She knows what she wants to be

She knows what she wants to be 1"Do you know what I'm going to be?" my 4-year-old asked me this morning.

She didn't wait for an answer: "A nurse and a writer."

She continued:

AND - I'm going to be a Bible Maker.

And do you know what else? A schoolteacher that shows people about God.

And a person that helps sick kids go to Disneyland.

And I'll catch bees and give honey to people so they can make sandwiches.

And a car-fixer too.

Tim interjected: "Do you want to be a mommy someday too?"

"Yes, I do." She stated confidently.


[Sweet girl, always remember this: I believe in your dreams.]         [I believe in you.]

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16 comments on “She knows what she wants to be”

  1. My favourite desire is the "car fixer". My Grandpa was a mechanic, always tinkering with things. I always thought it looked like a fun job. And would love to keep bees but the neighbours wouldn't be so happy! At least we can visit bees at our agriculture museum. It's really interesting to see a working beehive (highly recommend it if you get a chance!)

  2. So sweet.. I love that all the occupations she listed are ones tied to service. When she said Bible Maker, I immediately thought of a Wycliffe Bible translator! & I have to say that catching bees for honey sandwiches is one of the most creative job ideas I've heard of!

  3. When my daughter was about 3.5 I asked her if she wanted to be a mommy when she grows up. She was on a Toy Story kick at the time, and answered that she couldn't be a mommy because she was going to be a cowgirl like Jessie. Her face lit up with excitement and relief when I told her that she could be a cowgirl AND a mommy, if she wants. Her list of what she's going to be has gotten longer since then, and it changes regularly. But it always brings me joy.

  4. Your four year old is an amazing kid. Keep nurturing them in the way of the Lord :)

  5. Hi Stephanie- I am new to your blog... I saw that you use the Ergocarrier... isn´t it great? I use it frequently for hiking- I think it is the best carrier .. I am looking forward to reading through your posts! Greetings from Germany, Nicole.

  6. I love her list! I should write down Sugar's list one day... it's quite amazing and I'm fully confident that she'll be able to realize whichever dream she decides to pursue!

  7. Oh this girl and her dreams!
    The coolest thing about those big dreams? They are all totally and completely possible! Little world changer- that one:)

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