She calls them her "flippy-flops"

Actually, she doesn't own any flip flops.

But these open-toed Flutter sandals ($54) by UMI are the closest thing in my 2-year-old's shoe drawer.

flutter sandals umi

Aren't they cute?

They are the perfect combination of fun, style, and summer. Equally delightful with a colorful sundress or a pair of denim shorts (Our little beauty is all about the shorts and t-shirts this summer. If I try to pull out a dress from her closet, she says, "Not a DRE...ESS!").

red 1


Because UMI thinks my readers are pretty fabulous (yes, YOU!, over there in your yoga pants and ponytail!), they'll be giving one of you a pair of shoes from their brand new PRIMERO line from their Autumn Winter 2009 collection, which will be debuting in a few short weeks.

Yep. That's right. Your 9-month to 2-year-old boy or girl could be walking all about town in a not-yet-available-to-the-public pair of shoesies.

If you have a boy, you'll receive the Ollie:

ollie umi shoes

If you have a girl, you'll receive the Lissy:

lissy umi shoes

YOUR TURN: What shoes is your little one wearing these days?

umi_logoWIN IT! One winner will receive a pair of UMI Shoes (choice of Lissy: Rose/Fucshia or Ollie: Chocolate/Amber, see above). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, July 13 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #86 Rhonda Clemens. Congratulations!

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125 comments on “She calls them her "flippy-flops"”

  1. My boys are wearing sandal and crocs this summer. While I can't stand the crocs, my oldest found some with Spiderman on them and wears them EVERYWHERE! My baby girl is still too young for shoes, but not for long.

  2. Beautiful shoes! My little girl (the 2 year old) wears her crocs most days right now in the summer. My baby isn't really wearing shoes yet.

  3. My son and his cousin (my niece) are three weeks apart in age and are both learning to walk right. It is sooooo much fun to watch and I've really enjoyed cheering him on. The little Ollies would look wonderful on my little monkey!

  4. haha! I do have on yoga pants and a pony tail! :) My almost 2 yr old son's faves (well... MY faves)are brown sandals. He has a dark pair of Stride Rites and a light pair of pedipeds. Between those, we are set with any outfit! We do have a pair of tennis shoes for appropriate times as well.

  5. These are adorable shoes... I looked around and I really like the Geneva style for little girls in the brown.

  6. My baby has no shoes yet, besides it is so hot lately that she will wear some probably in the fall. I am liking the Lissy shoes though, they are casual and cute!

  7. My 6 month old was wearing Robeez crib shoes, but she outgrew them so now she's just wearing babylegs pulled down to her toes LOL!

  8. I'm ashamed to say I caved and bought my daughter some horrible hot pink princess shoes from target. I would LOVE to replace them with something cute and good for her feet. I really like the Selenia shoe.
    ruth dot gray at gmail dot com

  9. My daughter has been wearing her favorite pair of bright pink Crocs (the flip flop kind with the back strap) but they're almost too small for her - these would be a perfect replacement to have!

  10. i would pick the girl's shoes Lissy-i don't have grandchildren but my best friend has a granddaughter that I think of as my own.She wears sandals mostly

  11. Oh my word, those Lissy shoes are adorable! We have some See Kai Run shoes right now but they're not real summery - I LOVE the Lissy shoes and would be thrilled to win! :-)

    By the way, how did you know I was wearing yoga pants and a ponytail? That's a little creepy, you know, LOL.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  12. my little son goes barefoot these days. sometimes socks but usually no shoes, still too little but very soon he'll need. Those Ollies look great and would be awesome to own shoes before the public even has a chance to buy them!

  13. My daughter wears white patent sandals, and yellow Pediped casual shoes. That just about covers her summer wardrobe. Otherwise, she wears those socks that look like Mary Janes or ballet shoes.

  14. My princess is all about sandals during the summer. I wish I could get her to wear shorts and a t! She is super prissy and HAS to wear a dress all the time!!!!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  15. I love the color of the Lissy shoes. My little ones insist on being barefoot during the summer. However, come fall they would love to have a cute pair of Umi shoes to wear.

  16. i would really like to win these for my daughter carly she could really really use them and pink is her favorite color thanks for the chance.

  17. My daughter is wearing her sandals. She won't wear flip flops because she says they hurt her toe. lol She's such a tender foot. Thank you!!

  18. My granddaughter is wearing sandals with flowers. Target I am sure. Thanks for the chance to "upgrade"

  19. My son's favorite shoes are a pair of sandals that squeak when he walks and a pair of Croc style camo Sketchers. He also has a pair of red cowboy boots that he loves. He likes to wear them to church. :)

  20. My son is wearing a great pair of Stride Rites. My daughter mainly wears her Crocs. She's been quite a challenge in the shoe department lately. She screams in "pain" neaely any time I put her shoes on. She snuck outside today bare foot & discovered that stepping on a bee is even more painful!

  21. The flutter sandals are just precious! They make so many cute shoes for little girls.

    mfalcon13 at hotmail dot com

  22. My oldest girl wears flip flops ALL of the time right now. My baby girl wears sandals...all different brands! My boys wear flip flops and tennis shoes!

  23. My toddler has been wearing out shoe after shoe before she even grows out of it, she is a tough one! Right now she is in a pair of pink mary janes from Target, and it may be a tie with growing out and wearing out this time!

  24. My daughter wears a few different shoes, she has a pair of Vincent shoes, a pair of Stride Rites and some sneakers. All cute, but those Umi shoes are adorable! My friend has a pair for her daughter and I love them.

  25. We would like the "Lissy: Rose/Fucshia", these are so adorable. I was looking at the site & the fact that Umi shoes are flexible, supportive, built to fit, and go the distance, really gets my support!
    Thanks for the great giveaway :)

    [email protected]

  26. What great shoes. I would love to win the Ollie shoes for my little guy. He is currently wearing a pair of Robeez with flames on the sides. Thanks for the giveaway.

  27. Heh. My littlest isn't even wearing shoes. It's too hot, and she'd just chew on them anyway. In fact, I have the cutest little baby sandals I gave her just to chew on. She'd grow into these adorable little shoesies, though!

  28. My little nugget loves her "fwip fwops", too. Her favorite thing is when Mama, daddy, bubba and her all wear their "fwip fwops" at the same time - not usually a problem since we live at the beach!

  29. I just bought my babies' first pairs of shoes. Their feet are still a little small and wriggle out, but they are so cute I just keep putting them back on.

  30. I have my first little girl due monday so I hope after 15 yrs of raising my very boy boy son that I get to do some girly stuff
    we shall see

  31. my son is wearing some hand-me-down black converse or his orange Keen sandals. Both are uber cute on him.

  32. My little girl is still wearing her Robeez, but she would love to grow into those UMI shoes! Adorable!!

  33. the Ollie are really nice- it is so hard finding good shoes for boys, seems everything is made for girls lol

  34. At 11 months and not yet walking, DS isn't really wearing shoes at this point. We also live in TX (heat index is 105-110 today,) so its really too hot for shoes right now. I have some adorable pedoodles that i am waiting for him to grow into though. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  35. I have a one year old and we love to wear dresses everyday! Now that she is non-stop walking she loves the dresses :)

    She has just now gotten into loving shoes!! She will go find them and bring them to me to put on and will just walk around looking at them, then bring me another pair and repeat :) She loves shoes. It was her first word.

  36. my LO just started to walk so he's not wearing shoes that often... too restricting! but we'll need some soooooon!

  37. I wish they had these in adult sizes. I would totally buy the pink shoes!!! My daughter would love them.

  38. Right now my grandson is usually not wearing any shoes. That is OK, since he is not even crawling yet! If I win, these would have to be waiting for him to grow into them, but that's OK.

  39. I cannot get my 2-year-old out of her sparkly pink dress shoes (think Dorothy's ruby red slippers, only pink). She wants to wear them eeeeverywhere. I need another pair of shoes to woo her out of the pink sparklies! ;)

  40. My little girl is loving her pink Firefly Polliwalks this summer. Pink is her new favorite color (but no surprise here cuz she's a girly girl), so the Lissy would be a hit for sure!

  41. my niece is just learning to walk and just her being barefoot scares me, plus im expecting a little boy and to have a cute pair of FUNCTIONAL shoes for him when he is ready to walk would be great during the summer and warmer months

  42. She is pretty much barefoot, but starting to stand up and walk, so I've been keeping an eye out for sandals that are good for her feet

  43. My daughter who is 2 1/2 wears her "Ruby Slippers" EVERY day! I have been trying to get her into another pair of shoes but nope, no luck! Maybe these cute shoes would change her mind!

  44. I have to pick the Lissy: Rose/Fucshi because I have a girl but I think the boys shoes are cuter. I usually think that girls items are cuter but this is an exception.

  45. Those are adorable-my daughter luckily doesn't say no dresses yet...which is good, because grandma bought her a ton, and made some more! She wears her white sandals...if she will wear shoes at all, during the summer. thanks!

  46. those are ADORABLE!!! two year old LOVES her imitation crocs she got for her birthday. i've been trying to encourage her sandles for the summer. i'd love for her to have a cute pair of supportive winter indoor shoes. hmmm....

  47. My baby girl isn't in shoes yet. It's either socks or barefoot, (and if it's socks they're wet because she's been sucking on them!) But I know she'll be in shoes before I can blink!

  48. I was unfamiliar with this brand until your post...looks like a brand to keep in mind once my little one needs shoes! Thanks!

  49. Those are some cute shoes Stephanie i like those and my little girl would like them too they seem comfortamble. So don't wear flip flops everyday just sometimes.

  50. Umi makes really great quality styles! They tend to fit a little more narrow which is great for us! The Girls styles are so cute!

  51. I haven't put shoes on my boy yet! He wears socks that look like tennis shoes or socks with Mickey Mouse. Sadly, he's moving into the 3 month size socks now and his sweet itty bitty socks are going into the box. I would love to have these for him to wear when the weather is cooler and his feet are bigger! They're so cute!!

  52. These are super cute! I'm obsessed with shoes, especially for my son. He desperately needs a new pair too, with all the active energy he has.

  53. My 3 year old is all about tennis shoes, hiking/work boots and sandles.
    My 9 month old hasn't worn shoes yet, but walking is just around the corner.
    These would be great.

  54. love these shoes.. these would be perfect for my best friends little girl. I have to say, that website has some super cute ones!

  55. It is the time for "flippy flops". I can relate, I have two daughters and both have gone through the same thing. I feel it is more of an independence situation for us. If my 6 year old goes to pick out her own clothes, she does at times come out in a dress?

    Thank you for the entry,

  56. UMI is great. I wish I had an excuse to pick up a pair of their boots, but we are surrounded by too much sunshine in SoCal!

  57. UMI are gr8 for girls and boys alike. really like the color and style. cant wait to win. i want to gift them to my niece since i dont have kids yet! :)

  58. My little guy goes through shoe obsessions. First he would only wear his bear shoes. He wore them with everything until his toes were about to pop out of them. Then I convinced him to wear a pair of slightly larger shoes with a monkey face on them. He insisted the monkeys were bears and that they say "Grrr". Now we've moved on to an awful pair of shoes that are two sizes too big, but I can't convince him to wear anything else. Oh. my.

  59. Despite having tennis shoes, sandals and flip flops of his own... my two-year-old son preferes to wear my pink flip flops when running outside to play.

  60. How fun! I LOVE children's shoes. My son is tromping all over creation in his sandals. However, sometimes he tries to slip on my Crocs or his Daddy's sneakers and plod through our home in them. My son adores shoes. He takes them off the shoe shelf, examines them, plays with them, and then very carefully returns them from where he found them. He'd look adorable in the Ollies this fall.

  61. How did YOU know I was wearing yoga pants and a ponytail?!
    Yoga pants are about all that's really comfortable these days. This ever-expanding belly shows no mercy!
    Princess will wear any shoes she sees. Seriously. Her favorites lately are my flip flops or my husband's. She has this adorable pair of white Arizona sandals though that she picks a lot (if our shoes aren't available!).
    So, when you say 9 months to 2 years, does that go by size? Because Princess will be 2 in 6 days... but she's the size of an average 1-year-old! :) If she still surpasses the age limit, I have another little girl coming in October, and she'll be 9 months-2 years eventually, does that count? :)

  62. My baby is wearing Johnny Trumpette sock/shoes and he is totally adorable doing so!

    My oldest is still in his tennis shoes, and my middle son is wearing these boot type shoes.

    My inlaws got them all sandals and for whatever reason they very much dislike them!


  63. My little girl got a lot of wear out of her Robeez. Now she has some Circo shoes (from Target) that look like Crocs. We just bought her a pair of Bobux that look like Mary Janes, super cute!

  64. These are really cute! My boys are wearing their non-brand name "crocs" this summer and I'm loving it because they can pretty much put them on and off themselves. My youngest would look good in those Ollie's though!

  65. I have always wanted to try those kindo of shoes. My youngest Levi could totally us a new pair of shoes!

  66. I am, in fact, wearing a ponytail. Not yoga pants today, though! Anyway, my tiny one would love a new pair of shoes that fit well. She currently has one. (One pair, not one shoe...) These look sturdy and cute, and I'll take 'em!

  67. I hope you still get to put dresses on your little one! My four year old is still wearing dresses. Even though we live on a farm and she can't help do chores in them she will come into the house and put one on as soon as chores are done. She loves the really fancy ones and will wear them when there is no occiaion. Her favorie shoes are the flip flops I got her for a dollar at Wal Mart last fall.

  68. Gosh, my little guy is just getting used to his (clearance sale) Nike sandals. He trips over the end of the sandal all the's actually quite funny to watch...and I certainly can't see him in flip flops any time soon. Maybe it's a girl thing...they develop more quickly right? Other than that he has Carters for more social occasions. Those Ollie shoes look so ADORABLE!

  69. My little one usually is in Robeez or something similar to them or he's just barefoot ~ that's usually how he likes it though!

  70. My nephew is wearing his little Target sandals I bought her at 75 % off last year for Christmas. I always get them in bigger sizes when they are marked down and save them until they fit. He would look great in those shoes!

  71. My 2 kiddies are living in their Crocs lately - big brother has the blue Caymans and little sister has the pink mary janes. Our newest addition is sporting just her tiny toes! :)

  72. My baby is not quite six months, so he's all about bare chubby feet these days. My 2-year-old has two favorite pairs of shoes: glittery fuschia flip-flops that she calls her "spicy shoes" and some pale pink satin ballet flats that she wears to church.

  73. Well my daughter had a range of shoes she wears - mostly flip flops this summer! My son has huge feet and it's always been a challenge finding him shoes - mostly just Stride Rite XXW shoes. He's been wearing flip flops and crocs a lot this summer as well. I would love to win these!

  74. Oh, fun! My soon-to-be one year old son would look so cute in those!!! We are trying to get him to wear shoes here and there, but we don't have anything that fits really well...these would be great!

  75. I hate to admit it but both kids are wearing Crocs... they're just so easy to wash and go with. I love Umis but sadly Jasper's feet are already bigger than size 22 so I think Primeros won't work for him. And he still has a couple of weeks to go before his 2nd birthday... I think I am raising a Bigfoot!

  76. Way cool shoes! My little boy girl wears her flip flops but also loves her hello kitty sandals. She is so picky. It is hard to find shoes that she will where!

  77. My kiddos are going barefoot as much as possible these days! But, when forced into shoes, sandals are definitley the shoe of choice. Umi looks like it has some really cute and original designs.

  78. My little one year old is just learning to walk. She has been living in robeez sine she was born pretty much. It would be nice to get her some real big girl walking shoes for the fall since I am sure she will be running up a storm by then!

  79. Lily has a really cute red pair of Robeez but they are too big for her. She mostly wears socks.

    The shoes you're giving away are so cute.

  80. I love putting dresses on my daughter. Not because they're cute, but because they're easy! I don't look forward to when my daughter won't wear them.

  81. My daughter is in love with her pink Wizard of Oz Dorothy shoes. She will wear them with any color. They sparkle and shine. She's all about entertainment these days and being the center of it! She and I would love some new shoes and these look so cute! Thanks for the giveaways! Crossing my fingers and toes!

  82. Our big boy is always in crocs or flip flops with the strap on the back these days. The little guy is currently only wearing robeez sandals. I would love to have a pair of the Ollie shoes for when he starts walking.

  83. Umi shoe styles are fabulous for girls and boys!
    The girls' sandals are really cute! My children have been wearing tennis shoes and sandals.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  84. My little girl really does wear her flip flops every day. Cheap little ones and I can't get her out of them! She definitely has her phases for shoes and will wear the same ones for months on end...

  85. Super cute, Stephanie. I got away with putting my daughter in dresses until she was about four. Then she was done with them. She's girlie-girlie, but the days of frilly, cute sundresses are gone. So sad. :)

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