Sports Sandals for Finicky Feet

I don't cut corners when it comes to shoes that I wear for fitness purposes. For example, you will not find me anywhere near Payless or Target when it comes time to buy running shoes or hiking boots. I require durable and comfortable shoes that will see me through many-a-workout.

Although I wouldn't describe myself as an "outdoor adventure" diehard, I do enjoy being in the wilderness. I like walking, running, hiking, river rafting, and swimming. And I have been known to jump off of rather steep rock overhangs into water pools below. [Plus, I've been ocean kayaking, rock climbing, and rapelling - although I'm not as fond of those three.]

Teva is a brand that designs shoes for all of the above sports - whether you're a big time enthusiast or you just like to go on the occasional family hike.

Sports Sandals for Finicky Feet 1I recently had the opportunity to review the Teva Women's Omnium ($75.00), a sports sandal that features:

  • Quick-drying PU-coated synthetic leather upper
  • Quick-release buckle for easy entry/exit
  • Integrated toe-protection
  • Encapsulated Shoc Pad™ in heel
  • Microban® Zinc based anti-microbial protection
Although the Omnium is not the picture of "prettiness" (no sports sandal is), it offers great support and is a good choice for water sports. The sandals are easy to slip on and off, yet don't "slip" when you walk. The "holes" offer breathability and allow your feet (and the shoe) to dry quickly. On the downside, the holes also offer small rocks an easy entry and thus the Omnium might not be the best choice for long hikes in dry areas (you might want to consider the Ossagon for that). 
Sports Sandals for Finicky Feet 2P.S. Teva also sells cute hats. Check out the Canyon Cabbie (pictured) and the Revolution Cap
YOUR TURN: What outdoor sports do you enjoy? 
WIN IT! One winner will receive a pair of Teva Women's Omnium Sandals in the color/size of her choice ($75.00). To enter, leave a comment on this post prior to Wednesday, October 22 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.
*UPDATE* The winner is #16 Jen Lleras. Congratulations!

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474 comments on “Sports Sandals for Finicky Feet”

  1. Walking, hiking, biking and tennis are my favorite outdoor sports. Tevas are particularly great for walks on the beach since they can be cleaned off so easily. Thanks for a great contest!

  2. We love baseball and softball. My daughter plays both and we are there to cheer her on. I know I'm the loudest one out there and probably embarrass her to death but that's ok. lol Thank you!!

  3. I love to take long, brisk walks with our Black Lab Lucy. She is a fiesty gal and I walk her at least twice a day rain, snow or shine! I also am a huge outdoor enthusiast. I run 6 miles at least 3-4 times a week, I rollerblade with my kids, I jet ski and water ski in the summer and downhill ski in the winter. We also take family bike rides weather permitting all the time. When I think of athletic shoes the first thing that comes to mind is comfort. Teva's never disappoint!!

  4. These Teva would be perfect for boating activities and nature walks around our farm. I have very picky feet and they would love to wear these Teva sandals.

  5. I do water aroebics 3 times per week - but OUTSIDE the water I have "achy-breaky FEET. Hey- when you are 67 you need something COMFORTABLE to walk in the rest of the day!!!

  6. These Teva sandals are kicking! I would love to wear them for all my outside adventures with the kids like camping, playing at the park and nature hikes!

  7. My favorite outdoor activity it hiking, swimming and volleball! I've never beeen rappelling, but I'd like to try it one of these days!

  8. We are fortunate to live by a lovely lake in Florida with a great walking path, so walking with my girls is a favorite(and playing on the playground-you're never too old)!

  9. Hiking in the beautiful Colorado mountains and basic walking around the lakes near my house. Thanks for the contest.

  10. Last year I would have said...nothing really as I am inactive but this last summer has changed me for the better. As a family vote we decided to take up hiking. 2x a week we all take the time out of our busy schedules to all go together, we have a few favorites spots that we go to during the week but on sundays we go to a new place each time. Where I live we have many mountains and deserts yet to search, climb, explore, enjoy! I have not only lost weight but I have had many wonderful talks with my 2 children, we have grown closer as a family.

    We also enjoy camping, fishing, atv/dirtbike riding, rock hunting.

    We are determined not to let winter chance our hiking!!

  11. I love powerwalking. I power walk almost once a day and would love to win these sandals since I think they would be really comfortable to power walk in. This is a great giveaway. Thanks.

  12. i live out in the middle of no where no street lights just me and the stars.. i love outdoor walking with the family.

  13. Great contest!

    I love walking and hiking, and love it in almost every type of weather. These nifty sandals will make me more glamorous than Julie Christie in AWAY FROM HER.

    (Okay, we all gotta dream....)

  14. I like walking although in Los angeles, we don't do that much of it but in March I am goign on a cruise so these would be great

  15. As a crew member on a Camping World Series West team, I would have to say that racing is my favorite outdoor sport!

  16. I do so many outdoor sports. However, hiking is my favorite activity. Not only do you get exercise; you get to interact with nature.

  17. Does sitting on the swing while the girls play in the sandbox count?

    I like to go on walks and ride my bike. I don't get a lot of time for bike riding but we do get lots of walks in.

  18. I'm all about fishing. Saltwater is my favorite though. I love going to the beach and surf fishing but have yet to figure out how to make it a paying career :) Many thanks for such an awesome giveaway!!!

  19. What awesome shoes! I need to get back in the habit of regular exercise (hopefully not in my Payless shoes). ;) Outdoors, I love to walk, swim, and bike ride.

  20. Just about anything outdoors works for me. I walk and run, play tennis, swim, hiking, biking, through to things I take outside with my kids in the summer like yoga, pilates or just plain stretching. These shoes look wonderful and supportive. Thank you for the chance to win!

  21. Favorite outdoor sports are running, walking, gardening, canoeing, hiking. Thanks! My sandals are worn to the bone since I wear them all the time in the summer.

  22. I am not a sporty person. I enjoy nightly walks with my daughter and in summer when the kids play by the local pool, I'll sit nearby with a Vogue magazine. That's the extent of my athleticism!

  23. My favorite outdoor sport is a winter one. Not one I could wear sandals in, though that is all I wear in the summer (Would be nice NOT to go to work in flip flips!)

    I love to Snowboard!

  24. We love going to the local park and playing tennis each year with the kids. We also love volleyball and softball. Those sandals are really cool looking. I love my flip flops in the Summer but they have a way with flying off your feet, those look like they would be great for summer but stay put when running. :)


  25. My favorite outdoor sports are hiking, fishing, camping, and jogging. Not all at once though...hehe. Thanks for the neat giveaway.

  26. I love hiking, walking, swimming, and tennis with my family. We also love going on long bike rides on Sunday afternoons. I live in Tevas all summer-long and would love these.

  27. My favorite outdoor sport is canoeing but with two little kids hiking has become the easier activity. We can load everyone into their respective packs and take off for a nice hike. It is a great way to get out and exercise.

  28. Wow, those look pretty neat. I don't really do any outdoor sports, but we do do a lot of walking going to the Zoo and Sea World.

  29. I really tried to get into running but just doesn't work for this body LOL So I do power walking and I have come to really enjoy it immensly !

  30. I love hiking. When the sunshine hits Western Washington I like to hit the hiking trails. We're blessed to have so many beautiful mountains to explore.

  31. I like walking and biking. I hate that winter is coming soon and I won't be able to be outside as much, but I still try to walk on days that are warm enough.

  32. I LOVE these sandals! My favorite outdoor activity is swimming. Camping is an activity we all enjoy a lot too and that usually involves hiking a little! There are some great spots here for camping!

  33. I enjoy the outdoors. I like to walk and hike. I have fun on my bike. We play flag football with the kids. We swim at the pool. We are just an outdoors kind of family.

  34. Those are great shoes - I love the fact that they are close toed because you don't want to be hiking in open toe shoes. I LOVE mountain biking, trail running and hiking. This weekend we hiked up to some beaver ponds. It was a short hike because our 3 year old did it herself and I carried the 8 month old in our maya wrap.

  35. These look fabulous. I've had teva's in the past, last year I bought Keens - I was sold. :)

    I love to spend time hiking with my family in the summers!!

  36. I spend my time outdoors enjoying the herb garden and creating a peaceful and happy backyard for all living creatures. these would be nice to slide on instead of thongs in the fall when I have socks on LOL.

  37. I love the gargoyle color style! Very cute!

    Tevas are great. I have a pair that I wear all summer long. They are just flip flops, but are amazingly comfortable..even for longer walks!

    I know that next summer I'll be spending more time running around because my son will be turning two! This year was easier because he was just learning to walk, so all I had to do was leisurely stroll after him!

  38. my favorite outdoor sport is volleyball! I absolutely love it - I had to watch the beach volleyball during the olympics - it was awesome!

  39. I love walking along the beach or along hiking trails at the local nature centers or national parks. When I’m not doing that I’m probably at one of my son’s soccer games.

  40. I love the mauvewood color Teva's. These are perfect for a day at the lakeshore when you know you are going to be in and out of the water a million and a half times. Sytlish and very practical!

  41. Does sport fishing count? We are out on the boat fishing and diving so much. A perk for living in Florida I guess. I'm always wearing some comfortable shoes while we are out on the boat.

  42. Our karate class will often train outside, and I have YET to find a pair of shoes that I can get on and off quickly, while simultaneously getting the necessary traction from them. These sandals would be perfect!

  43. Walking, trying to run (hah), hiking, swimming, an occasional pickup game of soccer with the kids. If gardening was a sport it'd be no. 1.

  44. Ooh, I love those shoes.
    Our family enjoys playing tennis together - that is definitely our favorite outdoor sport. I also enjoy biking, although I don't currently have a bike, I would like to get a new one to take family rides. We enjoy swimming too.

  45. I love to go hiking. This would be great to have. Often times we go on long impromptu trips. Sometimes we go in water and it would be great to have a shoe I could wear in water and out

  46. I love swimming and tennis. dont know if hiking is considered a sport but it's what i like to do outdoors most of all.

  47. A new outdoor sport that I took up this summer is kayaking. I had done it before, but took a class on it this summer and now love it even more! The Teva would be perfect for launching the kayak.


  48. As a single mother, I have coached T-ball, played basketball with my the driveway, and bicycling. I do enjoy power walking and hiking.

    Thank you for a wonderful giveaway. :-)

  49. I spend a lot of time walking outdoors, all year round. My husband and I also go hiking and tubing when we are in the southwest. Thanks for the giveaway.

  50. I love walking my dog, hiking with the grandkids and camping. Sprots that I like to watch are football, hockey, and baseball.
    My son and daughter in law have those shoes and love them. I hope I win.

  51. I love hiking through the woods, long fast walks and runs on the lakefront with my dog Birdie, and Ukrainian ethnic dancing (strenuous enough to be a sport!). The right shoes are essential for each of these endeavors, and Teva sports sandals certainly see right for the first two!

  52. Very cool! While I usually seem to buy Merrell these days, I have owned plenty of Tevas in the past too! Love them. For outdoor sports, we do a lot and I love that my husband is as big into sports/outdoors as I am. Let's see, we: run (trail run too, which is super fun), play soccer, rock climb, ski, snowshoe, hike a lot, and play tennis.

  53. I've never owned such sandals or seen them before. I'm improving my walking but hard to do without a good pair of walkers.

  54. I love field hockey and hiking! I don't really get a chance for field hockey anymore, but still manage to get in some ultimate frisbee at the park.


    ceevegnashville @

  55. I love 'powerwalking' (I can't walk slow, I do have to walk fast, but my knees don't like running!), I love swimming, Horseback riding, paddleball, and who doesn't love mini-golf?

  56. My favorite outdoor sport is probably softball or baseball. Both of my children play. I personally prefer to run over anything else, but I'm not sure that qualifies as a 'sport' if you aren't doing it competitively. Best of luck to everyone!

  57. Bocce ball! That's a sport, right? :-) Okay...I think it is but if not, how about bean bags? Seriously, these are things I do with my kids right now so I consider them "sports". If I had would be golf!

  58. I just enjoy walking. Most sandals aren't really supportive enough for walking great distances but these will certainly do the trick!

  59. My favorite sport is just plain old walking. In the summer I wear sandals for walking to keep from overheating and I'm always looking for a comfortable pair that won't wear blisters on my feet. Thanks for the great contest!

    oinkmoobaa (at) yahoo (.) com

  60. I love walking and hiking because it's more than just the exercise. It also allows me to be exuberant or introspective...however the mood strikes me.

  61. My children and I take a long walk after dinner every night. When we go on vacation to the mountains I like to hike the trails.

  62. I live in the beautiful rural area of the Hudson Valley of New York state, and walking is my thing! I did a lot of sports when I was young, but beyond being chased by my granddaughters...walking is perfect for me. I also always bring my camera along for beautiful landscape shots!

  63. Hill climbing with my dogs and my trekking poles. Thanks for the chance to win. Teva's are my go to shoes. Wish me luck.

  64. Teva sandals are amazing. I had a pair for a couple of years, until my sister coveted them, and now I'd love to win a new pair! There aren't many sandals I can walk and walk in, but with Tevas I never have to count the time I spend in them. Thanks for the giveaway!

  65. I love to hike. We live near a big park system that has fitness trail running thru it. I love to walk the trails.

  66. I don't drive so I have to walk everywhere,even to work and these would be so wonderful for these sore tired feet. They are so fantastic looking. Thank you for the chance!

  67. Those shoes look awesome! I'd love to wear them to any NASCAR race (which involves a LOT of walking!) and to any of the local ethnic festivals that Baltimore never seems to run out of! (Yeah, I know one shouldn't end a sentence with a preposition, but sometimes I just like to be reckless, ha ha!) PLEASE pick me!!! I love those shoes!!!!!

  68. These sandals look very nice and comfortable. I love to go walking and walk my 6 year old daughter to the bus stop a couple of streets over everyday with my newborn in the stroller. I also love to go camping and really enjoy the outdoors. These sandals would be ideal for my busy life, thanks so much for such a wonderful giveaway!


  69. My favorite sports is rockclimbing, followed by cross-country skiing, hiking, snowboarding, kayaking. I'll stop there...

  70. Since living in florida for the last 7 years, due to the fact we love the warmth and water. My favorite activity is water and love to snorkel. Since the bottom of what ever we snorkel in the gulf, the atlantic or some lake. I like to wear shoes. So I'm always on the look out for a pair of good shoes that fit and I like. I'm also a person that loves to only wear sandals or flip flops. These would be awesome in any of the colors they have gargoyle, mauvewood or olive.
    Also the quick drying material is a great plus.
    Thank you for a chance to win a much wanted and needed prize. Also a pat on the back for all the hard work you provide to allow us to enter for much wanted prizes.

    [email protected]

  71. I love nature & try to go camping several times a year. My days are filled with hiking, biking, kayaking & swimming!

  72. Would love to win a pair for my wonderful wife of more than 38 years - she wears a size 8.
    Thanks for this great contest and prize!

  73. I enjoy hiking the most, but unfortunately I live near no hills or mountains - that's what vacations are for huh?

    autumn398 (at)

  74. I like walking, and riding bikes with my family. And if they ever go lake/river swimming, I'm one who just gets my feet wet, so these shoes would be perfect! :) Thanks for the contest!

  75. My favorite outdoor sport is, without a doubt, running around outside with my little ones. Whether it is walking the dog as a family during the brisk fall mnths, or simply pushing kids on the swing at the park, I love getting my execrise while playing with my kids. These Teva sandals look awesome!

  76. OH, we are a hiking, camping, swimming, kayaking and long-walks family, it helps that we live in Fl, where we can go out all year long. Those Teva shoes rock!

  77. I used to love hiking and long, long canoe trips -- before arthritis/sciatica. But i'm not letting that stop me totally!

  78. My favorite outdoor sport is walking. I take at least 1 and sometimes 2- 1/2 to 1 mile walks a day. I was taking longer ones but I recently had surgery and have to build up again.

  79. Ooh, I would love those shoes! I mainly like walking and have been trying to walk at least 2 miles a day lately, but have just started running a tiny bit, too. I participated in a 5-mile run/walk last weekend and really enjoyed it! I'm trying to be more active in general these days.

  80. friend has some and just loves them. i want them but can't afford them at the moment. i would love to win, she says they are comfortable and i think they look nice

  81. I love to hike to the winery... just kidding. I love hiking and biking and volleyball. we even had a kickball tourney not to long ago.

  82. I live just across the street from an inlet of the Puget Sound and love to walk along the shore. There is always something new to see and admire.

  83. I've been a Teva fan for almost a decade. I like to think of them more as well-aerated sneakers than sandals. If I win, I'm going to use 'em when exploring the mountains around the Blue Ridge parkway!

  84. My husband and I ride bike twice a week for 30 to 40 miles and I walk every evening for a couple miles with the neighbor ladies. I would love to show off these shoes when I walk. I think they would be very comfy.

  85. My favorite sport is hiking, I go through the woods with my dogs and we love it. We have beautiful trails and paths in our state forest.

  86. I love taking nice long walks, ALONE! Also, we're big campers so I could use these hiking, canoeing, drinking... :) Thanks for the great contest!

  87. I love your new pic on the left sidebar!
    I like to hike, walk the dog (and run the dog), soccer, and I want to try tennis!
    love the sandals in gargoyle, and they have half sizes!

  88. I'm a walker and I believe in wearing good shoes whether I'm walking on the treadmill, in the neighborhood, the park, or the mall. These shoes look great.

  89. Walking (is that a sport?) Anyway, I walk daily and wear my Teva sandals, which is irreplaceable. Most comfortable, durable sandals I have ever owned.

  90. I love taking walks with my dog and fishing. These sandals are very stylish and sporty at the same time. Awesome contest!!!

  91. walk everyday and like hiking or walking at the beach as well. Love Tevas and those sandals look fantastic! fingers crossed for my finicky feet!

  92. I go out walking every day to keep in shape. I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE baseball and go to as many games as I can. These shoes would be great for me.

  93. I enjoy walking, watching NASCAR, outdoor concerts (oh, that's not a sport), swimming and if relaxing in the grass was a sport that would be my favorite!

  94. Wheeee! Just what I need to replace my sadly worn-out, but kind of irreplaceable pink Salomon's that have gotten me through hikes, splash parks, river rafting, kite-flying, impromptu desert trail-running, sprinkler-skipping, the list goes on.

    And I love Teva's. Chaco's and Keen's just don't fit my foot right, so I would love a chance to win these. (And if I don't, thanks for the heads up anyway. I'll have to check them out.)

  95. love walking and usually wear sandals and my feet do not see socks till it snows sometimes- yep I know wearing flip flops in the rain..not very smart but I love having feet seeing sunshine and getting air..these look great

  96. for activities, though i haven't done so i a while. i used to love tubing down the river. my cousins and I would get our tubes walk about a mile or so up the river then get in and just float down. This was in San Marcos Texas. If any are near i sugest going cause the water is crystal clear. Where I live now in Philly. My husband i go hiking and we play in the little creek in the park/woods. :) i think i got off the subject! oops! ;)

  97. My outdoor sports are powerwalking and golf. I've heard a lot about Teva, but never had a pair myself. The weather has been glorious!!!

  98. I love walking and hiking. It's a good thing too, since I never learned how to drive (I'm 39) and I have three kids under three that I have to cart/push/pull all over town when I run (literally!) my errands.
    Alicia Webster
    [email protected]

  99. Does chasing kids count as a sport? I love taking walks and playing with my kids outside. I also like to play basketball at my moms house once in awhile and playing frisbee.

  100. Since my Irish twins were born (one year a part) "sports" have been scaled back to taking them for walks up Kennesaw Mountain in a B.O.B. But next year family canoeing will resume and we will add one more "sport" every year.

  101. I just love shoes and I love sandals. These look awesome. We've been doing a lot of walking since we finally got a double jogging stroller, which I LOVE! I'd love to win this. THanks.

  102. Tennis and walking... and on occasion I'll join my husband when he takes the dog on early morning walks -- emphasis on early!

  103. These are perfect when I take my dogs for a walk. They usually end up in the Rio Grande River and I have to go after them.

  104. I'm a tennis shoe kind of girl, and these sandals look like a good addition to my closet so I can get that tennis shoe feel in a sandal.

  105. About the only sport I participate in anymore is walking and occasional bike riding but either way, a comfortable shoe or sandal is very necessary!

  106. I love watching Nascar and Football.
    I love walking outside with my husband.
    He has a pair of shoes like these and loves them.

  107. I'm a runner & I also enjoy hiking and rock climbing.

    I love Teva's, and I've been wanting a closed toe sandal. These look great!

  108. Never met a sandal I didn't like and these I like more than usual. Made my feet tingle just looking at them

  109. I play tennis year around, indoor or out. While sport sandals wouldn't work for that, I still love them for just running around town. I wear Tevas and my mom calls them my ugly shoes. They aren't ugly and they sure are comfortable. I would love these.

  110. My family likes to go Geocaching. It combines hiking and brainwork, plus gets you outdoors to places you wouldn't necessarily visit.

  111. I enjoy kayaking in the fall and winter. One thing about kayaking is that your feet get wet, but you need to wear shoes to protect your feet when launching or when you have to get out of the kayak to go over or around an obstacle. Sandals are the perfect shoe for a water sport.

  112. Tevas have always been my choice sports sandals. I've owned two pairs which each lasted over 5 years even though I wore them every single day over the summers. They are great for walking which is something I love to do. I have also brought them backpacking with me to wear around the campground after I take my boots off. I would love to win these seeing as my last pair has finally begun to wear out!

  113. Walking the two miles to and two miles from the coffee shop with my friend. These would make me the envy of my crowd.

  114. I like to swim, walk on the beach, walk my dog, that's about as sporty as I get! I love the sandals though & would wear them everyday! LOL

  115. I just enjoy walking outside, I like to take in the outdoors as much as possible, my cat walks with me these days, we live next to a farm so we just stroll the property!

  116. My favorite outdoor sport to participate in is sand volleyball, but now I'm enjoying goign to my son's t-ball games (does sitting on your butt watching a sport count?) :)

  117. I love walking along the beach or along hiking trails at the local nature centers or national parks. When I'm not doing that I'm probably at one of my son's soccer games.

  118. Those shoes look great for my lifestyle. Been living in my two year old models of Keen's.. and they are not very stylish but great for teaching phys ed in the outdoors in wet grass; so would love to try those shoes out!

  119. These are some of the cutest sports sandals I've seen. I walk the kids around the neighborhood and go to the park to play with the kids most often. I know it's not super ambitious and great exercise, but I'd still wear my cute new shoes if I won! :)

  120. I like the fact that these sandals look more feminine than most. I enjoy walking with my children, playing basketball with my husband, and we want to start hiking and fishing. I am trying to become more active now that the weather is getting cooler. I love to go outside during autumn and see all of the new colors.

  121. I go to Stroller Strides at the park near my house. I also go hiking on the weekend with my baby, husband, and dog. I have stinky feet so these cute yet airy shoes will do just fine.

  122. Wow, these look fantastic! We love hiking, walking & camping; and I fit in an occasional round of disc golf with my husband (which counts as a hike ;) Besides looking relatively cute & very comfortable, these look quick & easy to get on, which is great for a busy mom-on-the-go!

  123. My husband has a pair of Tevas and loves them. We are hoping to take up kayaking soon and these would be perfect! Thanks for the chance!

  124. Does walking the dog count as a sport? I live in sports sandals all summer long. My feet don't see socks until the temp starts dropping below 70 degrees!

  125. my favorite sandals of all time were leather teva I took to europe and lost them on a train. I miss those great sandals. I love day hikes, swimming, tennis, skiing (of course I have not done this in years) and jumping rope

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