She's sick, and I'm sad

She's sick, and I'm sad 1My baby has a fever today. And a cough. And a runny nose.

She's sitting in my lap right now. Resting her head on my chest. With her hand down my shirt.

I'm sad. And can't think about much. Besides helping her feel better.

Tomorrow, there will be time for other things. Today, I'm going to hold her.

***Side Note: This morning I explained to my 3-year-old that her little sister wasn't feeling very well. She looked at me wide-eyed and said adamantly, "Babies don't get sick!!!" And I thought how wonderful that sentiment was - how much we have to be grateful for. Because - this is the first time she's ever been sick! Well, she had a runny nose once before. But that's it. So very thankful.

* Picture taken last weekend on her 1st birthday.

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27 comments on “She's sick, and I'm sad”

  1. The picture is beautiful.

    I hope your baby is feeling better and I'm sorry she was sick. My baby was also sick this past week and it was her first fever. It was awful and I'm so grateful that she's better now.

  2. At least she wasn't sick on her birthday! (Not that she knows the difference, but you know...)

    I know exactly how you feel. My 3yo was sick yesterday and even though he's not a baby anymore he still likes to cuddle close and watch movies with me all day. Some selfish part of me secretly likes it just a little bit when they are sick because I so enjoy the snuggling. But only for one day. After that I want my regular, energetic kids back!

  3. Sugar didn't get sick until after her first birthday, Goose on the other hand - it seems like he was sick all winter long. We've been healthy for the past couple months and I'm glad. I hope your little one gets better quickly.


  4. As bad as this may sound when my now 4.5 year old use to get sick as a baby I was a little glad because I could cuddle her all day long and she would sleep on me. Mikayla (4.5 year old) has never been too much of a cuddler and she is very independent (she gets it from me). Lily on the other had is ALWAYS ready for a hug, cuddle or kiss. May I love those two kids!

  5. I'm taking a quick break from cuddling my 3 year old for the same reason. I'm glad I'm able to cuddle her all day and let everything else sit. Back to cuddling and holding her...

  6. Sad! I hate that as parents we can't do anything to make it go away (other than pray and hold them until they feel better). It's such a helpless feeling. :( Praying it goes away quickly!

  7. I hope she's feeling better soon! How amazing that it's her first time being sick. That is definitely something to be thankful for!

  8. A whole year without falling sick is great. Dont feel bad, she is probably just building her immune systems. Did you take her for her 1 year vaccination, because that could be why.

    Hope she feels better. Cheer up

  9. I hate when my babies get sick! But at least she has her mom there to take care of her. She'll feel better in no time :)

  10. Bless her little heart, I really hope that she starts to feel better soon. Everyone is finally healthy at our house, so I really feel for you right now. We had a follow-up on Tuesday morning and our youngest was finally doing great!

  11. First birthdays are such fun to celebrate!
    I am glad that your baby girl felt good on her

  12. Sorry your little one is sick! Its so hard when they are so little and you can't do much for them. Here's hoping she feels better soon.

  13. UGH! SO sorry she is sick. It is so not fun! We have been battling it over here for quite some time. We don't usually get sick much, but this one just won't quit. Hope your little love feels better soon!

  14. I hear you! S just had cold #2. He hasn't had a fever yet, tho, so... nothing too terrible. I wish I could nurse forever (not really) and give them all those wonderful antibodies.
    And thank God for sneezes that clear out baby sinuses. I don't know what I would do if he didn't sneeze! :)
    Hope she feels better soon, and I hope no one else catches it!

  15. Health is such a blessing...too bad we have to get reminders of that every so often. I'm sorry she's sick. That's miserable for mommy and baby. Hope she's feeling better very soon!!

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