She's watching me

Some days, the rhythm of being home can be overwhelming.

office-2Wake up. Give 2-year-old yogurt. Nurse baby. Change diaper. Do "school time." Dress 2-year-old. Play outside. Help 2-year-old go potty. Read "Winnie-the-Pooh's ABCs" and "Madeline" and "Hush Little Puppy." Blow up balloons. Color a picture. Attempt to take pictures of the girls together. Start a load of laundry with a baby on my hip. Pick up toys. Make lunch. Pray. Dress 2-year-old (again). Potty (again). Nurse (again). Change diaper (again). Pick up toys (again).

It's monotonous sometimes, but I try to remind myself that it's in these seemingly unimportant moments, that the biggest things are happening. The little conversations that my 2-year-old and I have. The lessons I teach - intentionally or unintentionally. Yes, these moments matter.

But that doesn't mean I don't grow weary of putting my 2-year-old's socks and shoes on five times a day. 

I try to do it cheerily though. Because I know she is watching me. My voice, my inflection, my attitude. The way I talk to the neighbors. How I respond when the baby is crying or when I have a project to complete for work. She sees everything, senses so much. 

nowa li moccasins striped***This post was brought to you by Nowa Li Moccasins, "a unique combination of a shoe and a sock that stays on kids' feet." My daughter recently had an opportunity to try a pair of the moccasins and the pair we received are a bit big, but they're easy to slip on and they do "stay put" once they're on. I like that there's only one "step" since it's a sock/shoe combo and there are no laces to be tied or buckles to be buckled. These moccasins are ideal for around-the-house wear and light outdoor wear. My take is that they're a bit too hot for the summertime (and a bit too dorky to wear with shorts), but they would be ideal with jeans or corduroy pants in the fall/winter. 

If you want to buy a pair of your own, use the code: HAPPYFEET to get a 10% discount and free shipping on orders over $40 (expires 12/31/09).

WIN IT! One winner will receive a pair of Nowa Li Moccasins in the style/size of his/her choice. To enter, leave a comment telling me which pair you would choose on this post prior to Wednesday, May 27, 2009, at midnight. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #61 Lori Z. Congratulations!

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72 comments on “She's watching me”

  1. I think I'd probably choose the big kid girls stripes in size 10y. I love the stripes! They sure would come in handy when the tile floors freeze.

  2. My fave...

    Style: Fashion Dots
    Color: Fuchsia
    Size: 2Y

    Thank you for the opportunity to win these cute moccasins from Nowali.

  3. I would go with regular navy for my nephew! I think I might need to get an adult pair for myself, these sound comfy!

  4. I would get the TRex in khaki 2Y for my son.

    Oh, and I don't know if they're doing it nationwide, but our Barnes & Noble is having a Madeline party this Saturday.

  5. I would choose the Pink Confetti moccasins for my 27 month old granddaughter.They look like a party on your feet! She is the youngest of 3 shoe divas in their family, the eldest being my daughter (Mommy), my 6 year old soon to graduate from kindergarten granddaughter, and of course the mini-diva who would be the recipient. She's never had mocassins and would really love these.
    Thanks for this great giveaway!

  6. These would be perfect for my son next fall. He will just be one and needing some easy foot wear right around then. I love the brown. They are all so adorable.

  7. I think these a cute! My kids would love them, but I'm going for the brown stripes in adult size.

  8. I LOVE your children! They really make me smile, giggle and laugh without trying so hard. In times like these, I need to see them even just in pictures to make me happy. hehehe!

    You are so generous. You always have something to give. I'm sure that's why GOD is blessing you with so much more. Well, I am reading your posts backwards. I'm weird. hehehe!

    Since I'm already here, I'd choose the blue stripes coz that is my fave color. I'm actually gonna try those. hahaha! just kidding!

    And yes, she is watching. You are such an inspiration to me. I just agree with everything you said about your 2-year old. I admire you for being a wonderful mom.


  9. probably the adult ones in navy - mummum deserves something new sometimes too!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  10. I'm thinking something like this would be good for us in the winter months. It's next to impossible to keep anything on Allison's feet (she takes after her mama) but maybe something pretty she would like. I'd pick the confetti ones with the white and brown.

  11. I would choose the Adult mocassins in the color Navy, size 7/8. You're right, Steph, the mom sets the tone of the whole house, so a cheerful demeanor is a good thing to have. The picking-up-the-toys stage goes fast, so enjoy the chaos while you have it. :)

  12. Are these for 1 year olds as well? Looking at these they would be perfect for Lily. I love the Robeez for the new walkers and these look like they would be perfect for a new walker.

  13. This is what I needed when we moved to Colorado mid-winter and my daughter wouldn't keep slippers on her feet. These look like the perfect option!

  14. I'd probably go with a basic pink - the more exotic ones would be harder to match to clothes and being able to match makes this mom happy :)

    Since they apparently only ship to the US and Portugal (Really? How bizarre?), I suspect this giveaway isn't for this Canadian, but the slippers do look cute!

    Not as cute as baby girl hanging out in the nursing pillow though...

  15. I saw some kids wearing these at Gymboree. They look great for that environment since you can't wear shoes. I like the cars one.

  16. The pink striped moccasins are perfect! Dorky or not, I have a toddler with a shoe fetish and a predisposition for stripes.

  17. I like the confetti/ pink in 6m.
    Oh how you are right about the dorky factor. In general they are really cute and a great idea, but shorts are out.

  18. I'd choose the trucks. And I so agree about the "watching" ~ my little one watches everything I do and it's scary when they copy what you do (the good and not so good)!

  19. I was mentioning the other day to my husband that I wished our son had a pair moccasins! These are adorable - I would go with the brown stripes.

  20. Not entering but I wanted to say that Nowali makes the softest, most durable tights in the world and Roo loves her pink striped moccasins!!!

  21. Oooo - I love the big kid girl striped ones! My 6 year old LOVES fancy socks and these would definitly qualify. The shoe/sock thing is so cool!

  22. All so adorable! I would go with the block stripes in brown. That is because I am practical. Brown stripes are unisex (easy to pass down to future siblings) and match every outfit.

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