Sinus Infection + 36 Weeks Pregnant = No Fun At All


I had grand plans for this weekend. More posts. More reviews. More giveaways. But they will have to wait as I...

  • Drink steaming mugs of green tea.
  • Take Vitamin C out the gazoo.
  • Rest, while propped up on a mountain of pillows.
  • Use hot pads and cold pads to reduce swelling.
  • Pray that this will pass quickly.

Feel free to pass along all of your favorite natural remedies for sinus infections. 

Otherwise, I'll see you all tomorrow. It's almost Tuesday Tours time!

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26 comments on “Sinus Infection + 36 Weeks Pregnant = No Fun At All”

  1. I know your misery. I hope you are feeling better now. I am 30 weeks pregnant and have a major sinus infection. I'm on Z-Pack antibiotics, day 3, and I still feel no relief. I feel like my face is being pulled apart. I'm taking tylenol every 6 hours as directed, but it only reduces the pain for about 3 hours, then it's agony for 3 hours. The neti pot helps for about two minutes, but then it's back to this constant debilitating pain. It's difficult to work, sleep, and care for my 15 month old. I've resorted to sudafed (pseudoephedrine) once a day, just to try to focus at work, but I don't want to have to take that because of the baby. If you have gotten through it, and wouldn't mind sharing how you did, I would love to hear from you. I have been in tears the past 3 days. It reminds me of when my epidural was wearing off during labor and it felt like my pelvic bones were being ripped apart, except it's my face. And I had endured 19 hours of labor without drugs, but I don't remember it feeling this bad - maybe because this time it's been extremely painful for 4 days now. I do hope your symptoms have cleared or you see relief in sight.

  2. I had a sinus infection during one of my pregnancies. I know the sinus rinse kits work but it only last so long. Another thing I did, which must people hate but it works, is to use Vicks Vapor Rub. The rub not the lotion that they make now. Put it on your chest and breathe the vapors all day. Also, if you have a bad sinus headache, rub vicks on your forehead. I know it sounds crazy but it works. I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Is sudafed and Jack o.k to use while pregnant?**sarcasm**Maybe a menthol cigarette will clear up your sinuses...**more sarcasm**

  4. I took sudafed when I was pregnant, just to help me sleep. Real pseudoephedrine, not the phenylephrine stuff you buy off the rack.

    Steaming hot shower rooms helped, too. As did my little friend the hot toddy. Black tea (decaf if you're uptight), honey, lemon juice, and a shot of Jack. You can skip the shot, but I found that the combined vapor of the lemon and the whiskey would clear me up quick, then the alcohol would help me sleep.

  5. I hope you start to feel better. I am a big fan of Vitamin C, and up my dose as I start to hear sniffles around the house. Is Vitamin C safe for pregnancy? I have no idea. I hope you feel better soon!!!

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  7. O.K.I know this is going to sound stupid.....but when I was in my third trimester,I got a horrible cold/sinus infection.My nose was completely stuffed,and I also had the sinus headache right above my eyebrows.The only thing that seemed to help me was eucalyptus oil.I bought a little bottle of it,and when I needed a break from the stuffiness,I would take the lid off,and take a deep whiff of the stuff.That would give me a few minutes of relief.See I told you it sounded it helped.:):)

  8. Aw, I'm sorry you're sick, Steph. Let us know if you need anything (other than a sinusectomy, which I have wished for multiple times in those same situations). :) Feel better!

  9. I hope you feel better soon. I like Zicam--it's a zinc remedy. Hot lemon and honey water is pretty soothing. Squeeze half a lemon and a tablespoon of honey in a mug. Fill with hot water and enjoy!

  10. The only natural rememdy I have is if you have a fever. Put a pair of wet socks on and then a pair of wool socks over them. There is something about this combo that draws a fever out of you. Works great with kids. Hope you feel better soon!

  11. Oh I've heard sinus infections are common toward the end of pregnancy. Here's hoping you feel better soon. You'll need that nose to breathe once you go into labor! I've only had one sinus infection in my life so I don't have much advice, only sympathy because I know they are very painful.

  12. Wish I had advice. I don't. But I am sending you warm hugs. I'm sorry you're feeling ill. NO fun at all when you're pregnant.


  13. I am so sorry to hear you're sick! I love home made ginger tea! Boil water, soak thin ginger slices in it for a while, mix honey when ready to drink! Yum and good for your sinuses too! Hibiscus flower tea is good too for the sinuses!! xoxox

  14. OOh, sorry about the Sinus Infection! I had one when I delivered baby #2 and it is no fun when you are pregnant (especially when your options are so limited to try to make yourself feel better). One great tip that I got was to boil several cups of water then pour into a bowl; drape a towel over your head and lean over the bowl of steaming water. The steam really helps you feel better! I have also heard that the sinus rinse kits are VERY helpful! I sure hope that you feel better soon.

  15. I just tried a honey and cinnamon remedy that seemed to help me kick a 2 week cold. I used a 1/4tsp cinnamon and 1tbsp Honey I warmed it up a little mixed it together and it was yummy. I took it for 3 night before bed and each morning I noticed improvement.
    Hope your better soon.

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