Is the Snow White ride at Disneyland scary?

Is the Snow White ride at Disneyland scary? 1

The Snow White ride is one of the oldest rides at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California. In fact, the Snow White ride was operational on Disneyland's opening day on July 17, 1955. At that time, it was known as Snow White and Her Adventures. In 1983, the name changed slightly to Snow White's Scary Adventures. In 2021, the ride's name (along with several scenes and story elements) changed once again to Snow White's Enchanted Wish.

Snow White's Enchanted Wish can be found in Fantasyland, an area of Disneyland Park that features many rides, based on classic animated films, for small children. Pinnochio's Daring Journey is directly adjacent. Dumbo The Flying Elephant, Peter Pan's Flight, King Arthur Carrousel, and Mr. Toad's Wild Ride are nearby.

The outside of the ride looks like an adorable cottage, home of the seven sweet and sentimental dwarves. As you stand in line, you'll enjoy the quaint and magical scenes from the animated film that you know and love. Take a moment to peer up at the window above the outside entrance and, if you’re patient, you might see the evil Queen pull aside the velvet drapery to spy on those below.

After waiting in line, you board a wooden mine cart along with family & friends. A bar falls on your lap, but you won't need it. The ride is mostly slow moving with no drops.

Is the Snow White ride at Disneyland scary? 5

The opening scene involves Snow White dancing cheerfully with the dwarves and then moves to various scenes with the dwarves happily at work in their diamond mines.

The scariest parts involve the evil stepmother and her transformation to a frightening hag with murderous intentions. You can see what those parts involve in the clip below. These scenes are relatively quick (the whole ride is only 2 minutes long!).

Within seconds, you see the stepmother being chased up a rocky cliff by Snow White's seven faithful friends - the dwarves. It's clear that the wicked woman is destined for demise, although her fall is not shown.

Is the Snow White ride at Disneyland scary? 9

Rest assured, the ride ends with the "happily ever after" moment, which has been a signature of Disney's animated films from the beginning. Snow White receives her long-awaited kiss and awakes from her slumber among glittering lights and melodic music. She joins her animal friends and waves at you to show that she is alive and well. Good triumphs over evil.

Is the Snow White ride at Disneyland scary? 10

In sum, riding Snow White's Enchanted Wish is like stepping into a storybook or right inside the animated film. Storytelling is one of the things that Disney parks does best and this ride is no exception. Although brief, you'll feel like you are right there with innocent Snow White, the goofy and loyal dwarves, the cruel stepmother, and the devoted Prince.

Need more reassurance? We've compiled a list of commonly asked questions with answers.

Are there any drops in Snow White's Enchanted Wish?

No. The ride is mostly slow moving and there are no drop.

Is Snow White's Enchanted Wish a roller coaster?

No. Again, the ride is slow without accelerated speed or drops of any kind.

Does Snow White's Enchanted Wish go upside down?

Absolutely not. See above.

Can babies, toddlers, and preschoolers ride Snow White's Enchanted Wish?

Yes. This ride is designed for all ages. There is a chance that toddlers will be frightened by the imagery, but you can always cuddle them close or cover their eyes for the spooky parts, if desired.

Is Snow White's Enchanted Wish in the dark?

Part of the ride includes darker scenes, especially the brief, frightening scenes in the video clips above. Overall, however, the ride is short and ends happily so that most children and adults will be delighted by the immersive story experience.

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