She Can Fly {notes about my 15-month-old}

She crawls. She climbs. She stands. She claps. She walks (a little). She says "dog" and "duck" and "dad" and "mama." And she positively, absolutely melts our hearts with her sunshine smile, her constant snuggles, and her baby blue eyes.

She Can Fly {notes about my 15-month-old} 1Favorite Toy: She loves baby dolls and will rock them, put blankets around them, sing to them, etc. Our 3-year-old never had quite the same fascination so it's interesting to see that difference between them.

Favorite Book: Yes, she has a very distinct favorite. It's called, "Everywhere Babies" (we recently checked it out from the library and we keep renewing). It's a lyrical book with lovely illustrations so I don't mind that she pushes it into my arms and sits on my lap, requesting that I read it overandoverandover again. Well, not too much anyway.

She Can Fly {notes about my 15-month-old} 2Favorite Animal: DOG! Don't all 1-year-olds love dogs? I think so. She points out every dog we see in books or on walks.

Favorite Game: Duck, Duck, Goose. She says, "Duck" and taps people on the head. And her feet run, run, run in my arms when somebody says, "Goose."

Favorite Foods: Cucumbers, apples, peanut butter balls, and...anything her big sister is eating.

Favorite Place: In mama's arms. Usually with one of her hands down my shirt (much to Tim's chagrin...working on that).

Oh, and I still think 1 is the hardest age. Two is terrific. Three is even better (man, I love 3). But one - Aye Yi Yi - she wants to do everything herself in this great wide world, but she doesn't quite understand social decorum or personal safety. "What? Why can't I jump off this king size bed face-first?" (I think she thinks she can fly).

Actually, maybe she can fly. One thing is certain: She is soaring to great places, learning new things, growing every day. And I am so very proud to be her mama.

She Can Fly {notes about my 15-month-old} 3 She Can Fly {notes about my 15-month-old} 4

edited to add: 1 is also "the best age" (I've been known to say that too). Isn't every age the best in its own way?

Do you have a 15-month-old? What is your child's favorite book? What age do you think is "the hardest" - and why?

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32 comments on “She Can Fly {notes about my 15-month-old}”

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  2. My baby is turning 1 in less than two weeks. It is so amazing to see her grow & develop & play with my 4 year-old. I tell her that I want her to stay little & that i am going to keep her in my pocket since I don't want her to grow up. My little lady is adorable & I have to say I love this age (almost 1). She still naps, goes to bed early, stays asleep until at least 6:30 but is ready to rock all day long. She still likes to snuggle & hug.
    But having a 4 year old is fun too since you can reason with her (for the most part) & have interesting conversations.
    So, the jury is out for me (I just know its not newborn or any time from 18 mos-3 years :)

  3. I have a three year old and an eight month old. Three has been tough year for our oldest, but it has also been fantastic at the same time. So I'm going to agree with you that every age is wonderful, but also can have its challenges!

  4. My son puts his hand down my shirt too. It seems like he mostly does it when we are talking to strangers or he is feeling shy. I breastfed him until he was 17 months. I wonder if it's some kind of security blanket for them.

  5. Everywhere Babies was always a big hit at our house! Emma loved it especially because one of the Dads looks like my little brother (a.k.a. "Uncle Nonny" :)

    I think every stage is hard in their own way. 1 is hard because they want so bad to communicate and be independent but their bodies aren't quite caught up with their minds/hearts. 2 and 3 are hard because the discipline starts. And 4? Well, I'm still learning, but it sure ain't easy. But it IS fun!

  6. My son is 15 months! I don't know 1 hasn't been so bad, so far... But then again there are DAYS!

    My son loves to be naked and it's so funny, if you happen to be in another room when he decides to take it off...he'll come in and show you his diaper, then laugh and take off running :)

    A couple of days ago I had a bed pillow in the living room (had just cleaned it), was putting away laundry, came back for the pillow and there he was...naked as the day he was born, propped up on the pillow and kicking his feet. What could I do but laugh?

    His favorite animal(s): the cattle on the hill across the street. He ALWAYS points them out, wants to be picked up to view them easier out of the picture window, climbs up on the heating grate to view them if no one is available to pick him up, says moo to them which comes out more like boo

    Favorite game: being chased

    Favorite toy: tie between the wagon and football, though the football is really Daddy's

    Favorite book: varies, but Daddy MUST read God Loves You Little One at night time

    Favorite Foods: Chocolate (90%), Cinnamon Chex, Avocado, Strawberries, Pineapple, Raisins

    Favorite place: Also Mommy's arms, also working on the shirt thing :)

    1. Is that 90% dark chocolate...or is it that he likes to eat chocolate 90% of the time? ;)

      Both of my girls love chocolate too!

      And my 15-month-old also loves raisins. Have you tried the yogurt-covered ones? Yum!

  7. I just adored 1 and it went way too fast, just like everyone says :-) 2 is also precious and the language and humor developing is absolutely amazing to watch unfold. Everyday I ask my little boy, "Can I freeze you at 2?" However, I have felt that way at every age and stage so far. I don't think that 1 was harder than 2, in my experience. They both have their own challenges and joys, just different.
    My little boy has way too many favorite books to list them. He actually has a few of the shorter ones memorized and "reads" them to us. "Truck Stuck" is one of those, and I could listen to him "read" it all day.
    The age I am most nervous about is middle school, probably because it was a very rough time for me personally, and I hope I can really be there for my kids during that time in their lives.

  8. Our little girl is just about 13 months. I personally love one! Seriously a wonderful age here with both of our girls. Two was our "aye yi yi"! 3 has been wonderful! And I don't think we have a favorite book. Too many to choose from. :)

  9. 1 is harder than other toddler years. I agree. Wait til you get to is wonderful!

    The hardest years really are the teen years in many ways. I'd take 20 one-year-olds over one moody teenager any day!

  10. There are a few books that we've checked out from the library five or six times. I think we really need to get Santa to add them to the stockings this Christmas.

    And is it just me, or is there nothing sweeter than seeing a toddler snuggle a doll? Love it.

  11. Hi Stephanie,
    I read your blog all the time and love it. Words, musings, information = great. Although we do have a different parenting style I love to read about how you do things and why.

    So I just had to chime in on this one. In this house we have struggled through the two's starting at about 23 months. I have to say that the 1's were the best best best time for us so far! Two's have been traumatic for all of us. She will be 3 in September and it seems she is starting to phase out of the overly dramatic twos...hopefully! I am thankful for her will, but molding it has been an utter struggle. There but by the grace of God go I!! :)

    Oh, and I just asked her (as if I didn't know) and "Cat in the Hat" is her favorite book.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Janelle! I'm so glad that you took the time to comment.

      Dr. Seuss is a favorite around here too.

  12. Your little lady's hair has gotten so long. Gorgeous! I love the hand down the shirt thing. They all have their quirks, don't they?

    Now that I have a second child I've learned to quit saying: "This is the best/easiest/hardest/worst age." It seems they all have their perks and all some not-so-fun parts. The best part about having a second child is knowing to slow down and fully enjoy the fun parts. And when you hit a rough patch, well you know it won't last forever.

  13. I always thought until 1 it was hard and then it got easier. Until Lily who did not turn into a good baby until 1.5 or age 2. It is amazing, Lily LOVES babies. Yesterday she got up way too early and we were watching a kids show, while I tried to wake up, and there was a baby on it. We had a repeat of the too early wake up call and I turned on the same show and all she could say was baby even though the baby was in the show yesterday and not today.

  14. I have an 18 month old. I don't know if 1's are the hardest since he's our only child and I don't have anyone to compare. HOWEVER, while yes he gets into EVERYTHING, and pretends not to understand the word "no", the changes I seem in him are amazing. How his brain works is incredible! He's learning new words all the time and every day we hear something new. Yesterday he burped and said "Excuse Me" without being prompted. He also gives the best hugs. His favorite books are board books, especially anythign to do with trucks. He also has the "five monkey's jumping on the bed" book and asks me to read it every day.

  15. Your little girl is just amazing! And even more amazing is that before she was even born, God knew that she would be the most perfect addition to your family!

    So far, with my three year old, 18-23 months was the hardest stage for us. She is very strong willed. Through that tough stage, with lots of consistency and positive encouragement and positive discipline we made it through and she is turning into a lovely young little lady. With our 19 month old...his strong personality is just beginning to emerge. He is getting more and more independent which leads to more and more challenges, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I am learning heaps about them and myself in this process of parenting!

  16. I have a fifteen month old! I've discovered it's the age that temper tantrums appear...

    I don't know that it's the hardest age yet because I have no comparison point (but my four year old niece is getting to be a real handful). I think fifteen months is the best age so far in my experience. Elizabeth is pretty active and tiring but she is so much fun and really becoming her own person.

    Elizabeth's favourite book is a horribly abridged version of Winnie the Pooh's visit to Rabbit by A.A. Milne. Really badly butchered version but she loves it for some reason. "Read, read, read, read..." she says. She's all about the bears and dollies too, especially if she can push them about in the stroller. Anything on wheels pretty much becomes her new favourite toy. And her favourite game is giving things to people, which is always very endearing unless you've played the game over and over and over...

  17. Amen and AMEN about 1 being the hardest age. I don't really have anything beyond it to compare with, but... 1 is hard. :) And wonderful.
    I can't believe how big she is getting. I guess I haven't seen you or her in... forever.

  18. Yep, ONE is the hardest by FAR!
    My one year old's favorite book is whichever one he can TEAR APART at the moment. I try to read with him, but he's so active and destructive I can only get through a page or two before it's just time to try to save the book!
    My daughter was totally different and loved books, even at age one.
    I'm with you and LOVE age three. By far the best... so far.
    I feel guilty because sometimes those thoughts creep in... those "I can't wait until..." thoughts. I don't want to wish away this special time. But it is HARD.
    I think it's hard to BE a one year old too. Zac knows what he wants, but can't always DO it or COMMUNICATE it. It has to be frustrating to be him. I try to remember that....

  19. Oh, "Everywhere Babies" -- I love that book! That's one I wouldn't mind reading again & again. My son's current favorite book is one called "I Love Trains" that I just picked up last week at the library book sale. Before that, it was a picture book about a garbage truck we borrowed from the library.

    I think whatever age/stage we're in the midst of is the hardest. That's not necessarily a bad thing, not at all. It's just that when we're in the midst of a particular stage, that's work, that's a challenge...and it's absolutely worth it. The earlier stages I look at with nostalgia, and the upcoming ages I look towards with wonder and curiosity. But whatever age/stage my son's currently in is the hardest, and the one I marvel at and cherish.

  20. Tessa is a few months older but she absolutely loves the Llama Llama books. She will bring them to me over and over to read during the day. She also loves Good Night Gorilla.

  21. That first picture of your daughter holding her doll is a heart-melter!

    My son turns 1 next week so we're just getting into the really fun months where he's starting to connect with everything.

    Aren't we lucky!


  22. I'm sitting here grinning over all of this. One was probably my favorite age so far. Levi was not terribly adventurous, and didn't get really into walking until 15 months....even then he stayed right beside me all the time. Although, I love two so very much, it's become a little more trying and sometimes scary (he's beginning to think he can fly, too). He's gotten very adventurous and impossible to reason with. Of course, it probably doesn't help that I often end up laughing over his shenanigans. He's just so very cute and funny.

  23. I agree that right around that age it starts to get harder... for us it was a hair later -- right around 19 months -- that she developed an opinion on everything, which I LOVE but I just wish she also would compromise some times :)

    Fav book: anything by Dr. Seuss. She loves the rhymes!

  24. I have a 22 month old and ever since he turned about 15 months, things have been crazy! I totally agree that 1 is the hardest! Well, for now that is. I only have a 3 yrs to compare to, but 1 has been the most difficult for me. He won't stay next to me and is always running off. My 3 yr old will stay by my side and is so much easier to shop with. My 1 yr old, ah! I just like to leave him at home with dad... although when it is just him and I things are pretty good. Maybe he is just crazy when he is around his sister...*sigh*

  25. No 15 month old here. Just a 24 month old and a 3 month old. The 2 year old challenges me daily, probably hourly most days. Everyone talks about the terrific twos, while there are certainly some terrific things, there are also many, many tantrums and 'No's than I can deal with most days.

    Everything is a battle of wills (and hers is very, very strong). Each diaper change is a compromise over where we will change the diaper (bed, couch, floor, etc), which wipes we will use, which sink to wet the wipes, which diaper she will wear (we cloth diaper) and on and on. Everything must be done a very specific way and her very specific way. Some days I wonder if we will make it to the end of the day. But she is so, so sweet as well to her sister and to me and daddy. And then we end the day like this: and I know that we can survive another day.

    So far 2 is harder than 1 or baby. I'm dreading the teenage years.

    So many favorite books here. She loves the little house little books. She loves singing books. Any book with a monkey.

  26. I do have a 15 month old boy... and he has been walking all on his own since he was 9.5 months, now he just wants to run everywhere! He loves a lot of books, particularly ones with animal sounds and different textures to feel, like Quack! Quack! by Roger Priddy

  27. My youngest is 21 months, and I totally agree that age 1 is a TOUGH age. He is into EVERYTHING, and keeps me SO busy. But he just melts our heart with his sweetness too!

    Favorite book: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See? by Eric Carle. I can read it with my eyes closed, easily.

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