Snikiddy: Snacks to Share

Reason #3,579 that it's great to be a mom: I always have snacks with me and no one bats a lash if I "share" them with my toddler at the grocery store, in long lines, or at restaurants before the food is served. 

Tell me the honest-to-goodness truth...Am I the only mom who happily munches on goldfish, cheese cubes, teddy grahams, orange slices, and other toddler "delicacies"? I have to say that I actually enjoy many of my daughter's favorite snacks. For the most part, they're healthy, easy-to-eat, and just plain fun.

Snikiddy: Snacks to Share 1If you don't currently share your toddler's snacks, then you probably will once you try Snikiddy's line of "great tasting, kid friendly snack foods made from simple wholesome real ingredients."

There are currently seven different Snikiddy snacks to choose from:

  • Rockin' Ranch Puffs
  • Pizza Pie Puffs
  • Mac N' Cheese Puffs (our favorite)
  • Grilled Cheese Puffs
  • Chocolate Chippers (or maybe these are our favorite...)
  • Cherry Oaties (or these...)
  • Banana Nibbles
Snikiddy: Snacks to Share 2We've sampled all of the Snikiddy products and although the Banana Nibbles and Rockin' Ranch Puffs just weren't for us, the other products definitely agreed with our tastebuds.  
l'm guessing that Snikiddy products will eventually be sold at more "mainstream" grocery stores (I hope so). Until then, you can find them at many health food stores throughout the U.S. and also online at   

WIN IT! One winner will receive a Snikiddy Snack Pack. To enter, leave a comment on this post prior to Tuesday, October 28 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #140 Alison. Congratulations!

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146 comments on “Snikiddy: Snacks to Share”

  1. These sound like great snacks and I really hope I win so I can try them out. I think I would really enjoy them. This is a great giveaway. Thanks.

  2. Great prize! With the invention of teeny, tiny tupperware, I've been able to bring chewies, crackers, cut up fruit and what ever else I can think of with us when we leave the house.

  3. Hehe I've always *shared* with the girls and I do the same with Ian.
    I've got to say the snacks are a lot better and more nutriitous than they used to be.

  4. I think my little one would grab the Mac 'n Cheese snacks first. Me? Grilled Cheese. I guess it's safe to say we like cheese (and just to let you know, I almost spelled 'we' like this: Wii. I need an electronic vacation, obviously.).

  5. "Mommy, I'm hungry!" they call from the backseat, or the playroom, or wherever. "Okay, here, I have some Snikiddy snacks right here!!" I reply with a smile! What a nice scenario. I'm in!

  6. awesome giveaway. My grand baby loves her snacks and I am always looking for nutricious things to give her.

  7. You have always had the most wonderful giveaway contest drawings! It would be fun to taste these goodies. Please enter my name in your drawing. Many thanks.....Cindi

  8. The kids would love these. They're healthy snacks. Will be a great "travel" snack. They always want something at the grocery or restaurant while waiting. These will be great!
    Thank you for offering.

  9. Would love to win this prize for my wonderful and smart grandson who started school this year. Thank you for this great contest and prize!

  10. I have never seen these in our local grocery store (yet) However, they would be fun to win and try. One of my Granddaughter's first words were "NACK" which translates to snack. She certainly loves her snacks and Grandma nibbles on them too!

  11. I love trying to find new snacks for my toddler - because fruit snacks just don't cut it at my house!!

    autumn398 (at)

  12. These look like a great snack - too bad the closest retailer (other than Amazon) is over 100 miles away! I know my 3 year old would gobble up the grilled cheese puffs - sh eloves cheese.

  13. Oh fun!

    And you totally aren't the only one who does that. I love to buy those Earth's Best crackers (with Elmo and Big Bird shapes) for my son because they are pretty healthy and organic, and I admit to eating a few here and there. They are delicious!

  14. We would love to try some Snikiddy Snacks! J is just weaning from her feeding tube and is getting interested in food again, so any great finger foods that would encourage eating would be very welcome! Thanks!

  15. Yeah. . .we're always looking for new health food snacks. (We've sampled some real duds in the past.) But, have a list of favorites. I'm thrilled to see on the website that these are now available at all Super Targets nationwide. MKW

  16. These sound great! I am always looking for a better snack for my toddler. He is very picky, though. I am to see that amazon sells these!

  17. The Cherry Oaties are my personal favorites!! I haven't purchased them in quite awhile, but you've definitely whet my appetite!

  18. Sometimes it seems like my kids are snacking all day long!! I'd love to try these snacks, especially the Banana Nibbles and the Mac N'Cheese Puffs. They all sound delish!

  19. I saw these on another site, but I have not been able to find them in our local stores. My son can be rather picky when it comes to food. We have even had to take him to the emergency room in the past because he wasn't getting enough proteins to maintain his blood sugar levels. Praise God he has added more items to his diet since then. Needless to say I would love to have the chance to add these HEALTHY items to his list of faves. Any new ideas or tricks are always welcomed. He actually ate chicken nuggets Wed. night. :)

  20. We just tried some on the playground the other day when another mother offered some to my son. The Cherry Oaties are yummy and they passed my son's picky-eater test. Would love to try another flavor!

  21. I totally eat Blondie's snacks. I've been known to pack a few more than she'll need "just in case" (although that "just in case" is really in case I feel like munching on them...). You've got an extra allowance to eat them, though; no one will look at a pregnant woman twice for sharing her kid's snacks! Lucky.

  22. I think I saw these the other day but I cannot remember where...I am totally with you on "sharing" snacks, though it does get harder with two, because Cade now wants to "share" with his little sister so mommy can't!

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