She walks in high heels like a pro - even though she's only 2!

My 2-year-old daughter loves putting on my high heels and click-clacking around the house. I tried to get a photo of her prancing around our great room in my red patent heels this morning, but she was so adept at walking in those pretty shoes that all of my photos turned out blurry!

mommy's high heel shoes book coverWhen I first saw the new picture book - Mommy's High Heel Shoes by Kristie Finnan (Mommy Workshop Books, 2008) - on another blog, I was immediately intrigued by the title and the cover. The book is meant to answer the question, "Why does mommy have to go to work?" in a positive and cheerful way. As far as I know, there are not many comparable books out on the market.

The story is about a little girl, who tries on all of her mommy's shoes after her mom leaves for work. She wonders why mommy has so many shoes and what she does at work. The illustrations (by Pat Achilles) are modern, fun, and fresh. The non-rhyming text is straightforward. The message is clear: mommy loves her work, but she loves being a mommy most of all

kristiefinnanAuthor Kristie Finnan is the mother of two little girls - ages 2 and 4. She works full-time for Genentech, a company in San Francisco that was recently named as one of the best companies for working mothers by Working Mother Magazine. 

I don't work full-time away from my home, but I still relate to many of the charming illustrations - and I do have to go to work meetings, conferences, and mom-functions from time-to-time. It's nice to read a book that shows that mommies do a lot of different things - from making waffles in the morning to going to work to playing silly games. Moms wear lots of different "shoes" - and I love that Finnan's book acknowledges that reality.

BUY IT! Purchase a copy of the book at before February 28th and get 10% off. Use coupon code: Metro Mama.

WIN IT! One winner will receive a copy of Mommy's High Heel Shoes by Kristie Finnan ($16.99 on To enter, leave a comment on this post prior to Tuesday, January 13 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #81 sarah b. Congratulations!

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109 comments on “She walks in high heels like a pro - even though she's only 2!”

  1. My granddaughter was one and a half when she put on my silky nightie and my heeled slip on sandals and clomped around flipping her hair. I was amazed as I had raised 4 sons.

  2. What a cute book! If I win, I will give this to one of my friends for her daughter. Since I was blessed with only boys.

  3. I love that there is such MOMMY MAGIC in this story of this working MAMA and her sweetie! Sounds like the perfect book for my darling goddaughter! : )))

    Thanks so much for this give~away! : )))


  4. My grand daughter has always loved to be read to (just bought her a new book last night) and this one sounds like something she would love. Thanks for sharing!


  5. I love the message of this book! I'll be a mom soon, but my sister is dealing with this right now. Her little girl has a hard time understanding why her mommy has to go to work. I have to get this for her. Thanks!

  6. That is so cute! My daughters have always loved my shoes! Once my middle child asked me "Are all those shoes in your size?"

  7. I would love to enjoy this book with my niece! The cover is fabulous. Please enter me in your drawing. I appreciate it very much. Thanks, Cindi

  8. Ahhh, my youngest daughter loves high heels too. We all laugh at how she walks better in them than my teenage daughters or myself. However, for Christmas she got six pairs or Princess high heels that fit her. How funny that in those high heels she looked like the rest of us, slipping around and struggling to walk. She biffed it pretty hard the first few days in them.

    Hey, I live by Genentech, don't know how many there it is not in SF, but it is about an hour away in a suburban town. I had no idea about it being a great place for working moms...I will keep that in mind.

  9. My daughter loves to play in my shoes and clopping through the house. I know my daughter would love this book. I also loved that it portrays women in other roles. Like you I work at home and that doesn't include dressing up. I think it would be very educational for my daughter to see women in another light. Thank you for offering this book. I love the title of your blog.


  10. I saw this book mentioned on her site before, and would absolutely love to toss my name in the hat to try to win a copy. I have two little girls (3 & 5) that I think would adore this story, and as a PT working mom it would be a great asset.

    [email protected]

  11. It's nice to see children's books on the market about mommy working. Mommies have been working for a while now, but children's books have been slow to follow. The high heel angle is really cute. Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. This sounds like a great book. Thank You! I'd love to include this in the library of books I am starting up for my grandaughter.

  13. This book makes me smile when I think about how many times my husband says "Mother's Don't wear High Heels" when I wear them everywhere! This is a justification :)

  14. My 4 1/2 year old daughter is such a girlie girl. She loves my high heels. I just don't see why my flats won't do! ;)
    Please enter me! Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. This would be a great book to give to the pre-school at our church. The only thing better than watching a child hearing a story is watching MANY children hearing a story!

  16. Funny that you posted this! Pea received a pair of disney high heels for Christmas...and that girl is in LOVE! They are too big for her, but no matter...what I've always said to her is "With a good pair of shoes, a girl can rule the world." must be true!

    [email protected]

  17. My granddau age 32 loves spike heels and I fear while she is carrying baby around outside she may fall. She is addicted to shoes in general.

  18. I know my granddaughter would love this book and the answer to why her mommy has all those shoes. It looks really cute. Thank you!

  19. Oh, what a wonderful book. My daughter is 15 months and is just starting to become fascinated with all of my different shoes! I would love to read this to her - she LOVES books!

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