Slumber Parties...the early 90's and now

I still remember the first slumber party that I hosted at my house. It was my 10th birthday.

girl_talk_box_coverI wore my purple shirt and black leggings. Alison and Cynthia and Wendy were there. We had pizza. We watched movies. We drank fizzy root beer floats in plastic cups. We played Girl Talk.

Everything seemed so important back then. The party details. The all-important outfit. The guest list. The pajamas I would wear that night. At 10, I wanted to fit in, but I also wanted to stand out. That - perhaps - is the ultimate paradox of preteen culture.

littlemissmatched pajamas green purpleLittleMissMatched is a company that understands that part of the psyche of tween girls quite well. They sell crazy and creative bedding sets, socks, clothing, and stationary sets...specifically for girls...specifically designed to "stand out." 

LittleMissMatched is especially famous for their zany pajama sets, which are striped, starred, and polka dotted in vibrant colors. And - of course - they never match! The sets are available in sizes 2T-12 and retail for $25-$30. My daughter has the green/purple pair (pictured) and they're very fun...and cozy and sturdy too!


pajama party in a box littlemissmatchedIf you know a girl in the 9-12 age range, then you'll be excited to hear that LittleMissMatched has offered to give one of you their 96-page Pajama Party In A Box - "an activity book for girls that is a guide to every step of the pajama party process: how to find a theme; how to make your own invitations, party favors, goodie bags, and decorations; what to serve, including fun recipes; plus games and crafts." And it's more than just a book. It comes with a stationary set, stickers, scrapbooking paper, an autograph album, and more.

YOUR TURN: Let's talk about slumber parties! What age is best to begin this practice? What super duper party planning tips do you have? As a parent, do you delight in slumber parties...or dread them? 

littlemissmatched logoWIN IT! One winner will receive a Pajama Party In A Box kit ($15.95), courtesy of LittleMissMatched. To enter, leave ANY topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, February 17 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #27 Jayne. Congratulations!

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100 comments on “Slumber Parties...the early 90's and now”

  1. i am having a slumber party right now and it is so fun...................oh i got to go my friends are having trouble with wii,rock band 2, playstaiton 3,guitar hero world tour , oh well gotta go !!!!!! friends

  2. Wow...I haven't thought about the right age...I guess when they're old enough to somewhat take care of themself (brush teeth, etc.). and not be scared. Maybe 8-10? I really have no idea but it's a great question...

    I loved them as a child and so I imagine it will be fun when my son wants to have people sleep over (although different because he's a boy) The thought of him being old enough to have slumber parties makes me nervous...I don't want time to go that quickly

    Tips: snacks, movies, games....I'm so boring huh? : )

  3. I don't dread slumber parties. I think at around 7 or 8 is a good time to begin. As long as you plan the sleepovers with fun things to do and snacks the girls will have fun and you won't have any problems.

  4. I would say 8 years old is the best age. I had them around 8/9 years old and my mother created some fun. I had sons, but my grandaughter is almost 6. She wants so badly to have a girls slumber party.

  5. My daughter has been having pajama parties since she was 9 and at 12 they are still going strong. I always loved them, feel like a kid again when she has them. Movies are great at them but so are some video games like We Cheer and Rock Band, so they can rock out (she'd gag if she knew I wrote that|). For food...Pizza, popcorn, and we make punch (OJ, Pineapple juice, a grapefruit based soda, and rainbow sherbet..they love it)

  6. I'm just not sure what a good age for this would be anymore. When I was in 5th or 6th grade, I went to several and we did nothing but scream all night. That's not something I'm interested in right now! Wow! As for party planning, I'd say stock up on all kinds of ready-made snacks and non-scary movies, as well as games that don't have winners (there's some drama right there!).

  7. So cute! I miss the slumber party days but thank goodness I have two little girls who can still enjoy that kind of stuff! The PJs are S:) CUTE!

  8. I love slumber parties when they aren't too big... I once let my oldest daughter have 12 girls and they did nothing but fight! My youngest only has 3 plus herself each time and this is much more manageable and enjoyable! I learned from my experience.

  9. I would have to say 9-10 is a good age to start slumber parties. I am a long way off from that, but think it would be a fun thing for my daughter when the time comes.

  10. I think that to start, one little friend at a sleepover in kindergarten is fine, like my granddaughter is allowed to do. Of course, the rules are still in place concerning no food in the bedroom, and bedtime is still the same. Lots of fun and giggles though!

  11. Age 9 or 10 is a good age for a first slumber party The best tip I have is to keep it small Maybe 3 or 4 guests for the first party.

  12. Slumber Parties are great!
    I think 10 is a good age to start.
    Little ones tend to have trouble sleeping
    over in strangers houses.

  13. The best age? I don't mind sleepovers for the younger of the range but I think the real parties with several girls should be around 12, when they are a little older. And I had Girl Talk, too! That takes me back. I wish I could find it now.

  14. My girls had their first sleepovers around age 8. I think that now that they are a bit older (11 and 12) they enjoy them a bit more and are not so cranky in the morning. It is also easier on mom, because they are quieter. They watch movies and gossip, rather than play loud games and fight!

  15. I am looking forward to my daughter's first slumber party. I've hosted a few for me niece and we had so much fun doing manis and facials. Bring on the girly time!

  16. My oldest daughter has a book about how to have a slumber party and she loves following themes, decorating, making the special invites (she only has 2 very special friends, but we'd go all out even though it was just them). I don't mind going along with it because you can get alot of party stuff at the dollar store! So we get everything ready and two boys try to crash the party, so we have to include them somehow, or I rent a special video game so they are busy! Then I put earplugs in because my 4 plus 2 equals = 6 kids!

  17. Wow, what age is appropriate?? probably 9 or 10...usually when my girls have slumber parties I make sure I get lots of DVD's and food..make sure noone has allergies, etc.

  18. My daughter occasionally has sleepovers usually for her birthday. I think 8 or 9 yrs old is a good age. It really depends on the child and how many girls will be invited. Its best to start off with a small number of girls then try for more later on.

  19. I think 9-10 is a good age to start the slumber parties. That said, you really need to check in with the kids regularly to make sure that none of the kids are being alienated - a common practice in that age group. Also, make sure that all the kids are comfortable sleeping and don't want to go home in the middle of the night - another common practice in that age group.

  20. This would be great for my youngest daughter. My oldest daughter had her first slumber party at the age of 9. All of her slumber parties thus far have went fairly well. It does seem, however, that there's always at least one girl who wants to start drama and either be the boss or feel left out.

  21. My daughters 10 & loves going to sleepovers. I'de rather have the parties at home-so i know what's going on...

  22. My girl is still to young for slumber parties, but I can't wait. I remember ours when I was young, staying up all night giggling, telling ghost stories, etc.

  23. I remember the first slummber party I went to it was Dianie simmons, it was a bday party after a dance party where I also had my first dance with a boy, Harvey. the boys left before the slummer part :)

  24. I have had a sleepover for my duaghter's bday party for the last two years (she just turned ten in January) and it has been a lot of fun! I think it really promotes bonding between the girls and they they they are soooo cool when they get to stay up late to karaoke, talk, play games!


  25. My girls love slumber parties! We had one this fall when my oldest was 10. She had been having sleep-overs with just one friend, but decided to have 4 friends over and it was a blast. We would love to have another one, this time with a "theme". How fun! Great giveaway - thanks for offering it!

  26. I think upper end of grade school is the best age. The kiddles still look to you for entertainment and do not see you as an intruder in their fun.

  27. Wow I remember my sister playing Girl Talk at her slumber parties when she was about 9 or 10, brings back memories! This Pajama party in a box looks like a ton of fun!

  28. I loved slumber parties as a kid. I know that my daughter who is almost seven will go crazy when it's her turn to host and attend her first slumber parties.

  29. I don't have any daughters yet, only sons, but my neice is my mini me and she's always staying over, she is 12 and had her first slumber party on her bday, so i think that's the perfect age.

  30. I think the 9 year old age range is a good age to start sleepovers. I don't dread the pj party as long as there is no more than two, otherwise there is bound to be tears. Make sure to have food and movies. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  31. My almost 4 year old is itching to have a sleepover - which I am sure will end with a late night phone call...I think about 9 is a good age.

  32. I'm also curious about when to begin the slumber party thing with my daughter . My friend has daughters in the 8-11 age range and the older girls are all about slumber parties.

  33. I think slumber parties would be appropriate one the kids are in elementary school as long as the children are mentally able to stay away from her parents. Thanks for the chance.

  34. ohh slumber parties, those were the days! I would love to win this for my 3 nieces to share ha ha sisters sharing that might be interesting.

  35. Two of my girls were ready at around 6 or 7 to have slumber parties. My 20 year old stepdaughter who is Autistic never liked them. My 8 year old twin boys don't behave well enough to have one.

    I have a lot of fun helping my girls with their parties!


  36. I love to host slumber parties. I think 5 is a good age to start, and I always keep board games, party favors, healthy snacks and themed everything!

  37. I think 8-9 is the perfect age for sleepovers. We always make a "pizza bar"-I make the dough and the girls and I put the personal pizzas together! When they are done we "camp out" in the family room and watch movies. I love to have slumber parties at my home!

  38. The perfect age for slumber parties is 9 and older. So much fun this would be. My granddaughter would love a pair of their pajamas too! Thank you so much!

  39. i well so do like there things at little miss mix mach and i would be willing to have any one of them p.j.'s and well the guy with the glass's on the box of the girls talk box the nured well it happens to be a realy good friend of mine and well that game was made and prented in my town i know its realy funny thing to find out but well its just one of them neet things any how enter me infor this thanks

  40. Ha ha, i totally wanted girl talk as a kid/pre-teen but my dad wouldn't let me own one. he said it was too mature for me... humph!

  41. Girl Talk! What a blast from the past! I used to love to have slumber parties - I think we were around 9 or 10. I don't know if I'll still love them being the parent though! This kit looks adorable, my niece would love it!

  42. so cute! my daughter meg is turning 7 in july and wants to have a sleep over party.. so this would be perfect!! pick me :o)

  43. I have granddaughters (4) and they love sleep overs with granny. Great idea for the kits would love to win one for them thanks for the chance to win

  44. would say old enough to have one- being mature enough to behave- yeh right- they are younger when its cousins and all but friends usually 6 or 7

  45. Can't remember when we started haaving sleepovers as a kid but I do know I had lots of slumber parties as a teen. My parents were great about it, 10 screaming 13 yr olds watching horror movies and eating pizza. Man those were fun times, My stepdaughter never wanted to have slumber parties but I think her daughter will.

  46. I think 9 years old is a good age to start. It depends on the maturity level of the child. If you invite a child that has never slept away from home before, you may find yourself driving them home in the middle of the night!

  47. When I was little we didn't get sleep overs until we were ten. Now kids are having them at seven! I guess as long as they are well behaved who cares and it is good for them to get used to sleeping at other peoples house without the usual childhood fears. Well, that would be if they were sleeping at all!!

  48. My oldest is not quite two yet, so I think I've got a while to be deciding on slumber parties. I think 8 in an appropriate age for slumber parties to begin. But I reserve the right to increase that number as it approaches.

  49. My little niece is almost 6 and she moved to a state that is quite a distance. She loved to stay over at my house when she lived in the area. Now she is saying to my sister that she wants to have a sleepover. This would help my sister in that area to prepare for the invasion of little girls even if it isn't for a few more years.

  50. OMG... my college roommate and I had that game as a joke. We used to drag it out at parties. Hilarious.

    I like Little Miss Matched gowns on Roo. Very twirly! She likes to have slumber parties with her cousins but I can't imagine her having them with school friends for a couple more years. Maybe 7 or 8 year olds? I don't remember when I started having sleepovers.

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