Simple, Un-Branded Items from a Really Cool Brand

Simple, Un-Branded Items from a Really Cool Brand 1I'm not a huge fan of "brand names" splattered all across my toddler's clothing items. In fact, I generally stay away from anything with "characters" (Dora, Sesame Street, SpongeBob, Veggie Tales) or "phrases" (Spoiled, Fashion Queen, etc.). I prefer clothes that are well-made, simple, and stylish in-and-of themselves. Better still if the items are in solid colors that can be easily mixed and matched to create new outfits. 

That description fits Kea + Joby, a company created by two moms who have a vision - "to modernize children's everyday wear by creating comfortable, hip and casual clothes at a sensible price." I love that mantra - especially the "sensible price" part. 

Simple, Un-Branded Items from a Really Cool Brand 2I had the pleasure of reviewing two outfits from Kea + Joby's Spring and Summer line - the Girl Tank and matching Tulip Skirt, and the Tulip Top and matching Roll Top Shorts. These outfits look cute on the website, but they are *REALLY* cute "in-person." My daughter gets compliments every time she wears her Kea + Joby outfits.

Kea + Joby's items aren't just chic, they are also made with unbelievably soft material (I'm just waiting for them to break out a women's line!). Indeed, these outfits are so comfy that I often have my daughter wear them as PJ's! 

Here are the key  points about Kea + Joby (in case you're a "skimmer" like me):

  1. If you like simple, un-branded items that are super stylish, you will like Kea + Joby.
  2. Kea + Joby is a mom-owned company that focuses on baby, toddler, and kids clothes at "sensible prices." Most styles are available in 6-12m up to size 8.
  3. You can find adorable items from past seasons in the "Sale" section. 

WIN IT! One winner will win a $75 gift certificate to Kea + Joby. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post prior to Monday, April 21 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). The winner will be announced and contacted on Tuesday, April 22. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #42 Louise Brouillette. Congratulations!

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175 comments on “Simple, Un-Branded Items from a Really Cool Brand”

  1. The mix/match are fabblous in that invest in a few god pieces then utilize to complete so many different savy styles; at affordable prices. Thanks SW

  2. I absolutely love these cute clothes!!
    Especially love that it's a mom-owned company,
    thanks for the intro to somewhere I will surely shop!

  3. Love the long-sleeve pocket tee for boys and the pocket dresses are cute too! (Hope it's not too late to enter!)

  4. The ruffle smock dress!!! I love it! These clothes are so simple - almost anonymous! And they look fantastic on the kids. Great review!

  5. Love the boys cargo pants with the contrasted hoodie. Such grown up looking clothes for little boys. I love them.

  6. These are darling!! It's so nice to see clothes that look like they are made for children instead of for grown-ups and cut down to fit children. Today a lot of children's clothes are not appropriate.

  7. I also hate the hoopla over brand names. I love dressing my girls in comfortable well made cloths that look cute but do not make my girls look like a walking advertisement for the brand du jour at the time.

  8. these prices are actually pretty fair.. and the clothes are totally my style. I like my daughter to look feminine, but not overly frilly. She's too rough and tumble for that!!( Just like mama)

  9. I love the Roll Top Shorts and the Flirty Tulip Skirt. Everything looks so comfortable, and I love the colors too!

  10. We just found out a new neice or nephew is on the way for our family. I could pick out a great shower gift and be the greatest aunt in Texas.

  11. With a new granddaughter and 4 friends and relatives expecting this year , I could really use all the baby items I can get for gifts.
    Please enter me.
    thank you

  12. I love the pale orange and black tulip top. My little girl has red blonde hair. She would look sooo cute in this. I also stay away from outfits with a lot of messaging. I like simple.

  13. What cute clothes! It's been a long winter in MN so I'm excited to find cute summer clothes for my children! If only I could find such cute clothes for me!!

  14. That is so true. I cringe when friends and relatives buy clothing with characters on them. Especially, when it's from a show I don't approve of.

  15. They have some really great prices, I just think those little cargo pants are so cute also the tie-dress!

  16. Oh man do I ever love that halter dress!! I wish I had a little girl of my own wear it!!! For Connor we would LOVE to have that the contrast hoodies and cargo pants.. Soooo cute!

    I blogged your contest on Prize-A-Tron

  17. I love the website and it’s so hard to pick favorites. If I would win I would choose the halter dress for little girls, and the pink/chocolate collared shirtdress, both are very cute. Thanks for the great give away!

  18. I love the tunic top and biker shorts, I have a new granddaughter (3 grandsons) and can't wait to put her in these soft beautiful clothes.
    Thanks so much.

  19. What a fun clothing line! And love that their clothes can mix-and-match-perfect for my daughter who likes to pick out her own clothes and dress herself. :)

  20. These clothes are adorable! I feel the same way about characters and branding on outfits- for myself and my litle one. So many of the phrases on the clothes seem so obnoxious...

  21. Oh I love putting my little girl in dresses! She hardly has any hair- so I have to attempt at making her look "girlie". The simple dresses are my favorite!

  22. Oh they have the cutest clothing there at Kea and Joby! I like the sleeveless hoodie dress! It's so cute! Thank you for the great giveaway!
    sarahmarie dot pemberton at gmail dot com

    or see blog

  23. Oh my gosh, I love these clothes! The sleeveless hoodie dress is so cute and inexpensive. Thanks for introducing this shop, I know I will be shopping there for my grandchildrens clothes.

  24. The line is simple yet the dresses they look comfotable.


  25. I very much agree with you. I don't like brand names splattered all over clothing. Thanks for introducing me to the "Kea + Joby" site. The "Smocked Dress" and the "Ruffle Smock Dress" are really adorable. Thanks very much, Cindi

  26. I love the dresses! My girls are dress girls and these are so cute without being overly fussy. The leggings for underneath would let them wbe wearable most of the year too!

  27. I love the outfits they all look soft and comfortable. The boys colors and styles are simple and look like they would go with almost anything. They look durable which is important to me since boys are ruff on clothes.

  28. There are some darling outfits at Kea + Joby. They even look soft. I love the smocked shirt and yoga pant and tulip top and pocket Henley and . . . Well, everything on the site.

  29. Thank you for this great giveaway. You have some really cute and stylish items. I'd love to go shopping for my son. Thank you again.

  30. I'd have to pick out the tunic top for my 3 year old and the pocket long sleeve for my son coming this summer!! Please enter me!!

  31. What a great selection on this site! I was particularly interested in looking for items for one of my grandsons. I really liked the Cargo pants and the pocket tee.

  32. Love the style very cool and upbeat. ;-) Thanks. Definitely brings back when my mom dressed me and I was a "little girl" and not an advertisement.

  33. The children look like they enjoy wearing their outfits! The peach Smocked Dress would be a wonderful addition to a Spring wardrobe. I loved the Contrasted Hoodie. Thanx.

  34. boy how cute i realy love the little girl l-fits and i would love to win this for my little one so she could get a dress thanks

  35. I just love the basic boy tees. The light blue/brown contrasting colors are perfect. The girls short sleeve pocket dress is also very cute. Love the pockets, perfect for busy little girls to carry stuff.

  36. I went direct to the sale section, and was not disappointed. I would certainly enjoy spending this gift certificate!

  37. I have the same desire for my girl's clothing, no characters or writing (especially not spoiled!). I love the Kea and Joby line. It does look so comfy and so cute. I really liked the yoga pants and the smocked dress, I have a thing for smocking.

  38. I love everything, but I especially like the Pink/Gray Hoodie and the matching grey roll top shorts. My daughter would need a size 7, I think.

  39. I would love to win this, my three -year old is in need of summer play clothes! She deserves some cute new clothes that will actually fit!

  40. I'm with you on avoiding charcater or branded clothing in general. These look like wonderful, cute, mix-n-match styles that my boys would get a lot of mileage out of!

  41. I had not heard of this brand, and am so glad that I now have. I agree with you completely on what I like in style on little children. I love their pocket dress, their yoga pants, and the Roll Top shorts with Tulip Top. I could go on and on though! I love that the clothes are stylish and fun, but they also look like you could let your child play in them and not just save them for special events.


  42. I'm all about comfortable clothing and won't dress my little guy in anything that looks or feels uncomfortable to me. But they made them in adult sizes too! I love the v-neck pocket tee with the long shorts.

  43. I am *totally* gasping!! What amazing kids clothes. EVEN the BOYS clothes are cute! And thats not easy to find. believe me! Whenever I go shopping I'm drawn to the girls clothes because they are so sweet and fun. ....And I don't even have a baby girl anywhere in sight! But, I admit, if I win.... I just might be buying girls clothes for my imaginary daugher :)

  44. You're right -- these look so simple, cute, and soft! I love the little girl dresses -- wish I had 3 or 4 of them for my daughter right now! Especially the smocked dress -- I'm a sucker for smocking!

  45. Little boys' clothes are almost never as cute as girls' clothes, but Kea + Joby breaks that trend! My little guy would look too adorable in the Zip Up and Cargo Pant. Thanks for the chance to win!

  46. Cute items! The tulip top you show in the picture is definitely a 'must have'. Also, when I hear about great stores like this, I like to bookmark them for our future registry... not sure if you've heard of this website, but I think it's fantastic: They let you pick registry items from any website/store, so you dont have to stay limited to babies r us, pottery barn, etc. Kea+Joby would be on my registry!

  47. Hi, You always do well-written reviews. Sometimes I read reviews on blogs and scratch my head thinking, "Well, that didn't say much." Yours are more thoughtful. These clothes look very comfortable, I wonder where they are made...doesn't say on the website. Thanks for linking the sale pages. I like the little boy outfits (Hoodie and cargo pants)for my twin guys.

  48. We don't do characters or phrases either (I cringe when I see the kids with the 'Blame my Sister' or 'My Sister is Stupid' shirts). My son is almost 4 so we let him have a pair of Car's pajamas, but not something he wears out! Those clothes are adorable- Julia would look so cute in one of these outfits!

  49. I would definitely choose the Pale Pink and Navy Short Sleeve Hoodie matched with the Navy Roll Top Pants in a size 8. It was hard to choose from so many cute things!

  50. I'd choose the Pink/Heather Grey Tunic Top (7T)
    and Roll Top Shorts in Heather Grey (7T)
    Really nice things here!

  51. i love cute simple unbranded clothes. I don't mind dress-up clothes that have a character but not everyday (thou my girls do dress-up almost everyday as cinderella)

  52. Another great site! How do you find all of these fantastic places? I'm ashamed to admit that I buy most of Alex's baby clothes from Baby Gap (minus the "Gap" as much as possible, though it can be hard to do).

    The Pocket Henley and cargo pants are just adorable!

  53. The clothes all look so soft. We have a running joke in our house - I had gotten a pair of yoga pants that are just super super soft. I was wearing them one day and Grace overheard me telling my sister they were as smooth as butter (don't know why I chose butter - probably hungry...). Anyways, later that day as we were all getting ready for bed, my daughter asks if I'm going to wear my butter pants to bed. :) That is the now permanant name for my yoga pants - my daughter has asked for a pair of butter pants too, so I think the yoga pants from Kea + Joby would be perfect for her. :)

  54. I love the website and it's so hard to pick favorites. If I would win I would choose the halter dress for little girls, and the pink/chocolate collared shirtdress, both are very cute. Thanks for the great give away!

  55. So much to like on their site; how do I choose my favorite? I think T would look cute in the tunic top and biker shorts for summer, and the zip up is really cute for winter. Seriously...when are they going to make stuff for moms?

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