Michael Stars: Tees w/ a Shining Reputation

Looking for a tee with a little extra "splash"? Something beyond your plain-old, ordinary, 100% cotton standby?  

Michael Stars: Tees w/ a Shining Reputation 1Check out what Michael Stars has to offer! The tees are anything but boring and each new season brings a new modern collection. The company even has a signature "Shine" collection that dares to bring tees from casual to dressy instantly! Perfect for moms who want to be glamorous without sacrificing practicality!

If you're new to Michael Stars, here are a few key points from a mom-next-door-type:

  1. Michael Stars is an upscale, Southern California brand that caters to shoppers in the Nordstrom demographic. The typical price of a tee is between $25-$70.
  2. Michael Stars has a GREAT reputation and is known for their soft, high-quality fabrics and "casual couture" fashions.
  3. Although originally just a t-shirt company, Michael Stars now offers sweaters, dresses, activewear, maternity, and baby apparel.
  4. Almost all Michael Stars tees are "One Size Fits All Most." This is both a negative and positive quality. It's fantastic, on the one hand, because you can easily purchase gifts for friends or for yourself without the hassle of size charts. On the other hand, it may not be the best choice for a plus-size or well-endowed friend. I fall into the latter category and the tees that I received were indeed exceptionally soft and stretchy, but perhaps drew a bit too much attention to my chest. When I modeled one of the tees for my husband, he pointed out my likeness to Barbie and the fact that the shirt fit just a bit too perfectly. I had to agree. I think I'll have to add the tee to the "strictly for layering" section of the my closet.
Michael Stars: Tees w/ a Shining Reputation 2If you have a small to medium frame and have an A-C cup, Michael Stars will probably be your new best friend. The tees really are chic and - from what I've heard - they are more than worth the steep price tag. I, for one, would much rather buy a quality tee that lasts and that makes me feel fabulous instead of buying a dozen cheap-o tees that just don't do the trick...wouldn't you?  
WIN IT! One winner will receive a Michael Stars tee of her choice. To enter, leave a comment on this post prior to Tuesday, October 14 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.
*UPDATE* The winner is #37 Karissa. Congratulations!

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219 comments on “Michael Stars: Tees w/ a Shining Reputation”

  1. I love nice tee shirts and Michael Stars look
    and high quality.Nice colors to choose from.
    Please enter me,I can wear this size range.
    Thanks for the contest

  2. Love the Thermal Long Sleeve Band Crew in the color of olive and would look great for the Fall season.

  3. I definitely don't fall into the well-endowed category! Lol I am a t-shirt and jeans girl and proud of it, but I do tend to buy the cheap-o ones. Whenever I find a good deal on a nice one I snatch it up and, my husband would say, wear it every day!

    These t-shirts are great. It surprises me with the trend toward long shirts that I still have trouble finding tees for my long torso. But these look perfect. And comfy.

  4. I had never heard of Michael Stars before, but these look yummy! I really like the "shine" collection, especially the 3/4 sleeve crew with shirred yoke

  5. 2×1 Shine 3/4 Sleeve Open Crew is very stylish and practical. thanks for alerting me to this great tee

  6. Only for A-C cups, eh? Well, that stinks. I guess if I win, I can give it to a buddy of mine as a gift. She needs some sparkle!

  7. I am absolutely in LOVE with the Shine Blouson Elbow Sleeve Scoop Neck!! Perfect for those of us with less than perfect upper arms!!

    Thank you for a great giveaway!!

  8. I've never been able to put out the extra cash for a higher-end sort of tee, but I know that my cheap-o tees don't last. I would LOVE the chance to try a great quality tee...thanks so much for the giveaway!

  9. I've never tried one of these tees before, but would love to win one! The 'one size fits most' feature would be great for me since I just had a baby last year and am still fluctuating my weight trying to get back to pre-baby size!

  10. These might be really good to look into! I have a small frame, so I would love to try one of these out to see if they work well for me!

  11. I adore his "Shine" Tees! Please enter me in your fabulous drawing. How fun it would be to win one of these lovely shirts. Many thanks.....Cindi

  12. they look great & comfy!! I am in the "small to medium/a-c cup" range...I would love to meet my new best friend, lol :)

  13. I liked Michael Stars Flutter Sleeve Square Neck in Fuchsia! I also like the many ways that one can shop on the site - by color, size, type, etc. - and I found this one that I liked by looking through swatches of color!

  14. This would be my first chance at trying a Michael Stars tee, the way you described it I really want one now!! Thank you for the chance!
    *Happy Fall*

  15. I live in Tee-shirts but I have to find some nice enough to wear to a very casual (but no yoga pants) type of office and nice tee-shirts work just fine. After talking a look at Michael's website I like the Shine Blouson Long Sleeve Swing Top.

  16. Looks like a great t-shirt! It was a big mistake clicking on the link to that site-I found a bunch of shirts I'd really love to own! I've fallen for the 1x1 Rib Heather Long Sleeve Henley already.

  17. I absolutely love the fact that these tees can be dressed up or down...I hardly ever can find comfy yet fashionable clothes!

  18. They do look worth the money don't they. One of these would be great for those confusing occasions where the dress code is casual but you still want to look nice.

  19. I could really use a new white tee. I haven't purchased any classic tees since before became pregnant 2 years ago. I like the Supima Short Sleeve Scoop Neck style.

  20. Just yesterday I was complaining
    about my small, post-breastfeeding chest,
    If I won I would be celebrating
    to have something that fits me the best :).

  21. I checked out their website, wow, they have a lot of nice looking t-shirts! The long sleeve hoodie looks really cozy! Thanks for the contest!

  22. This is a new brand name for me, but I suspect my California based daughter would recognize it. I basically live in jeans and t-shirts, would like to get rid of some of my 'logo' shirts.

  23. The tees are beautiful, and would probably look better on young, thin girls than me- a 53-year-old size 12. But I'll bet I could carry off the 2x1 Shine 3/4 Sleeve Open Crew (in java).

  24. These sound wonderful! Fitting in to the fram you suggested these might work well for, I'm anxious to feel them, get one on, and mabe have a new favorite!

  25. I am a little busty so I doubt it would look good on me. However, I'm sure one of these shirts would look great on my teenage daughter.

  26. I believe I'm in love with Michael Stars. What great tees! After a lot of mind-changing, my favorite is the Shine Blouson Long Sleeve Swing Top in Gypsy

  27. Those tees look great, would love to win one, its hard to find great looking casual tshirts these days thanks for the fantastic prize

  28. What gorgeous tops! Its hard to find the moola to splurge on quality items - but I'm totaly with you. I'd rather have a handful of nice clothes then a closet full of tattery cheapy ones. You'll have to share your secrets as to how you keep them looking so cute with an active (& messy!) child at home.

  29. The Supima Long sleeved shirred tee with scoop neck is very attracive and could work year round with so much I have. You are right. Lots of choices of unique tees that are NOT boring!

  30. the Supima Long Sleeve Shirred Empire in Gypsy looks like something my fifteen year old and I would fight over.

  31. i really like this brand. I have a lot of the shirts and they are one size fits all, stretchy and comfortable.

    Thanks for the chance!

  32. I really like the raw edge neck with balloon hem, I could totally rock that! These are cute. I love a cute shirt and need some new winter things!


  33. Looks like something I could really use. I am excited to soon leave the maternity wardrobe behind....and could really use a tee like this when I return to the old wardrobe!

  34. I love the 3/4 sleeve shirred scoop henley! So pretty and would help my quest to dress a little better instead of just jeans and t-shirts.

  35. Oh cute! I love the elbow sleeve tee--perfect length for fall weather :)

    I said this on a previous post, but I am such a t-shirt and jeans gal. Some nicer t-shirts would really help my wardrobe!

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