A Crash Course for Non-Sk*rtizens

A Crash Course for Non-Sk*rtizens 1When I first happened upon Sk*rt, I remember looking around and thinking, "Okay. Cool. Looks interesting. BUT I have no idea what is going on here." So I went upon my merry way. 

A few months later, I somewhat accidently applied for a Sk*rt Editor position and - wonder of wonders - I was offered the "job," along with 21 other fantabulously intelligent and connected women from all around the web.

Shortly thereafter, I had the privilege of "attending" a training session with Gabby Blair, one of the Sk*rt Founders, via conference call. Afterward, I felt excited, but I still didn't quite "get it."

But now I finally do (Gabrielle, Laura, and Laurie - sorry my learning curve was so steep). And it is WAY cooler than I thought. Here's the main point: "Sk*rt is a place to find things. News. Ideas. Information. Products. Coolness."

Here's how it works (in a nutshell):

1. Sk*rt's front page/home page is always changing based on reader's feedback. Essentially, you will find a list of "stories" (links to other places on the web with a short description). For example, one story's headline might say "These GAP Jeans Make Me Look Thin." The headline would be followed by a 1-4 sentence descriptor and - if you happen to like GAP or jeans that make you look thin - you could click over to the GAP site to check it out.

2. Every time you click on a link/story, you "vote" for it. I *LOVE* this about Sk*rt. The content is totally user-generated. If people like the story, it will stay on the main page. If they don't, it will get dumped.

3. If you click on a story and then don't like it (Ex. You clicked on the GAP story and discovered the ugliest pair of jeans ever), all you have to do is click "un-vote."

4. AND THIS IS REALLY COOL. YOU (yes, little old you and little old me) can submit stories/links to things that you think are cool. You can share a blog post that touched your heart. You can point out a sale at your favorite retailer. You can link to a YouTube video that made you laugh out loud. All you have to do is create a username, click on "Submit a Story", and - voila! - you're in the club. *Hint* Sk*rt is a great way to get good PR for your own blog or website - or your friends' blogs and websites.


If you want even more details about Sk*rt (I'm sure I missed something), just go to Getting Started with Sk*rt to get the full scoop. Or you can e-mail me directly. 

I want to point out that Sk*rt is not a big time-eater, nor is it hard to navigate (once you get used to it). It is a fun and incredibly easy way to be well-connected and in-the-know about everything that is hot on the internet, in the blogosphere, and beyond.

So, what are you waiting for? Become a Skirtizen. Head on over to Sk*rt and check it out for yourself.  

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7 comments on “A Crash Course for Non-Sk*rtizens”

  1. A few weeks ago, I tried on a pair of dark-washed 1969 jeans from Gap that fit perfectly. Loved them. Didn't buy them, but loved them. My fave jeans that I currently own are my Stella's by Chip & Pepper. super soft and they keep their shape.

  2. Thanks! I went to the site when you announced that you got the job, but I didn't really know what was going on either. Now that I know, I'll head on over and take a look-see!

  3. Wow, cool! This idea (of user generated content) is not new to me, but this particular website is. I'll have to give it a try!

    Congrats on the job, too :) That's awesome!

  4. First, CONGRATS on the job! Wow.

    Second, thank you for the lesson on Sk*rt. I've never quite understood how it works.

    Third, Deborah's site is up and running. Please tell your readers what an incredible DELIGHT she was to work with. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

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