid-process, due to computer crashes, lost and stolen Zip disks etc. That nearly killed my career in its fledgling stages! Thanks for the entry!

  93. I try to back up all my data, but it's long and boring. The days when one tape backed up all my hard drives are long gone. Now I have one 500GB drive to back up another, and a spare one so I don't have to erase a backup before the new one is verified. Nothing would be worse than having a backup fail, the old backup be gone, and the drive THEN decide to crash...

  94. I recently had my Toshiba laptop crash because of a cooling system failure. While I believe (and hope)once I get the dust out of there I can retrieve the files and photos stored there, being without them in the interim has been hard! A nice standalone or portable back up solution is a much needed piece of hardware!

  95. Before I begin, I just wanted to say," I can't wait to hear the news that you've brought your new little angel into this world...can't wait to hear it soon!!!

    Okay, No, unfortunately I do not back up files...simply because I'm really not sure how. I know that you can Purchase Dell back up and stuff that will work for a year, but then you have to renew it and I'm not too good about renewing anything.

    Second, have I ever lost anything; yes, too much stuff if you ask me. My computer just bottomed out on the family (without warning) and I never was able to turn the dang thing on again. I have my school work (which I had to call the school and ask that I have a little time to redo a few papers; luckily they said yes). I also had many many pictures that we had on there from my husbands mother who has since past away. It's just absolutely horrible to lose priceless items such as pictures and documents and other things like that...especially when you expected your computer to take care of it forever. HOW WRONG I WAS!!!!

    Please count me in, this would make a world of difference to my husband and I. We have since built up a collection of pictures on the somewhat, hand me down, new computer we have now, but I wouldn't want it to happen again...I just don't learn do I?
    -barbarabaker :)

  96. I back up once in a while, but there have been times in college when I've lost research papers, and those are breakdown times!!

  97. I would cry if I ever lose all those precious pictures of my babies! Thank you for the chance to win!

  98. Yes, I back up my data -- I use CD-Rs and DVD-Rs. And there have been times (certainly more than once!) when my computer has warned me that I was in danger of having too little space in my C drive, and I've had to throw some nice files overboard to keep my computer operating. What a waste of precious work!

  99. Hasn't everyone lost files/photos/data at some point or another? For us it was last summer, right after my wife (an advanced amature photographer) shot her brother's wedding. We were THE photographer, and we thought we lost it all. We were fortunate that a good recovery program pulled the stuff off the crashed drive, but it was literally WEEKS worth of effort, toil and tears.

  100. There is so much data that when it is lost would take days or even weeks to replace, losing it would be heartbreaking!

  101. I have lost most of my pregnancy photos and first year of daughter's life when a virus hit and wiped out my hard drive...I am still sick about it to this day! I didn't realize backing up your photos was so vital.

  102. I have some of my stuff backed up on some CDs and on a couple of DVDs. I've also got a couple of small flash drives that I have some of my important files on. I really need to get it all in 1 place.

  103. I back up my data on DVD disks but a hard drive would be so much better. I've lost my laptop hard drive once. I also try and back up my work files so I lug around my laptop to do it. The portable hard drive would be extremely useful as well.

  104. I don't back up my data. I'm not even sure how you do that! lol. I haven't lost anything on my computer YET! I hope it never happens! Thank you for the giveaway!

  105. No i have not backed up any of my files/pics or anything like that. And yes, i've lost pictures and several other things quite a few times!

  106. I have had multiple OS failures that resulted in me having to wipe everything on my computer. I would love a seperate hardrive to save all of my important files / movies / music / work documents and keep my OS / simple programs on the computer drive. I would immensely enjoy a large reliable deskdrive device that is also actually visually appealing. I hope I win!

  107. My husband and I have already been through that. We lost all our pictures and also music that was recorded by his group of which one of the members had already passed away. They had some of the files backed up but the majority were gone This is a great product and I hope I win

  108. I was backing up my data on a portable hard drive (different brand), but then my laptop was stolen and when I went to restore my files on another computer, I found out I couldn't access the files due to some glitch with the backup software - ACK! So I did end up losing a whole bunch of photos and music files and it was really sad. Now I've got the new photos and music backed up on cds, but that's not quite ideal.

  109. We now have our files backed up, but it took losing all of our pictures twice before my husband decided to back up our files.

  110. Yes, we have lost files/data/etc. from a computer 'crash' before, some which we were able to retrieve and some - well, hence the term "lost" :( We back-up alot more stored material since then, but nowhere near the amount of space it would require to reach a comfort level (read peace of mind) such as that the FreeAgent would allow.

  111. I don't back uyp the data on my computer. I'm not that computer savvy. This looks like it would od the job though.

  112. I often think about what it would be like to lose all my digital things. I then stop because I stop breathing. Thinking about all those memories and time and effort lost! I need to abck all my documents, photos and just a basic snapshot of my machine.

  113. freak out !!!!!!!!!! Mainly I back up photos but also , School Stuff for the Kids,Spreadsheets for my work.


  114. I don't know how to back up and I know how stupid that is. I have files, tunes and pics I'd love to keep.

  115. I would love to have this, then I would know for sure I would never lose my pictures of my boys and my nieces and nephew.

  116. I back my stuff up religiously now! My husband once decided to reinstall windows on my computer, assuming my stuff was backed wasn't! I had all my pictures on there, copies of an old website I had when I was a teen...I was devastated. Luckily some of the documents could be recovered but they were corrupt, and some I had uploaded to several websites..but some are gone forever :(

    We now backup using Syncback to a server pc in our house, but I think using this Seagate would be great...I could back up things and keep it in a fire safe so there's no chance of losing it!

  117. My husband just backed my computer up for the first time. We moved about 4 years ago and my computer died shortly after. I had all of my friends contact info in the computer, so I had no way of getting back in touch with them. It was pretty isolating and traumatic!

  118. yes but it really small so i can get any media files on there, and yes i love many files on a drive that die on me

  119. What did we ever do without computers! I'm a computer junkie and I need lots of storage! This would be great! Thanks!

  120. Mainly I back up photos since those are the most precious to me, but I really should back up everything else too. I'm with you, lost pictures, words, etc. would tear me up, the material stuff not so much.

  121. I do back up all my photos on CD or DVD's but I'm always worried that these won't last forever. I've never lost everything, but I have lost documents and papers that I'd been working on by not saving them as I was working and the computer crashes or something like that. It's not fun at the time, but certainly not as traumatic as losing everything on your computer. Thanks for the great giveaway. Would love to win.

  122. One time my daughter (she's 14 and a computer wiz) put everything onto cd's to save them. But she didn't mark them and I don't know which one are pictures, documents, etc... I would be devastated if I lost the dozens and dozens of stories she has written that are on my computer!

  123. The only way I have to back up my computer is putting my pictures and such online. I've lost stuff a few times. My mom recently lost all the data on their computer much of which was a bunch of documents she needed copies of for her lawyer as well as all my siblings schoolwork.

  124. My son already endured this disaster; luckily, the computer shop was able to reload the system and also find key files. It's very important to have an external backup.

  125. I try to back up my files, but do not do it as often as I should. I have lost before, an external drive would make it so much easier to back up regularly.

  126. I have lost precious digital photos, my entire music library, and countless game applications.
    I seriously need something like this- I am NOT tech-savvy, but I've GOT to start backing up my precious stuffs!

  127. I learned to back up the hard way. Don't ever ever ever try to tell your screenwriting professor that the computer ate your script. Even though it did.

  128. I usually back up my data by copying it to all the computers in my house and a PS3. I once lost some data when a hard drive crashed so I try to spread it around to different places now.

  129. I back up my data on thumb drives and would love to have a larger drive that is on the go. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  130. I guess I don't backup my data really - many of my photos have been saved to disc, but there a few that have slipped through the cracks. I should know better. I am terrified because I have thought I lost it all, then luckily didn't. Thanks for the chance!

  131. We back up our data on thumb drives or disc....this would be much easier! We usually only end up backing up around two times a year, so hopefully nothing happens in between there!!

  132. I'm embarrassed to say that I don't back up my data. (In the old days of floppys I did.) Time to get up to date.

  133. I do backup but not as often as I should. I try to backup "My Documents" folder. I simply burn the whole folder to a disk and stash it in a drawer

  134. I back up constantly, but desperately need a external hard drive to make it easier. My laptop died last month and i lost everything that i had done the last 2 weeks because i was so busy working silly me forgot to back up.

    among the things I lost were 20 Cyber Baby shower blog posts that were set to go live the next week, as well as all my reviews for Feb, March AND april. 37 posts of reviews at least 500 words at peice, if not MUCH longer! Also lost close to 20 more personal posts. Somehow smart me decided it was better to store my drafts from my blogger account through my windows live writer instead and deleted them from blogger. Leave NO TRACE of all my hard work after the laptop died.

    I blogged about it here

    I'm STILL crying about it trying to catch up!

    Twitter: @erinjeany

  135. I back up every thing with those little usb drives, and have about half dozen of the around the computer. It takes time going through them to find what I need. Love to have a large desk drive

  136. I back up photos but it's been a very long time since the last time.

    The other day I set my camera down on top of the dvr while I chased down the 2 year old to get her back into the photo I was taking. When I did I felt a huge zap. Didn't think much of it until I went to turn my camera on. I zapped my memory card and fried it for a few days. I thought I lost everything on there. The only thing I was mildly happy about was that i had recently uploaded all my photos. Now if the computer happened to crash that same day. Everything would be lost.

    Long story coming to an end, I left the camera alone for a few days and took the card out then put it back in. Turned it on and it works fine now. So happy. Now I need to back up everything.

  137. Backing up my data is on my to-do list, which, at the moment, is backed up as well, only in a different sense. It's so long overdue! Plus my hard drive that I use for storage is starting to get gray whiskers around the mouth so I'm running out of time. HELP!

  138. i did back up my files, but the external hard drive that i bought a couple of years ago is full... i could really use this giveaway. thanks for the entry

  139. I started to back up my data after my hard drive came up with an error that it was going to fail very soon. I had a friend that Im borrowing space from till I can afford to buy both a new hard drive and my own back up drive. The Free Agent Go stuff sound like it could really make backing up my drive even easier!

  140. I spent hundreds of dollars trying to get photos off my crashed hard drive 4 years ago because I had every photo of my niece's wedding and reception on it. Over 300 photos, all lost forever. I was planning on sending them out via email the next day too. The most hurtful thing was hardly anyone else took photos so my niece only has about 6 wedding photos. It hurts when You lose something You can never get back.

  141. i have lost lots and lots of pictures in the past including my wedding photos and I am to this day still heartbroken.. i still cry about it

  142. The only thing on my computer that I care about losing is my pictures. I currently upload them to Walmart as soon as I put them in the computer.
    I have lost all of my pictures one time and I was devastated. Hopefully that will never happen again.

  143. i lost everything about a year ago. my computers power source (on the motherboard) fried and shot some sparks. i lost all of my pictures videos and projects. not to mentions about a years worth of research . so this would be nice

  144. No, we are awful about backing up our stuff. Recently DH's computer's hard drive crashed. We lost all of our homeschooling stuff, his resumes, pictures, his itunes and more.

  145. I backup, but on an irregular basis. Most of what I have are songs. I have lost my songs, and it really hurt - it took hours to get things back in order.

  146. I have always had to make do with older computers and small drives so in order to keep things backed up I had a second drive installed just so I could keep my important stuff backed up. Just this past year I bought a computer that had Window XP Media on it but it was a valid copy so I bought an OEP copy and had a friend who does computer repair work come over to help me get everything installed. Somehow he installed the new software on my backup drive instead of on my primary one and I lost just about everything as my primary drive was new with the computer and did not have all of my old stuff on it like my backup drive did. I had literally hundreds of pictures on there as I have been scanning all of my families pictures for years. I have been trying to get genealogical records and old family pictures collected and distributed to family members so we all have them. Its been a work of love that I now have to start again.

  147. I dont back up anything on my computer, that is why I need to win this!

    I usually lose documents. And the auto-recovery doesnt work! Which is so not cool!

  148. I don't backup all of my data. But, I do back up the important stuff. Photos, music, documents. But, I did have a problem with one of my backup drives. That was annoying. It just stopped working one day. And I had stuff on there that I transferred from a work computer to transfer to a home computer. And now it's lost forever! D'oh!

  149. I do back up my data, but my external hard drive is getting full, thanks to the DSLR my hubby gave me as a present. I have lost some photos because i wasn't careful, and I'd love to give the Seagates a try! Thanks.!

  150. I don't back up data at home, but luckily I haven't lost anything yet. I'd still like to be better prepared though.

  151. i back many things up and have lost nothing yet and hopefully never will. thanks if i win and have a blessed day.

  152. I have lost some of my pictures and music because of a bad hard drive...these drives would provide a great back up for it all.

  153. I back up a lot of my imporant documents for work, but I don't often think about backing up my things at home. I haven't lost anything yet, but I am now very nervous!

  154. Between all the pictures we have plus the years of genealogy research I've done - I'd be devastated if we lost everything!! I've been looking at these for a while but just haven't bought on yet, so to win one would be great!

  155. I once lost everything , pictures , journal entries,music, just everything. My daughter was chatting on a messenger with a kid from school. He thought it would be funny to wipe our computer out. He sent her a file , she clicked on it and before I could stop the damage our stuff was gone. Now I always back up everything! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  156. I had been working on music for my older sons mp3
    and since he likes different music then my kids i had seperate folders. Well I had worked on it for over 6 months doind a little at a time. I had collected 6,000 songs. I went to download some pictures and realized that all the songs and older pictures had been lost when my pc had shut down due to a pc problem was I mad. I'm starting to collect songs and pictures again and have a big bulky 100 gb external hard drive I download to now. I really need a larger gb hard drive.
    Since my son doesn't have a pc and lives 1200 miles away I would love to have a portable that can travel in my bag/purse. With 2 teens still at home, a new grandson living 1200 miles away. I need a portable hard drive to store all our pictures, music, and much more.
    Thank you for the chance to win something I want so bad.

  157. My husband likes to take pictures of our little one and we had a drive crash. We almost lost everything but we paid to have it recovered. Now he is extremely paranoid. He says that He has one internal backup, its a raid 1 setup, whatever that is. Then we keep two external backups that he switches out every couple weeks. But he would always love to have another, he says he could put one in our safety deposit box at the bank!

  158. I do not currently back up my data and yes I have lost stuff many times which should have taught me to back up my data but it's so time consuming!

  159. I hear that this is simple enough that even a great-grandma like me can figure it out. I would like to give it a try, if I was the lucky winner. I have a lot of precious photos that I worry about losing.

  160. I don't back up my data as I don't know how. Too many sob stories but mostly writing long essay putting in a lot of time and energy and mental work and poof it's gone. Get so frustratedI turn off computer and go to bed.

  161. yes, i do back up all my photos, music and documents on an external hard drive. knock on wood...i haven't lost any material yet.

  162. we backup some info but we are more conscious now that our daughter called the other day to tell us that she had lost a ton of the kids' photos. My hubby is better at those kind of things than I am

  163. I've lost everything to hard drive failure, documents, photos, my music (this happened right after I added music from hundreds of my CDs to my iTunes). One would think that I would have learned my lesson after this happened, I didn't and I lost everything again. I use flash drives to protect my most important data now. Obviously, I need a better system.

  164. Sure could have used this sooner, I lost everything (my music, applications, projects, etc.) back in the great hard drive crash of 2006.

  165. !) I don't have back up on my computer. But I do have a digital camera and a one year old son, so my computer is stocked with pictures from the day he was born. I don't know what I'd do if I lost them all. A backup drive would be a wonderful way for my to secure all of my photos.

  166. Every week or two I'm backing up my data and putting it onto two hard drives: one 2.5" portable, and the other being my notebook. I need to make copies of my stuff anyways for my research work and leisure time. But my 2.5" portable has structural damage to it, can't use anything past 38 GB before it skips, so this looks like a decent alternative.

  167. Even though I am a major pack rat, I do not back up my computer data as much as I should. I do a lot of family history stuff. I use Family Tree. I was so proud of all the information that I had taken the time to key in, and I was getting ready to scan in photos! Cue the computer crash! I have not done it yet, (I'm also a procrastinator), but I have to start from scratch and key in all that good info again. You would think that someone that does not like to type would have learned her lesson. Having a 1TB Free Agent would relieve me of any and all excuses!

  168. You would think after losing all my school work and my childrens pictures that I would now have something to back them all up, Alas I still dont!

  169. Yanno...I REALLY need to back my stuff up. I keep telling myself year after year I'm going to do something about it and have I? Bad me. :( Seriously...ALL of my pictures from the past 5 years are literally stored on my computer. Lots of precious and special emails from my mom. Cute stuff my kids have written. I'm not usually THIS much of a procrastinator (well...kinda). I would be crushed if I lost it all. Absolutely crushed.

    I don't have a sob story.....YET!!!

  170. This would be great for storing the kitchen designs I do. I could also store the cabinet manufacturer's catalogs and free up my hard drive. WOW!

  171. I do not have a backup solution - other than cd's when I get around to it. I have so many photos on my computer & the task seems so daunting! I took an amazing trip to Germany & Austria with my sister a few years back. We were there for 14 days and I had so many photos. Her camera broke midway through the trip, so I became "all time photo taker!" It was "the trip of a lifetime" for us. I lost all those photos due to not backing up before my computer crashed. I still get sick thinking about it. Just writing about this is freaking me out - need back up for my photos! Thanks for offering this awesome contest!

  172. Now I backup my computer, but I didn't until a few years ago when I lent a friend my laptop to use (we were in the same club and needed to register people) and he returned it to me after having, I believe, dropped it. A few days later it sputtered to a slow and painful death, and I've had a backup hard drive ever since. :(

    (However, said drive is almost full, so this would be really helpful. Thanks for the opportunity!)

  173. Unfortunately we have lost MANY photos before thanks to our cats destroying our external back up drive and then my internal drive flaking out. We now back up in triplicate but it still makes me sick knowing some of my youngest daughters first years are gone. Luckily I was still using a film camera as well as digital so I have some hard copies.

  174. I have not backed up and my husband keeps the photos on his computer...great giveaway, very useful.

  175. This actually just happened to me. My Motherboard died and everything on my computer is a loss until I fix it...But as for now I just bought a new one and still have info on my broken comp. =/

  176. I try to back up my documents and photos and music but I have slacked off on that. I'll use this entry of yours as a reminder and do that in a few minutes! My external hard drive is currently a disorganized mess and I really should do something about that soon.

    As for a sob story, I have come very close to losing things due to a couple of corrupt hard drives in my life. Thankfully, I was able to have the most important things recovered when I took my laptop into the store to get fixed. That is why I finally invested in an external hard drive, but it's not as nice as the two you are giving away!

  177. Fantastic giveaway! Right now I do not currently back up our data. As I actually type this out I am embarrassed to admit it! And Yes, we have you lost photos and documents and work on our computer when my laptop died a few years ago. One night I was sitting up in bed working on my laptop. It was a fairly warm summer night so I was dressed in cotton pajama shorts. All of a sudden I thought gee my legs (lap) felt a little warm, but I was in the middle of typing a report and was really focused on my work and not really letting anything distract me. About 1/2 hour later my legs (lap) were getting really hot, and starting to hurt! My laptop was literally burning them! I lifted up the laptop and my upper legs were red and welted! I immediately shut down my laptop and sort of freaked out. I decided to give it a rest overnight, plugged it in so it could charge up and went to sleep. The next morning when I was ready to begin work on my laptop where I had left off from the night before, the laptop would not turn on, zip, nada, nothing! I tried everything, and when I put 2 + 2 together realized the inside of my laptop had fried while I was using it the night before. To make an even longer story short, I lost everything, literally every single file on that computer which was a lot of work related reports, image files, and personal finance information we kept in an Excel Spreadsheet! I was devastated and what makes it worse and why I am so embarrassed is that I could be in the same position again because I do not regularly back up our files. That is why I am entering today for your giveaway! This will give me such great peace of mind if I can back all of our family pictures, files, and documents up! Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter.

  178. (1) Do you currently back up your data?
    Yep, got tons of cd-r's full of data as well as a 320gb hdd full.
    (2) Have you ever lost photos/documents/work on your computer?
    Yes unfortunately :( Lost quite a lot of pictures of me and my friends to nasty computer viruses, so I've learned to back stuff up now.

  179. I currently back up my computer on a Seagate 500GB hard drive because I recently lost ALL of my music & photos on my desktop computer because of a nasty virus. I'm talking YEARS of memories down the drain!

  180. My wife and I have two fairly old computers that have all of our wedding/ family/ vacation photos and work on them. Losing our school projects/ resumes/ portfolio would really be a disaster. We have a memory stick to back up 1 GB of our most important files, but a Seagate drive would totally help us sleep better at night knowing that our memories and work are intact.

  181. Losing all of the photos and videos of my 1yr old daughters first year of life would be devastating. HOwever if that really happened I would be making calls to every family member so I can pool together every photo they can give me. Then id put them on my new Seagate drives!!!

  182. Currently the only way I can back up data is burning the files to CD-Rs or DVD-Rs. I do a lot of Photoshop and web design work, so I'm always filling up my hard drive. And I have had some devastating computer crashes where I have lost a week of work. This Seagate drive would come in mighty handy. Thank you for the chance to win.

  183. well i back up my stuff infrequently which is a problem. Right now it is such a pain for me so i don't do it often enough. If I won this huge hard drive, it would help me get more organized in backing up

  184. No I don't which is why I'd love to win - short story - psych thesis lost the night before it was due. I ended up with a D on my paper that would have been an A probably. That was the worst. I have had nightmares about that paper.

  185. It is so true... You really need a good backup! Having extra storage space for pictures and movies and music is also a wonderful thing. :)

  186. I back up my data NOW but only because I lost everything when my last hard drive crashed! I lost a lot of photos, emails, music, documents and bookmarked web pages. I learned my lesson! Thank you for the chance to win-Good luck everyone, Jeff

  187. Ok-it happened to us. My husband asked my son to reinstall windows on the machine with all the music. Poof! It was all gone.

  188. I would absolutely go insane if I lost all of my stuff! I'm a college student, so backing up my files is pretty hard to do. I mean, I can only afford a 1gb flash drive and in a tiny dorm room, I don't have space to put cd's! I work on multiple papers at a time for several classes and if I lost all of that, I'd probably cry. My computer is so filled with essays and who knows what. I would also hate to lose all of my photos, they're what keep me sane when I have to work away on my laptop all day and night.

  189. I desperately need to be better about regularly backing up files. Seagate would make it a lot easier to do it, too!!

  190. I haven't lost anything yet but keep saying that i need this because I have thousands of photos of my kids and grandkids and am so afraid that my old computor will doe soon

  191. I never had the chance to back up my data. All I had until a few years ago were Floppies.... remember those? I have a CD burner, but it's nothing compared to a dedicated HDD. Online backup and storage is just frightening.

  192. The closest thing I do to backing up my data is uploading my pictures onto Facebook. I currently just don't have a way to properly back things up, like my documents, etc. I wish I did...(hint, hint). ;)

  193. I do not back up my data very often & it scares me to death if I actually think about it! I do back up my pictures on picasaweb, because I would die if those were gone, but I have so much other stuff on the computer that I would die without, too, that I would really love this! thanks for the chance!

  194. Right now, I pretty much have only backed up photos. All are on cd's and are beginning to take up too much space.
    I almost lost everything a few years ago. My computer wasn't properly protected and I had some pretty nasty viruses. The Geek Squad guys were able to save all of my pictures, but everything else was lost.
    Thanks for reminding me it's time to back up some more files now! =)

  195. I back up my word files and photos to a flash drive. I have three old computers in the house with data that I hope to someday retrieve. Not much lost a few photos that were scanned etc. I now keep hard copy prints of all my poetry and short stories.
    I do worry about losing things that have slipped my mind to backup to flash drive. That is my only backup right now.

  196. I don't, nor have I ever,backed up my data. I really should thought, because I have lost data when something went wrong with windows, and I had to reinstall everything again. It was horrible.

  197. I try backing up on memory sticks and making dvds or cds full of data, but all of that adds up and can easily get scratched or damaged. I've still lost things randomly when my computer rebels, or on my last computer, when it crashed and died and I lost a whole bunch of stuff as I was more lax about backing things up back then. It'd be great to have something that can store a lot and have a system to back up frequently.

  198. I do back up some data...but would hate to think how infrequently I do so. And yes, I have lost things. There was the great hard drive crash of 2007. Still think of things that were on there, never to be seen again!

  199. I don't back up as much as I should and yes I have lost valuable stuff because of it. :(

    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  200. I do not currently back up my data. I try not to put anything important on my computer because it's 9 years old and I don't know how much longer it's going to be around-lol! :-)

  201. I have backed up my data in the past but haven't lately. This is a good reminder to do it. Our back up drive is connected to my husbands computer so it isn't very convenient to do a back up. Another option would be great. Thanks for the giveaway.

  202. You cannot even begin to know how much I need one of these...
    Right before Christmas, my laptop crashed. Died. Nada. Well, it's my company I was under the impression that my data was continuously backed up on a central server. Wrong. I lost 3 YEARS worth of work. When I received my new laptop, I started backing up on a flash drive. But now I have too much data -- so it doesn't fit onto a flash drive. Thanks for the chance to win some serenity!

  203. I currently back up now, but possibly not as often as I should. I lost all of my information a couple of years back during medical school. So not only did I lose photos from my college years, I ended up losing all my notes from school! That was like half of my training right there!

  204. I always back up as often as I can after I lost about 6 months worth of family photos and videos. I still do DVD backups of the same info because even tho I use a 250 gig external HD. It is STILL a hard drive and could go bad just like the one in my computer

  205. I used to backup always, but my backup drive is now full on video and photos. I need something bigger before I have my own snob story!

  206. I would and (have) freaked out because of hard drive failure. This has happened about 3 times for me, but it was back in the day before I had 1000's of pictures, movies, music and artwork on my computer. Simpler times. I couldn't imagine losing what I have on this computer nowdays though, it just makes me sick thinking about it :(

  207. As a first year law student, my brand new laptop had a 'faulty' hard-drive and i lost all the data on it. Despite the urges of everyone to back up, i foolishly did not, and therefore had to start all of my work over again. I lost everything! I have a macintosh laptop with the wonderful program 'time machine', but no money, and no hard-drive to back up my data on! Help me please!

  208. We are not as good with backing us as we should be. I keep meanig to get an external drive and just haven't gotten around to it. We had to evacuate during the bad fires and we had to take both towers (the in use one and the old one with pictures still on it) which took up room in the cars that we could have used for other stuff. Since then we'd have to get a new hard drive because the last one just quit working. It's still in my garage waiting for the day I can take it somewhere to see if we can get the data off.

  209. My computer got a virus and I lost all the photos of me and my beautiful girlfriend, I lost hundreds of photos that can never be replaced. I didn't have it backed up, and I didn't make actual prints :(

  210. I should really be more thoughtful and responsible and back up my data. But I haven't and that's a bit reckless. Thanks for the reminder!

  211. We back up on our external hard drive at home, but my computer has been having issues with backing up on it lately. As my laptop is like my third child, that worries me a tad. I would love to have this one to take to work with me; I love that the little one's portable, too!

  212. My LIFE is on my computer, and I would be devastated if I lost it. I do backups about once a month, but our hard drive is filling up quick!!

  213. no i don't back up my data and haven't lost it yet, but i worry about it. i have ALL, and I mean ALL of my pictures stored on my computer and i worry that i'm going to lose it, this would be the perfect solution.

  214. I currently back-up my photos on cd's. It is so tedious, I don't do it nearly as frequently as I should. I always think I should burn an extra copy to put in the bank, but I can't get myself to get around to it!

    I used to work at a university, and I backed everything up on a server. Not totally private, but that was ok. I lost a lot of things when our group filled the server, and personal items were deleted before I could back them up!

    Either of these drives would be AWESOME-and I love that they come in a selection of colors!

  215. I regularly backup my data to CDs and so far have lost nothing. These Seagate drives would make backing up a lot easier and faster.

  216. i have never backed up any data, i have lost a few needed things.
    this looks like a very simple way to back up data

  217. I have come this close to losing all my photos due to a virus,and I still don't have them backed up! A nine month stretch of unemployment kinda puts stuff like that on the back burner. I live in fear of losing my photos and videos.

  218. I have lost things twice when my computers just wouldnt boot up anymore and I had to reformat - that said, I backup..RARELY...I just cant seem to remember to keep up, and I've been looking at these drives as a solution!

  219. We do currently back up our data, but DH tells me we're running fast out of space because of our videos. Thanks for the contest!

  220. We do some small backups but not enough. We really need to do more.

    As for losing data, I've definitely had crashes. The worst was when I was using a disk compression program and lost my compressed drive with all of my work and code the night before I had a big project due. Needless to say I got a pretty poor grade on that project.

  221. I don't do backups, but luckily I have "tech support" (hubby) that does it for me! I've lost data when a program has crashed before I've saved, but never due to a hard drive failure.

  222. We don't currently back up our data and we have lost pictures in the past. I have no pictures of my son's birth/hospital stay.

  223. After having my computer crash 3 times and my hubby coming to my rescue all three times, we finally got a back up drive.

  224. I DO backup my hard drive - on a FreeAgent drive that is GREAT! I want to give one to my mother-in-law who doesn't back up anything and has tons of pics of all the grandchildren. She would be heartbroken if she lost them. I can't imagine not having pics of our son's first moments in this world. It would be so sad.

  225. I have no back-up for my computer. I wish I did. I lost all my photos of my kids that was on my computer when it crashed. My cousin fixed my computer to work half way decent but I still lost my stuff.

  226. My computer crashed about 5 times. I never backed up anything, but a back up drive would defintely help

  227. I lost some video that I had spent hours editing when my computer hard drive died. It was devastating. Luckily I still had the original tapes but I have not started editing again. A back up drive would definitely give me the confidence to start again without the fear of losing it again. Thanks.

  228. I learned the hard way to back up my data. Our computer totally crashed, but didn't burn. I couldn't pull anything off of it but luckily my husband is a computer guru so he was able to get my pictures off for me...that didn't prevent me from crying in the interim thuogh! Or shedding tears of joy when I relized thht I still had years worth of irreplacable photos! Right now I just use flash drives and cds to save that sounds so "old'skool!"

  229. My computer died several years ago and luckily I had not put any digital photos on yet. Now I back up photos every time I download them.

  230. I back my data up to my husband's external hard drive, and it is a pain in the behind. It's connected to his linux machine, but I use Windows, so it's not a simple point and click maneuver. I really need one of these.

  231. This would make a lovely addition to our house. My husband is a techie guy for a large medical company and he, himself, owns a few Macs that he loves to work on. He is constantly backing his files up on various hard drives. His latest external hard drive was faulty and he ended up having to pitch it. This would be much loved in our house. THANK YOU!!

  232. We try to back up all our data. But it is hard to remember to it often enough. We have yet to lose our data, but I honestly believe that it will happen soon enough!!!!

  233. I backup on a monthly basis via burning DVDs. Losing photos and documents is usually bad enough, but when you lose your entire operating system and its near impossible to reload the machine and applications, that's when I really boil over.

  234. I back-up my data all too infrequently. I now have tons of pictures and videos and documents just sitting there waiting for a catastrophe. And my poor husband accidentally completely destroyed his jump drive in a parking lot incident, none of which was backed up, and it was awful! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  235. I don't currently back up data and our laptop is about to die!
    I can't tell you how many music files we've lost over the last 8 years. Argh!
    I can't really wrap my head around how much a TB of data is BTW.

  236. I haven't had the misfortune of losing data due to my husband's backup setup. He has once, and that is what got him to set up our backup system. Would love to have a backup for my laptop, though.

  237. Yes, my data is backed up daily. My hubby has our computers back up through a network in our house - not infallible, but works so far.

  238. I try to back up my data as often as possible, but since i use CDs it gets annoying.

    I did lose all my stuff once when my computer's motherboard went bad and I couldn't afford the hundreds of dollars to fix it. Lost photos, work, etc and everything I'd done through grad school.

  239. I do back up my data. I'm pretty anal about that stuff. Right now I have all my pictures, etc on 2 different computers plus on cd back. But it takes a huge amount of cd's to hold all my stuff. I've been wanting to invest in an external hard drive but just haven't had the money to do it. I've been very lucky so far and never lost anything that couldn't be replaced. Thanks for the chance to win one of these.

  240. I do not currently back up but I need to get myself in the habit of doing so. I love taking pictures so I have many years of pictures on my computer. I can't even imagine how devistating it would be to lose them.

    Thank you.

  241. I don't currently back up my data. I have a cheap laptop that is running out of space. My hubbie backs up his pc and if there is something that i don't want to lose I give him a copy so he can back it up on his pc. I love to scrapbook and have been dabbling with digital scrapbooking. On one of my many laptop crashes, I lost all my scrapbook pages for last year (my daughter's 2nd year). I was crushed beyond believe. We just don't have the cash to upgrade my system.

  242. I am not currently backing up my data even though I know through experience how tragic that can be. I once lost 2 years of photos after a hard drive crashed for good.

  243. I currently do not back up my data but I should since our computer crashed about a year ago and we lost everything. I really need to back up my current data because we now have even more data stored than before.

  244. Oh man, to loose everything ~ would break my heart into so many pieces! I love to photograph life around me ~ and I adore looking back at those moments that meant enough to be photographed!

  245. I do backups now on photos/drawings/very important documents by emailing them to myself, but that's because of a hard lesson learned when I lost a lot of drawings I'd done on the computer. Never trust a person when they tell you that you don't need to back things up if they want to partition your drives.

  246. We don't currently have a backup for our computers but definitely should.
    My husbands computer crashed in December causing us to lose so many memories of our children,wedding and vacations from years previous.
    We are still trying to figure out how to retrieve all of our precious memories.
    Thank you so much for offering this wonderful giveaway :)

  247. I do periodic backups. Worst was losing years of email. I did backup! But the file was corrupt. Damn those bribes it made to Blagoyavich!!!

  248. I don't have my own computer, I use a friends. This would be great for her to back up her stuff and my stuff that's on her computer. I know she backs up on CD's now.

  249. I try to back up my pics and important stuff at least monthly, if not more. I also try to back up onto cd's and dvd's as well, extra back up! I've lost a few photos, not many, and have come close to losing more (thank goodness for hard work finding them), but to lose them all? eeeeeek!

  250. I do currently back up my data but it is not very safe since I have only one drive. In the past, two of my hard drives died unexpectedly and I lost all my data. It's quite frustrating to lose all your data that you've acquired after so long.

  251. I DO back up my data, and I have had 2 hard drives crash on me in the last year, so I've lost a lot.

  252. I back up some things... like itunes stuff and I started to back up my pictures but it was taking so long I stopped. I need to sit down some weekend and just get it done so I don't end up having a sob story!

  253. I do back up my data to a CD or DVD but not nearly as often as I should. It has been a long time since I actually lost any data and fortunately it was nothing terribly important, like photos. I lost some school work and some music. I was disappointed but it made me start backing up the really important stuff more often. I am rather lazy though so an extra hard drive would make backups a lot easier and I would be more inclined to do it more often. :)

  254. I do not back up my date becauseI do not have the option too. I have lost everything when my computer crashed I would love to beable to back up all my data. I lost some irreplacable things that bother me to this day

  255. We back up our data because we have multiple computers, so all the important stuff gets put on the other computer. I have lost photos before because I hadn't put them on the other computer. Luckly they wern't super special photos, just random everyday shots... but its still very upsetting.

  256. I was backing up to CD but now my CD burner has seen it's better days and no longer works. This is the only thing I do with the burner so I really don't care to replace it. Another type of backup would be better.

  257. I *DO* back up my stuff - daily! I've never lost stuff, but my mom lost a lot of pics when her hard drive crashed.

  258. How many times have I lost stuff due to hard drive failures?!? What a question! That was one reason I switched to online email -- I'd lost so much communication from friends because of several successive HD losses. Not to mention photos of both my houses, personal events, password logs ... Now I back up what I can online or on a small flash drive, but this would help SOOOOOOOOO much.

  259. I've had my computer die on me before, and I lost about 3 months worth of pictures. Now I back up everything online.

  260. I have it set to backup once a week and I have lots of pics of my grandkids that I would really be sad if I lost them

  261. I back up about once a week now. I had a laptop hard drive failure a year ago and lost so many photos and documents that it made me cry for a week.

  262. After losing my data not once but twice to two BRAND NEW laptop HDs failing, I have learned to back up!! ;-)

  263. Yes, I do now back up my data because I was dumb enough to have a sob story. My husband went on business travel with our personnal laptop. On it was the pictures we had just taken at grandma and grandpa's. While on travel, hubby's laptop was stolen along with the digital camera. Needless to say, all those precious memories were lost! Now not only do we back up to a drive, we also back up all pictures on CD/DVD as well.

  264. I currently don't have a backup plan. I lost files once when the ndtrl boot up file was corrupted due to a virus.

  265. I always backup my stuff once a week. I have lost some stuff but only what you can accumulate between backups not enough to be upset about so im lucky.

  266. Yes I do periodically backup my data files. And no I haven't lost any photos yet so I would love to have this to make sure that doesn't happen in the future. Thanks for the contest.

  267. I have an entire desktop box that has crashed and because I never backed it up I am storing it until I get around to seeing if someone can salvage the photos.

  268. Once we went to all digitl photos I knew I didn't want to loose them if a hard drive were crash. I bought a storage device that uses RAID 5. That means that if 1 hard drive were to crash(stop working) then you could rebiuld the files by replacing the bad hard drive with a new one. This has happened and everything is good for now. However if 2 hard drives stop working at the same time I'm out of luck. The need to completely back up my files onto another device is needed now, "just in case". I would hate to loose those baby pictures of my girls.

  269. I rarely backup my computer and (knock wood) haven't lost any file I considered important. I want this prize more for storage of media files. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  270. I usually back up once a month but I need to do it more often. I always hear horror stories and my data is precious, so "it's on my things to do more often."

  271. I don't back up my data and I'm not really sure how to do it anyway. That's the main reason I suppose.

  272. My son in law said he would back everything up for me. This would be just what I need so he can do that. Thanks for the chance.

  273. I don't currently back up my documents and pictures. I had an external drive that was stolen so I not only lost my ability to back up, but all the backed up media.

  274. Last year our laptop died and we lost just about all of the digital pictures we had ever taken of our 5 year old twins.... we need to be able to back this stuff up somehow.

  275. I backup important documents right now but I need to start backing up everything. I had an awful experience the week before final exams during my first year of law school. One day, my computer just wouldn't turn on and IT said it was gone along with everything on it. I had to get notes and study information from all of my classmates. Along with a year of work, I lost all of my pictures and papers from college. It felt like I lost part of my life that day. Needless to say, I'd definitely use this if i won!

  276. I currently do not back up anything. I really need to and have planned to for quite some time. If I win this I definately WILL!

  277. I have lost everything before. It seems a hardware error made the comp go down and we didnt have anything backed up! This prize is great!!

  278. When I think about all the pictures and files I have stored on the computer ... well the thought of losing that just chills me to the bone. I would love to have this backup system so I never lose the precious pictures of my kids.

  279. Yes! I back up everything... and my hubby thinks I'm crazy because when I fill up the photo disk on the camera I go buy a new one and put the old one in our fire-safe even though I have all those pictures saved on the computer too.

    I use an external hard-drive and can always use another one! I work professionally as a graphic designer and I know how awful it is to loose my work - it only has to happen once for someone to learn their lesson!

  280. I don't. *hang her head in shame*

    Can you believe it? I'm a business owner for heavens sake!

    I need this. I promise I would use it. LOL


  281. I lost a whole year's worth of family pictures a few years ago, it was devastating! Since then I have been backing up my photos onto flash drives. I would love to have an external hard drive to back up everything on my computer! Thanks for the offer!

  282. Yes, I back up weekly. I even go as far as backing up my Firefox bookmarks and email separately just to be safe. The good thing is that I've never had to use my backups.

  283. Yes, we currently back up everything, though probably not often enough for my comfort. I take so many pictures now that I have a child that I could really use an external hard drive with lots of space! And, knock on wood, I can't recall ever losing anything on the computer that just crushed me. I think I lost the beginnings of a few papers in college, but I'd be way more devastated if I lost any of my current photos!

  284. I was sent of a work trip to Vegas - just before leaving I realized if something happened to my laptop gone all the digital pictures from the last hundred years. I quickly dumped everything to 16 cd's and vowed to backup everything when I returned. Fast forward 2 years . . .

  285. Only really back up the really crucial stuff, and its not so much a backup as a versioned file sync across a few systems. Bad, I know.

  286. After losing my genealogy research data due to a hard drive failure, I now backup faithfully on a daily basis. This prize wwould be a great asset to my computer upgrade plans.

  287. I am backing up my data NOW - however on my old PC I didnt and there is some bug infecting it and i still havent done anything about fixing it so its very possible i will lose some of the data on there (the most important of which would be my song library...

    thanks! ([email protected])

  288. I back up to an external hard drive but do so haphazardly. I am still trying to recover data from a pair of hard drives I had set up in RAID 0 configuration. It will be the last time I use RAID 0 instead of RAID 0+1.

  289. I back up to DVDs mostly. I've been wanting to invest in an external hard drive for a while and just haven't done it yet.

    I've lost everything off my laptop SEVERAL times. I had my back up disks but it took me over a year to figure out to take ownership of the files so that I could access them again. It was a huge pain.

    If I had this I'd back up my photos and all of my digital scrapbooking stuff.

  290. Yes, i back up the stuff that i consider important. My photos i make at least 2 copies on cd and one copy on usb drive. I prefer cd to usb don't know why. Knock on wood I haven't lost anything but have come close when the hubby got a virus from the web and I thought we were going to have to redo the comp. So that is why there are 3 sets of everything. ;-)

  291. I try to back up all my date esp my photo. It would break my heart to lose my photos, daughter wedding ect.

  292. I back up before I dump my computer & reformat. I need to back up more often!

    I did have my last desktop totally crash on me. I lost some pics but not all.

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  293. I backup to DVDs but not as often as I should. Would love to have a hard drive to back up to instead. I have lost some important files before but thankfully not photos.

  294. I do back my data up, but not as often as I ought to. I don't have a great system for doing so and that makes me very nervous. That's why I was very excited to see this giveaway!!

    I have experienced some epic data losses. I had one hard drive that crashed, so we bought a new one and were able to transfer all of the data over. But in a sad twist of fate, the BRAND NEW drive that we bought was faulty, and proceeded to crash, taking some of my data with it permanently. UGH!!!

    Thank you so much for this fab giveaway!!

  295. ouch - nope - ! i just keep my finers & hammertoes crossed :) not a very good backup plan ! sure would love to win and back up all my files & pictures -


  296. No, currently I do not have my stuff backed up. But you think I would because I have lost everything. It felt like I lost a million bucks. I spent weeks trying to reset everthing back to the way it was, but I couldn't get back my priceless pictures. Very depressing :(

  297. I am a musician/songwriter and I pride myself in my original songs. Two nights ago as I was fading off to sleep a thought ran over me like a gust of cold wind. "I have over fifty songs written and the one and only place they can be found is on my laptop". I didn't sleep at all that night because i have lost tons of work before. I had many written songs, a 3000 plus itunes library, and pictures of my deployment to Afghanistan that i will never have back (just cant go to Afghanistan over the weekend to take more pics). I can still feel the sting of watching that beer fall and pour into my laptop keyboard.

  298. Yes I do currently back up my data and I have been burned before for not backing up on a regular basis. I recently lost pics from a one in a lifetime trip to the American Music Awards and the after party. All because I did not back up my hard drive after I uploaded these pics! STUPID!!!

  299. I always think I should backup my data, but I never quite get around to it. I did lose a bunch of music and picture files when I went from my last computer to my new computer because I couldn't figure out how to transfer them. I felt so stupid!! And I miss those pictures dreadfully!!

  300. no i dont back up. i should though. yes ive lost everything before. life goes on though. thanx!

  301. We have been looking into getting an external hard drive. Right now I transfer pics, do Quickbooks backups, etc. all onto a USB drive, but that's kind of scary! We almost lost all of our pics and accounting information for three businesses a few months ago, so this drive would be PERFECT for us!

  302. I'm just now starting to backup my files. I learned the hard way - after losing all my data!

  303. I'll admit I'm not very good about backing up my data. I've copied my photo's on to CD's but not my other documents. I've never lost my data at home but I did lose it at work. Fortunately they keep a back up on the server. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  304. I back up my data about once a month, but that didn't help me a few years ago when I lost all my pictures due to a hard drive failure. I was backing up on the same drive.

  305. As of a month ago, I now backup all my data! With the kids on the computer all the time and always downloading things, I was scared I would lose many years of photos.

    I have never lost anything but cringe thinking about ever losing the pics I have taken.

  306. Alas...>I am not so diligent with backing up..which is not good since I have so many sentimental things saved on my computer. Thanks for reminding me to be a little more careful

  307. I now back up my data. I wasn't doing that and I was doing some work at home for an event I was coordinating. I had done a power point presentation and also had done the name tags when my computer crashed and I lost it all. I had to stay up late and recreate eveything. It was horrible.

  308. i would use it for my itunes , my computer hard drive went bad lose all my music and movie. with this hard drive i can go to any computer and download and install music . never will lose my music again .

  309. I backup my data sometimes - but not enough. Yes, I have lost everything but have had some of it on another machine. It is not fun at all and we have actually sent the hard drive to California to get it fixed and they could not.

  310. i do back up my data ... but two christmases ago, my brother-in-law proposed to his fiancee', and ALL of my pictures from that moment and the rest of the holiday were lost! talk about devastated ...!

  311. I currently used USB drives and CDs/DVDs to backup data because I have been burned in the past with loosing important, irreplaceable data.

  312. Don't have a backup system, but I have been investigating some. And yes, I have lost some stuff. Mostly precious memories, pics, letters, etc. It was a huge sense of loss at first, so now I would like to be better prepared.

  313. Yes, I do backup our data, but I do need to do it more consistently - thanks for having this giveaway!

  314. THAT IS THE IDEA!!!!


  315. I do not have an external drive, therefore, unfortunately, I do not back up my drive. When my my grandmother died in 2006, I wrote and recorded a song in her honor for her five children. After production was completed, my hard drive crashed and the master copy to that song and all other song data was lost. It hurt to lose "her" song, but I am thankful for my precious memories.

  316. No, up to this point I really haven't backed up anything. I do have about four of those little 2GB USB Drive sticks. And I started to back up my music, which is my passion, but it takes forever, especially having to change the USB sticks. Plus at this point I probably have too much music to transfer it all.

    But recently, one of the clinics that I work at had an unexpected computer crash and lost about 5 years of data. What a nightmare. I really need to be more serious about finding a backup solution.

  317. Yes I've always backed up because I've known too many people that have lost everything multiple times! And fortunately for that, I've never lost anything (fingers crossed). These drives would make things a lot easier though.

  318. I have never been one to back up my data. Up until recently, I've never really had anything stored on my computer that I was worried about losing. I have lost some pictures over the years and was quite sad at the time. Now I have tons of songs that I do not want to lose, and I really need the additional storage space. I have been looking at Seagate products for this purpose and it would be so wonderful to win. Thanks!

  319. I would die if I lost my wedding pics and pics of my daughter..they are all on my camera and computer. Although, I have been slowly getting them printed.

  320. I have been backing up my data by burning them to Cd's. I do this a least once a month. Thanks for the oportunity to win a better means of backing up my data.

  321. Yes. Data is backed up. Don't you love computer language. In my home if the pipes back up I'm in trouble. but data backed up is good.

  322. I have a lot of music on my hard drive.

    I've backed up 90% of it onto CDs but unfortunately I lost 10% of my music when my computer crashed a year ago. I haven't tried to recreate that music but when I do I will back it up.

    This Seagate product would be very helpful. Especially is day-to-day backing up. It would make it so convenient and because of this ease it would become a daily ritual.

  323. I do back up my photos to an external, but not often enough. I lost everything once, back in the old days.

  324. I do back up on a weekly basis. I have lost stuff in the past (favorites, passwords, etc.) and it's no fun. I would love a hard drive like that.

  325. Before I got my new computer, I had one my son built and I had to reformat it constantly. I would lose everything.

  326. I try to back up my data as much as possible but it seems like I have to keep reformatting my hard drive because my computer is so slow. I have a gig ram and a 40 gb hard drive still. I have lost pictures of my love before and it made me go insane. I gotta get a hard drive.

  327. A few years ago my computer got fried and I lost all of my data, pictures, music, cooking recipes, etc. Since then I try to remember to back up my important files to a portable flash drive, but my photos and music are still vulnerable to loss. A dedicated storage device would be perfect!

  328. This is something i could really use..i have no room now because of lack of space on my hard drive. I would store all my photos and documents, and i would also use it to back up very important files and documents; something i don't have at the moment and i really need. Thanks for the opportunity. All the colors are nice if i had to choose i would pick pink.

  329. I currently use a usb memory stick to back-up small files. Back in the old days before re-writable CD-drives, I lost some important diaries and pictures when I had to reformat my hard drive

  330. I have backed up some of my photos on to CDs. Many of my photos and files haven't been backed up. This would be a great help to me.

    A couple of weeks ago, I lost a whole document that I was creating for work. I had worked hours on it, but "poof" it was gone. All that work... bummer.

  331. I back up my images frequently and have over 60 GB. I also back up my images from my cameras often. The problem is I don't have enough space to store the images and other files on the same system. As a result I store the files on several media. This has resulted in multiple copies of the same file and likely some lost files. It takes a lot of time to figure out what is duplicate and deleting those.

  332. I have a few things backed up on cds which easily can be scratched or damaged. I have hardly printed out any of my photos so I would be so sad to loose them. I have so many photos of my kids on the computer and there is a lot that I have yet to even put on cds. I haven't lost any pictures yet and hope it never happens.

  333. I have no idea what I would do if I lost all my files, photos, videos, etc. No clue. Right now all I do to backup my files is to save them on both my work computer as well as my home computer. Every few months or so I also backup to a flash drive, but that's not the safest method and I also don't have a system in place to backup on a regular schedule. This sweepstakes would make my tech life so much safer!!

  334. I don't currently backup anything at home, but then again I really don't have much of anything on my computer that is irreplacable except maybe my email, which I don't really need to keep anyway. When I was going to school back in 2003, I lost a 6 page paper for one of my classes to a bad floppy disk, so the next day I went to Best Buy and spent $70 on a massive 256MB flash drive. (well it was big at the time :P) I haven't used a floppy disk for saving work since then and have never lost anything.

  335. We back up everything on cds. Not the best way to do things. If we lost everything it would be tragic. Especially photos that you can't retrieve.

  336. No, I don't back up. Have I been sorry? Yes. Did it change the way I procrastinate? No. The best laid plans.....

  337. Seagate has been my #1 choice for HDs for 15 yrs. I support computers in a college environment and they have never failed me. Excellent choice for a sweepstakes.

  338. I've just started to back up data. Too late unfortunately. I am a writer, and I lost almost an entire manuscript on my previous laptop when it crashed. Luckily I had most of it written down on paper, but I still had to re-type everything. It was awful! I'd love to win this, thanks so much!

  339. I recently lost some stuff when my computer crashed. I also almost lost all my music for IPod, but was able to find a program that would remove it from my video IPod and put it back on any computer. I took the chance of ruining my Ipod but I was lucky in that it didn't. I now have a new computer and really need a bigger device to store all my important stuff on.

  340. Yes, I try to backup all my important information. Once I was working with someone on a convention registration dealing with a few thousand people and we lost all our data and had to log it in all over again! That was a real lesson learner!
    [email protected]

  341. I have lost all my paid for music files along with all my photos when my computer crashed. I was devastated. There was an enormous amount of value in what was lost, both monetary and sentimental. I would love a back up to prevent this from happening again!

  342. (1) Do you currently back up your data?

    -I do back up my data but not my system

    (2) Have you ever lost photos/documents/work on your computer?

    -I can not think of anyone who has not lost data on computer....

  343. I back up my data on a regular basis... try to do it everyday... and yes we have lost data -- but mostly it's been due to a sudden event, like lightening strike, or flood. Never know when the toilet upstairs is going to overflow and fill your "space"...Ugly, let me tell you, ugly.

  344. I've been through the computer crashes where data was lost, I need to save "stuff" for if and when it happens.

  345. I have considered backing up my data, but have never got around to doing so. I should be more motivated in doing so considering the perils of losing all of the documents I've saved over the years.

  346. I haven't been backing up my data, but I plan on doing it now. Luckily, I haven't lost anything yet *fingers crossed*.

  347. I currently use Carbonite to back up my desktop and overall we have been happy with it, although I have heard horror stories of people trying to deal with their customer service. About 3 years ago we lost everything on our hard drive. 3 years worth of digital pics were gone forever. I terrabyte just makes me drool! Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  348. (1) Do you currently back up your data?
    No, Occasionally I'll send some stuff to myself via email "just in case". But, I can't afford backup equipment and even DVD's would stretch my budget a little too much.

    (2) Have you ever lost photos/documents/work on your computer?

    Ugh.. Yes! So many times.. Pictures of friends and family, art projects, website layouts, schoolwork, just about anything you can think of, I've lost it. It usually ends up being schoolwork (essays, notes, research etc.). And since my luck is just awesome, it's always RIGHT before I need it, or when I've done so much work and the thought of doing it all over again in 1/10th the time make my head want to explode. And there's also the fact that there's a huge chunk of my little brother's life went missing photo-wise due to a major computer crash.

  349. NO I don't back up and I should because I already lost my music and the early pictures of my daughter about a year ago(sic). This prize would help no doubt.

  350. I back up some files, but I don't have enough space on my external hard drive to save everything. I need this badly.

  351. I back things up monthly, but I'm running out of space since I just archived my family home videos.

    I lost my resume right before starting a job search, and I didn't have a spare hardcopy to base everything off of when redrafting from scratch. Sorting out your past without a frame of reference becomes a royal pain.

  352. I use a second computer to back up my important data, as well as a very cheap (and small) external hard drive of 30 gig.

    I lost about 5 gig worth of MP3's once, that was the worst since I'm an internet DJ.

  353. yes, I do back up my computer, but not as frequently as I should.
    I got a really bad virus once, and the only way the computer could be made usable was to reinstall everything; I lost a bunch of vacation pictures :-(

  354. I dont currently do backups and I would be devistatedf I lost all the pictures I have oonmy computer. Thanks for reminding me to keep a copy of them someplace besides on my computer.

  355. I used to back up my data every couple of months, but haven't lately just with the sheer amount of data I have now. I know my current laptop is a timebomb waiting to expire, so I've been searching for a good data storage device to back everything up (plus a new laptop!)

  356. 1) Do you currently back up your data?
    I back it up in my mind...

    (2) Have you ever lost photos/documents/work on your computer?
    I lost all my genealogy data when my computer crashed and wiped everything off it. I had copied the database and emailed to a relative about a week before that and was able to get a copy of it. I only had one week that I had lost. Regretfully that week I had entered tons of data as I had taken vacation from work to get the data and reseach into the database. It took me months to get it to the same point that it was when I lost the hard drive.

    I now have genealogy data plus thousands of pictures and my entire CD collection digitized. It would be a disaster if my disk would crash.

  357. eeek. No I really don't back anything up right now. But lately I havent really been uploading much in the way of photos or even music, but mainly that is because I don't I don't have way to back up. My last computer I lost everything and I don't want that to happen again, so this time around i am being too careful and limiting myself to doing nothing! which is no good either.

    thanks girl! wow you are so close to that little babe!!!

  358. i have lost everything on my computer, about five times! it usually isn't too catastrophic, but i still would love to win this

  359. This is one giveaway I'd LOVE to win. I'm absolutely in the market for backup. Urgently, in fact. These look perfect.

  360. In my early Computer days...Lost 3 hard drives to crashes.
    Now I back up to external drives and DVD. But still run out of space. Need more and this will help.

  361. I have all my sons pics on a website but not with high resolution, and all his films shown through yourtube, but also not full resolution, my HD is at its limit and "running on fume..." - I desperately need more space!!!
    Luckily I've never lost any data including during the move to the US, and my only backup is between my computer and laptop but it's eating all the space on both.

  362. I try to back up my data on flash drives when I remember, but I'm not as good about it as I should be. I've lost lots of documents, photos and emails after having hard drive crashes -- in fact, I think I may be missing an entire novel!

  363. Hello.... and yes! I have lost pictures, home videos, and imnportant files. My last computer flat out died on me, and I lost everything on it. The Seagate hard drives sound great. Thank you!

  364. I currently have a full external hard drive with pictures and music on it. I need another one to start backing up what I have on my computer’s hard drive and my documents.

    Once in college, I lost all of my papers and it was midterm time so I had to retype one of the longer ones. It was awful.

  365. Price doesn't seem big seeing that I paid the same amount 2 years ago for a 500 MB - lame. I don't even know what a TB is but I want one.

  366. I have an external drive that i use for Video storage from my Mac. I really do need one for my desktop and have been holding off buying one since employment issues might come to bear.

  367. I don't backup it up effectively and need to.
    My old HP is now a Unix box because the hard drive crashed, but just before that I was able to save most of the data. Lost all the programs though, which is a real pain trying to re-install on a new box.

  368. As a senior in college I lost a good chunk of my senior thesis. I did exactly what you on the floor and bawled my eyes out. Of course I was a poor college kid then so I could afford neither a reliable computer nor a backup system. Luckily I was able to bring it to the on-campus tech center and someone was able to get portions back for me.

    Currenly I don't backup my computer nightly but I do transfer pictures and videos to DVDs and USB drives every so many months. If my computer ever died I would only lose a few months worth of "stuff." Tragic, still, but not a total loss.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  369. I've lost hard drives, but I back them up... but I was on campus one day working on a final project, spun around my chair and snapped off my flashdrive from the front of the computer...
    I wasn't happy...

  370. Yes I back up my documents now after losing everything on not one but two computers. It was sad because I lost all my son's birthday pictures and it hurt me really bad. I back up all my pc's now.

  371. Yes and Yes! I currently use an online service and the program runs in the background to back up all my data. But it is costly.
    The reason I signed up for the service is because about a year ago I lost everything on my computer.
    I had guys working in my yard to put in a drainage ditch and they ripped out the main electric cable! Its ironic too because they installed the cable when we built the house. You would have thought they would have remembered that!
    I had smoke coming from all my outlets,appliances and my computer. It was awful.
    They did pay to replace all the appliances that got fried, including the computer but all the photos,music, etc. were gone forever.

  372. I haven't lost anything (yet) on the desktop but recently my my dad's laptop crashed. We're so upset. He died when I was 21 in 2007 so we're scared his pictures (the only thing we have left) will be gone off the desktop but I can't afford to back them up since I'm in college and only work a few hours a week so this would be awesome. Thank you for the chance.

  373. I don't really have a backup plan for my computer. I back up a few documents and pics to a usb flash drive but I need to do a thorough backup. I haven't lost any pics yet, but I do worry about it.

  374. I don't know how to back up my data! I once lost an essay I was writing for school, and had to redo it. Ouch!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  375. I backup my computers at a minimum of monthly (now). In the past I hadn't and I've been very fortunate in not losing anything precious (primarily photos).

  376. We don't currently back up our data. We're talked about doing it many many times- but just haven't yet.
    I'd be sooooo thrilled to win this! Thanks for the chance:)

  377. I lost a lot of pictures and video due to a simple power failure. First thing I bought, was a battery back-up, but I also due back-up now on cd's.

  378. I have lost precious pictures and data because of a computer failure. It was devastating and I indeed did cry! Thanks for the contest.

  379. No, I don't back up regularly and I know I should. If we lost all of the family pictures on our hard drive, we would be crushed. Pictures are one thing that can't be replaced! Having a Seagate external drive would be perfect if our hard drive on our computer crashed. Thanks to you and Seagate for offering this!

  380. i have just started backing up my data, especially my pics of a new baby granddaughter. i would be so lost if i did'nt have these, since she is 2000 miles away.
    whata great giveaway seagate is a wonderful product.
    thanks for the opportunity to win this.

  381. No snob story here! I back up everything! I am currently using an 80 GB external drive and would love to win one with more space.

  382. I'll sometimes burn more important things to disc to save in case of hd failure, and yes I've lost important things before by not having a suitable backup plan, and my god this is a great giveaway that Seagate is sponsoring.

  383. I keep all my files backed up on my computer since I have non replacable photos of my grand kids on it and use thumb drives to do so. It would be so nice to win this to use instead.


  384. yes... I do back up my data... but that doesn't help much when the person installing the new drive formats the wrong one... *^%^&^(&) I lost everything...
    *note to learn from... backing up to an external is a great idea BUT always unplug that external from a computer that is in the process of being rebuilt...

  385. I am getting ready to switch to a new computer and I would rather save everything on a portable drive that I can go to without migrating everything to a new computer.

  386. I used to back up photo's, mp3's, etc. on CD's but that became too impractical. I only lost about 10 photo's once. I got really lucky but I now have 100's of photo's and 1,000's of mp3's stored on one drive only, not being backed up at all. This would be some great peace of mind.

  387. I currently backup on a 160GB external hard drive. However since I have a large family this is no enough room for all the pictures and my other data. I sure could use a new backup hard drive.

  388. I currently back up everything to DVD (lots-o-those little buggers lyin' around). I have had to lose data several times from having to recover computer to out-of-box state due to those nasty viruses.

  389. I really need one of these...I do not back up my files. Needless to say, I lost all my data, including my pictures for the last 1 1/2 years. MY computer crashed. I hope I win!

  390. backup my data to a second internal hard drive. use synctoy to copy everything over at 3am. well at list all the digital photos. after a year or so we archive them to dvd

    never really lost anything, usually it's just the OS that craps out. Then I just pull the drive, hook it up externally and copy everything I wanted off of it

  391. As a retired court reporter, I should know to back up my computer, but alas, I haven't done that since retiring. Now you got me shaking like a dog in a thunderstorm. If I lose me information, I will truly be in the doghouse!

    Even if I'm not the winner, thanks for refreshing my memory. :)

  392. (1) Do you currently back up your data?
    yes... infrequently... and usually after i have recovered from a disaster.

    (2) Have you ever lost photos/documents/work on your computer? Share your “sob story.”
    see above... latest disaster recovery sob story is loseing all pictures from a once in a lifetime trip to italy with my family

  393. Hi, I do back up my data, probably not as often as I should though. I do it all manually.

    I did lose all of my I-Tunes music once. I have no idea where it went and had to reload everything.

  394. I do a backup every two weeks. Use pay day as a reminder. I have never had to suffer through a loss of memories.

  395. I didn't have a backup at the time and lost over 3000 MP3's in addition to hundreds of pictures (including my daughter's baby's pics). Needless to say my wife always makes a point to remind me everytime we take pictures of her from now on. Having something like this would really help (and keep her

  396. i always back up all my files and everything i save to my computer. my sob story however is my best friend that live in Dalls computer just crashed. i have been telling him since last summer that he needs to back up his files. i told him to buy an external hard drive and save all his important documents. currently geek squad has his crashed hard drive and they are try to restore his files. when he called me and told me the news i felt like i was going to pass out, based on his line of work. he need all his files or else im not sure how he is going to recovery since the files that were lost he has to use them everyday... uggh the life and times of OUR drivers..

  397. Even though my back-up computer was accidentally wiped clean by my daughter-in-law,I still don't have a system to back up myy two computers. Hope I win before tragedy strikes.

  398. At this point in time I have no back-up system. I have tried some of the on-line sites, but they don't work well. i would love to win this.

  399. I've already had it happen, but I can guarantee I sure did learn my lesson the hard way and will never that happen again! I love the Red color, that's the one I'd want if I won!

  400. Seriously I would cry too! I once lost my whole hard drive and I had downloaded all my CD's and not backed them up. Luckily I still had the CD's to start over but what a PAIN!! I never want to do that again. Think of the pictures I would never get back!!!

  401. my hardrive crashed twice.. of course lost everything.. very sad because there were one of a kind digital photos that i will forever miss, this would be really appreciated

  402. I currently back up using SD cards.... but with so many photos it takes forever. I did have an old computer "die" losing many vacation photos which was heartbreaking...

  403. okay this is now on my WANT list =) do you know if it works with mac? i need to back up my stuff...i've had a couple computer crashes the last few years and have lost SO much stuff!

    autumn398 (at)

  404. I recently got a new Mac and have yet to get an external drive. I could really use this, since I lost a ton of pictures when my old PC died. Files can be replaced, but not the baby pics of the little ones!

  405. My sister and I had our first children within three months of each other. Because they were so close we would often compare their development, recommend products and discuss parenting ideas. And since we're several states apart we exchanged a lot of photos when they were young and changing so quickly.

    When her son was about six months old their computer crashed and they lost every photo they'd taken of him. I was able to send her copies of those she'd sent to me, but unfortunately she was never able to recover the majority of the photos and videos of her son's first six months.

    We learned from their "tragedy," and immediately after that my husband bought an external hard drive. We try to back up our computer once a week.

  406. Right now I store most of our data on an external hard drive, but I don't really have a backup for that. I do back our photos up online, but that's it. So far I haven't lost anything, but I know it could happen at any time - I'd love to have another drive to use to back up the current one!

  407. Doing photography "on the side" I back up my back ups. It is sad. My husband and I also just finished digitizing our music, it is not backed-up yet and I worry EVERY day! Thanks for the chance! The more pictures I take, the more storage I need...and the better I need to organize it!

  408. Unfortunately I do have a sob story. I lost all of my photos of me and my husband during the first year that we were married. My computer died and with it so did all the photos. A big loss. Makaes me sad to think about it. This would be such a great product to have!

  409. While I was pregnant with my son, I had to euthanize my cat. Later that week, the external hard drive that I had seemed to not work. I was devastated, because that was where I kept my backups, and was the only location of my pictures of my cat. I was pregnant and emotional. Thankfully, we were able to figure out the problem and restore my files.

    I still don't do backups, because I don't really have a place to do them. However, I want to create a home network server to store all that stuff eventually.

  410. (1) Do you currently back up your data?
    No, but I should
    (2) Have you ever lost photos/documents/work on your computer?
    No, knock on wood

  411. Yes I have lost all of my beautiful pics of my son, and no I do not currently back my stuff up. Yes, I must be a huge idiot. I have been emailing a project to myself though so I don't lose that at least! I could really use this!

  412. I only back up my itunes on cd's every few months.

    Last June my computer crashed. I lost all my pictures and almost all my itunes. Some of the pictures were from my brother's wedding and they're irreplaceable. I wish I'd had a backup storage device so I wouldn't have lost all of them.

  413. (1)-- I use a flash drive (1 gig only :(...and also we have I=locker accounts at my school, where we can save stuff online..but it's a bit confusing)
    (2)--I lost about a hundred photos when I was uploading them to my computer. My pc likes to shut down unexpectedly... which makes me not so happy with it! I have also lost work that hadn't been saved while working on AutoCAD, which requires tons of storage space and memory to operate. Luckily, I had time to redo the work, but next time, I might not be so lucky ;)

  414. I don't currently back up my data, but I'd love to with a FreeAgent :) I have been fortunate not to lose any photos/documents/work on my computer. *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  415. We currently have an external hard drive and we back up pretty regularly. Still, I take lots of pictures, and write a lot, so it'd be rough if the computer crashed. But I always wonder, do you need a backup of the backup? I mean, what if the external hard drive dies??? And everything we trusted with it, disappears?

  416. Yes, we now back-up our files after we had a close call with our computer. Luckily, we were able to recover almost everything.

  417. I'm like you. I would absolutely cry my heart out if I lost everything on my computer. If there was a fire in my house, I'd definitely rescue my computer, if it were even remotely possible.

    I had a scare a couple months ago where I *thought* I lost my hard drive.... 5 years worth of baby pictures and videos, and lists of milestones, etc. .... but it was just an odd glitch, and we got it working again. Still, it made me realize what a mistake I was making, not backing everything up. I had tried at least keeping pictures saved on burned CDs, but they simply didn't hold enough to make it a timely project. Or sensible for physical storage. I did finally end up breaking down and getting myself a 1TB external drive, and it's just absolutely lovely. Now, if there were a fire, I could dash in, grab my drive, in 2 seconds, and dash back out.

    Still, knowing how fickle computers can sometimes be, I'd also like to start backing up to DVD. Which is another reason an external drive is great - my computer doesn't have a DVD driver, but my husband's does. I can simply plug in my external drive to his computer, and start burning. Once I buy a stack of burnable DVDs, at least!

    Is there a good way to back up a blog to something you can save to your hard drive? This is not something I'd heard of.

  418. I back up to CD, I've gotten better, but I still need to do more. It's time to back up some of my settings now also.

    Yes, I have had my computer crash. I was real lucky to have a friend who was able to recover the data for me.

  419. Thanks for the chance-I do not currently back up my data. I have had my entire computer crash and lost everything a few years ago.

  420. I've seen a few of these devices around on the Internet lately and I'm certainly intrigued! Our entire hard drive died about 2 years ago, causing us to lose EVERYTHING. It was frustrating, but we couldn't do a thing about it. So now, I burn all of our files, pictures, video clips, etc. to CD-ROMs every 6 months or so. It's not my favorite way of backing up my computer, but it's the only thing I knew I could actually do on my own.

  421. Oh my, I keep my photos backed up periodically ( usually once a quarter), but I had never really considered loosing my blog contents! Guess I should really look into backing that bad boy up. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  422. 2 weeks ago my hard drive DIED! YES died, I salvaged pictures ONLY! I wanted to cry! Did I back up anything... NO! Yes, stupid me! I was able to install a new hard drive in my 4 year old laptop and I STILL have no back up. Gosh I am a DOPE! I need a back up, but just can't afford an expensive external hard drive. My daughter is in College and .... ehhh you all know... the bills etc..
    HELP! Do I need to be beat over the head to learn a lesson???

  423. i have not personally lost any valuable data, but my twin sister's computer crashed and no one could recover her photos and documents! it was terrible! i should have learned from her story, but i haven't burned my photos onto discs in a while. we do follow the advice of our favorite talk radio host, clark howard, who recommends that everyone take photos of all the belongings in their houses during Christmas time, when a lot of belongings are out of the attic and on display. i would love to win one of your prizes!

  424. I don't back up my data... but I know I should. Actually, the last external hard drive I used caused my computer's hard drive to crash. Double lame! Thankfully, I had just burned all of my photos to DVDs.

    I can't believe there is such a thing as 1TB, by the way. Wow!

  425. I currently use an external drive to backup, but would like to win one of these also.

    I have lost things in the past prior to owning the external drive.

  426. Wow! What a great prize!

    Right now we use a service called Carbonite as a backup. It automatically backs everything up to an online source and you can use it to restore if you lose your data.

    I have lost photos in the past and luckily after a year my dad was able to get some of them off of the dead laptop for us!

  427. We don't back up our computer & have paid for it in the past. Our hard drive went bad & we were only able to save a small portion of our pictures. We lost a lot of irreplacable pictures of our grandaughters.

  428. 1.) Um, no. Gulp.

    Actually, I do but only partially, and not nearly enough. I depend on the fact that a lot of my work (with images) is online & on a different server, far from ideal.

  429. Well my husband's old desktop as well as my own both just broke about 3 months ago. Mine had all our pictures on it from the birth of our first daughter through to after our second was born. My heart fell into my stomach when I realized this! Then my hubby's computer had all his in progress as well as completed artwork on it. We have a detachable hard drive but we were only using it for stuff that did not fit on our computers. Now we learned out lesson and have planned to buy a hard drive to back everything important up on. I really didn't think these priced were too bad. I will have to show it to him. Now we have to bring our old computer hard drives somewhere to see if anything can be recovered. That will probably cost more than a detachable hard drive would have. Thank you for the contest!

  430. We've been lucky enough that we haven't lost data yet, because we do not currently back it up. However, with our first little one on the way I am insisting that we start backing up - hubby is the computer guy, so he'll have to take care of it! :) I would never want to loose baby pictures! Thanks so much!

  431. My son's computer could really benefit from more storage, my daughter in law is from Poland and she's got friends everywhere as well they send pictures all the time. Plus they are both in college this would be very handy for them Thanks for the chance to win

  432. First of all I don't store anything on this, The computer I use, I have everything on a server which is backed up automatically. So as far as losing data myself no I have not :) but to hear a sob story..
    My brother had been using a computer I built for him maybe 2 years ago and the Hard Drive in it a western digital 320GB burnt up on him, Then of course he had to go out and buy an all new 750GB Hard Drive from WD again, but he still does not back it up.. so winning the back up drive for him would be great ;D, But I still would keep the "Go" for myself ;)

  433. Yes we back up but it's right to the same hard drive in a separate partition. Better than nothing but not great.

    Oh yeah, sob story is right. I lost all the family history I had been working on, including pictures. 5 years of work.

    Thanks for the contest.

  434. I would freak out big time if I lost everything that was on my computer! I have so many files, mp3 songs and pictures. I really need to backup these files before my computer crashes, which at this point in time, could be nearly anytime considering how old it is! lol Thank you for the chance to win a great prize.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  435. I currently don't back up my data which is really bad, but the reason I don't is because it seems so complicated and I doubt my abilities to be able to do it. And yes, our computer crashed recently and it took some serious "digging" to relocate our pictures. Some of our documents are still missing and my husband lost half of his Itunes music. So this would definitely help alot to avoid these problems in the future!

  436. I don't back up data, but I need to! My computer is running out of space, I keep thinking it is gonna crash on me..
    I would hate to lose my music, photos, and pictures

  437. Thanks so much for this giveaway. No, I don't currently backup my files and yes, I had a virus awhile back and had to dump everything from my computer. I would love to win this great prize. Thanks.

  438. I really don't back up my data-I know I should-I just don't. I own a small business and have lost everything -several times. It is heartbreaking to say the least!

  439. I do not have any backup system in place...eccept buring CD's. Oh, and I have lost hundreds of photos taken on a mission trip to Uganda; however, luckily, I had burned copies to CDs and mailed them to other mission team members (so I was able to replace them.

  440. To be honest, I haven't really backed up anything on my PC in about a year. I know better than this because a while ago I lost some of my stories on an older computer that wasn't backed up and it took a really long time to recall everything that was lost.


  441. I lose things fairly often, because I'm not tech savvy and don't remember to back-up very often. I wrote articles to submit to a magazine and lost them all once when the computer crashed.

  442. I keep thinking I will back up my data, but.... I had a Trojan on my last computer, wiped out a great deal of data, important pics included. :-(

    Thank you for this wonderful FreeAgent giveaway! :-)

  443. I back up my data as much as possible! I learned my lesson after my school projects folder got corrupted and I lost not only my (very) important essay on Jupiter and my favorite picture of my boyfriend! (Still don't know why I didn't print that out when I had the chance!)

  444. I used to back up my data but I ran out of room. Before I ran out I did have a loss but a restore fixed it. Can't really afford TB back up. Barring a catastrophic power grid failure I should be okay, cross your fingers.

  445. im not computer savy, i need to back up my quick books for business. im not sure how tho.
    and i have had a computer crash with my pics on it. but thier was no business things on that one.

  446. The only thing I have backed up is my pictures. They are on a memory stick. I'm so deathly afraid of losing them, that I have 2 memory sticks with my pictures.

    My laptop crashed a few weeks ago, and it kind of made me think. I really need to do something to protect all of my file. I don't want to start over from scratch! I am the Media Coordinator for the Miss NE Scholarship Pageant, so all of my press releases are on my computer as well as the mtg. minutes, by-laws...Oh my...I really need to do something! What a mess I would be in!

    [email protected]

  447. I am currently backing up most of my files (and not on a regualr basis) on a thumb drive...amd I have lost way too mant text fand Photoshop files to count off.

  448. I'm inconsistent with backups. My sob story -- Once my husband broke the bad news that our hard drive had crashed and everything on the drive was no longer accessible. We panicked and researched several hard drive recovery companies. A pretty penny later they were able to retrieve our files. So, it has a generally happy ending. What's a little money compared to irreplaceable baby photos?

    Thanks for a great contest! I'd love to have a better solution right in my home.

  449. I have a harddrive right now, it does its job, but am quickly running out of space. This is my second hd, my first i bought back in 2006, it ran well in its time. i stored everything on that hdd and loved it. i left it at home with all my self on there and when i came back home just last year i found that it had all been delted, my life from 2007 was gone. all gone. so i bought a new one. BUt still this one looks better

  450. I back up my pics by putting them on my desk-top computer, so as not to fill up my laptop. It would be great to have an external hard drive. I would hate to loose all of my pictures, and I take a ton!

  451. I don't have a backup system right now, and know I need one...I'm just a procrastinator. I have never lost any important pictures, but a few years ago did lose some useful (but somewhat replaceable) data I had stored on my computer when the hard disk crashed and was not recoverable. I know the experts say that everyone will have a disk problem, or computer problem at least once.

  452. (1) Do you currently back up your data? No, and I live in fear.

    (2) Have you ever lost photos/documents/work on your computer? Share your “sob story.” No, and I just know that I'm going to have to learn the hard way about backing up everything (or else winning will solve that problem).

  453. thanks for this! you definitely have the perfect title...preventing sob stories! I'd be so upset if I lost all my pictures!

  454. Yes, we back up our data. We have thousands of great photos and I don't know what I would do if I lost them. We have never lost data.

  455. don't currently back up my data, but probably should and would be lost if i had to find all my favorite sites and knitting patterns all over again.

  456. I really need to start backing up my data. I don't at the moment. I had a close call awhile ago and I guess I haven't learned my lesson yet! ;o)

  457. I always backup my data once a week,no I have never lost my data I have been very lucky, Thank you for the chance to win!

  458. I do backup my photos and important documents. I have had my hard disk crash on me a couple times. Lost a ton of pictures i can no longer find.

  459. I do back up my data now. I learned the hard way. A hurricane hit and I lost all the research I had collected for weeks for a term paper I was doing!

  460. I back up photos at least on the online sites that let you do that.
    There are a few sites out there
    and they are free.
    ~~With the 4000 songs on the comp, I'd be sol~~

  461. I currently back up both my data and my mom's business data. I LOVE that the seagates now come in a colored version...oohhh..a red one! Great contest btw!

    My "I lost everything" story revolves around my old computer from high school. It crapped out one day in college...sounded like a lawn mower...overheated...and died. I still have it in the hopes of rescuing all the gigs of songs I had on it, but have never gotten around to doing it.

    ParkingGoddessFTW at gmail dot com

  462. I back my pictures up to an external hard drive. At one point I thought I had lost photos of Levi from months 3-6. It was so hard not to break down. I had to keep reminding myself that the experiences were still there even if the photos weren't. Thankfully, I found that I had stashed an extra copy of them on my dad's laptop. Phew!

  463. I currently do not back up my data and I should. The motherboard and harddrive went out on my 2 year old laptop without warning and I lost all the pictures of my new house I had built 5 years ago stored on it as well as resumes, work documents, etc. All lost in an instant.

  464. Set your computer to backup to an external drive regularly and remember to take the backup drive when you evacuate in case of emergency. I forgot to tske mine, my house was flooded and the drive sat in water for two weeks. It couldn't be recovered.

  465. I have a computer, my wife has a computer, my two sons have laptops - it's a pain to backup those individually. A networked hard-drive would make life simpler, and more secure. My PC crashed last Oct; thankfully, I was able to use my sons laptop to recover my hard-drive. Life is too busy today, anything that can make it easier would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for the chance.

  466. Honestly, my pc doesn't do the backup thing very reliably! My last pc crashed and we couldn't restore it, had to reformat it and lost SO MUCH of my ediaries (oh only about 5 YEARS worth of writing which was to be part of a book project!). I was heartbroken as there was so much that was lost. It was awful! and as I do a LOT of creative writing I could very VERY much use this!

  467. No, I don't backup. I know I should because my husband got mad at one of my computers once and slammed it didn't work too well after that. lol. shadowsangell(at)hotmail(dot)com

  468. I have a flash drive with some of the early pics of my first daughter on it. I have so many more pics since then and I really need a backup since so many of them are irreplacable (meeting my 7 year old daughter for the first time, etc). A lot of my favorites are on picasa since they've been posted on my blog but I have so many more that haven't been posted. I thought I lost a lot of my 1st daughter's pics last year when my computer died in the ice storm but, fortunately, a friend was able to save them for me. An external hard drive would be great. If I don't win one of yours, I think I may have to just buy one.

  469. I don't back up all of my data, and have been really lucky to never lose everything. My best friend lost her entire college life when her hard drive just died, and she was CRUSHED.

    I would like to be able to back it all up. Especially photos! I put lots online, but I easily have 20 times the amount of photos on my computer!

  470. We back up our computer on an external hard drive at least once a week and have been talking about getting a second back up--we don't want to lose our photos and everything else!

    My sob story is that a couple years ago we were in the process of moving from overseas--we backed up the laptop right before packing up to leave, and then, after taking a bunch of irreplaceable photos of friends as we were leaving, of our fun 3 day layover in Hong Kong, of our hiking trip in the southwest U.S., and putting everything onto the laptop, our hard drive crashed before we backed it up. :( Because we were in "limbo" with moving and vacationing we had slacked off on our usual precautions. Now we're a lot more careful, because we don't want this to happen again!

  471. I currently have a full external hard drive with a few years worth of pictures on it. I need another one to start backing up what I have on my computer's hard drive.

    Thankfully I have never lost any of my stuff!


  472. I would freak out if i lost everything. I already lost all of the originals of my sons first year. Which still makes me want to cry just thinking about it. I try to back up as often as possible now but only onto a USB memory stick.

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