Something Colorful: Nutcase Helmets

Something Colorful: Nutcase Helmets 1Our 3-year-old is a master trike rider. She's super fast and often fearless (except when we have to go down the driveway...she hasn't quite figured out the whole brake thing).

When she wants to go bike riding, she always grabs her helmet. If we forget, she reminds us.

She's a safety-wise girl who isn't afraid to try things that are a little "dangerous." Hmmm...that reminds me a lot of her daddy. The perfect combination of smart and strong.

P.S. She's not the only little risk-taker around these parts.

Her baby sister is going to need a helmet pretty soon too:

Something Colorful: Nutcase Helmets 2----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Dots helmet ($45) pictured above is by Nutcase Helmets, a company that offer's multi-purpose helmets for biking, skateboarding, inline skating, and snowboarding. Helmets are available for men, women, and children in a variety of colors, solids, and patterns:

Something Colorful: Nutcase Helmets 3 Something Colorful: Nutcase Helmets 4Something Colorful: Nutcase Helmets 5Something Colorful: Nutcase Helmets 6

YOUR TURN: Does anyone in your family bike, skate, or snowboard?

WIN IT! One winner will receive a helmet of his/her choice from Nutcase Helmets. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Wednesday, March 3rd at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

* I received a product for review purposes.

*UPDATE* The winner is #73 Joanna. Congratulations!

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125 comments on “Something Colorful: Nutcase Helmets”

  1. Our family all love to bike in the summer instead of taking the car, getting some fresh air and saving gas is great! These helmets are so cool!

  2. We never wore helmets when we were kids. I don't think anyone did. Now I wear a helmet every time I go bike riding and so do the girls. These are the best helmets I've ever seen. The spin dial fit design for younger kids look great. The oldest has already outgrown her helmet from last year.

  3. This would be perfect for or Hayleigh she has been very lucky riding her little bike so far.


  4. These are really cute helments. It is so important to get the kids used to wearing them young so they will follow suit as adults!

  5. My whole family rides, we love riding are bikes on the greenway down by the river it is so relaxing. thanks for the chance

  6. These are adorable - why aren't all helmets more fun? My 3-year-old wasn't really interested in biking and such before, but as soon as it warms up around here, she's already talking about riding around! Considering she's fairly uncoordinated, I think a helmet is definitely in order.

  7. These helmets are just great for the kids and who doesnt want more protection for their child. Nice designs too!

  8. I have a little boy who loves to ski and these colorful helmets would be great on the slopes, would allow him to stand out from other the other little munchkins in their black helmets.

  9. My son loves to skateboard and go bike riding. I dont mind that but I hate it when he tries to do wheelies :(

  10. These are the cutest helmets Ive ever seen my girls have a plain Red & A plain blue helmet ...boring can you imagine the fighting over this if I win...... YIKES!!! but we'll deal with it cause it'll be worth it.....

  11. Those are really cute! My two younger kids still wear their free Ikea helmets, and they're looking pretty ratty. These are much cooler!

  12. Such neat helmets! My husband bikes and snowboards. I plan on biking and teach my little one to ride a tricycle this summer (if he's ready)!

  13. For now we just bike. When I grew up no one had helmets, but now I have to be on board so the little man knows it's the cool thing to do. I'm not sure his helmet from last year will fit, he got the big-head-genes from yours truly.

  14. Those are nice looking helmets. We all bike together - me, hubby, 2 boys on their own, and baby boy with us. My 2 older boys like to skateboard too.

  15. These are so neat, maybe I could get my daughter actually wear one if it was cool like these! It's an argument every time she rides her bike!
    I really like the Swirl one!
    Thanks for the chance!

  16. Wow these are such great helmets! I have been looking for a new one for my son for the longest time, it's difficult to find cool ones that the kids actually like, but these have cool designs and colors :D My son rides his Green Machine up and down the street and he would love to pick out one of these!

  17. My son for some reason likes to wear his helmet a little too much. It takes an act of congress to get him to take it off in the house.

  18. I love the shark attack helmet. These helmets have such fun designs. I would love to win a helmet for one of my boys. We have an old helmet but i worry that it is not to safe it is starting to crack. My oldest son Caleb is 5, Casey is 2 1/2 and Connor is 7 months so if i won this, this helmet would get so much use. My boys are always outside sleding, skiing, and riding bikes.
    [email protected]

  19. My nephew is 6 years old and probably should wear a helmet at all times. He lives by the snow so he is just starting skiing but being an active 6 year old he bikes, skateboards, you name it he tries it. I worry about him sometimes, afraid he will get hurt. :(

  20. I work in a trauma center... i know how crucial helmets are. My daughter is one- just about the time she should probably be wearing one, like, ALL THE TIME! ;)

  21. We all love to bike as a family. I'd love to let my son choose a helmet for himself. It's inspire him to be cool/ look cool and wear his helmet w/out me asking.

  22. My son just got a new bike, but still has his cousins old hand-me-down helmet. This would be great for him. Thanks

  23. My family is very aware of safety and we make it point to wear helmets and a new one would be awesome.

  24. My 9 year old son is extreme on his bike/scooter. He's due for a new helmet, which he would be required to wear by his mother (that's me) even if it was not the law!

  25. My toddler is starting to show interest in her toddler bike, so i this giveaway couldnt come at a better time. I need to get her a helmet so she is safe.

  26. My daughter is going to need a helmet to go with her first bike soon, so this would be great. I would not think of putting on a bike without one.

  27. As more information is coming out about long term effects of Concussions, helmets are a necessity and this company makes wearing them fun.

  28. OMG, I love these! We have been looking for an 'out of the ordinary' helmet for our 2.5 yr old and this would be PERFECT! Our little guy loves watching skateboarding, skiing and bicycling and can hardly wait to try one (or all - scary) of these things out this summer. I especially like the sizing and safety features this company offers and the colors and prints are great! Just can't make up my mind which one I like best...
    Great giveaway, thanks!

  29. We are a helmet family and actually short one! My husbands helmet was stolen at camp this summer. I would love to surprise him with a new one. I also love the kids ones....sooo cute!

  30. My daughter loves riding her bike and my son will finally be riding one this year. My son is a bit wild though and I can see him trying to show off.

  31. wow i am really impressed by this company. we bike, skate, slide and roller blade....ughghg you know what i just realized i bet when they say skate they mean skateboarding.
    duh....well my only suggestion would be to design a helmet that ice rinks might permit that can also be used for biking and sliding etc.
    i'd love to find a helmet that can be multipurpose.
    on another note, my youngest will be bike riding for the first time this year and we'll need to get her a helmet! i'm all over the Little Nutty design.

  32. Since the Olympics have been on the last 2 weeks our almost 3 year old has been "skating" around on the floor in his socks. We have been thinking it might be time to try ice skating for real. One of the things I have been thinking about is the helmet he will need along with a helmet for when he starts cruising around on a bike this spring.

  33. Since the Olympics have been on the last 2 weeks our almost 3 year old has been "skating" around on the floor in his socks. We have been thinking it might be time to try ice skating for real. One of the things I have been thinking about is the helmet he will need along with a helmet for when he starts cruising around on a bike this spring. We will certainly look at the brand even if we don't win from this contest. Thanks.

  34. We have 3 granddaughters, two of them riding bikes right now. We insist they always wear a hemet when they ride. Our 3rd granddaughter is starting to ride & will need a helmet.

  35. My husband just started biking to school but doesn't have a helmet yet. I don't know if he'll go for the polka dots, though. :)

  36. My grandson Cameron will be 4 in June & I'm getting his first bike..he will need this helmut for sure! :) Thanks So Much

  37. My 17yo has tirelessly been working on my blog (which is almost ready)and I would like to pay/reward him for all his awesome work. Yes, I am biased being his mother and all but he is amazing when it comes to web design/programming.

    Just last weekend my son spent his own money on snowboarding lessons and the a great discount pass for the rest of the season with his own money. If we won this awesome helmet it would save him the cost of renting a helmet each time he went snowboarding again.

  38. Our son is 18 months old and we bought him a Stride bike for xmas. Still isn't really interested in it, but when he is, he will need a helmet. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  39. My husband and daughter ride bikes. These helmets look great. Who wouldn't want to wear a helmet when they are so cool?

  40. Your little girl looks adorable in that helmet! My three year old granddaughter would love to replace her ugly white helmet with any of those cute ones.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  41. My accident prone toddler would look very stylish while banging his big noggin on the pavement! Two days ago he was jumping in puddles and fell face first onto pavement (check his blog!). Who said helmets are just for bikes?

    guryshka at gmail dot com

  42. Those are such cool helmets! While my toddler is still too young for bikes, I know we'll need something like this soon, especially because we live in town and have lots of sidewalks to explore when he does start riding.

  43. My sister in law has a nutcase helmet and loves it. My daughter is almost two and we have a mini scooter for her second birthday but will need to get her a helmet. These look like a perfect match!

  44. My daughter got an electric scooter for Christmas and really needs a new helmet before she rides it. These are cute to boot!

  45. We are a car free family and our helmets have seen better days. We borrowed a nutcase helmet when 2 of ours were stolen and we loved it.

  46. my daughter will need one for when she is wakeboarding....we just love to ride

    and for riding bikes :)

    ykatrina at hotmail dot com

  47. With 4 kids in my house, helmets are a must! My toddler just got a big kid bike, and has practically somehow done the impossible every time while on it! I had no idea just how many ways someone could fly off a bike!

  48. We have three boys in the family - they love to ride their bikes, scooters and skateboards! We are very strick about helmets.
    This one looks great.

  49. I like the color and patterns this company offers. It is hard to find children's helmet that aren't a disney character, etc. Dots, stripes, and cool colors are much cooler!

  50. I definitely need another helmet since my girls are constantly battling over the "butterfly" helmet we have. Any tips on keeping them from fighting over these beauties???

  51. My daughter got a big girl bike for christmas! She still hasn't got to ride it yet. She barely learned how to ride without training wheels last fall & the bike is bigger. Guess I need to get knee & elbow pads too! I wish I could just wrap her in bubble wrap!

  52. First, those pictures of the girls are too cute. And second, my son is totally gonna need a helmet soon. He's all about stunts and I'm afraid he's gonna hurt himself!

  53. Yes, guess it is time for a helmet. Little boy 2 and starting to learn riding a trike.
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  54. I have a fearless child. My 4 yr old daughter seems to have no fear. She'll jump off of anything, climb up anything, pretty much do anything. She loves rollar coasters and she's already tried her 6 yr old brother's skateboard. My 6 yr old son isn't as fearless but he does enjoy riding his bike and his skateboard. Those helmets are great! I love the look of them. I'm going to go check out the website.

  55. Right now I don't even own a bike. I do have an old pair of roller blades though. When I was younger I used to ride bike around our neighborhood.

  56. What an awesome kids helmet! I am so excited for our 16 month old to get the tricycle that the new baby is "bringing him", and an adorable helmet like this would be awesome! Safety first, and my little guy is a wild one so this will be enforced all.the.time.

  57. Jeremiah knows he is not allowed to get nowhere near something with wheels if he does not have a helmet on. Even if he is only riding in the backyard. He has tried the "it's ugly, big, and no one else is wearing one" on me, but he knows how it gets to me.
    Not wearing a helmet really get's me upset, even if it's not my kid. I work Neuro Surgery and we get to many kids and teenagers with brain injuries and spinal cord injuries from not wearing a helmet.

    This is so great!!!! You featuring helmets! I can go on and on about the importance and sad stories from people not wearing helmets.
    Finding a cool helmet is definitely a must when they get older. This looks very cool and something Jeremiah would like. I really hope I win, that green one looks perfect.

  58. My husband and I make good use of our city bike paths. I certainly need a new helmet because my big ole' noggin has worn out the other one. This company seems pretty stellar. It's better to support the "littler" guys instead of the Walmarts of the world, no?

  59. My daughter will be needing a helmet very soon! I want to encourage her desire to be active and ride bikes, etc, so it is definitely time.
    Think I can have her wear it 24/7? She falls even while dancing sometimes! I mean, they're cute, so that should be ok, right????

  60. My daughter loves riding her tricycle around our back patio. And I'd love to get her a Razor-type scooter for her birthday in March. My husband is a mountain biker, and a great example to our kids of wearing a helmet every time he rides.

  61. Oh, my gosh. I went to their website and was really wowed by the patterns! I might actually be able to get my teenaged son to wear a helmet like this while on the snowboard or Razor. Then of course my younger daughter would want one....... Loved the brown one with the flowers. Toooo cute.

  62. Santa brought my son a helmet this year. Not because he has a bike, but because as he barreled down a steep driveway on an INCHWORM at Thanksgiving my heart skipped several beats...and I'm a boy mom - it's hard to frighten me! Anyway the helmet doesn't fit him properly and I've all but abandoned the fight...we could use a decent one so he'll be comfortable wearing it before he turns into a REAL daredevil!

  63. Okay- those are about the cutest little helmets ever. Jade just got a pogo stick for her birthday and once the snow is gone, I'm sure she'll be out on it all the time. Both girls love their bikes and scooters. We should probably move south- just so they can play outside year round. :)

  64. DD will soon need a helmet herself. She's 2 right now but always playing on her little barbie jeep. I know the bike is next and we are going to attempt it this year. Can't wait for Spring!

    kathleen_rementer AT hotmail DOT com

  65. We are needing a helmet for our 3 year old. His little brother has taken over the use of his old one ;) Can't wait for spring and lots of bike rides! Love the pumpkin head helmet!

  66. My big boy is never without his helmet when riding, skating, I don't have one for my 3 yr old yet, and I know he'll be ready to follow his big brother come warmer weather! These are definitely far cuter than your average helmet!

  67. We just recently got a bike seat for my 2 year old and I know she can't wait to go for rides with us. However, we haven't bought a helmet yet. In fact, we'd looked at the Nutshell helmets but thought they were too expensive-so we are waiting till we have the funds for one. Great product! They've got such cute designs.

  68. My grandaughter is going to be needing a new helmet for skiing and biking soon. I just don't understand why people don't all wear helmets to be protected while doing these things. Here in SC, they don't even have to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle. They're nuts.

  69. We love biking here, so this would for sure get used. I am hoping for our oldest's third birthday, we can get her a bike! Otherwise, we will wait for Christmas when she will be 3.5.

  70. Boy... this seems nice for a walking toddler, just to avoid the unavoidable falls and bumps! :) I am excited for bikes and trikes and scooters and all out fun with wheels! Someday... soon!

  71. wow those are super neat! my almost 4 year old has a trike that she loves now but I am thinking about a bike for this Christmas!

  72. helmets are so important, and remember folks, make sure to get the right size and get it checked out- its like a car seat- once it has been in an accident it may be damaged

  73. I live in the city (we moved here from the 'burbs when I became one of the 'new poor' - those whose unemployment ran out and they still don't have jobs) and I am constantly amazed that my son is the ONLY one who wears a helmet. Thank goodness he is like, TOTALLY immune to peer pressure right now - he just shrugs and says, "My mom says I can't ride my (bike/roller blades/electric scooter/skateboard) without it, so ....". He's 9 (almost 10)now, and the one he currently has we got when he was just turned 8 .. boy, has his noggin grown! The last time I saw him wearing it, I was thinking to myself, "Boy, it's about time for a new one!" So if I win, that's his new one!

  74. I remember the days when helmets were pretty much one style and color. You can really find a helmet that reflects your personality now a days! I love how your little one knows all about safety ~ good for her!

  75. I just posted a picture of my daughter wearing her bike hekmet for ww. My girls always wear their helmet. She is going to need a new one and these are so sweet.

  76. I go on a bike ride with my little family at least 3 times a week. It just might be my favorite outdoor activity to do. While your daughter is the one to remind to put helmets on, my son (18 months) is the first to remind us that the bike ride is over and the helmets can come off. He likes to take off everyone's helmet. What a good helper, right?

  77. My son LOVES to ride his bike - I'm always afraid he's going to topple off he loves to go so fast! I always make him wear a helmet (& am deemed a mean mommy because for some reason the other neighborhood kids don't have helmets) I also have a bike...with very flat tires!


  78. I also have a little risk-taker. Just today my 3yo climbed up the BIG hill with his sled by himself and when I told him to wait for daddy he did not listen! He came barreling down that snowpacked hill head first grinning ear to ear the whole way. Thankfully I caught him before he picked up too much speed and ran into something.

    Something tells me once this snow melts he's going to be no different on his bike. We'll need that helmet for sure!

    PS...I love the pattern. No characters to be found. YAY!

  79. We love to bike as a family. The kids are very good about wearing their helmets too. My youngest rider really needs a new one however so this would be super neat to win!

  80. Wow, those are really swanky helmets! I especially love the matte finish ones- so subtle. The whole family has bikes and hopefully spring will come soon so we can take them out...

  81. My daughter will be in need of a helmet soon! She is a dare-devil at 16 months, and I don't see that changing as she gets older- she may need a helmet earlier than most!

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