Something Colorful This Way Comes

You're a colorful girl in a colorful world.

Why stick to boring bags when you can liven up your look with bright, springerful colors?

Don't you just love this fun and functional laptop backpack: Piggy Back Backpack ($89)?

piggy_back_laptop backpack

Or maybe you're a new mom and you'd be more inclined to carry a fashionable Baby-umptious diaper bag ($168).

baby-umptious diaper bag melissa beth

Or maybe you're the traveling type and you want to tote around your toiletries in style: Kiss and Make Up cosmetic bag.

kissandmakeup cosmetics bag melissa beth

Interested? Check out Melissa Beth Designs, a company that is "on a quest to rid the world of bulky black boring laptop bags." And - so far - they appear to be conquering the world. 

melissa beth designs logoWant to know more about Melissa Beth? She's a 28-year-old entrepreneur with a love of fashion, business, travel, and fun. You can read her newly-launched blog for musings about all of the above. 

YOUR TURN: How do you keep your make-up your bathroom or on-the-go?

WIN IT! One winner will receive a Kiss and Make Up cosmetic bag ($48) from Melissa Beth Designs. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Sunday, April 5 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

P.S. The title of this post is inspired by a famous quote from one of Shakespeare's plays {anyone know which one?}. I thought I should mention that in case you're not the nerdy English-major type like me... 

*UPDATE* The winner is #47 laurie. Congratulations!

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158 comments on “Something Colorful This Way Comes”

  1. I don't have any organization for my makeup. Its usually all over the place! lol! I love the Heather Grey color!

  2. I really need a new makeup bag. I didn't know where the line came from. Thanks to other readers, I now know. You saved me a lot of searching.

  3. In the bathroom I keep my makeup organized in a large oversized makeup bag. I also use small baskets for makeup that I don't use very much.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. I would love to win the Purple Passion makeup bag!
    All my makeup is in an old suitcase from the 70's!

  5. I'll admit, when I'm in a hurry, I will certainly put the makeup I'm taking with me in a ziploc. It's fashionable, no?
    I do have some other bags, but the sizes vary and they're all those cheap little 'free with purchase' doodads.

  6. In the bathroom it's just in the bathroom vanity cabinet and sometimes left on the sink counter. When traveling it has to be in my purse. kyxsky27(at)

  7. Love makeup; so why not spruce up the makeup with the perfect bag; love the neon colors; pink, green many thanks SW

  8. Not a shakespeare fan so I wouldn't have known that. I love the bright and varied colors of these bags. I'd use this for travel for weekend getaways!

    Nice giveaway

  9. My make up I through in a basket in the bathroom and my daughter ends up with it. So in order for me to keep my make up safe I have to put it on a high shelve

  10. I am organized with my makeup in the bathroom. I am lucky to have a large area for myself. My everyday favorites are in several small containers on the counter. My extras or special night out make-up is under my conter in a larger container. I would love to win because my travel make-up bag has seen better days! This would be great! Thanks!

  11. i wish i was more organized but i am not. but what helped me with my makeup was one of those three drawer little boxes - i think they are for school supplies. they come in bright colors and the drawers have alot of room. than i just put certain products in certain drawers.
    the quote is "something wicked this way comes" i believe....
    thanks for the chance to win.

  12. My makeup isn't very organized anyplace. I'm certain that if I had a gorgeous appropriate container (fingers crossed) I would do a much better job.

  13. The makeup bag that I use now must be at least 10 years old and shows it. These are really nice and would be a great replacement.

  14. I do not wear anything except a moisturizer with SPF and lip gloss, so there is not a lot of organizing.

  15. I have makeup all over the would be great to win this fantastic makeup bag so I can get organized. I could actually have ALL of my makeup in one place. Thanks for the chance!

  16. I don't use very much makeup but it is surprising how much room it takes up. It isn't at all organized and probably most of it should be tossed.

  17. What adorable bags! I think I'd use mine as a pouch for my blood glucose monitor & supplies (I'm a type I diabetic). God bless you.

  18. At home my make-up is all in one drawer and it can get messy sometimes. On the go - I have a teeny bag. I guess I could use something better.

  19. Keeping my make-up organized is pretty easy. I own one lip gloss and haven't worn make-up in 20 years, but I do think its time I learned to use it again.

  20. I have a small wicker basket that holds all of my makeup (in the bathroom). It was cheap and servesd it purpose and it looks cute too. I do not have anything to my make up in when I travel lol...I've used ziploc bags before lol!

  21. I love this makeup bag and I need one too!
    It looks like very roomy with lots of compartments, so I can be really organized! I like Passion Purple color.

    Thanks for the chance

  22. I have makeup scattered all over my dresser and bathroom counter. I really need to get organized. Please enter me.

  23. I've had lots of ugly, plain black travel makeup bags, so it's great to see the cute & colorful Don't Leave Me Hangin' collection.

  24. I just recently moved into a smaller apartment and I have absolutely no room for my make-up in my bathroom. i tried one of those kaboodles and it just isn't working, plus it looks tacky in there. I would love to have a real makeup bag!

  25. Like others before me, I have a makeup drawer and to conserve space I keep my comb and brushes in it also. So picture getting ready for a special event. Grab, move, pick off hair, grab, and move. Sounds like dance steps.I have told my family that I am getting organized and this has been my song for years.

  26. This is a definte step up from my ziplock makeup bag! I like the Kiss & Makeup in Wasabi Green! Thanks!

  27. I would love the Kiss and Make Up cosmetic bag! The compartments for things is such a great feature. I'm always digging in mine to find anything.

    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  28. I'd love a Kiss And Make Up Cosmetic Bag in Purple Marine! It looks sturdy and would be very useful, and the color is so much fun!

  29. Out, damned spot! out, I say! will be what I will be saying to my old ragged, zipper broken makeup case when this beauty arrives at my door. I have a vanity with drawers that I try to keep my makeup in but half the time it ends up on top of the vanity, when I travel I case it, but like I said I am in desperate need of a new case. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  30. whoa do I need a makeup bag! I have been stashing everything in my drawer and well, lets just say I can't find a thing anymore!

    I just love MB's style, classy yet fun!

  31. I don't really wear makeup, but I keep lip gloss in a little zippered pouch in my purse, so I always have it with me.

    I love bags, and I love color! These are lovely!

  32. My makeup is in a basket in my bathroom; I have a small makeup case for my purse for essentials. Thank you!

  33. At home, plastic bins are my secret to organizing my makeup (and hiding it from little hands). On the go, my purse is not as organized, I'm afraid... I do have a little cosmetic bag, a gift-with-purchase freebie, with a broken zipper!

  34. Color! Yay! I have to admit...most of my stuff is black and I'm ready for a change. Maybe it is all of this snow (it IS April, right? RIGHT?!) that has me dreaming of color, summer, green, yellow, sunshine! I went and checked out Melissa's website and I love it. I'm in desperate need of a new laptop bag since I travel for work way more than I want to. I think I've just found where I'm going shopping!

  35. I love the colors and all the organizational "niches" in each product. I'm an organizing fiend, so anything that helps with my mission is great. Thanks for the chance to enter!

    P.S. The quote is from MacBeth :-)

  36. To be honest, I don't keep my makeup organized (although I THINK about doing it all the time!). My purse is a treasure trove of forgotten lipglosses! The Kiss and Make Up bag would go to good use here :)


  37. I keep little pouches in my purse and one zippered case HIGH UP in my bathroom so my six year old won't decide to play beauty shop!

    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  38. I actually keep most of my makeup I use in a makeup bag in my van. I only put some one as I'm driving somewhere. I do have a few items in my half bath on my first level of my house.

    My favorite Kiss and Make Up cosmetic bag is the wasabi green.

  39. I use some old makeup bags when I travel. I am also a big fan of using ziploc bags to keep items separated and leak-proof.

  40. I have mine in about 5 or 6 different sephora bags, the little drawstring ones they send you with your order. It's a mess. I use bare minerals so I have to go through them all to find what I need, ugh. I'd love one of these cases!

  41. when my husband remodeled my bathroom, i had him make my vanity so it would keep my make up organized, with separators in the drawers and shelves for my haircare, perfumes & lotions. it's wonderful

  42. I throw everything into one basic little bag. I don't wear much so the essentials fit in a small basic pack.
    These come in such rad colors.

  43. I have my make up organized in my bathroom drawer for foundation, lip sticks and gloss, eye make up, etc.

  44. The two things that make thsi make up bag a must are the double sided zip compartments and
    removable inside pouches.

  45. I have this huge makeup case that I got from "Santa" for christams because I ahve so much makeup I ahve to be organized!

  46. I actually have a few small makeup bags right now and would love to have everything in one great bag like this one. Thank you!

  47. Right now, I'm actually putting my makeup in a small pocketbook; because I can fit it in my regular pocketbook.

  48. I have a little roll-up case I was given by my OB-Gyn. It was originally intended for on-the-go diaper changing necessitie, but it works great for makeup too. I hardly wear any makeup, so I keep it in that little case all the time, and when I go somewhere, everything's all ready to go!

  49. My make-up (what little that I do have/wear) is totally chaotic, spread out all over the places that I am. I have a little here, a little there. Makes it easier that way, lol.

  50. I would love to win a makeup case so I could give it to my daughter who travels all the time for work. She could really use one and her birthday is coming up so it would make a great gift.

  51. I have a huge cosmetic case that I keep everything in. It is really too big. This would be perfect, especially for traveling!

  52. My makeup is a mess both in the bathroom and on the go,so this bag would be a big help in organizing the mess in my purse and on the bathroom sink.

  53. Seeing fun and functional organizational tools/bags/etc. makes me want to be more organized. I just don't know where to start! As far as make-up goes... I really don't have too much. Sometimes, I wish there was more, but then again, I'm not too savvy in the putting on make-up department. What I do have is in a drawer in the bathroom and in a make-up bag in my backpack so it doesn't float all around the entire backpack.

  54. I have makeup scattered EVERYWHERE!! Shoe boxes, drawers, in my purse, all over the place. I have a small makeup bag, but I change makeup so often it just doesn't really cut it!!!I had an "Old Navy" makeup bag a few years ago that was awesome. Big, roomy, plenty of compartments, just great! However over time, many makeup spills and mishaps and just wear and tear, it is no more. And as my luck would normally be, I have never found another like it since!!! Also, I believe the play is McBeth!

  55. I keep my makeup in a 3 drawer container thingy from Steralite. It's getting full and I need to upgrade to a bigger one though.

  56. Macbeth!

    And I so desperately need this bag. Mine is a medly of pencils, liners, eyelash crimpers, lipsticks, brushes, tweezers and all the compacts that hold my makeup. Its a disgusting mess that I would love to see organized!!

    ParkingGoddessFTW at gmail dot com

  57. I love MacBeth! I also love the lime green and silver, Kiss and Makeup bags. They are adorable, practical and genius!

  58. I don't really do the make up thing - just mascara and go. I do have tons of makeup tossed in a drawer for those rare special occasions that do require more than 15 seconds of attention. It's not even remotely organized though.

  59. I diddn't know the play . but I know that I sure could use something for my makeup it is scattered all over the place I would love to be able to keep it all together

  60. This Kiss Makeup bag is wonderful. I love that this is a very generous sized bag. One that will hold all my makeup. I also love the extra compartments in it.
    Thanks so much for this giveaway and please enter me.

  61. I am bad with my make up. When traveling I throw it in some little makeup bags unless something exploded in it or spill the last time I use it then I just use a zip lock. At home my make up is everywhere under the sink, medicine cabinet and around the sink.

  62. Oh wow I love all of her bags! So colorful and fun. :) This makeup bag looks really nice and roomy.. I have always used two small ones, it would be great to have it all in one bag! :)

  63. Here is proof of how badly I need something like this- I put everything in zippie bags. While they do prevent leakage or spills (something my best friend could've used when her shampoo leaked all over her laptop... shudder), they aren't so attractive. Or organized. Just ask the airline security.

  64. The Kiss and Make-Up selection is awesome~
    I have makeup in my car, my dresser, my work desk, my bathroom, my moms bathroom!
    So this would help keep me organized~

  65. I keep my makeup organized in my bathroom linen closet. I have drawer organizers, and I always put my makeup back in the same spot every time so I don't have to search for it.

  66. I love organizational things! This is a great set of posts! This bag looks like it could replace the myriad of smaller cosmetic bags I have collected over the years. I love all the little places to put things. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  67. I have all my makeup dumped into a basket and it keeps falling over and breaking my makeup and my husband is sooo irritated. This would be a great win!! Thanks!

  68. I love the vibrant colors of those bags. Gorgeous! My daughter bought me one for mother's day and I love my dd so much but the bag is so ugly!

    Need an upgrade please ;)

  69. What fun bags! I wear a pretty minimal amount of make-up, so I just have one small little bag that holds it all in a jumble. (and, since it sit open on the bathroom countertop, my boys feel free to dig through & play with it!)

  70. I have a confession! My makeup and other beauty supplies are not organized at all. Everything is scattered all over our bathroom. It's horrible!! :O( When I need to find something I never even know where to look for it.

  71. First of all, I would love for my husband to read these comments, to realize that I am not the only woman that has a few organizational challenges when it comes to make-up. I attempt to keep it in a three drawer, plastic container. On the go is a whole different story! Once again, these are colorful, simple and perfect for on the go! Thanks for the chance to win, Steph!

  72. I have segmented drawer organizers that keep things nicely, until I don't put stuff away & it's a mess again!

  73. I have a drawer full of makeup in my bathroom and a basket on the sink. It sure would be nice to have a place to keep it organized and out of the sight of my girls, who love to get into my makeup. Thank you for the opportunity.

  74. I keep my makeup in a makeup bag (nowhere near as nice as this one!) and attempt to put the bag under my sink when not in use, though half the time it just stays on top of the bathroom counter!

  75. I am a very organized person, but makeup is just one of those things that is a constant challenge! I appreciate any and all ideas to make it easier. Thanks for the offer!

  76. I really like how simple her products are - as I mom, sometimes I just want a little bit of BASIC in my life! I don't want everything so patterned!

    autumn398 (at)

  77. What great bags! I love the colors she has available! The Wasabi Green and the Futuristic Yellow are so pretty! And the organization would be great, especially for travel! Great giveaway - thanks for offering!

  78. I wish my makeup was organised. At the moment its all in a random small bag on my dresser. This would be a makeover for my makeup!

  79. At home, I've splurged and have a nice makeup table for getting ready. But for on the go, my makeup is a jumble. I'd love a great bag.

  80. i was so excited to read that you, too, are an English buff! i love Macbeth and studied Shakespeare in detail in Oxford during college. anyways, i am still using the vera bradley bag i got in middle school as a makeup has nearly been beaten into the ground, so it would be nice to transport my toiletries with a little more style!

  81. Traveling is a nightmare for my cosmetics right now. They get thrown into (gulp) a plastic grocery bag in the suitcase. Sometimes when I arrive at a destination, the eyeshadows and blush have become one!! I am in dire need of a new makeup bag! Help me!!

  82. I searched the quote and even won a swagbuck. The most I could find was its from MacBeth Something Wicked This Way Comes. I'm pretty sure that's it.
    I am not very organized. I try to be but I'll grab some make-up and instead of putting it back I just shove it in a drawer because I hate stuffing it back in my little bag. This would be great. Thank you!

  83. wow...this is inspiring. melissa and i are the same i type wondering how i too can use my gifts to create something unique. i instantly fell in love with her baby bags!! wow...
    i am an organizer by nature. i keep all my toiletries (don't own much makeup) in one boring black case (i'm ready to be conquered) that is ready to go on the fly. :) now that i think of it most of my 'bags' are black...sigh...i think i need to be madeover in this area.

  84. I have my main make up in a small make up bag and the extras like eye shadow, lip sticks, etc. in another little make up bag. On vacation, I just zip these bags up and take them with me. Nothing too exciting. Those bags are adorable though. Love the turquoise, purple and lime green colors. So vibrant!

  85. I keep my everyday makeup in a little bag that I can grab and take with me if I need to run, but most of it is stored in a cabinet in little bins. I would love to have a bigger and more compartmentalized makeup bag so I have more makeup options on the go!

    Congrats again on your little one! I hope all is going blissfully!

  86. I'm terrible about keeping my makeup organized. Especially since Levi is always trying to get into it. It stays a bit messy. Wish I was better about it. I don't bring much makeup with me when I'm out and about, so that's easy. Just stays in a pocket in my purse.

  87. I love trivia and looked up the quote, but google was no help in this case! Looks like it is from Macbeth though, from an earlier comment. Fun.

    I am not good at keeping my make-up organized, with the exception being on vacations due to the necessity of a make-up bag. At home, it all gets thrown in a drawer, and on the go, it gets thrown in my purse inside pocket. I should be better about it... ah, well.

  88. I have makeup all over the place. In this drawer and that drawer and I keep a little bag with my favorites in but sometimes I like a change and can't ever find what I am looking for. Maybe winning one of these will maybe allow me to find what I am looking for when I want it.

  89. I have two drawers for my makeup and they have plastic square and rectangle inserts in them to help sort the makeup into categories like lipstick, eyeshadow, etc. It stays neat and tidy until my two year old son gets into it. He loves to look for stick (chapstick). Although I do have all this space for makeup, I only wear it once or twice a week, if that...

  90. It's Macbeth! Although I have to admit I knew the original line but had to google the play :)

    And I don't keep my makeup organized. It is pretty much a disaster. So I could definitely use a bag!

    Hope you are all doing well!

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